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I'm not good with titles, but neither are Magi characters with getting their shit together.

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 In the end Ja’far was right. That was a lot of work , and he could totally see why the man stayed up all night to do it.


 Sinbad had barely finished 53th scroll when a maid appeared on the door saying dinner was ready.


 Being busy all day the king had almost forgot about his ‘little problem’, but now he would see Ja’far again and just by thinking about he could feel the tiny roots growing under his skin.


 And he absolutely fucking hated it. There was no way he could rule a whole country if he just kept curling up in pain every time he looked at his own advisor.


 For one minute Sinbad thought about talking with Yamuraiha, she was a magician and might knew something. But besides being a kid, Yamu was almost like a daughter or little sister for him. It would be way too awkward.


 Yunan was also out of question. Not only the older magi was a douchebag and refused to have anything with do with him these days, but also Sinbad had absolutely no idea of how to find him.


 “Your highness,” Sharrkan voice brought Sinbad back to reality. “Are you feeling alright ?”


  At this point everybody was looking at him. They told each other everything, and Sinbad knew he would feel bad for lying. 


  But he could never put such weight over his friends. Besides if Ja’far knew he would probably pretend to love him back because that was just the type of person he was, and Sinbad would never forgive himself is that happened.


  “I’m perfectly fine Sharrkan !” he smiled. “Just tired, do you have any idea of how many scrolls I went through today ?”


 “Probably not even a quarter of it !” replied Pisti, getting some laughs.


 The food was delicious as always, and to be able to enjoy it with his friends… for one moment he felt as everything would be fine in the end. But of course, as most good things in his life it was soon ruined.


 “Since everybody is here, I guess I can say it now,” Sinbad had been really distracted, because he didn’t noticed Ja’far walking into the room or sitting right by his side. “In the next few days we are getting a visit from the Kou empire.”


 Somehow, Jafar managed to look even worse than before his nap. It was not hard to see he had ignored his king’s orders and got back to work as soon as Sinbad left the bedroom.


 ‘Kou empire ?’ Sinbad couldn’t see any reason they would like to visit Sindria at this time of the year. And by the noise around the table, neither could anyone else.


 “Who is coming ?” asked Saher.


 “Prince Kouen, Princess Hakuei, Princess Kougyoku,” by Jafar’s face Sinbad can see he is not even a little bit happy with the situation. “Oh, and that stupid jerk Judal.”


 “Jafar !” says Hinahoho putting his fork down. “Watch your language !”


 “Sorry Hina.” the man apologized.


 Jafar had gotten way better with cursing in the last years, but Sinbad couldn’t really blame him this time. Judal did get on everybody’s nerves, and if Kougyoku was coming there was a good chance of Ka Koubun also showing up.


 That was when Sinbad finally realized. Judal was a magi. And even if he was a pain in the ass there was no way of denying the kid was skilled. If he couldn’t get to Yunan, maybe Judal could help.


 After all, it would be terrible to the young magi if Sinbad died. And he absolutely hated Jafar, so was very unlike he would say something.


 But before that, there was someone else Sinbad needed to tell about it.


 The rest of the dinner went out like always. And even with the worrying news, and Jafar refusing to say anything else about the subject, everybody was able to have a good time.


 It was not until much later, after Sinbad verified three times that Jafar was in fact sleeping, that the kind saw himself in front of a very familiar door.


 He didn’t wanted to drag his friend down with him, but this was a serious situation. It was not only his life in danger but also Sindria, and he would need someone he could thrust to put things in order in case of the worst happening.


 So he knocked.


 After a while the door opened and a sleepy Drakon stood in front of him. Sinbad almost felt bad for waking his friend up. 


 But spend the last hours locked in a room with Jafar while that stupid flower make its way inside of his body had completely killed any sympathy he could feel for another human being.


 “Sinbad ?” said Drakon with a sleepy worried face.


 “Sorry, did I woke up Saher ?” Sinbad knew he must have looked terrible. “I need to talk with you.”


  In one second Drakon was already wake. He gently pulled Sinbad out of the way before getting out of the room and closing the door.


 “Are you going to tell me why you’ve been acting so weird the whole day ?” He asked. “People are starting to get worried.”


 “Not here,” This was a hallway, and there was the possibility of someone listening them. “C’mon.”


 The walk was silent and full of tension. Sinbad really didn’t wanted to do this, but he needed someone to prepare things in case of his death. After Ja’far, Drakon was his best friend. And the man’s obsession with honor and loyalty would  hopefully prevent him of telling the others.


 After getting to his room Sinbad made sure no one was around before carefully locking the door.


 “ I need you to promise this won’t leave this room,” Sinbad puts his hands on Drakons arms. “Give me your word you won’t tell this to anyone !”


 “Ok, I give my word this won’t left this room,” answered Drakon slightly scared. “Now please just say it already !”


 At this moment Drakon’s eyes grew larger in realization.


 “Oh my God Sinbad,” he said. “Did you got someone pregnant ?”


 “Wha- no !” Sin answered. “It’s nothing like that, I just got hanahaki disease !”


 Sinbad instantly regretted what he said. The king had no idea Drakon was still able to show that level of emotion with his lizard appearance.


 “I-I have to tell everybody !” was the only thing he said before start running to the door.


 “No,” said Sinbad, quickly locking the door. “You can’t, you gave me your word !”


 “Well your Majesty,” replied Drakon. “I’m sorry if your life is worth more than my honor !”


 Sinbad closed his eyes, he could already feel a headache starting.


 “Please don’t tell anyone,” he begged. “Look, the flower only appeared today and Judal is coming here in just a few days. He will find a way to deal with it and we don’t need to tell anyone.”


 “Then why are you telling me ?” Sinbad looked down as Drakon spoke. “You think you are going to die don’t you ? But why isn’t Ja’far here too- Wait ! It is Ja’far isn’t ?”


 “How the hell do you know that ?!” He really wasn’t expecting to someone find out that soon.


 “Everybody knows that,” said Drakon. “That’s great, we just need to tell him and everything will be fine !”


 Sinbad could only sigh, it would be a very long night.