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Meeting the author

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By the time Miranda finished with the book it was almost dinner time. Her girls would be back in any moment, so it was now or never.

She picked up her phone and made a call.

"Nigel" she said in a serious tone, but with a smirk on her face.

"Hello Miranda, for what do I owe this pleasure?" Like if Nigel didn't know.

"Nigel" Miranda said again.

"I know, I know" he finally gave in. "Isn't she just lovely? She was so nervous about seeing you"

"She knew I was going to be there?"

"Yes. That's the only reason she agreed to finally show her face"

"You're kidding, right?" He had to be kidding, she thought.

"Miranda, she has been in love with you since her time at Runway. Just as long as you have been in love with her"

"I don't know what you're talking about" was Nigel playing with her? Miranda was going to hang up. 

"Miranda I'm serious. The poor thing was so happy when I told her you liked her books. And she almost pass out after finding out she was your favorite author"

"She's very talented" Miranda never doubted that.

"She is… and she's very much in love with you. Now, tell me everything"

After telling Nigel everything that happened at the event and what her Andrea wrote (her? Again?) In her book Nigel went really quiet. Miranda was getting impatient.

"So?" He finally asked.

"What!?" He was getting on her nerves. Was he teasing her?

"Miranda, don't act like that. You know what I mean. Now what? What are you going to do?"

"I don't know" she admitted defeated. "I want to talk to her"

"What's stopping you?"

"Okay, could you give me her number?"

"I thought you would never ask. I will send you a text with it. Good luck" He said and ended the call.

A few seconds later she got the text, two, one with Andrea's number and another that said


Remember how much you have missed her these years. Let her know how much she means to you.



Now what was she going to do? What if they started to talk to later realized they're not who the other thought? What if she wasn't who Andrea was expecting her to be?

"I'm just fooling myself" that she could acknowledge . Because Andrea had worked for her. Therefore, she knew Miranda at her worst.

After a while of being thinking about all the possible outcomes of an interaction with Andrea could have. She was gracefully interrupted by her daughters storming inside the house.

"What did I tell you about being that loud?" She asked feigning exasperation.

"Come on, mom! We're both leaving in a few weeks. You know you're going to miss us" Caroline said.

"You don't have to remind me that. Why are you growing up so fast?"  

"Mom, what are your plans for when we leave?" Cassidy asked her.


"Yeah, like, you're going to have the house just for you. You need to start dating again" she said with a smirk.

"Dating? Or I could buy a dog. Don't you think?"

"Well, you could" Caroline said. "But it's definitely better if it were a person"

"Well… there's someone-" she was interrupted again by her daughters yelling.

"Come on! Mom! Who is it?" They both asked.

"Now I'm not sure about telling you"

"But moooom!" 

"Girls" now it was her moment to ask. "Would you mind if that someone was a woman?" 

"Are you kidding mom?" Cassidy said. "That's amazing!"

"A -Amazing?"

"Yeah mom" Caroline added. "That's really cool. We don't mind if you date a girl if she makes you happy. Who is it?'

"She's not a girl" Andrea was not a girl anymore. "You have met her"

"We have!?" They were really excited for her mom.

"I need you to stop yelling" Miranda said and finally showed her daughters what Andrea wrote in the book.


Why do I even bother to teach them good manners. Miranda thought. But she was relieved that her daughters were happy for her and didn't mind that she was going to date a woman. Not any woman. Andrea, her Andrea.

"It was about time mom" Cassidy told her.

"Really?" Now she was curious.

"Yeah mom" how do they complete each other sentences? Miranda would never know. "You were really sad when she left. Oh! And when the books came out you were finally starting to be yourself again. Now we know why!"

"Yes mom! It's because of Andy, it was her all the time, making you happy even if from distance… that's so romantic"

"Ok. I think it's time you both got to bed" Miranda had a lot to think about.

"Mom, we're not kids anymore"

"But with will leave you alone so you can call her"

"Love you mom" they both said and left.

Now, what was she going to do? Was it really that easy? Call Andrea and start again? Life was never that easy.

After a few minutes she made her mind. She had nothing to lose. Except for my dignity. She will text Andrea and they will go from there.

We have to talk.


After a few minutes she got an answer.

Hi Miranda. We definitely do.

Would you like to meet?


Well, that was easy. She thought.

That would be convenient, yes.


Just tell me when and where.


Miranda rolled her eyes. This woman was already making her go crazy.

Really Andrea? Well, I suppose it's not that late for a dinner. Don't you think?


She could imagine Andrea freaking out.

Why don't you come over?


I'll be there in an hour.


I can't wait to see you


Oh, maybe Andrea wasn't freaking out after all. That was new. 

See you soon