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Lemon Scented Yandere

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You screamed loudly as you watched the horrific gore before you, the pale monster’s teeth sinking into the neck of the poor beautiful omega, tearing out her esophagus, her once gentle Alpha lover now beyond saving. Tears streaming down your face you chirped and whimpered, begging you to run to your nest and hide from the savagery burning the slaughter into your memory. Two huge strong hands grabbed your shoulders tightly from behind….


“Relax Y/N, it’s just a movie!” Your enormous blonde friend pulled you into his arms on your plush couch, pausing the flick he gently sat you over his strong thighs, petting over your shoulders and purring deeply. His soft lemon and beachy scent never failing to calm you down. “I’m always here to protect you. You know that. I’m. Always. Here.”


You sighed out in relief, E/C eyes meeting the big endless sky blue pools, goofily grinning back at his million-watt smile. You had made a joke about wanting to watch a zombie flick after he told you about his last assignment and he took it seriously, coming over to your omega live in only apartment to spend the night, the guards not bothering to care considering he was a top hero and a regular, knowing they could trust him. Mirio had just come home after an entire week-long mission in a small quarantined town with a dozen or so other hero’s to stop the spread of a zombie-like virus quirk. Some poor child didn’t know how to control it and before anyone with quirk canceling abilities could show up it was too late to save the hamlet. You thought he would be just as scared as you would be of the thousands of literal undead walking the streets, but apparently, it was dealt with quickly and quietly. The vast majority of Japan didn’t even know the incident had happened, and with Mirio being sworn to secrecy, he only told you what had generally happened, you didn’t know the details and you didn’t want to. “I know Mirio, I was just scared. Could you imagine if zombies took over!?!? Like, if they were everywhere like in the movies and you hadn’t stopped them!” You joked around and made a goofy undead face at him, groaning and moaning and clacking your teeth together and pretending to bite his forearm lightly. 


Feeling his forearm muscles tense incredibly taut under his strong skin you released your loose bite. Peering back up at him, his normally enthusiastic and happy face became strangely dark for a moment, like he had considered the specific and highly outrageous scenario in the past. Pulling you by your neck into the meat of his chest you could hear the faint grumble settle in his sturdy body. “I would take you, and hide you someplace safe while I built a safe zone. Once it was prepared I would bring you there.... keep you safe... forever...” His grip tightened and he dug his nose deep into your hair, deeply inhaling your intoxicating smell while rubbing circles with his large palm on your back. “You would live with me and I would never leave your side for a moment...”


You rolled your eyes and smacked his muscular arm but he didn’t budge, choosing instead to use his overwhelming strength to hold you close. There he went again, he always did this to you, acted like your Alpha yet showed no interest. You watched him, always shooing away others outside of your side by side offices, scenting your doorway to dissuade anyone from bothering you with petty nonsense while you worked. Honestly, you should have been on the support floor but your big puppy friend had been INSISTENT with his request, and being an extremely strong and charismatic hero in the top ten he got what he asked for easily. Even back in high school, he was always there, popping out of your desk to bring you food and made sure you were drinking water, he even let you keep his ‘Big Three’ letterman jacket. Hell you were pretty sure he chased off one Alpha in your high school support course by ‘showing off’ his quirk to the poor boy before you had finished his suit... However in the six years you had known Mirio he never made a move, simply treating you as his little Omega sister, scenting you to keep you safe and being around you all the time to again, keep you safe. Anything to ‘keep you safe’. 


“Mirio that would make your Omega uncomfortable.” Tapping his chest three times he finally released you from his python-like grasp. You scoffed and slid off of his lap to grab more snacks from the kitchen, watching him change the movie from the horror to a softer and highly rated by Omegas cheesy romance. “Do you want anything Alp... Mirio?” 


“Yes sunflower, more jerky please, just bring the entire package.” You hummed out a soft purr in response to him while grabbing your favorite snack and his giant bag of beef jerky he kept in your apartment, deciding to follow through with your poorly thought out plan. You would mention a different Alpha, casually slip in your interest in the fake dominate, and if Mirio didn’t react you would give up on your silly little crush and move on... You would be fine just being the little Omega sister of the group, but you needed to know. Maybe Mirio would allow your future nonexistent Alpha into the pack, obviously, other Alphas were allowed, Amajiki was welcome, but could you really bare to have an Alpha aside from Mirio though? You had waited for so long for any sign from him and now you were left with zero dating experience as a young Omega adult and... “Y/N?”


The concerned call snapped you out of your daydream, smacking your cheeks lightly you steeled yourself and hopped back into the living room with the food in hand. “SORRY! Couldn’t decide what I wanted!!” Falling back down beside him, you watched his big hands grab your treat and open it for you before grabbing his own. Throwing his arm over the back of the couch you admired the way his neck and jaw muscles moved as he chewed, the massive sharp canines having little trouble ripping through the tough meat that you always struggled to eat when you tried. Clearing your throat softly you grabbed the side of his t-shirt in your smaller hand and smiled at him; he swallowed and smiled back leaning in with interest. “Hey, Mirio can I ask a question?”


“You just did cutie pie!” He wiggled his eyebrows at you and spread his legs further going to reach for another piece of jerky. “But you can always ask me anything, whenever, anything for you.”


“Well... I met an Alpha I really really like last week while you were gone. If she started to court me, would she be allowed in the pack?” You blushed as you spewed out the lie, eyes locked on the lamb pattern on your small sleeping shorts, hoping he wouldn’t pick up on your deceit through your scent and actions. 


Silence. For far longer than what you had expected. Shifting your eyes from your lap to his face you shook as you watched his normally beaming face twist into a nasty scowl. His fangs bared and elongated, hackles up, the hand on the back of the sofa easily snapping the metal frame with ease. Tears pricked your eyes as his angry scent filled the room, deep growls echoing in your ear. “Is that your idea of a funny joke Omega? Cheating isn’t funny.” His free hand reached out to grab the front of your shirt, ripping you close to him, inches away from his hot and enraged face. “I know we have been keeping this casual for years but I came here tonight to SOLIDIFY this. HOW DARE YOU TRY TO BREAK UP WITH ME! AND THEN YOU WANT TO PARADE AROUND A NEW ALPHA IN FRONT OF ME!?!?” Tears were streaming down your face, chirps leaving your plush lips as you desperately tried to peel his hand off of your clothing, his sharp claws already having torn the soft fabric to shreds. 


“Mirio please.....” You sobbed out, your fingers doing nothing as they tried to remove the Alpha. “You’re scaring me.... what the heck are you talking about....” His eyes scanned over yours, darting back and forth between them with furrowed brows, finally realizing that you were genuinely confused, and terrified at what he was doing, he snarled and pulled you into his chest, whispering apologies too quickly for your ringing ears to pick up. Slowly you regained your breath before speaking softly into his chest. “Mirio what the hell..... Please explain....”


“Tell me there isn’t another Alpha Y/N.....” The shaking in his body, cradled possessively around you, had your Omega releasing a soft and soothing purr. “We’ve been courting for years now... Amajiki and Nejire told me to take it slow so I’ve been waiting for so so so long for you to ask me to move our courtship further... Please don’t tell me you are leaving me... you wouldn’t leave me, right? You love me as I love you.” Melting into your purr his voice sounded desperate and raw, recognizing the stress he was under you placed your hands around his neck, soothing down his hackles gently. 


“Mirio you have to explain... When did we start dating? You never asked to court me....” The subtle shake that ran through his body stopped instantly. The response had him pulling you away from his wide chest; the confusion decorating his puppy-like face was almost adorable despite the awful situation and rotten beach smell in the room.


“Is there another Alpha?” His voice was calm and steady, trying very hard to understand the situation, the gears turning in his brain nearly audible.


“No... I lied... I wanted to see if you would care....” Your face felt hot at the confession, he hadn’t reacted how you wanted him to at all, and now he was spewing confusing nonsense at you and it wasn’t fair... You should have control of the situation, you shouldn’t be sitting here feeling small, you had things PLANNED. That wasn’t important now though. “Explain the dating thing... Mirio I thought you saw me as a little sister...” Had... had he asked you out? No... no, he hadn’t, you would have remembered, and years? You had been pining after him for five years now, if he liked you more than a friend he hadn’t been clear enough. Wait... he was always carrying things for you, and carrying you in general, and scenting you, and protecting you from other Alpha’s, even on suppressants he made sure to guard you during your worst heat days, he always gave you food and his clothes and... Oh shit... 


“In our third year, I gave you my “Big Three” Letterman Jacket... Don’t you remember sunshine?” Large hands thumbed over your bare arms, in one fluid motion he had your legs straddling his hips, palms now resting around your waist. You did remember, it was cold one day and he put it around your shoulders, telling you to keep it... “You wore it every day, that was when we started! Then when you weren’t more affectionate with me I got worried! So I asked our friends about it and they told me you probably wanted to take it slow.... but you probably just forgot. It’s been so so long since then... so you just forgot. You forgot right? You love me like I love you.”


“Mirio I....” Your hands flew up to his chest, desperate to create a bit of distance between the two of you. Had this been courting? You hadn’t really experienced courting before... maybe he was right, your mother always told you to ask or wait to be specifically asked though... Granted he did always bring you food.... and you very often had what would normally be considered dates rather than friendly outings.... his eyes never roamed to other Omega’s either... 


“Exactly Sweetie! You are just confused! You were trying to move things along by making me jealous! That’s it! Oh! That’s why I came over tonight originally. After that last mission, I realized how important it is to be bonded. And after three years of dating, I think we can bond now right? That’s what you want too, right Y/N?” The grip on your waist became almost painful; the tips of his elongated claws pricked through the thin material of your shirt and pinched your soft skin. You couldn’t stop staring at his face, nearly manic with the wide grin and desperate eyes. 


This was ok, right? This is what you wanted... to see if he cared about you... so what if there was a little miscommunication... He had been a good Alpha towards you... Right? He was your crush yes, but also your best friend, a bright light in your life to admirer. He was a brave and strong top ten hero... always fighting for others. Not the smartest guy ever, you were pretty sure the only reason he didn’t flunk out was because you, Nejire, and Tamaki helped him study all the time, but he made up for it with determination. He was literally your big ball of sunshine... And he was apparently in love with you. You weren’t sure if you loved him yet though, at least not in a romantic way yet. “Mirio... I think this was all a silly miscommunication! Maybe we should wait a bit longer and court officially and go on actual dates and...”


“No.” You froze under his Alpha voice, Omega unable to move. He had NEVER done that to you before. “I told you Y/N, after the incident, I just witnessed we need to be bonded, if anything like that were to happen again I would need to keep you safe. I need to keep MY Omega safe. Smelling like me... In my home... Mine.” He groaned softly and the palms holding your waist in place slinked around your legs and upper back, pulling you deeper into his body as he easily lifted you up. “Tell me you love me Y/N....” His long legs made quick work of crossing your apartment to your small nesting room, opening the door he inhaled deeply, the sound he released being one of pure satisfaction you could see his Alpha drooling. 


“Mirio... This is my nest... I don’t feel comfortable with you in my....” Gently attempting to push yourself from his grasp you gasped as he tossed you in, landing with a soft thud on the piles of pillows and blankets, the beast of a man quickly following after you. “MIRIO THIS IS MY!!!!!!”


Cutting you off, he grabbed the back of your neck tightly and forced you into a rough kiss, using his free hand to slam the door to the sound and scent proof nest behind him, locking it. The kiss itself was anything but gentle, it was desperate and needy, his canines softly slicing your lip once or twice before forcing his tongue into your mouth and your mind was gone. The long muscle invading your mouth tasted like everything you thought it would for the past five years, exploring your cheeks and teeth and even wiggling at the back of your throat like he owned you, saliva slipped down your chin and down your neck in thick lines. His unnaturally potent Alpha pheromones filling your brain and willing your Omega to obey him, wanting to take all he would give you, the lack of oxygen hitting your body as he snarled into your mouth. Whining into the forceful French kiss you placed your hands on his chest, still attempting to get him out of your nest. This was wrong, it was too fast, you didn’t invite him in here, and he wasn’t listening to you! ‘But we need him’. You forced your inner Omega’s thoughts down and continued to shove, trying to squirm out from his grasp on your neck. Satisfied with the door now locked, Mirio finally broke the kiss and climbed into the small nest with you in his arms, cooing at you softly and pining you down with his large chest pressed tightly to yours. “It’s our nest, and you did such a good job on it Omega, so cozy, just big enough for the two of us. It’s so special that I’ll get to bond you the first time I’m allowed inside of it. You are so good to me sunshine, it’s like we share the same heart and mind.”


“MIRIO NO! You didn’t ask!!!!! I don’t want you in here!” Using as much strength as you could muster you made a final attempt to move the enormous mountain of a blonde, he simply smiled down at you and brushed your bare bonding point with his fingers and traced them up to your already kiss bruised lips, gripping the bottom one to feel you wince in pain before letting go chucking softly and humming at the feeling of you thrashing below him.


“You were always a little bit of a tsundere weren’t you Y/N?” Speckling open mouth kisses against your forehead and cheeks he easily slotted his powerful thigh between your legs, knocking them apart with the other, grinding against your clothed slit like a man obsessed. “It’s so cute, you wanna role play? I can do that for you, I’ll do anything for you. Anything for my princess. ANYTHING...Now you better watch your Alpha.” Gripping your face with one hand he squished your face and spat on your cheek under your right eye. Watching him smiling like a mad man at the sight of his saliva on you, you felt your thighs become slick, your body betraying you at the thought of your crush taking you so roughly. In a split second, you watched his tight white t-shirt and nearly painted on jeans melt through his body and fall onto yours. He was quick to push them to the side, tearing the already ripped shirt from your body and rutting his painfully hard cock against your tiny sleep shorts. 


Darting your eyes down you blushed heavily at the sight of him, it wasn’t like you hadn’t seen Mirio naked before, watching him fight and quirk train you saw plenty of his ‘willy’ as he called it, and every time a suit experiment failed he never seemed to be embarrassed to stand bare in front of you, shoulders back and feet parted, always walking over to you casually and standing mere feet away from you as you would talk about improvements and changes at your work desk, his soft heavy meat always seemed to be at eye level with you, tall frame making it nearly impossible to avoid. You thought back to those days where you tried so desperately not to look at it resting on his well build thigh. Oh yes, you were very familiar with his naked from... You hadn’t however seen Mirio hard... You had joked with your Omega and Beta friends before at sleepovers about the size of Alphas. Never believing them as they told seemingly exaggerated tales, you had seen Mirio naked, he wasn’t ‘as thick as your wrist or as long as a ruler’, you felt dumb now… his engorged hardened length rubbing up and down your clothed slit was making your mouth water, softly whining at the thought of something so large taking you.


“Shhhhh… Sunshine don’t worry, I’ll take it slow, I’ll make you feel good.” Licking a soft strip up your neck he smiled at the soft worried noises coming from your mouth, he was doing this to you… to his Omega… You were his and his alone; he wasn’t going to waste this moment he planned for the two of you. Bonded, safe, bred. Finally, he could move you out of this unsafe building with the guards who seemed to not care when an Alpha came in, and into his enormous Hero live in building. Reaching down he pulled the wet shorts from your legs, unhooking them from your ankle and bringing them to his face to sniff. “Look at you Sweetheart! Already so ready for me, already so eager. I am so proud of you Omega, you are always so good, good girl, always so obedient to me.”


You couldn’t help but moan at the sight of the blonde inhaling your scent deeply, his eyebrows shooting together in incredulous ecstasy at the tantalizing smell. A soft gasp escaped your lips as you felt his free hand dragging his calloused thumb up and down your glistening folds, humming at your cute face squeezing up in enjoyment every time he flicked your clit a bit too hard. “Mirio….” You whined his name and he shuddered over top of you, tossing your shorts to the side before diving in for another heated kiss. Less sloppy and controlling than before his lips met yours sweetly in a chaste kiss, large plush pillowy lips meeting yours over and over in a gentle dance. Would anyone fault you for being ok with this? Would anyone judge you? Maybe Mirio didn’t listen sometimes… Maybe he was a little forceful, and ignored you when you tried to speak about important things, and maybe he got confused pretty often and jumped to conclusions, but all in all, he was a good Alpha… He would take care of you, give you little blonde pups, and keep you safe. Running your hands over his mammoth chest you felt every twitch of muscle beneath the pads of your fingers as you brought them around his thick neck, nails scratching softly through the small lemon-colored locks at the base of his skull. His hair was so soft, his muscles so strong, his kisses so gentle and kind. No… No one at work would care if you showed up on Monday bonded…. “Mirio….” You repeated his name as his hands gripped at your hips, nose now ticking the side of your neck as he scented you.


“Yes, Sunflower?” His voice left his lips gravelly and rough, clearly holding back for his desires to take you. More of his intoxicating scent leaked out, you could never get tired of his scent, the rich smell of salt, calcium from shells, and the warm waters of the tropical ocean was so potent you could almost feel the balmy sun and humid wind on your skin, and taste the umami that the bountiful and seemingly endless waters seemed to provide, all of those scents though were heightened and brought to life by the sharp scent of lemon. Mirio had the most powerful scent you had ever smelled other than All Might himself … Ever since high school your teachers and his mentors at his internships had been waiting for his Apex to appear, the young man showing all the early signs of being a naturally born king of kings. As his eyes met yours, his dark and protective stare peering down at you; you had never felt more sure that the expectations that were held about him were true. You could only shake and grip at his hair as he scented you, easily overpowering your softer fragrance.


“Do you really love me?” The chirp, like the question, came out almost deathly silent. His tongue continuing to lap over your sensitive bonding spot for a moment before he paused.


The growl that he released against your throat vibrated into your chest, it wasn’t angry, no, this growl held a possessive and hurt rumble. Wrapping his arms around your waist he sat back onto his heels, bringing you up to wrap your legs around his hips, your arms still clinging to the back of his neck for support. Lifting his chin in the way Alphas only do for their long bonded Omegas he exposed his throat to you. “I have loved you since the moment I met you… You have always been the only one for me, I would do anything for you, I would kill anyone for you, I would ruin lives, trample anything that hurt you. It is my JOB as your Alpha to love you and keep you safe. Tell me you love me too Y/N…”


“I… I don’t know yet… I think so in a non-romantic way… I have had a crush on you for years so I think it could eventually develop into love maybe…” You answered honestly, it was true, you didn’t know if you loved him romantically yet, as a friend of course but this was all new to you, he was the only one who had thought you were courting… Looking back into his gorgeous blue eyes you expected to see a hurt expression. Instead Happy, teary irises stared back into you.


“Oh Princess… Sweetie, Sunshine, Sunflower….” Every nickname he had for you fell from his lips as his hands gently caressed your back. A happy purr fell from his lips but all you could focus on was his length resting between your slick. “That’s good, this is great, we can bond today and then tomorrow I will take us out on a celebratory date! To that one restaurant you like, and then we can go see all of our friends, and you’ll love me soon, Nejire and Tamaki were just wrong, that’s all, I should have been more forceful before!” Before you could respond, Mirio was lifting you up by your thighs, throwing your legs completely over his shoulders, plush thighs resting on his hard muscular traps while you clung to his head and squeaked. Without any warning his tongue was flicking against your sensitive bud, side to side with an unstoppable hunger, his strong chin catching the thick strings of your arousal that fell from your clenching pussy.


“MIRIO!!!!!!” You screamed and squeezed your thighs around his head as tight as you possibly could, you simply felt him chuckle against you, his large palms coming to knead and grip at the fat of your ass. Looking down you saw his hair falling from the pristine spikes to lay the soft blonde tresses on his forehead, beads of sweat from the self control his Alpha was fighting running down his chiseled features. The embarrassing slurps that came from below you had you blushing wildly, his wide flat tongue stopping its ministrations only for a moment to suck up the ambrosia that was dripping from your body. Closer and closer, you could feel yourself falling apart around him; easily holding up your weight with his one hand he brought his fingers down beside his chin, slipping a single digit into your tight heat. His massive digit felt nothing like your own, the calluses and scars seemed to catch every ridge as he slowly pulled at your walls in a gentle come hither motion, quickly adding another digit to properly stretch you as he continued to flick his skilled tongue against your over-stimulated clit. “Mirio…. Mirio, please…. Please let me down…”


He stopped all at once with a tender kiss to your pubis, gingerly laying you back down into the messy nest, pressing a delicate kiss onto your lips before descending back between your legs with renewed vigor. He wasted no time placing his two thick digits inside you again, the unhurried pace he set was deliberate, only meant to tease you and have you begging for his knot. “Does that feel good Sunshine?” His digits worked your inner walls so well as he sucked deep purple marks into your inner thighs, elongated fangs leaving small scratches anything he got too excited.


“Mirio I…. I need you…” Your lust clouded mind took over, everything in the room smelled like him and his thick irresistible musk. Omega in your head repeating the same phrase over and over like a mantra, ‘Alpha… Mirio as an Alpha… Mirio as the father of our pups… Mirio Mirio Mirio.’ Spreading your legs to entice him you purred seductively. Rutting your hips lightly into his fingers, obsessing over his hot breath not close enough to your most sensitive place. “Let me touch you… Please Alpha.”

Grinning he pulled away from you to sit back on his knees once again, every muscle instinctively flexed, “Anything for you Y/N, anything for my sweet sunflower.” Tentatively you reached in front of you, breath heavy as you panted, sitting up in front of him on your knees, eyes raking over his perfect form. Reaching out lowly to his legs you felt his thick solid thighs, digging your fingers into the deep and tight lines defining each quad, your hands moved upward, his hips and lower stomach were flexed to help hold his perfect posture before you, a blonde treasure trail tickling your palm as you moved through it and up his torso, eight perfect abs melted into his obliques, rippling taunt and hard under your touch as you followed the lines up to his diaphragm, grooved against his barrel-chested ribs. The feeling of his bulging pecs had you drooling, his sternum straining to separate the herculean muscles, small pink nipples resting lower on his chest. Eyes following your hands towards his shoulders you remembered all the times you would watch him lift diagonal flyes at the gym, building his shoulders and delts into the rocks that they were. Who could forget his arms? You gave in and groped down his arms, watching as his giant biceps, certainly larger than your head, lead down into his veiny and masculine forearms, finally ending with your fingers following the lines to his fingers. “I think that’s the first time you’ve ever fully admired me Darling…. I used to be so shy you know, until you started working as my support engineer… I would go out of my way to be naked for you, hoping that you would admire me this way…” You blushed at the implication but before you could open your mouth you felt his hands grab your wrists. “But you missed the most important part princess.” Guiding your wrists inward he wrapped your fingers around his throbbing length, giving small testing thrusts into your soft hands.


Your eyes shot down to where you held him, he was thick and hot, he almost felt like velvet-covered steel. You could see where his unswollen knot would form, the spongy yet strong tissue still deflated. “Mirio you are so….”


“It’s ok… I promise I will be gentle.” Holy fuck he would have to be… The weighty cock in your hands felt hot, uncircumcised, and veiny skin was tight on the shaft. You were so deep in concentration you nearly jumped when Mirio placed his hands on your breasts, thumbing at your nipples softly and kissing at your collarbone. “Just tell me when you are ready and we will mate like we should have years ago….”


“I want it….” He licked over your bonding point again before pushing you down with a rough shove, eyes nearly feral as he climbed over you, lifting your back and grabbing a spare pillow to place beneath you. Rubbing the weeping head of his cock up and down your slit, you felt yourself gush more at the thought of him, sure you had used toys before… but you had never actually had sex, nor taken a knot, and judging by how seriously Mirio was taking this you didn’t think you would be escaping your nest without satisfying his inner Alpha. Looking up one last time you saw him, panting, deep blue eyes slitted and focused on you, using every ounce of his will to hold himself back until you permitted him. “Please Alpha…”


He snarled as he snapped his hips into you, pushing his enormous cock into you all at once, splitting you open with a sharp chirp. The feeling of him slamming up against your womb felt cathartic, five years of feelings you felt had been unrequited ending all at once. Twitching around him you felt him lick the tears from your cheeks, the stimulation too much for your Omega you whined out and ground your hips against him harshly, nearly begging him to continue. He chuckled and pulled out of you gently before setting a surprisingly soft pace. Your Omega didn’t agree… thrashing beneath him you clawed at his shoulder blades, making a futile effort with your much less powerful legs to pull him deeper into you, faster, anything, desperate for him to move more, to pound you, to fill you. You had never felt so primal before, every fiber of your being screaming at you to have him bond you, to have the Apex breed you.


“Omega… Y/N… you feel too good, Sunflower I might not be able to hold back for very long… I….” You felt his hand move to your stomach, right above where your womb was, petting gently he whimpered but kept his soft and languid pace. A simple nip to his bare neck was all he needed. Grabbing your hips he pulled his chest off of you, hovering over your much smaller frame, using his raw strength to fuck into you roughly. Your breasts bounced with every snap of his hips, feeling the pull and drag of the veins on his cock you could only cry out for more. His thumbs dug into your stomach and rubbed small circles into you. “FUCK, Sweetheart…. Love…. Darling… I knew you loved me too, look at how well you are taking me, I am so so so so so proud of you baby girl, good girl, doing so well…..” Drool dripped from his elongated fangs onto you, his claws digging a bit too hard into your softer bits as he pulled you on and off of his throbbing dick.


“More Mirio… Please!!!! Please give me more!!!!” You could feel yourself sobbing from pleasure, his meat dragging and pulling at your most sensitive places, your g-spot feeling the caress of the thick set of veins running like a map of rivers along the top of his shaft. Taking one of his huge thumbs he brought it to your already sensitive clit, rubbing rough fast circles into it. A mewl escaped your lips as you jerked and twisted underneath the solid wall of muscle. Feeling the burning in your abdomen you tried to warn him of your orgasm but the only sounds to leave your mouth were babbled nonsense, his thrusting hitting too many good places for you to focus. Instead, your Omega spoke for you, crying and chirping and cooing as he continued to ruin you, his snarls and snaps of approval finally sending you over the edge with a shriek. Spraying your juices all over his lap and dirtying your nest.


“Good girl… holy… oh my good girl my good omega I love you so much….” Removing his fingers from your clit, he grabbed the back of your thighs and tossed them up towards your head, pushing his colossal shoulders into the meat of you he caged you in with his forearms, one hand grabbing at your hair and pulling your head to the side to expose your neck.


It was that moment that you smelled it… The change between an Alpha and an Apex, the significant difference in the amount of pheromones he was pushing out of his pores. Snapping back into yourself you moaned wildly as he continued to thrust himself into your sopping hole. “Mirio wait… Please wait…” You knew he heard you… ears twitching at the melodic sound of your fucked out voice. “Mirio! Please, pull out, don’t knot me yet…. Your smell... Something is off!!!”


“MINE.” His voice confirmed it, an Apex Alpha’s commanding tone. Slick gushing out of you at the possessive Alpha’s desire for you, you could only whimper as his thrusting became erratic and feral, secondary sex taking over your mind. His growing knot caught at your entrance and you yipped out in discomfort, the man above you simply purring and cooing into your neck, praising you for taking him as you felt his powerful thighs smacked against your own, you were sure they would leave bruises. You felt him swell further and the pressure felt far too heavy inside you, pushing himself impossibly deeper into you as he growled and snarled. “Perfect, my perfect Omega… gonna give you pups, gonna keep you safe…. All mine… Mine. Mine. MINE. ABSOLUTELY MINE. SAY IT, SAY IT Y/N, say you only belong to me, tell me who your Alpha is!” His voice… The strong commanding voice was enough to push you to the edge of another orgasm.


Your legs locked around his hips as you felt his knot swell to full size, your brain short-circuiting as he finally popped it into you, locking you in place, the grinding of his hips had the head of his massive cock rubbing against your cervix making your brows furrow and your stomach churn. “YOU. MIRIO. ALPHA PLEASE.” It was all you managed to scream out as you reached your peak one last time, the grinding being too much to handle, before you felt him pulsing and twitching, filling your womb full of hot thick Apex Alpha seed. Your shared orgasms were at the peak of pleasure when you felt it, the white-hot burning of his fangs digging deeply into the crux of your neck, looking over you could only see the messy head of blonde hair you were all too familiar with. Feeling his tongue lap up the excess blood he allowed his saliva to seep into the deep and obvious bonding mark, sealing the two of you together as mates. He didn’t ask….


You felt the small amount of dread wash over you as you came down from your high; Mirio let your legs down from his shoulders and pulled you to lay on top of him, stuck on his still erupting cock. Kissing you on the nose he smiled his big dopey grin before opening his bloody mouth. “Your turn Sunshine!” Cranking his neck as far as he could to one side you looked down at him, your hands balling into fists as you pushed yourself up on his rugged chest.


“Mirio…. You didn’t ask…” The hammering pain in your neck left a bitter taste in your mouth, he had used his Alpha voice on you… his APEX Alpha voice on you and bonded you without permission… that wasn’t allowed… It was illegal, not that the police or Heros commission would care…


“Oh Love I didn’t need to ask! I told you, we have been together for years! That’s why I came over here today, to bond you finally! Now I can keep you safe! You agreed!” Grabbing the back of your head he dragged you back down to his neck with a rough tug. Pressing you aggressively against his throat he snarled. “Now… Be my good Omega and mark me back.”




“MARK ME BACK.” The words bounced around in your head, the command too pointed to ignore… opening your mouth you took as much of his neck into your jaw as possible and bit down. “HARDER.” Clenching, you cried, your sobs muffled by his overly sexual groaning, his free hand pawing at your right breast as you did your best to mark the man. Finally feeling a small pop, you felt a few drops of blood hit your tongue, following tradition you laved your tongue over his own mark to seal the bond. Putting your head down below his collarbone you heard him laugh. “Oh I have been waiting forever for this. Finally, finally, we are bonded. No more Alphas to scare away, no more silly job to keep you out of the house, finally…” Placing a kiss to your forehead he lifted your chin to meet his eyes. His face, while as jovial as ever, held a nasty darkness behind it, a sick twisted man behind a happy mask. At long last he had unlocked his Apex with his first time mating, at long last he had you, everything was falling into place.


“Don’t worry Y/N. I will never let you go.”