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The forests children

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They youngest Starks are nowhere to be found...

Lady Catelyn orders every corner and crevice of the castle to be searched. When the search proves unsuccessful, Lord Eddard leads a search party into winter town while Jory and Rodrick Cassel lead their own parties into the wolfswood. After three days of pursuit, they remain empty handed.

Under Lord Starks orders, Barricades are placed along the King's Road and every smaller road or path leading from Winterfell. Any and all travelers are to be stopped and questioned and should they be accompanied by young children, they are to be brought back to Winterfell for inspection. Ravens are sent to every house in the North, to inform them of the disappearance of the Little Starks. The Lords are to perform their own searches among their lands and should they discover anything they are to inform Winterfell immediately.

The searches continue for two months but prove futile. When no trace of the children is found and all trails end unfruitful, Lord Stark calls off the search and proclaims the loss of the children...