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A sweet-apple (turning red)

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This is her very favorite thing.

She likes everything they do, obviously, and everything about Lan Zhan. The way Lan Zhan looks wearing a soft leather harness, her carefully chosen jade cock jutting out from it. The way Lan Zhan fucks her with that cock, hard and fast and unrelenting, or slow and so steadily she spends most of it crying from how good it feels inside her. The way Lan Zhan's fingers feel when she puts them anywhere on or in her body, overwhelming and possessive, leaving bruises on her hips and thighs. The way Lan Zhan pours her cups of Emperor's Smile, and how she refuses to be embarrassed about the secret stash of chili oil she keeps just for Wei Ying in the jingshi. Wei Ying loves it all.

But this—this—

Wei Ying takes shallow breaths through her nose and holds her tongue steady, mouth open and pliant beneath Lan Zhan. She wants to be good for Lan Zhan. All she can see, all she can taste and feel, is Lan Zhan. Her perfect cunt is pressed against Wei Ying's tongue, warm and wet, her hips moving languidly, like she has all the time in the world to use Wei Ying like this, and she does. Lan Zhan has already worked herself to orgasm twice on Wei Ying's mouth, and Wei Ying is pretty sure she is far from done.

Wei Ying flexes her hands briefly, testing the limits of Lan Zhan's forehead ribbon binding them to each other and to the bed. She doesn't want to break the hold, but she does want to feel it, to know that it is there, that Lan Zhan won't let her up until Lan Zhan is fully satisfied, that she will have to do a good job of pleasing Lan Zhan, that she has no other choice. Her face is so, so wet—a mixture of tears and Lan Zhan's slick, and she keeps her eyes closed so that all she truly experiences with any of her senses is just Lan Zhan.

Lan Zhan, beautiful and perfect and who always knows just how to make Wei Ying feel good.

"Your mouth is mine," Lan Zhan says above her, and the words hit right in Wei Ying's cunt and her solar plexus, the emotional and physical weight of them sinking into her. She lets herself moan and actively licks at Lan Zhan's clit, wanting to show her agreement.

Lan Zhan's hand comes down to caress her face and pull a little at her hair. "Do you like knowing that?" Lan Zhan asks. Her eyes are so focused, looking for each tiny signal she can read in Wei Ying's body. Her forehead without the ribbon doesn't seem as naked as it did before, back when Wei Ying wasn't so used to seeing it that way. Now, seeing Lan Zhan's face bare is a frequent gift, the best part of every day when Lan Zhan steps inside the jingshi and stops being the Chief Cultivator and starts being only Wei Ying's.

"Mmmm," Wei Ying manages, and swallows the pulse of slick that comes from Lan Zhan as the vibrations from the sound reach her clit. The taste of it is heady and the scent is thick in the air around Wei Ying's nose and mouth. She doesn't need food or Emperor's Smile. Not when she could have Lan Zhan instead.

"Good," Lan Zhan says in her low, deep, satisfied voice. Her hips begin to move a little faster, her vulva pushing hard into Wei Ying's mouth, her clit straining against Wei Ying's lips.

Wei Ying tries to lick it, tries to make Lan Zhan fall over the edge into another orgasm, but Lan Zhan pulls her hair back and up, away from her head, keeping her mouth just out of reach of Lan Zhan's cunt. "Be good," she says, and Wei Ying opens her eyes to see Lan Zhan staring at her, commanding and stern. "I will come this time using you without your help."

Wei Ying nods, ignoring the way her own cunt pulses with desire at the words, and obediently holds still, her mouth ready when Lan Zhan pushes back down onto it. She wants Lan Zhan to use her.

Sometimes she wants to push back, to make Lan Zhan really force her into compliance, her hands holding Wei Ying's face against her cunt and taking her pleasure without any outward sign of care for Wei Ying's experience of it. Lan Zhan likes that, too, Wei Ying knows. Even then Wei Ying never forgets that, no matter how hard Lan Zhan pushes her, Lan Zhan's focus is always Wei Ying, always what she wants. Those days, they both end up with scratches and bruises, matching signs of their pleasure and trust in each other.

But today, Wei Ying only wants to please Lan Zhan, and the way Lan Zhan sighs as Wei Ying holds still and lets her take what she wants gives Wei Ying everything she needs to know that they are on the same page about things right now.

"Do not come," Lan Zhan warns, and Wei Ying whines, doing her best to stop rubbing her legs together. She could come like this, just the smell and taste of Lan Zhan, the knowledge that Lan Zhan is using her, but she's going to be good today. She spreads her legs wider apart so she can't get any friction and Lan Zhan leans down, bends herself in half for just a moment to kiss Wei Ying's forehead.

"Good," Lan Zhan whispers, and then straightens up and pushes her cunt hard against Wei Ying's mouth. "You are so good, my Wei Ying."

Wei Ying's eyes close again of their own volition, and the willpower required to keep herself still is more than she thought she had, but she does it, she stays quiet and keeps her mouth open and Lan Zhan braces her arms against the wall behind the bed and fucks her mouth. She fucks it hard, groaning softly when Wei Ying moans helplessly against her, and she doesn't stop until she comes, the rush of her orgasm spilling into Wei Ying's mouth and overwhelming her senses again and her entire world becomes Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan.

Slowly, eventually, after she's wrung as much pleasure out of Wei Ying as she can, Lan Zhan sits back a little, settling on Wei Ying's chest and looking down at her, eyes heavy lidded.

"Did you like that?" she asks, a smile quirking the corner of her mouth

"Yes, yes," Wei Ying gasps, and licks her lips, only partly for show. Most of it is to catch every drop of Lan Zhan's taste, to make it so she'll never forget what this is like and she can think about it later, when she's alone and missing Lan Zhan. "A-Zhan, please, please don't stop," she adds, watching Lan Zhan's eyes narrow and focus on her red, swollen mouth. It must look so used, Wei Ying thinks, and she shivers all over. Her thighs are starting to get sticky, the wetness of her cunt slipping down her legs.

"I am not done with you, my A-Ying," Lan Zhan murmurs, and leans down again to kiss her, on the mouth this time, pushing inside with her tongue the way she had before with her cunt.

Wei Ying opens and lets her. She would let Lan Zhan do anything. She wants Lan Zhan to do everything.

"Please," she says, when Lan Zhan finally releases her mouth with one last bite, deep and rough, on her lower lip. "Tie down my legs, too, Lan Zhan? I don't want to come without permission."

"Whatever Wei Ying needs," Lan Zhan promises, and turns. She takes out two lengths of silk, soft but strong, and swiftly ties Wei Ying's legs apart, anchoring each one separately to the posts at the side of the bed.

Wei Ying pulls to feel the inescapable tied-down bliss she wants today. She can't get away, she can't touch herself, she can't even rub herself against the bed for friction. She's spread-eagled on the bed and right now she only exists for Lan Zhan's pleasure.

Lan Zhan is glowing, her skin sweaty from her exertion. Her breasts are so beautiful, her nipples still hard and distended. She bends again once she's satisfied with her bondage work, and Wei Ying watches her breasts sway lightly, mesmerized.

"Suck," Lan Zhan orders, and Wei Ying opens her mouth and licks over Lan Zhan's nipple, pulling it into her mouth, lightly biting and sucking the way she knows Lan Zhan wants. Lan Zhan's skin is so soft, her nipples red and sensitive, and Wei Ying whines in unhappiness when Lan Zhan pulls her breast out of her reach.

"Hush," Lan Zhan says, and lowers her other breast so Wei Ying can suck it, too.

They're both panting by the time Lan Zhan decides she's had enough and pulls away. Wei Ying wants to know what she looks like—her mouth must be so red, and she knows it's only going to get redder. It's already sore, throbbing from Lan Zhan's cunt and her biting kisses. Maybe Lan Zhan will let her look, after, and see how wrecked it becomes.

"You can help this time," Lan Zhan says, as if she is bestowing a great favor upon Wei Ying.

Wei Ying nods and smiles. "Yes, jiejie," she says, and finds enough mischievous energy left in her to playfully waggle her tongue at Lan Zhan.

Lan Zhan suppresses a smile, and her eyes go soft. She slides a thumb into Wei Ying's mouth and pushes on her tongue, reminding her who is in charge. Wei Ying sucks on it, and watches, fascinated, as Lan Zhan stares, removing her thumb slowly. Lan Zhan's face, even here where she doesn't have to be anyone but her truest self, is still very calm and quiet most of the time. But Wei Ying knows how to read it, the smallest changes and the softest movements of her eyes, and Lan Zhan right now is just barely restraining herself.

Wei Ying smiles and opens her mouth, less provocatively this time. She's not teasing Lan Zhan, but offering her a gift. Lan Zhan accepts it.

"Breathe," Lan Zhan says, and pushes her cunt back down on Wei Ying's mouth.

It's wet and messy, more slick smearing all over Wei Ying's face. She presses her tongue against Lan Zhan's clit and licks, little tiny movements that flick across it sideways, as fast as she can make her tongue move. Lan Zhan shudders, thighs closing in around her face. It feels so safe, like if Lan Zhan never moves, Wei Ying would never have to worry about anything ever again. At the same time, Wei Ying's legs are quivering, trying to press together to give her empty cunt and yearning clit something to relieve the pressure. She can only twist her torso slightly, and instead she pushes her energy and need back into Lan Zhan. She sucks at Lan Zhan's clit, using her lips to give her as much friction as she can.

Above her, Lan Zhan's hands clench into fists, braced against the wall again as she moves. Her head is bent down, gaze never leaving Wei Ying's face.

"The way you look," Lan Zhan breathes. She unclenches one hand and moves it to her breasts, pinching her own nipples lightly, still looking at Wei Ying's mouth. "I will think of this," she admits, gasping in between her words. "I will remember this the next time I must endure a meeting without you. I will remember this and picture you crawling under my robes to suck me."

"Yes, oh—oh Lan Zha—" Wei Ying tries to say, but she's unsure how much of it actually leaves her mouth, still so full of Lan Zhan, sucking on her clit. She pictures it now, Lan Zhan standing in a room full of boring Sect Leaders with Wei Ying hidden under her robes. She's not sure how Lan Zhan would get robes big enough to hide her shape beneath them, but she doesn't care about little things like realism right now. She would crawl underneath and hold Lan Zhan's thighs, open up her pretty cunt with her fingers and lick at her until she couldn't hide what was happening, couldn't hold back a gasp or a moan. She'd leave handprint bruises on Lan Zhan's perfect ass, her soft skin left red and purple afterward. She wouldn't stop unless Lan Zhan made her, and then everyone would know exactly what Lan Zhan could do to her.

Wei Ying opens her eyes and focuses again on the present Lan Zhan, the one with her soaking cunt riding Wei Ying's face. Lan Zhan's eyes are closed and her head has fallen back, her bare neck arching above her heavy breasts and rolling hips. She's so beautiful, and Wei Ying aches with it, the way Lan Zhan lets herself be seen like this.

Lan Zhan opens her eyes and holds herself suddenly still, her clit pressed hard against Wei Ying's tongue. "Lick," she says, her voice nearly a growl. "Wei Ying, give me your tongue."

Wei Ying obeys, flicking her tongue harder against Lan Zhan's clit, and Lan Zhan gasps, her hips stuttering as she comes, more wetness flooding out from her cunt to cover Wei Ying's face. Wei Ying swallows and keeps licking until Lan Zhan moves, hitching herself further up so Wei Ying can lick more easily at her folds.

"Keep going," Lan Zhan sighs, and gets her hand back in Wei Ying's hair in a tight grip. "I am not done with you."

Wei Ying fucks Lan Zhan with her tongue as well as she can, pushing inside and shuddering all over at the soft clench of Lan Zhan around her. If her hands were free, she would reach up and put two fingers inside, reaching up and in and pressing until Lan Zhan came again. It's always so fast when she can use her fingers, and she pulls on the forehead ribbon holding her hands against the bed, picturing how Lan Zhan would look with Wei Ying's fingers inside her, if she could get her wrists free.

But Lan Zhan doesn't want fast, today. Lan Zhan only wants her mouth, and Wei Ying uses her tongue to lick everywhere she reach, inside Lan Zhan's cunt and then again around her labia, tasting her slick, the tart, peppery smell overwhelming Wei Ying again with how much she loves it.

"Wei Ying," Lan Zhan says, almost a moan, and pulls away from Wei Ying's tongue abruptly. She falls down and licks into Wei Ying's mouth again, her teeth biting into Wei Ying's swollen lips, her tongue pushing inside like she owns all of Wei Ying. She does, Wei Ying thinks feverishly. She does.

"You like it when I taste like you, jiejie?" Wei Ying asks innocently when Lan Zhan pulls back a bit. She licks her lips and sighs at the taste of them both in her mouth.

Lan Zhan licks up her neck to her ear. "It is my favorite taste," she says, and Wei Ying shudders at her low voice vibrating against her skin. "Wei Ying should always taste like me."

"Fuck," Wei Ying moans, and Lan Zhan bites her neck, sucking a red bruise into her skin. "I will, I will, Lan Zhan. You can use my mouth every day and never let me forget what you taste like, please!"

Lan Zhan smiles, a satisfied and predatory smirk most people wouldn't believe she was capable of forming with her perfect mouth. Wei Ying knows better. "You will not forget," Lan Zhan promises, and sits up to press herself back down on Wei Ying's mouth.

Wei Ying barely remembers the next orgasm Lan Zhan takes from her mouth, the world narrowing down to Lan Zhan's wet cunt, her clit, the taste and smell and feel of her slippery skin using Wei Ying's mouth relentlessly. It might happen more than once, while Wei Ying slips deep into the feeling of belonging only to Lan Zhan, only for Lan Zhan, trying her best to hold her mouth open and suck when Lan Zhan wants her to, lick when Lan Zhan pushes her clit in between her lips.

There's a pause, hours or minutes later, and Lan Zhan moves off of her, settling on her knees beside Wei Ying. Wei Ying blinks back tears and is suddenly aware of her own body again, beyond her mouth. Her cunt is dripping, her legs wet all the way down to her knees, and she whines and twists against Lan Zhan.

"Lan Zhan," she says, and doesn't have any other words. "Lan Zhan," she calls, and Lan Zhan leans down to press a gentle kiss against her lips.

"Do you want to come, A-Ying?" Lan Zhan asks, and flicks one of her nipples. Wei Ying bows up on the bed, pulling on her restraints. Lan Zhan bites her other nipple gently, and Wei Ying knows she was just asked a question, but she's not sure she remembers what it was.

"My Wei Ying," Lan Zhan says, and presses her down on the bed, her beloved body covering all of Wei Ying and making it easier for her to breathe again.

Wei Ying gulps for air and tries to think past the ache in her cunt and the insistent pulse of her clit. Lan Zhan asked—Lan Zhan asked if she wanted to come.

"Whatever you want," she manages to say, watching Lan Zhan's dark eyes above her. "Lan Zhan, jiejie, please—"

"You can come," Lan Zhan says, and without waiting for anything more, she slips two slender fingers inside Wei Ying.

Wei Ying wails and pushes into Lan Zhan's fingers as much as she can. It feels so good, her cunt full after hours of Lan Zhan using her mouth. "More," she begs, because two fingers aren't enough for how worked up she is now.

Lan Zhan pulls out and then pushes back inside Wei Ying with four fingers, leaning down to kiss her at the same time. "You were so good, my Wei Ying," she murmurs in between soft kisses. She fucks Wei Ying hard, her thumb rubbing against Wei Ying's clit in counterpoint. "Come for me."

Wei Ying clenches down, her cunt rolling with contractions as she comes in waves and waves that seem to never end. Her head pulls up away from Lan Zhan's mouth and she yells, incoherent sounds that she couldn't stop if she wanted to, and she doesn't want to, knows Lan Zhan wants to hear her.

When she comes back to herself, Lan Zhan is lazily rubbing her hand up and down Wei Ying's side, fingernails scratching lightly.

"I did good?" Wei Ying asks hazily, through the tears. Her mouth still aches, and she wants to feel this way forever.

Lan Zhan brushes her hair back from her face and smiles at her. "So good, my love," she says, and Wei Ying tries to smile back, though she's not sure how much control she really has over her muscles right now.

"Good," Wei Ying whispers, and closes her eyes. "Good."

Lan Zhan pets her like this for a while longer, then moves to straddle her face again.

"Wei Ying," she says, and Wei Ying looks up at her. "I am not done with you," she promises, and Wei Ying lets her mouth fall open again, wanting everything Lan Zhan has to give.

This is her favorite.

[the end.]