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I'm not good with titles, but neither are Magi characters with getting their shit together.

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 "What's that ?" asked Ja'far with a blank face.


 "I-I brought it for you." Sinbad answered and immediately wanted to hit himself.


 “You,” he pointed at Sinbad. “Brought it to me ?”


 “Well, actually Sahel brought it for you…” Each minute only made the poor man even more nervous. Why did Ja'far have to be so suspicious all the time ? They were best friends for god’s sake ! “But I gave the money.”


 “Is that so…” Ja’far also was already expecting something like this. Sinbad was terrible picking clothes. “And you are not trying to bribe me into letting you off the hook are   you ?”


 Sinbad froze. He was innocent of course, in fact he had even forgotten about the princesses with all the stress of asking Ja’far out ! But in the end none of this would matter, if Ja’far even suspected he wasn’t doing it 100% out of pure selflessness the whole plan would go down the drain… And would also make way harder for any other plan to work.


 “No !” he screamed, making Ja’far step back in surprise. “I would never do something like that I swear !”


 “I-I was just kidding…” the man replies. “I know you’re smarter than trying to do this kind of thing.”


 Sinbad let out a sound of relief, he had not screwed up this time.


 “But still, why this gift specifically ?” Ja’far asked, picking up a pale blue sleeve. “Did I miss out something ?”


 “Not really, I just wanted to hang out a little, I found a really cool place a few days ago and wanted to show you” Sinbad replied. “But we can’t really do that if you’re looking like we are in some official business, people would get scared.”


 Ja’far didn’t looked very convinced, in reality he wasn’t convinced at all. But Sinbad was behaving really weird for some time, and now even Drakon was being suspicious.


 He would need to investigate it. Having to deal with this kind of thing in such a moment… He should had chosen better friends when he had the chance !


 “Oh, ok,” go on with whatever they were plotting would be the best and he needed to breath some fresh air anyway. “I will change clothes then.”




 Not long after Ja’far left another person came down the hallway. 


 “Kouen,” he greeted. “Do you need any help ?”


 The atmosphere was so heavy and that they could have been inside a block of ice. Anyone with eyes could see that these two disliked each other.


 “Sinbad,” he nodded with an unhappy smile. “I thought Ja’far was here…?”


 “And what do you need him for ?” If there was something Sinbad couldn’t stand was this guy being around Ja’far like they were friends or something. “Anything you have to tell Ja’far you can tell me, we don’t have secrets between each other.”


 In other words : Back off you asshole, he’s already mine !


 To his surprise Kouen only snorted.


 “You don’t have secrets between each other or you think you don’t have secrets between each other ?” he asked with a cold look. “He doesn’t tell you everything you know ? Anyway my business with Ja’far is between the two of us only. What are you ? His father ?”


 Sinbad was angry. He didn’t knew if he was more angry with Kouen himself or with the possibility of Ja’far keeping a secret from him. 


 It would probably start a war, but the only thing he could think on that moment was to choke that stupid bastard to death.


 His hands started to move by themselves, but just when he was about to reach for Kouen’s neck when Ja’far came back into the room.


 Forget Kouen, Simbad wanted to kiss Sahel. Ja’far was looking so cute, and he would be all his for an entire afternoon !




 “Prince Kouen you’re here.”


 Before The king could even finish Ja'far had already approached Kouen with a shiny smile. And the only thing Sinbad could think was ‘this is not fair, the only person you’re allowed to smile like this is to me !”


“Hello Ja’far,” Kouen’s smile only angered Sinbad even more. “I was actually looking for you.”


 “For me ?”


 “Yes, our talk was so nice during the Banquet that we ended up forgetting to talk about business,” he answers. “And yesterday we’re busy discussing the arrangements…” 


 He glances at Sinbad.

 “Wait a minute !” Suddenly interrupts with a scream making the two men jump in surprise. “Weren’t you taking care of the kids during the banquet ? Why were you talking to this guy !”


 “Sinbad !” Jafar's face had a for god’s sake just shut the fuck up expression and he was clearly angry. “Yes, I was with the kids. But I also talked with His highness, I am your advisor and he is a foreign prince in the middle of a visit. It’s just natural for us to chat.”


 “Anyway,” Kouen continues. “I was expecting for us to talk about the exports.”


 “Oh, is that so ?” Ja'far blushed. “To be honest I had completely forgotten about it..”


 “But, Sin was just going to show me a new restaurant he found,” Ja'far smiles again. “Why don’t we go together ?”


 And at that moment, Sinbad really wanted to die.