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My Little Messiah

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Karkat wasn't the best at making anyone like him, no, he was a mutant of course. The sickness of his existence is like the tattoos of his ancestors, the bright red radiates like the moon John always speaks of. He himself held eyes that shook the core of high bloods, blending himself into a artificial painting for the world to see.

He sticks his legs out of Rufioh's tree, the urges were constantly there. Buzzing, voices that turned his insides out and whimpers of his friends often came and go. The scene he imagined so often coiled itself as blood that was vibrant and all over the spectrum so he'd have so many options to choose from.

Like a meal he's always dreamed of, but couldn't even remember it. Like the sopor that Gamzee drank and tossed. He was on the bring of insanity and sanity, hungry or not he was sick in the thinkpan.

Supposedly, the best blood to taste would be Gamzee or Eridan's. He was fucked up, as he swung his feet back and forth whilst sitting on Rufioh's treehouse. The dream bubbles helped him stop his urges. They were ghosts, Karkat felt safer knowing that.

Knowing that he couldn't harm them was all it took for him to be alright. The crisp air in the forest didn't make him smell anything else.

Except there was a new scent, it reeked of low blood but also smelled like...Tavros. He smelt of wood and fresh mint, a hint of a fruity soap. Could be remnants of Feferi, who knows. Karkat can only sigh, knowing Tavros was sent here by Gamzee hurts like a motherfucker.

With how close those two were, huh, the bitterness is still in his heart and reminds him he would rather stay in this dream than wake up to Gamzee and Tavros being all lovey and stupid shit. Not like he would see em, since he's far away from them either way. They were both obnoxious motherfuckers. Karkat holds grudges

Karkat bites his lip on purpose, let's the bright candy red liquid flow down onto his chin.

Tavros is now below the treehouse, waves at Karkat.

"Gamzee, um...he's kinda worried about you, uh well actually everyone"

Karkat notices how pathetic Tavros looks, hesitating and being the stuttering mouse he was. It irritated him that Gamzee chose that, instead of him. It sickened him, yet he knew he was worse than Tavros. So, he shouldn't be acting so mighty, but his anger is just burning up inside.

He decides to approach Tavros, just to fuck with him and to tell him to piss off. He was in no mood to deal with those two, nor wanted to wake up angrier than he should be.

Karkat quickly climbs down the wooden ladder, the air around him was making the blood on his chin and lips dry out. Fuck!

He approaches Tavros and glares at him, the two held a small height difference. Tavros being taller, Karkat being just a bit shorter and thinner.

Karkat folds his arms, he sneers at Tavros.

"What the fuck do you want, Nitram? I wasnt listening to your stuttering bullshit." It was clear Karkat was much more meaner than before. Moodier, definitely something seemed off to Tavros. But he had to do this for the group, of course Gamzee was scared. Karkat would probably assault him if he saw him.

Tavros was shaking, he hated that but the look in Karkats eyes were so harsh and cold. And the dried red blood made Karkat look like an animal, my god.

Karkat notices Tavros stare, "If you don't have anything else to lecture me about, piss the fuck off and get on with your life, Nitram." Karkat scratches the dried blood on his chin, he's seriously going to wake up at this point.

Just to make them all leave him alone. Annoying little shits, they never wanted him when he was the leader, but now that Vriska fucked it all up, they want him?

Fuck them.

Tavros was very unfortunate to be the one they had to send to communicate with him.

He'll admit Tav was nice and all, but then Gamzee had to be a backstabbing son of bitch. Motherfuckin' crazy fucker, had to break their whole moiralligence to be with Tavros instead. It hurt, it stung, Karkat knew it but he kept denying those suspicions that as Nepeta had said,'GamTav is a thing uwu' some stupid shippy bullshit she had come up with.

And she was right, that cat bitch knew better than Karkat did.

Tavros was uncomfortable with the silence that Karkat left him in, that Karkat was physically hurting himself just for the fun of it. The biting. That's what made Tavros nervous, Karkat seemed animalistic with how he kept biting on his lip.

"Umm, are you sure you're okay though? Kanaya's really worried about you, uh, Kar?" Tavros cant help but step away from Karkat. There was something extremely odd about Karkats behavior.

"...I'm going to go, before I do something fuckin' stupid, forget about dreaming since you all seem to ruin it."

It was like Karkat didn't even acknowledge that Tavros had asked him about his well being, or even cared for that matter. He simply let his emotions push him back, at least that seemed normal to Tavros.

But still, there was so much seething anger underneath all those words. Tavros watches as Karkat abruptly disappears, just like that Tavros loses what Gamzee wanted to fix.

What everyone, even Vriska, wanted to help and piece Karkat back into their circle. Tavros knew Gamzee would be in pain, the same goes for Kanaya.

As they hadn't seen Karkat for about a year now, even in the dream bubbles it was difficult to trace him, the only one who was lucky enough to find his little hideout was because of Terezi.

And she's also a mess with this whole finding Karkat situation.

The moment Tavros wakes up, Sollux might bombard him with questions and Kanaya and Rose will ask if he was okay and Gamzes would lose his mind.

It was going to be hell for Tavros.