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warm on a cold night

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Despite being turned up all the way, your heater remained stone cold. You fumbled with the dial, cursing your luck and Matsukawa’s less-than-diligent maintenance. With your comforter draped around your shoulders, you stood up and moved to your bed. Flopping down, you shivered as the cool sheets met your stomach.

Your room wasn’t freezing per se, but it was cold enough your hands lost feeling while you worked at your desk. Which was to say, inconveniently cold.

Guess it’s time to tell our useless manager.

Grumbling the whole way, you made your way into the lounge. The warm air of the room wrapped around you like a hug, and the scent of dinner rushed your senses. All of your actors were sprawled about in one way or another, some eating platefuls of the omurice Omi had cooked at Yuki’s request, others busying themselves with their respective tasks.

“(y/n)? Is everything alright?”

You glanced at the dining table, spotting Muku. He sat with a full plate in front of him.

“Ah, mostly. The heater in my room broke.”

“Oh! I’m sorry to hear it.” He frowned. “Are you going to be okay? It’s getting pretty cold at night…”

“Did this just happen?” asked Sakyo. He wasn’t eating, instead opting to type something on his phone. Sakoda sat at the edge of the table, scarfing down food.

“I think so-- it was warm in my room up until this afternoon. Will it be a big expense?”

Sakyo glanced up from his phone, a slight frown on his face.

“It’s the weekend, so getting someone to come out may be more expensive. Better to wait and schedule something for a week out or so.”

“What!” exclaimed Taichi. “But (y/n) can’t just sleep in a cold room, right?”

“Couldn’t I sleep on the couch out here?” you suggested. You made your way into the kitchen, smiling at Omi as he handed you a plate.

“No way,” muttered Masumi, turning towards you. He tilted his head, leaning it on the back of his chair. “Just sleep in my bed-”

“Not a chance.”

The room quieted for a moment, all of your actors deep in thought. If you couldn’t sleep in your room without some source of heat, what options did you have?

“What if one of us stayed with (y/n) for the night? Until the heater is fixed.”

All heads in the room swiveled towards Azuma, who lounged on the couch with his arm thrown over the back. Masumi notably glared at the suggestion, and a few of the members near you audibly gulped.

“That’s a little unorthodox, don’t you think?” said Tsuzuru.

“Hmm. I’ve come to find sharing a bed is a pretty efficient way of staying warm.” Azuma teased, his gaze shifting to you. “What do you think about that, (y/n)?”

Sharing a bed with one of the actors… Your stomach did a little turn at the thought of it. While you usually abstained from responding to any flirting you received, you couldn’t help feeling excited by the notion of getting so close to them. But the point of this proposition was to keep you warm, not to kickstart your dating life. Yet, if you had had almost each of the older actors flirt with you already…


All eyes were on you again, and you did your best to smile back at the troupes.

“I think that would be alright. At least, since it’s just for a short time…” you murmured.

“Hmm,” hummed Homare, tapping his finger on the table. “Not that it needs to be said, but then only adults should be staying with you.”

“Oh, of course!” you said, beginning to pick at your meal. “But then I guess that means I need one of you to stay with me tonight?”

“Ah right,” continued Homare. “So then, who here is comfortable staying with (y/n) for the night?”

You watched in mild excitement as some of the actors raised their hands, doing your best to ignore Masumi’s pleading look sent in your direction. Citron and Misumi raised their hands, in addition to Azuma from the couch, and you felt your heart flutter.

The feeling was short-lived, as you watched Tsuzuru raise his hand. He watched you with a blush already dusting his cheeks, lips pressed nervously into a line. Your heart almost jumped into your throat at his adorable expression, and you looked at your options one last time before picking.

“Uhm. Tsuzuru, if you wouldn’t mind…” you began, “meet me at my room in ten?”