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As A Feather

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Running for Helen's safety was not on Nikola's list of things to do today. A forest framed walk, sure, but SCIU came up from nowhere and now he had to get back to their pick up point. “How did they find us?” he muttered aloud when he finally stopped.

“Maybe someone tipped them off?” Helen answered, semi-conscious. “What happened?”

“In a nutshell?” Nikola asked, “SCIU showed up and I got to be your knight in shining armour, saving the day.”

Helen narrowed her eyes. “Put me down, I don’t need carrying everywhere.”

If looks could kill he wouldn't argue, but immortality rocked. “You’ve been hurt, Helen.”

“I can walk. Put me--” A gunshot cracked through the forestry. “Nikola?”

Fully synchronised, Nikola moved Helen onto his back. Her heels dug into his stomach, her grip around his neck almost suffocated, but her heartbeat was his biggest distraction. It beat it tandem with his unneeded breathing.

“Running in a suit? Not all it’s cracked up to be.”

“I told you to dress comfortably,” she reminded him. Her arms tightened.

“A suit is comfortable.”

"Then stop complaining."

Grinning, Nikola sped on. So long as she could talk, he wouldn't worry about a thing.