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A Fashion Designer's Dilemma

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Yuki is always with Muku in and out of the dorms. They were glued hip to hip. Every morning going to school, he and Muku walked to school together. The whole company knows that Yuki and Muku were best friends. But what they don’t know is that many students bully Yuki inside the school campus.


 When those instances happen, Muku always tells those things to Kumon and Juza. Trying to come up with a solution but to no avail. The thing that always worked to Yuki’s favor is to be with Muku. Many know Muku as a fluffy person. Many students don’t like to show any violence near him. To be honest, they didn’t like Yuki near Muku because of his attitude. So it is an advantage for Yuki.


 Everyday Yuki tried to be always near Muku when at school especially during lunch and going home. So, Yuki doesn’t have to deal with his bullies and any people who comment about his look both on and outside the campus.




Yuki starts packing up his bag and lunch box before his bullies or classmates disturbs him, Then the bell rings signals lunchtime. Getting his things, he started going to Muku’s classroom. 


While Yuki was walking down the halls, Yuki saw his bullies right around the corner. He tried to hide from them but Yuki is found out by one guy. A black-haired guy that looks like a goon for the leader. He shouted pretty loudly,


“Hey guys, looks like the crossdresser gay is here.”


  Everyone near them heard the black-haired guy. So they started to gossip about Yuki because of likes and it doesn’t conform to the social norms. Yuki knows that he should ignore them and continue his way. If he chooses to confront them, probably Muku will hear that accident and tell the others. So Yuki chose to stay silent to not inconvenience them but those gossips hurt him and his pride. As his heart was beating fast, Yuki started to walk faster to Muku.


While Yuki was nearing Muku’s classroom when he saw Muku exiting the room. Yuki immediately grabbed his hand and pulled him until they reached the Chapel. Muku surprised by Yuki’s action asked him curiously, 


“Yuki-kun, why are you rushing? Is there something wrong?” 


Yuki, overwhelmed by what happened. Yuki tried to calm down and faked on a calm facade. Yuki said calmly without breaking the act,


“Nothing I’m fine, Wonder Boy. What do Currian and Ma make for today’s lunch, Muku?”


Muku's eyes shined with glee and answered cheerfully and Yuki listened intently. Trying to forget what had just happened. Muku started to converse about shoujo mangas with Yuki. While Muku’s speaking, Yuki’s mind drifted to what happened in the hallway. Yuki knows that he is still overwhelmed and completely emotionally exhausted, but he didn’t want to trouble anyone especially Muku and the other troupes. He is too closed off to everyone and can’t express his hidden troubles because he is used to dealing with this kind of harassment from his classmates even before meeting the guys.




Time passed and Yuki looked at the clock above the door. It was almost time for the next period. Yuki packed his and Muku’s empty lunchbox. 


Yuki told Muku while turning to face him, “We should go now, Muku. We might want not to be late.”


 Mumbling to himself,” And not anger Iwanaga-sensei.”

Muku asked, “What did you said Yuki-kun?”


“Nothing.”, he replied.


 Muku continued to question Yuki while helping him to stand up, ”Are you sure there’s nothing wrong?” 


Yuki answered seriously,

”Yes there’s nothing wrong. Come on it's almost time.”


Muku knows that you can’t fight with Yuki when he is being stubborn. Muku stopped asking any further questions and together Yuki and Muku went back to their classrooms. No accidents or bullying happened during the way. And peacefully, they went and continued their day in the classroom and outside. Muku forgot to confront Yuki’s attitude before and Yuki continued to hide those hurtful words from Muku and the others.

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After a couple of days passed by that event. The days at school became normal again or as normal as they can. There are still gossips but not as much as that day. Yuki tried to act normal but it is noticeable that Yuki kept on cautiously scanning his surroundings, trying to find those judgmental people like his bullies on and out of St.Flora Campus. Everyone noticed but didn’t care that much thinking that Yuki was trying to find inspiration. They know that Yuki sometimes wants to find some inspiration outside his magazines and photos on the internet.

But Yuki’s troupe, the Summer Troupe were perspectives of any change to each other like Muku’s habit of shoujo and his injury, Kumon’s anxiety, Kazunari’s artistic endeavors, Misumi’s triangle hunt, and Tenma’s overworked habits. So who will notice anything, it would be them as they noticed it pretty much straight away.

Kazunari and Misumi thought of an idea to help Yuki’s behavior. Kazunari remembered a cafe near the theater. He was supposed to go with Juza but their schedules clashed and it was a sweet and cute cafe that is aligned with Yuki’s aesthetics. Kazunari asked Misumi to join him and help to make Yuki smile.


It was Kazunari and Misumi’s goal to make Yuki join them So they asked him one day. It was a weekend in the dorm. Some troupe members were inside their rooms, while some of the troupe members were chilling in the living room. Those were Hisoka, sleeping on the sofa while laying on Tsumugi, who is reading a novel. Sakuya listens to Citron, who is telling an outrageous story about him being a Jaguar tamer. Yuki watches a romantic drama as well as Taichi and Homare as usual, telling poems that are weird and unique.

As the calm ambiance of the room was shattered by a loud voice. Kazunari and Mizumi entered the room. Immediately asking for Yuki.

“Yukki, you want to join us? We found a cute cafe on the sidewalk before the theater. Wanna come?” Kazunari suddenly asked.

“Kazu said there is Sankaku there. Yuki, you should come. ” Misumi said while trying to pull Yuki away from the sofa.

“You could join too, Taicchan. It’s trendy and popular with people, maybe you could get a girl there.” Kazunari told Taichi.

Taichi immediately answered,” I’m in! Maybe I can be popular for this.”

“You’re being delusional, you dumb dog” Yuki replied. After saying that Yuki saw Taichi with his invisible dog ears and tail while pouting at him.

“That’s not cute Yukki, but you’re always cute,” Kazunari told Yuki with a similar image on Taichi. With regret bubbling in Yuki’s chest. He gave up and replied defeatedly, “Fine. I’ll join you three.”

With the answer, Sumi and Kazu were looking. “Yay! ” as they high-five in the air and happily celebrate and pull Yuki and Taichi to the cafe.


They went there and you could see that it was bombarded with cute decorations and many people. It was easy to see that it is a famous cafe. The three sat down inside the cafe and Kazunari stood up and told them, “I’m going to the front to order us drinks. Does anyone have any preference?”

Misumi exclaimed, “Onigiri! Sankkaku, Kazu.”

“Me, the most popular drink. The one that girls would buy”, Taichi finished his order.

“And you, Yukki?” Kazunari questioned as Yuki was staring outside the window staring at a parfait that a couple was eating. Yuki was looking at the parfait with a sad gaze in his eyes.

Being curious, Kazunari repeated his question, “Do you want that, Yukki-chan? ”

Yuki snapped out, ”Huh. What did you say McExtrovert?”

Kazunari with his artistic sense said, “You looked interested in that. It looked just like you with the pink and cute style.”

Taichi added, “Yeah, you looked like you wanted that.”

Yuki answered back, “No one asking you, dumb dog.”

Taichi with his hands in hurt expression, “Ouch! that hurts.”

“But you want that right?” Kazunari questioned for the last time.

“Sure then. It’s not because I want it but both of you want it.” Yuki answered defeatedly.

“Then start chatting and I’ll be back.” Kazunari left the table and Misumi and Taichi chatted and Yuki started listening with them.


As the conversation continued, it drifted from school to triangle hunting to the other troupes with some remarks from Yuki. When they went to the topic that everyone wanted to know is the play. Izumi hasn’t said anything or even Sakyo or their troupe leaders about it. As both of them were not listening to the daily meeting.

Taichi sat by the opposite of Yuki, “When is the new play, Yuki-chan?”

Misumi in excitement questioned with his eyes sparkling, “Are there any triangles, ne Yuki?”

Yuki tilted his head and said, “I’m not sure Taichi but Kanchou told us that she will announce it next week. Did you forget it, dog? I thought you were listening.”

“I was but what did you say my name?!” Taichi interjects.

“No, I didn’t you dumb dog. You must be hearing things” Yuki retorted back sass he is.

Taichi continued asking that question to Yuki. While Yuki is starting to smile, Misumi suddenly said, “Yay! Yuki‘s back to normal. ” Both of them immediately faced Misumi with a confused expression said,


And as Misumi’s immediate answer, “Sankkaku!” with his finger pointing at Kazunari that is trying to balance the drinks and food they ordered. Taichi immediately helped Kazunari at bringing the drinks to the table and as Kazunari sit,

“What are you all talking about?”

“Oh, it was about the new play,” Taichi answered.

“Is there any news about that though?” While drinking, Kazunari drank his drink.

“I don’t really know about it. But I think that it would be a mixed one again.”

Yuki keeps touching the rim of his parfait. While thinking of an answer to the question Kazunari said. He didn't remember that much during the conversation about the play. What he knows about the play was close to none especially since Tsuzuru is currently inside his and Masumi’s shared room. Planning and creating the plot for the next play.

That conversation continued until they finished their orders from the shop. They also bought extras from the store to give. Misumi is playing around with his triangles from the shop and Taichi is having a chat with Kazunari. As they are walking back to their dorm Yuki asked.

“Why did you bring me here?”

Kazunari replied, “Yukki-chan I brought you here because I know that it’s upright your ally and you look kind of sad.”

Giving the triangle napkin to Yuki by Misumi, “A Sankaku for a happy Yuki.”

Shocked by the revelation, Yuki’s eyes look glossy and he smiled for the first time during the week.

Making all of them smile with Yuki while walking to their home. Chatting with each other as time passes by.

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It was the end of classes without any interruption or bullies. Yuki was going to their shared dorms alone from St. Flora without Muku. Yuki tried to find Muku on the school grounds. He was nowhere to be found. Without someone, Yuki is pretty sure that some of his classmates would try to bully him. So, Yuki tried to be sneaky while going home.

Yuki was walking around the crossroads with the spotlights are red. Away from Yuki, he found Muku and a purple head man that looks like Juza or Kumon beside him. Yuki wasn’t sure if it was them because he was far from them. Muku and the man are smiling and chatting with each other. While eating the taiyaki in their hands. Yuki was watching the scene unveiling while clenching at his bag. Feeling sad and alone in seeing the scene. Yuki quickly walked away from the scene as fast as he probably can.

Yuki is distracted from what just happened as he opened the door to Mankai's dorm. Yuki quickly went to his and Tenma's room even as to knocked Sakuya and Masumi that were chatting while they were walking to the living area.

Tenma was surprised by Yuki entering. While Tenma wanted to tell him something. Yuki placed his bag harshly on his desk, knocking some papers, patterns, fabrics, and threads to the floor. While doing so, Tenma was confused about Yuki's behavior. So Tenma the leader of their troupe asked,

“Hey! Yuki, What's wrong?”

And Yuki answered, “ It's nothing of your business, hack.” To Tenma pretty annoyed at his question.

Tenma retorted back,” Fine! Suit yourself and fix your mess alone then.” As he left angrily Yuki alone in their room.

Yuki, now all alone in their shared room. Seeing the mess that he made. Yuki went to clean up his mess. Picking up pieces of crumples paper and threads. Fixing and placing them at the correct location. Continuing his clean-up charades.

Yuki started folding the fabrics, Yuki found an unfinished blazer of an outfit that he was trying to finish that started last month. He collected the blazer, Yuki found the sketch that belonged to the blazer and other pieces of clothing that were in a box beside his dresser.

Yuki picked up the sketch and placed them on his desk. Yuki then tried to find a needle and thread that complements the Blazer's fabric. Yuki sat down, a needle and thread in hand. He started to finish the blazer from the sleeve to the body of the fabric. Yuki reached for the same fabric as the blazer beside him and cut a rectangular piece to finish the pocket.

After a couple of hours, stitching and finishing it. It was finally complete. It was the blazer for the set of one actor specifically for Kazunari. It was a passion project of Yuki's for all of the troupe including Izumi. Yuki smiled while holding it. Then started to fold it to the box of the other outfits.

All of his anger and emotions from both encounters disappeared. Leaving Yuki with his emotions. Yuki then picked up his bag and tried to complete his homework alone in their room.

Yuki felt all alone and suffocated. He sighed as he continued pushing through. Yuki finished after seems like forever. Yuki grabbed his phone from his bag to see what was the time. The time was 11:00 pm on the screen of his phone. Feeling exhausted from everything, Yuki climbed up the ladder to his bed and slept hearing Tenma entered the room. Even the Yuki didn't bat a lash at him and continued to sleep with a heavy heart.

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After the argument with Yuki and Tenma last night. The atmosphere in their troupe became worse than before. Not only because of Yuki but also Tenma doesn’t want to talk with him anymore.

Everything is difficult for all of them even just simple practices. One word from one of them would instigate a fight. Even Muku and Kazunari don’t know what they are going to do for the both of them. Forcing them into a room would make it worse. Every idea that they can think of feels missing.

It was difficult in fixing anything in the troupe even other members like Tsumugi and Sakuya are worried for all of them. They tried everything to help them like Omi and Juza giving them snacks, Azuma talking to some of them, and even forcing them to just hang out and makeup. Trying their best was not enough and not knowing about the cause. So they let them be to try and fix them by themselves.

Yuki became alone and isolated during this time. In the beginning, Yuki was making progress both in school and theater. He finished all of his extra work from other companies. But never completing the other outfits hidden in his dresser.

Yuki didn’t want to show those clothes to his members especially that they are all stressed because of him. It was his fault for all of these. Yuki made these moments escalates until now. There is no one to blame for these mistakes but him.

And this guilt continues festering inside Yuki’s heart. Even Yuki wants to say anything to remedy the situation. He can’t speak the words from his mouth. There is something stopping him. His pride? No, his experiences? He did not know what is stopping him.

So the thing that Yuki did. To not experience the guilt or his heart dropping into pieces. Yuki did the unthinkable.

He stopped talking, buried himself with any work, and tried to be invisible for everyone to see. And everyone did not know what is happening to Yuki. Making it difficult for all the troupe members in Summer. They became separated from each other. Losing the charm and the light of the Summer.

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After a week of no communication from the Summer Troupe. Everyone excluding Summer is in their shared living room. Telling them about the new Mixed Play and the information that is included.

Before getting all the boys to the living room. Inside Sakyo’s room, there was Izumi, Sakyo, and Tzusuru talking about the next play. While drinking and eating snacks given earlier by Omi.

Tzusuru, Sakyo, and Izumi collectively agreed on the plot of the play before telling the others. Taking into account all the members that haven’t been part of the previous plays and the. The members would be Muku, Sakuya, Azami, Azuma, Guy, and Itaru due to them not joining the previous mixed plays.

“What if we make a fairytale-inspired play?” Tsuzuru said during their conversation with the two.

“But haven't we done a fairytale one for the Summer. ” Izumi exclaimed while drinking her coffee.

Tsuzuru taking a cookie from the table, “Then what if a more different tone from Summer. A more somber and mysterious story that is perfect for the members.”

“Would that fit more with the Winter members than the mixed one, Tsuzuru?” Sakyo observing Tsuzuru.

“No, this plot would be more different than the Winter’s one.”

“How different though? Less drama and more comedy or fantasy?”

“It is more serious and mysterious. Making the main duo amnesiac and airhead to a fault.”

“You’re like describing Hisoka, Tsuzuru.”

“So what do you think, Izumi, Sakyo-san?”

“For me, it is a great concept for everyone to do, Tsuzuru.”

“I agree with Izumi about this. But please do not go overboard and make the budget higher, Tsuzuru.”

“All right!” While Tsuzuru stands up, he hits his foot on the table. Making him scream in agony.

“Are you okay, Tsuzuru?” Izumi while going towards Tsuzuru. Sakyo was fixing up the table’s contents.

“I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“If there are no problems, let’s adjourned this meeting.”


Now everyone is here in the living room. Excited for the new play even if they are a part of it or not. Currently, everyone is accounted for except the whole Summer with the whole argument still ongoing.

Izumi explained the gist of the whole mixed play. While Tsuzuru explained the plot to the guys because they will need to help the cast due to being a larger project than anyone has expected.

Even Sakyo was shocked at the estimated cost of all the things that are needed for the play. He can’t even stop Tsuzuru because he approved it already. So the best thing that they can do is to help with the preparations like the props and costumes.

The plot for the play would be cut into two parts. It is placed in a dystopian era with almost filled to the brim with nature and wildlife akin to forests. The first part would be the introduction and companionship of the main characters, Sora and Tsuki. Sora is the brother of Tsuki that is an amnesiac. He has forgotten everything except their mother’s pendant. Making him the source of the driving force in the story.

Tsuki on the other hand is the brother who is willing to do anything for his little brother. Even dying for the sake of making Sora remember the things he once did. Making the first part a more reflective and emotional rise to the second half.

The second half is a whole rollercoaster for the cast in the play. During this part, it is set in a destroyed city and a lot of lurking characters. One of them is Loki, the antagonist in the play. He will be the one that enables spirits and ghosts to stop the duo from accomplishing their goals. Giving the duo the hardest challenge they’ll ever face.

In the end, Tsuki died for the sake of Sora. Letting Sora live his life for his fallen brother with all the friends they got along the way. Making the whole story a melodrama in its own right. Some of the characters in the play have inspired Tsuzuru because of the Summer drama.

“So who would be included in this play, Izumi?” Banri asked while eating the snack and looking at Tsuzuru.

“It would be Muku,Sakuya, Azuma, Azami, Guy and Itaru-san. Those are the people who haven't had a role since we started the Mixed Play.”

Taichi raises his hand and points it to Sakuya, “We should make the brother be Sakuya. He looks like a brother role.”

“Then make Muku or Azami the younger brother for the play right?”

“I can imagine Azuma-san would be Loki because of his mysterious looks.”

“Or maybe Guy-san should be perfect.”

“I want to see Itaru-san in a ghostly appearance. It would be really funny or cool.”

“I could see that too.”

And everyone started to contribute and throw ideas to the table for the mixed play. What characters they will be going to play as. How the scenes would be composed and the atmosphere it will present to the audience.

Izumi can see that they are all excited for the play even if they are not going to act. But there is still missing in this room, the summer members. It is unpleasant that they are not present and fighting.

Izumi hoped that they will make up and forgive each other because it is very noticeable. The presence of everyone helping one another.

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“Hey, Yuki-san?”

It was Sakuya outside the 201 room with some scones on hand. Waiting for Yuki to notify him if he was in there.

After finishing the meeting with the others, Sakuya was given the task of notifying Yuki about the play by Izumi. She thinks that Sakuya would be perfect for the job, especially since he is the most cheerful person in the group.

Everyone knows that Tenma was at a shoot and everyone in Summer does not speak to each pair, especially Yuki. Yuki was the most withdrawn of anyone. No one knows what is happening with him even today. All they know is that he was inside of his and Tenma’s room without going out except eating. But he moves so fast that they can’t talk to him even for just a second.

So they let Sakuya tell the information from the meeting. Making sure that Sakuya and Yuki will talk even if he is inside or outside the dorm. He has the scones and a notepad for anything important for the play.

Knock- knock “Yuki-san, are you there?”

A slip of the door showing a splash of familiar green hair. Yuki looks like a more grumpy and tired version of himself as Sakuya sees. His hair looks messy, and his eyes are pure bloodshot. Losing his cute aesthetics and replacing it with a bland version of himself.


“I have scones in hand and information that you need to know about, Yuki-san.”

“Is it very important?”

“Yes, very important for you to know. Kantoku-san said to me before going here.”

“Alright then.”

Opening the door to the room and seeing the mess of it. Many fabrics are laying around the floor. Needle and threads can be seen in his chair. The mannequin has a lot of ribbons and laces on top of it. Making the side of Yuki’s room a whirlwind of things compared to Tenma’s side that has no mess.

Looking at Yuki that was fixing a bit of the mess. Looking weak and thin that a little wind blows onto him. He was sure that Yuki would collapse. So as a friend of Yuki, Sakuya helped clean the room. Placing the scones and notepad at the messy table.

Sakuya started helping Yuki little by little. Folding some of the fabrics, placing the threads at Yuki’s station properly, and making sure that there are no needles that can injure the two.

After fixing the mess, they both sit down near the coffee table. Sakuya gave Yuki a scone from the plate. Yuki, looking at Sakuya, accepted the scone. Showing a softer expression on his face than before. Eating the scone in his hand. They tackled the thing that Sakuya went for, the information about the play.

Sakuya started explaining the premise of the play. The setting, roles, and the people who are part of the mixed play. Sakuya told everything that he knows about the topic in an understandable way for Yuki.

And Yuki just nodded around, understanding everything that Sakuya told him. This continued for a couple of hours. Making sure that they take breaks and eat the scones that Sakuya brought inside.

“Is that all from the meeting, Energy Concentrate?”

Nodding in response, “I am pretty sure that’s all, Yuki-kun.”

“If that is all, you can leave now.”

Looking at Yuki and feeling something lonely about him, “Do you want someone here?”

Yuki looked at him suspiciously, “No! Why would I need someone?”

“You seem lonely here alone in your dorm with Tenma.”

“No, I don’t want you here. You can go now, Please.”
“Okay then.” Sakuya left the room quietly. Looking back at Yuki, he can see that Yuki’s eyes started to tear up. But Sakuya respects Yuki’s wishes and continues to leave the room.