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warm on a cold night

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Waiting in your bedroom, time seemed to move in slow motion. You had rushed back to your room after eating, but it was still much too early to go to bed. The sun sank slowly beyond the horizon, its lazy descent painting your room gold. You sat criss-crossed on your bed, comforter once again wrapped around you. Your breath clouded the air as you exhaled, already chilled after just hours without heat.

Would the body heat exchange start immediately, or only when you two went to bed? You had no idea. Would this even go anywhere? Why were you suddenly so concerned with being close to these actors? What made you care so much all of a sudden? You grumbled to yourself, pulling your blanket tightly around you.

Knock knock.

You could sense his hesitation through the door. He opened it slowly, peeking inside just a smidge before spotting you.

“Tsuzuru, what are you doing?”

“I don’t know, honestly.” He finally entered, closing the door softly behind him. He wore his usual sweats, now accessorized with a pillow tucked under his arm. He glanced at you again, his features suddenly creeping into a smile. “What are you doing, (y/n)?”

“Staying warm! What does it look like?” you huffed.

“You look like a caterpillar with it wrapped around you like that.”

He sat down next to you, peeling away the thick blanket from your shoulders. You still wore your day clothes, but you felt a little exposed as the blanket fell away. He tugged it closer to himself until the two of you sat sharing the blanket, sitting barely inches away.

The cold seeped into the gap, and Tsuzuru seemed to notice immediately.

“Wow,” he murmured, “you weren’t kidding when you said it’s cold in here.”

“That’s what you’re here to fix, smart guy,” you joked, smiling as you saw his cheeks redden. You could barely see the green of his eyes in this lighting, the sunset’s hues deepening to burnt yellows. He still looked warm in the lighting, and your heart fluttered faintly.

“It’s still a bit early. Are you sure you want to go to sleep now?” He shifted slightly to face you, his leg and hip coming to sit flush against your own. “We could always…”

“Talk?” you interjected, suddenly realizing how very close Tsuruzu was. How nice he smelled. How he was looking at you differently, with his eyelids hanging just a bit lower than normal…

“Talking’s good, as long as we do it under the blanket.” You nodded in response and began to pull away from the brunette, the blanket sliding off your shoulders once more.

“(y/n)?” Tsuzuru met your eyes and you noticed how red he was. “I know this is-- different, to say the least, but-- you can touch me, alright?”

His words came out a bit forceful, and you felt a smirk creep onto your face.

“If I’m not getting cuddled tonight, what did I even agree to this for?”

The two of you laughed, and you were relieved to feel some of the awkwardness subside. You crawled back onto the bed, moving up to rest your head on one of your pillows. You patted the spot next to you, and Tsuzuru slowly crept up to lay beside you.

You reached to the foot of the bed to grab a corner of your comforter, pulling it over the two of you as you laid down again. You shivered as your body became flush with your cold sheets, but you soon felt the warmth radiating off Tsuzuru.

“Are you going to wear your sweats to sleep?” you asked.

“Are you going to wear normal clothes to sleep?” he fired back.

You scoffed, batting at him lightly under the blanket.

He laughed, managing to catch your wrist. He maintained his grip and pulled you closer, snaking his free arm around your waist. With your face now pressed into the crook of his neck, you were grateful that Tsuzuru couldn’t see the look of panic on your face.

I am really not used to these types of situations anymore, you thought. I can’t deny that I like it, though…

“Sorry, is this too much?” Tsuzuru murmured, releasing his grip on you slightly. It wasn’t too tight, but you missed the touch as soon as it was gone.

“No, I like it.” You pulled away to look into his eyes. His eyebrows rose, maybe noting how close your lips were to his own, maybe just realizing that he was actually holding you and not imagining it.

You weren’t used to romantic situations anymore, sure, but you recognized where things were headed--

He kissed you before you could finish the thought, his arm around your waist pulling you closer to him once more. You could taste his toothpaste in the kiss, and it made you smile.

“Hey, are you laughing at me?” he pouted, breaking the kiss.

You could only grin, smiling up at him before guiding his mouth to yours again. He was clumsy, apologizing if he bumped you or tugged your hair, but you could hardly get a word in between his soft sorries and hot kisses.

When he finally broke the kiss, he was panting quietly. Just like before, his eyelids were hanging low, his eyes set on yours in the now-deep blue of dusk.



You fumbled under the blanket, searching for his hand. Once you found it, you maneuvered it slowly over your hip to meet your ass. You pressed your palm into the back of his hand, forcing his fingers to dip into your flesh.

“You can touch me, too.”

If you had to describe Tsuzuru in a word: Passionate. He pursued his dreams of becoming a playwright with passion, he practiced his lines with passion, and when his lips met yours again, it was the only word you could think of--


He seemed more frantic after you gave him consent, lips always pressed into yours, hands beginning to explore under your clothes. You took it as a sign to explore him, too. You could feel the peach fuzz on his stomach as you slid your hands under his sweatshirt. Lightly, you dragged your fingernails down his skin, resulting in Tsuzuru moaning into your kiss. He adjusted his grip on you, nudging you onto your back.

As soon as you rolled over, he was on top of you. He balanced the blanket on his shoulder so no heat left the nest you two had created, all the while fumbling to unbutton the shirt you wearing. He straddled your thighs, leaning over you with an urgent look in his eye.

“Here, let me.” You tugged his hands off your shirt, unbuttoning yourself.

He sighed as you shrugged off the clothing, his eyes quickly moving to the jeans you wore. You smirked as your hands traveled lower to unbutton them, and Tsuzuru quickly lifted himself off your legs to allow you to move.

He took a moment to remove his own clothes, the sweatshirt and t-shirt, in addition to his sweats. By the time you had shimmied off your pants, he was looming above you again, this time with a prominent erection.

He registered your look as an invitation, nestling himself between your legs as he leaned down to kiss you once more. You shifted your hips, moving to hook a leg around his waist. As you kissed him back, you rolled your hips forward, relishing the moan that left Tsuzuru’s lips. He pressed his cock back against you, and you gasped at how good the friction felt. He broke your kiss once more, instead opting to press wet kisses down your neck as he continued grinding against you.

You wrapped both legs around his hips now, the pleasure elicited from the two of you grinding together making you breathless. Between his kisses and the movements of his hips, Tsuzuru Minagi had you melting.

“Hey…” you breathed, unfolding your legs from around his waist.

He pulled away just enough for you to pull your knees together under his chest, hooking your thumbs in the waistband of your panties. You watched his eyes as you slid them down your thighs, and off at the ankles. He slowly repeated the movement, pulling down his boxers with care as his cock sprang free from the fabric. You took the opportunity to unclasp your bra quickly, discarding it off the bed before he pounced on you again.

Within moments Tsuzuru was pinning you back to the mattress, his hard cock rubbing against your clit as he pressed messy kisses to your neck and chest.

“You want me, (y/n)? You really want me?” he groaned, all the while dragging himself up and down your folds, whimpering slightly at the feeling.

“Y-es!” you choked out, moaning immediately as he pressed himself against your entrance. He slid in slowly, mouth hanging open as his length disappeared inside of you. You could feel the stretch, the slight discomfort at taking him all of him, but you didn’t complain.

“I-I’m not gonna last,” he muttered, all at once rutting into you with a fervor you appreciated. He was the perfect size, the head of his cock hitting just the right spot inside you with each thrust of his hips. You gasped and moaned under him while you fucked you, every inch of his cock feeling better by the second.

You came fast-- the next thrust from Tsuzuru making your muscles clench around him, earning you one last strangled moan from the man. He pulled out right then, barely managing to grasp his cock before he came. Hot ropes of cum graced your stomach, Tsuzuru panting as he moved his hand up and down his cock to coax everything out.

You reached for the tissue box on your nightstand as he caught his breath, finally opening his eyes to glimpse the mess he had made.

“Oh-- oh my god! I’m so sorry, (y/n)!” he exclaimed, grabbing the tissues from you to wipe at your stomach himself. You laughed at him, punching playfully at his chest.

“Don’t worry about it! It was… good.”

You watched as he escaped the blanket, quickly discarding the damp tissues and retrieving his clothes and your underwear. You gratefully slid on his sweatshirt and your underwear, while he opted for his boxers and t-shirt.

As the two of you settled once more under the covers, you stayed close to each other, eventually falling asleep in each others arms.


The next morning you woke up to your phone alarm, its loud buzz forcing you to escape Tsuzuru’s embrace to silence it. You grumbled as you rubbed your eyes, and you felt the cold in the room rush you. You shivered, climbing back under the blanket.

As you reapproached, Tsuzuru woke up, his hair sticking out in random places more than usual. He opened his eyes just a little, looking at you through slits.

“G’morning,” he mumbled, pulling you into his chest again.

“Morning,” you mumbled back.

It took awhile, but the two of you managed to get out of bed in a timely manner, dressing quickly in the cold and rearranging yourselves before heading down to the lounge. Tsuzuru was acting shy again, but you could understand why. It probably wasn’t a normal thing for an actor to have sex with their director.

Probably better to just not talk about it…

The lounge was warm and cozy as always, and you spotted Omi and Sakuya in the kitchen. Tasty smells wafted towards you, and both you and Tsuzuru drifted in their direction. It wasn’t long before a few of the other actors filed in, preparing for work or school.

“Uhm, (y/n)?”

You glanced over your shoulder to see Muku fidgeting behind you, Yuki grabbing a plate of food just behind him.

“Oh, good morning, Muku. What’s up?” you answered, facing the pink-haired boy.

“Did you sleep well last night? You weren’t cold or anything?” he said, looking worried.

“No, I wasn’t cold. And I slept really well, actually!” You smiled and Muku seemed to relax. His expression looked a lot less panicked, but he was still wringing his hands.

“If it’s okay,” he began, eyes suddenly focused on the floor, “I could-- uhm-- we could have a sleep over! I could bring some manga I think you’d really like and--”

You felt your heart burst inside your chest, the cute idea that Muku brought up nearly executing you on the spot.

“Muku, you and (y/n) stay up late in the lounge all the time,” interjected Yuki, already halfway done with his food. “What are you so nervous about?”

“Ah, you’re right!” Muku turned back to you, face a little pinker than before. “Then, once your heater is fixed, let’s do something fun!”

“Sounds great, Muku.” He smiled at your response, then darted into the kitchen to get himself breakfast.

You glanced out the window as you listened to the morning ruckus begin. The sky was still a pastel blue, birds chirping softly outside. You had slept well for one night, sure, but you had no clue how tonight would be. Hell, you had no clue who would be sleeping next to you tonight! You thought back to Muku’s idea of a sleep over and smiled slightly to yourself.

As fun as it sounded, you knew the nights ahead of you would hold nothing quite so wholesome.