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A Fashion Designer's Dilemma

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After a week of no communication from the Summer Troupe. Everyone excluding Summer is in their shared living room. Telling them about the new Mixed Play and the information that is included.

Before getting all the boys to the living room. Inside Sakyo’s room, there was Izumi, Sakyo, and Tzusuru talking about the next play. While drinking and eating snacks given earlier by Omi.

Tzusuru, Sakyo, and Izumi collectively agreed on the plot of the play before telling the others. Taking into account all the members that haven’t been part of the previous plays and the. The members would be Muku, Sakuya, Azami, Azuma, Guy, and Itaru due to them not joining the previous mixed plays.

“What if we make a fairytale-inspired play?” Tsuzuru said during their conversation with the two.

“But haven't we done a fairytale one for the Summer. ” Izumi exclaimed while drinking her coffee.

Tsuzuru taking a cookie from the table, “Then what if a more different tone from Summer. A more somber and mysterious story that is perfect for the members.”

“Would that fit more with the Winter members than the mixed one, Tsuzuru?” Sakyo observing Tsuzuru.

“No, this plot would be more different than the Winter’s one.”

“How different though? Less drama and more comedy or fantasy?”

“It is more serious and mysterious. Making the main duo amnesiac and airhead to a fault.”

“You’re like describing Hisoka, Tsuzuru.”

“So what do you think, Izumi, Sakyo-san?”

“For me, it is a great concept for everyone to do, Tsuzuru.”

“I agree with Izumi about this. But please do not go overboard and make the budget higher, Tsuzuru.”

“All right!” While Tsuzuru stands up, he hits his foot on the table. Making him scream in agony.

“Are you okay, Tsuzuru?” Izumi while going towards Tsuzuru. Sakyo was fixing up the table’s contents.

“I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“If there are no problems, let’s adjourned this meeting.”


Now everyone is here in the living room. Excited for the new play even if they are a part of it or not. Currently, everyone is accounted for except the whole Summer with the whole argument still ongoing.

Izumi explained the gist of the whole mixed play. While Tsuzuru explained the plot to the guys because they will need to help the cast due to being a larger project than anyone has expected.

Even Sakyo was shocked at the estimated cost of all the things that are needed for the play. He can’t even stop Tsuzuru because he approved it already. So the best thing that they can do is to help with the preparations like the props and costumes.

The plot for the play would be cut into two parts. It is placed in a dystopian era with almost filled to the brim with nature and wildlife akin to forests. The first part would be the introduction and companionship of the main characters, Sora and Tsuki. Sora is the brother of Tsuki that is an amnesiac. He has forgotten everything except their mother’s pendant. Making him the source of the driving force in the story.

Tsuki on the other hand is the brother who is willing to do anything for his little brother. Even dying for the sake of making Sora remember the things he once did. Making the first part a more reflective and emotional rise to the second half.

The second half is a whole rollercoaster for the cast in the play. During this part, it is set in a destroyed city and a lot of lurking characters. One of them is Loki, the antagonist in the play. He will be the one that enables spirits and ghosts to stop the duo from accomplishing their goals. Giving the duo the hardest challenge they’ll ever face.

In the end, Tsuki died for the sake of Sora. Letting Sora live his life for his fallen brother with all the friends they got along the way. Making the whole story a melodrama in its own right. Some of the characters in the play have inspired Tsuzuru because of the Summer drama.

“So who would be included in this play, Izumi?” Banri asked while eating the snack and looking at Tsuzuru.

“It would be Muku,Sakuya, Azuma, Azami, Guy and Itaru-san. Those are the people who haven't had a role since we started the Mixed Play.”

Taichi raises his hand and points it to Sakuya, “We should make the brother be Sakuya. He looks like a brother role.”

“Then make Muku or Azami the younger brother for the play right?”

“I can imagine Azuma-san would be Loki because of his mysterious looks.”

“Or maybe Guy-san should be perfect.”

“I want to see Itaru-san in a ghostly appearance. It would be really funny or cool.”

“I could see that too.”

And everyone started to contribute and throw ideas to the table for the mixed play. What characters they will be going to play as. How the scenes would be composed and the atmosphere it will present to the audience.

Izumi can see that they are all excited for the play even if they are not going to act. But there is still missing in this room, the summer members. It is unpleasant that they are not present and fighting.

Izumi hoped that they will make up and forgive each other because it is very noticeable. The presence of everyone helping one another.