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A Fashion Designer's Dilemma

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“Hey, Yuki-san?”

It was Sakuya outside the 201 room with some scones on hand. Waiting for Yuki to notify him if he was in there.

After finishing the meeting with the others, Sakuya was given the task of notifying Yuki about the play by Izumi. She thinks that Sakuya would be perfect for the job, especially since he is the most cheerful person in the group.

Everyone knows that Tenma was at a shoot and everyone in Summer does not speak to each pair, especially Yuki. Yuki was the most withdrawn of anyone. No one knows what is happening with him even today. All they know is that he was inside of his and Tenma’s room without going out except eating. But he moves so fast that they can’t talk to him even for just a second.

So they let Sakuya tell the information from the meeting. Making sure that Sakuya and Yuki will talk even if he is inside or outside the dorm. He has the scones and a notepad for anything important for the play.

Knock- knock “Yuki-san, are you there?”

A slip of the door showing a splash of familiar green hair. Yuki looks like a more grumpy and tired version of himself as Sakuya sees. His hair looks messy, and his eyes are pure bloodshot. Losing his cute aesthetics and replacing it with a bland version of himself.


“I have scones in hand and information that you need to know about, Yuki-san.”

“Is it very important?”

“Yes, very important for you to know. Kantoku-san said to me before going here.”

“Alright then.”

Opening the door to the room and seeing the mess of it. Many fabrics are laying around the floor. Needle and threads can be seen in his chair. The mannequin has a lot of ribbons and laces on top of it. Making the side of Yuki’s room a whirlwind of things compared to Tenma’s side that has no mess.

Looking at Yuki that was fixing a bit of the mess. Looking weak and thin that a little wind blows onto him. He was sure that Yuki would collapse. So as a friend of Yuki, Sakuya helped clean the room. Placing the scones and notepad at the messy table.

Sakuya started helping Yuki little by little. Folding some of the fabrics, placing the threads at Yuki’s station properly, and making sure that there are no needles that can injure the two.

After fixing the mess, they both sit down near the coffee table. Sakuya gave Yuki a scone from the plate. Yuki, looking at Sakuya, accepted the scone. Showing a softer expression on his face than before. Eating the scone in his hand. They tackled the thing that Sakuya went for, the information about the play.

Sakuya started explaining the premise of the play. The setting, roles, and the people who are part of the mixed play. Sakuya told everything that he knows about the topic in an understandable way for Yuki.

And Yuki just nodded around, understanding everything that Sakuya told him. This continued for a couple of hours. Making sure that they take breaks and eat the scones that Sakuya brought inside.

“Is that all from the meeting, Energy Concentrate?”

Nodding in response, “I am pretty sure that’s all, Yuki-kun.”

“If that is all, you can leave now.”

Looking at Yuki and feeling something lonely about him, “Do you want someone here?”

Yuki looked at him suspiciously, “No! Why would I need someone?”

“You seem lonely here alone in your dorm with Tenma.”

“No, I don’t want you here. You can go now, Please.”
“Okay then.” Sakuya left the room quietly. Looking back at Yuki, he can see that Yuki’s eyes started to tear up. But Sakuya respects Yuki’s wishes and continues to leave the room.