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Daehwi takes a deep breath before he approaches the door.

*knock knock knock*

“Mr. Jang, I’m here.”

“Come in, Daehwi,” the man pulls out a file as the red-haired boy sits down in the vacant chair,”I have important matters to discuss with you.”

There’s a sound of moving papers as the two sit in silence before one of them breaks it.

“Is it because I smacked Woojin the other day with a recorder? I knew that bastard would report me. But seriously, I didn’t mean any offense please don’t expel me from the academy. Please please please don’t—”

Mr. Jang adjusts his glasses before opening the file and pushing it towards the boy,"No, it’s not because you hit Woojin with a flute and you won’t get expelled from the academy. However, you will no longer be attending the academy. I have a special task assigned to you.”

“A recorder, not a flute. And I won’t be going to the academy anymore?” Daehwi looks up, he picks up the papers in front of him and reads them,”I’m going to Earth? A place with humans? To be a matchmaker?” He picks up more papers in the file, containing the documents and passport photos of two boys.

“Choi Soobin and Choi Beomgyu. They’re in the same class, so making them fall in love should be easy,” the old man looks at the papers,"Well, I’ll cover the costs for the school tuition, give you a card, and you’ll be living with Kim Donghyun. He’s not an angel, but he’s a trustworthy person. Once you sign the papers you’ll immediately be sent to your location. A-K-A his house.”

Daehwi grabs a pen from a cup and skims through the terms and conditions. Don’t get too involved with human businesses, don’t get injured to the point you have to go to a hospital, make sure they hundred percent fall in love, you can get help from fellow angels, don’t interact with any devils, don’t fall in love… this should be easy.

“Um, Mr. Jang, what if they don’t fall in love?”

“Then very, very, very bad things will happen to you, but I’m not allowed to tell you. Sorry”

“Okay, thank you.”

The younger quickly signs the papers and immediately knocks unconscious, waking up to find himself in an alley.

“You’re Lee Daehwi? Right? I’m Kim Donghyun.” He reaches out a hand.

Ah, so that’s Donghyun.

“Yeah. Nice to meet you Donghyun.”




The blue-haired boy seats himself on the stool and starts peeling a tangerine before talking. He shoves a piece in his mouth as the staff in the kitchen stare at him.

“Okay, so. Yumi asked me if I could go to the PC cafe with her after school to buy tickets. Out of all the people in our school she asks me. Well, I couldn’t say no— after all, a handsome face like mine shouldn’t be a bully. I said yes.

“My ultimate plan is to buy two tickets for me and Soobin, and I’ll invite him to the concert and ask him out then. We’ll become really good friends before the concert takes place. But, we’ve only known each other for a week, wouldn’t it be weird if I asked him to go to a concert with me? Well, I’ve got to separate him and Beomgyu,” large crates of produce are aggressively placed on the counter top,"Gosh, you scared me.”

One of the staff sits next to him,"You know, you’re always coming here and being noisy. Plus, students aren’t allowed here, and the fact you keep talking to yourself is starting to make me think you’re crazy. Anyways, I have an important question, do you like Soobin?”


“Then why would you ask him out?”

“Because I need him to be away from Beomgyu… Forget it, you wouldn’t understand. You’re just a cafeteria worker.” He gets up from the stool to scoop up the peels and throws them away.

The cafeteria worker stands up as well, and approaches Yeonjun.

“Actually my name is Eunbi, and I think I do understand what you’re talking about.”

He swears he just saw the woman’s eyes flash red for a moment.

“Oh, well see you tomorrow kitchen staff! Thank you for your hard work but I’ve got to go, I think class is starting soon.”

Yeonjun hurriedly walks to his classroom and sees a student waiting for him. She follows him as he enters the room.

“So, Yeonjun, what were you doing earlier?”

“I went to the restroom, and got lost. Um, Yumi, your company is very appreciated but I think I need some thinking time,” he sighs and lays his head on the table, facing towards the two boys playing chopsticks.

“Oh… okay,” the girl walks away but stops,"You’ll walk with me to music class though!”

“Yeah yeah okay,” Yeonjun sighs once more, he’s only been here for a few days, but he’s already so damn tired.