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Dust & Decay

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You regretted your decision.

As an Omega who had run out of suppressants, you had only been keeping yourself safe by hiding in your very dead Alpha friend’s apartment. He was always a dedicated Alpha, he kept his apartment stocked with obscene amounts of preserved nutritious foods, sweets, and bottled water to make sure his future potential Omega would be safe and comfortable in his home while he was away on long spurts of hero work.

Mirio had once been a very close Alpha friend; you had even considered him as a potential Alpha a handful of times before the collapse happened. He was a dedicated hero and made more enough money to support you and all the pups you could desire, he had been strikingly handsome and as the cherry on top of being such a good man, everyone had known him to be an extremely kind and gentle Alpha (unlike other well-known blonde Alpha Heroes).

You sighed wearily and eyed the Labrador puppy calendar on the wall next to the kitchen. It had been two months since the fall, and his scent was fading. You cried into a work out shirt that Mirio had left, the heady and musky scent of sweat and pheromones fading. Your Omega wanted to chirp out and whine, she and you both knew that if his scent faded away entirely that the dead would come pounding at the door, along with feral roaming Alphas. You couldn’t even make a nest to comfort yourself! They weren’t your only concern though, for the past few weeks it felt like you were going stir crazy. The slow, mind-numbing effects of boredom were leading to cabin fever.

Due to Mirio’s dedication to hero work, the entertainment factor in his home was severely lacking, preferring to come to your apartment (which had been overrun immediately due to being an Omega live in only building) for entertainment in the form of movies and games and novels and puzzles and endless fun. Always working long hours, or going away for long stints of time he only had a T.V. in his oversized living room for the news and streaming services, however no offline movies, and his enormous bookshelf only contained textbooks from his study days at U.A. high school. Electricity was gratefully still on due to the solar panels on the roof which meant that the few movies that you had left in his apartment on the rare occasion when you had visited had grown boring and incredibly annoying to watch. The worst part of Mirio’s apartment was the lack of games. No board games, no cards, no puzzles, and sure as hell no video games… Something you had enjoyed before the crumble of society.

You listened for days for the call of the dead. E/C cautious eyes staring out the window to the electronics shop fifteen floors below across the street. After two months alone with only your thoughts and those awful cheesy romantic comedies you could recite line for line now, you were desperate for some form of new entertainment. Mirio, unlike you, owned an extremely fancy apartment downtown. It was a district known for high-class hero’s, hero agencies, fancy upper-class shops, and low crime. You knew that electricity had gone out a month and a half ago in most other buildings so no one would notice if you broke a window and “borrowed” a few things. Mainly a few solar chargers in case Mirio’s green building ones were to break, batteries, a few gaming systems, and some offline games…. maybe if everything went well you could also “visit” the bookshop a few blocks away with a duffle bag next.

Tentatively you strengthened your resolve. Anything. Anything to cure the mind maddening boredom, either death by being eaten or eternal madness caused by cabin fever, You scrubbed yourself clean and doused yourself with your dear friend’s Alpha cologne, and threw on the most heavily scented clothing belonging to him that you could.

“Death by boredom or Valhalla”

Grabbing the hilt of the kitchen cleaver that you didn’t know how to use dearly you gently and softly opened the doors of the building.


You realigned the Mirio's enormous empty gym bag onto your shoulder again and glanced back and forth what seemed like 100 times and slowly made your way the small distance up the road to the electronics store, taking a deep whiff of the surrounding area every few meters to assess for any scents of decay or death.


Though you smelled ash and…. hmmm a small hint of musk? Maybe old leather? Maybe something had burned somewhere. You hoped it wasn’t the bookstore you wanted to visit.

You crept into the street, careful to keep your trembling Omega under wraps so she wouldn’t release any scent. She begged to chirp for an Alpha to take you away from the decaying bodies in her way as you gently crept around them. Heart pounding in your ears rapidly as you grabbed the electronic store’s door with a shaking hand.


'Stupid…. of course it would be locked', you thought angrily to yourself as you searched the surrounding area for a makeshift 'lock pick'.

Your eyes darted about before seeing a broken brick. Listening closely for any sounds of life… or death… you gingerly picked up what was left of the red brick and hit it once against the glass above the bottom door lock.

No luck. Stupid soft Omega….. Cursing your weak arms you brought it down harder making a small noise. Still nothing. Your Omega straining against your will, fighting you to send out a distressing scent and scurry back to Mirio’s apartment. Your bored and determined mind snapped at her and angrily brought the brick down against the glass once again, it shattering at your feet, destroying most of the structural integrity of the remaining door, a simple frame, and a few decorative steel bars remaining.

You waited, you and your Omega silently waiting for any noises of the hungry walking corpses.

Hearing no groans or aggressive gurgled screams you reached in and unlocked the latch. Opening the door to your salvation. Six floors of electronics waited for you and you had a list:

-4 solar panel chargers

-3 different gaming systems that you knew had multiple offline games

-Games for said consoles (especially Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and Stardew Valley)

-Controllers and back up controllers for the different consoles

-At least 20 different cables you needed

And hopefully, you could break into the case containing the Alpha scent emitter and the case containing strong Alpha scent oils. An electronic device that many rich Omegas used to make their home smell like an Alpha was present at all times for security purposes.

You softly walked through the pillaged isles. Checking your surroundings and constantly looking around corners.


After two tireless hours of on edge searching, you had reached the 3rd floor, unfortunately, when you had reached the A/B/O floor you had found that anything Alpha scented had been raided, nothing left behind. Cursing softly under your breath, you made a mental note of having to scout out local pharmacies in the near future for a refill of your normal suppressants.

However just beyond a single flight of stairs on the fourth floor was gaming and entertainment, and while your Omega was dying for an Alpha in this cruel world, YOU were dying for any sort of escape from the painstaking and endless boredom.  

Softly opening the door you were met with a face with only a top jaw left of teeth. An armless monster lunched after you, you kept calm, ‘it was only one… it was only one… it was only one’ you contained your Omega while raising the cleaver above your head bringing it down onto its skull. It fell with a thud between your feet. The sound of the cracked skull disgusted you and tears slipped down your cheeks, your Omega, despite your protests, released the smallest whimper possible. Looking away, desperate not to look at the murder you caused, you found yourself unable to retrieve your cleaver, instead proceeding to climb the staircase… ‘it was a monster… it was just a monster… a monster… you are ok Y/N… it was a monster'.

Your neck snapped around, it hit you all at once. The strong scent of ash, musk, and old leather had seemed to get heavier and heavier. Had the book store fire spread? Why was the smell of ash heavier than any smell of the fire if it was still going? Shouldn’t it be smoke? It was so strong it felt as if you were kissing that one boy from high school again, the one who you swore lived off of cigarettes and leather jackets. The smell so strong you could taste it. The wind outside wasn’t blowing… it wouldn’t carry ash this far….

‘Ignore the fire’ you told yourself, your Omega pleading and begging and clawing at your heart to head back, she was desperately trying to warn you. Ignoring her, you’d feet barreling up the staircase to make your way to the next level. You opened the heavy, fireproof doors and very gently looking around the fourth floor. Your body heavy and tense, Omega fighting woman.

Peering around the gaming floor, you relaxed. Nothing through the windows, no overturned shelves or blood to be seen. Slowly and tentatively you opened the left side of the secondary doors, no strange smells other than accumulating dust and mildew. You smiled wildly as your inner Omega relaxed, if even for a moment. Hunting through the isles, you had decided to only grab a very advanced gaming laptop, a Nintendo switch lite, a wired mouse, a few large external batteries, many of your favorite offline games, and four solar panel chargers. You could always come back later… all the gear had been heavier than you thought.

You made sure to grab Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing and especially Minecraft, your favorite game, you were happy at the idea of building a home and nest for you and your “Alpha”, you had hoped a few online mod servers were still up so you could download yourself one. A cozy and loving home with food always ready and comfy beds pushed together and soft carpet and an ENORMOUS nest he could come home to and be proud of, with pets and perfect design and it would be safe with a fenced-in well lit yard… A home where you could pretend that YOUR Alpha brought you materials to work with after a hard day out in the wilds for you… a world where you could pretend a strong and loving Alpha… maybe you could mod him to make him look like Mirio, or……

You accidentally let out an excruciatingly loud, sensual purr. Your Omega releasing an intoxicating and irresistible scent. Coating the entire block in a deeply sweet and completely irresistible Omega scent.


Why did your Omega do that.

Why had you done that.

What had your Omega done.

What have you done.

Immediately your scent turned sour. Of burning alcohol and sour balsamic vinegar.

You rushed to gather everything but you were too slow. You heard them too late. Four floors down and they were loud, feral, angry, and hungry. At the window you had broken, decay, rot, desperation…..


Your anxiety shot up, anguished, and desperately trying to contain your frantic and overwhelmed Omega. To find something Alpha scented. To escape. Your Omega was hysteric and impossible to contain, chirping and whining and releasing the most distressing scent you have ever thought could come off of an Omega let alone yourself. You felt like those Omegas in horror movies you had always laughed at…

This is the end.

You heard the dead break the glass first-floor doors. Snarling and snapping and clawing at each other to get to you. The tearing of flesh on the steel was disgusting… why was it so loud… how was it ringing so loud in your ears… why couldn’t you move your feet…

The first-floor stair door snapping at its hinges as they growl and drool.

The second door is breaking and you are bawling. Chirps flowing from your lungs like you were singing an opera. Tears flowing down your face, drenching the Alpha's shirt and all but overwhelming the only Alpha scent you had left on you.

On the fourth floor, they were digging at the door now. Only a few dozen meters away you can hear the snapping of bones as they tried so desperately to break through the heavy doors. They would. You could smell that it was a hoard of at least 30 of the monsters. A hoard…Your dread and distressed scent leaking through the last of the few pheromones on the dead Alpha’s clothing only strengthening their consuming resolve.

Knees regaining their feeling you look around… a supply closet…. a nest… a…. a nest…. you will make a nest… it’ll be OK a nest… a nest in a small place.. a small room… a safe nest…

You ran faster than you thought and tried your best to barricade yourself in…. a nest of mop heads… and fire blankets and washcloths…. a nest…


It was an accident.

He didn’t mean to. The stupid bloody blonde had interrupted him while he was placing the cord into the PC. That had been the very last cord that connected his sixteen terabyte external hard drive to his PC.

None left.

“Do you absolutely useless fucking morons know what a USB 3 is?” He hissed at the surrounding members.

“Can I kill my dad with it?”

“Is it a blood thing? Can I stab with it?”


“How do you feel about it?”

“A magic item?”

“Does it have anything to do with stain?”

He sighed heavily.

“I’ll just go get it myself. Keep this place going for an hour or two…” Staking out the door the man found himself decently happy to be out and about in the city, no longer fearing being recognized he simply disintegrated any undead in his path. He found joy in it, even going out of his way to clear buildings as stress relief, even if he found the random Alpha or Beta inside. The fall of hero society and the world, in general, had been cathartic and relaxing. Stressful… but relaxing. He had to deal with these disgusting creatures now….. And he had yet to find his own Omega in a world with almost none left…. but at least all the heroes were either dead or fighting tooth and nail for their lives, no longer pretending to care about civilians.

A twenty-minute walk later and he found himself in Musutafu’s fanciest and richest area. Where all the best shops were and all the most popular hero’s had lived. He used to hate it here, but since society had fallen he enjoyed the large amount of merchandise that he wanted but couldn’t find anywhere else. He had even cleared out one of the nicest buildings in the area, claiming the penthouse for himself and a few of the highest floors for the original members of the Paranormal Liberation Front that he could stand.

Strolling up to the largest electronics shop in the area he noticed the dead growing in numbers, but they were ignoring him entirely. Obviously driven by something else. Disintegrating anything to come close to him he deeply inhaled the air. An Alpha? No. Something else… No… not something else. Something deeply scared. Deeply intoxicating. Something terrified and small. Something that belonged to him.


They had broken through the fourth-floor doors. You were terrified. Hiding in a utility closet next to a few bloody and headless bodies, in your terrible makeshift nest. Bawling and desperately chirping wildly for an Alpha, even a feral one. A feral Alpha could eventually be soothed by your presence, maybe tamed and you could live happily, but these monsters? You had been a fool. An entire clown. They would eat you. Eat you alive. They would rip you limb from limb to get a taste of your sweet Omega blood. Your scent was now noxious. Thick and nauseating and bitter. Hopeless and wretched and angry as you cried and bit into your nail bed.

Thrashing and moaning. Teeth against raw bone and raw recently broken flesh scraping at the metal door. Old rotten blood pooling around the frame towards you. Feral half heated screeching and the sounds of pulpy flesh falling to the floor outside no doubt as they were clawing passed each other to reach you.


The sounds stopped as you smelt it again. The death and smell of decay gone. It was just ash. Deep, musky, calming ash.

A knock at the door of the closet….. followed by aggressive pounding.

You responded with more intense distressed chirping and the solid steel door turned to dust, handle falling to the floor with a soft clunk, softened by a pile of dust. In front of you stood a man. Tall, lanky, with pale long shaggy greasy bluenette hair pulled into a low messy bun, torn clothing, his neck and around his eyes and face littered with deep scars, his deep blood red eyes meeting your tear-stained face, meeting your E/C irises, staring seeping into your soul.


His voice thick and heavy. Nearly with disdain.


Your body shaking with adrenaline from the previous encounter. You crawled on your hands and knees in front of him. Tears still drenching your shocked face.

“I’ll protect you Omega” his eyes wild with desire. His smile stretching so wide, his lips ripping apart due to neglect. “Be mine”

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“No answer little one?” He cackled above you, feral grin still painting his face, a small trail of blood dripping down his chin from his cracked lips. He crouched down to your level, taking your cheeks into his palms, his middle fingers instinctively hovering on both sides. Tenderly he traces his thumbs under your eyes, drying the tears with his cracked and callused skin. Forcing you to meet his unblinking eyes he crooned at you. “Calm down, calm down. Tell me, how do you cook instant ramen?”

Your own hands came up from the floor to rest on the back of his hands; it felt like cold sandpaper over bones. Such a frail Alpha…. his prominent collarbones sticking out behind his ragged t-shirt, he couldn’t protect you… you had to find Mirio… Where was Mirio? Why did you go outside? Where was everyone? Where did all the corpses go? Who was this person? Why are you in a supply closet? Your eyes started to dart around wildly, losing control, confusion, and panic taking over you started to shake and cry again. He tightened his grasp on your face and with his strength, he easily kept you still. “OMEGA.” Eyes snapping back eagerly at his Alpha’s command. His untamed smile gone, replaced by an irritated and stern gaze. He asked again, a bit slower this time, mild impatience lining his words. “How do you make instant ramen?”

“Y… you take a pot and you… you boil water. Then you take the ramen out…. out of the package and put it in the water……” Fingers delicately moved up his forearms to clutch at his jacket, it felt nice, the fur around the collar was so soft and plush…. you couldn’t peel your eyes off of the expensive material, you wondered if he had more of it. Maybe a nest made out of the fur wouldn’t be so bad… a nest scented with worn leather and dust.

“What comes next?” His eyes sharp and focused, releasing a calming scent. He was still perfectly perched, balancing on the balls of his feet. Feeling your heartbeat slow down as you card your fingers through the soft fuzzy fur of the jacket's collar you hum and continue. “Then you drain most of the water, and you add the spices and a soy egg and some scallions, maybe some hot sauce if the person you are cooking for enjoys spicy things.” The shaking had stopped, the feeling in your legs returned. You had noticed the air around you seemed normal again; it wasn’t overwhelming or restless like before.

“Good girl” Snapping back towards his eyes from his collar he stood up and held out a hand to help you up. As you placed your hand into his he pulled you into his chest, placing his neck beside yours he started to scent you heavily. The leather and ash and musk smothering and snuffing out any of the crisp lemon and beachy smells of the previous Alpha and effectively covering your own. You coughed slightly as the overpowering smell of the Alpha in front of you drenched you from head to toe. “There are dozens more outside Omega, that sweet little smell you gave off attracted an entire hoard. You poor pretty little thing.”

Roughly taking hold of your forearm minus his pinky he nearly dragged you over to where you had dropped your duffel bag. Letting go of you for a moment he ripped open the zipper and checked over the contents. “So MY Omega is a little gamer huh? Cute, like you were made for me!” That wide awful smile again. “An Alienware laptop, mouse, external batteries, solar panel chargers, a switch…. Stardew Valley? Sims 4 complete? Slime Rancher? Animal Crossing? Story of Seasons? My time at Portia? Harvest moon?” He grimaced at your choices, pausing before reaching your favorite game. “…. Well at least you got Minecraft. I’ll share my games with you Omega… You WILL be my player two.”

He pulled his USB 3 cords and a few PC games, mostly indie games you made note, from his jacket pockets and stuffed them both into the oversized gym bag. Taking extra measure not to damage anything he slung the bag over his shoulder with extreme ease, the strap being held simply by two fingers. “Come Omega.” You extended your hand towards his however right before you could grab it he was pulling it away and hissing at you, his Alphas hackles up. “DO YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH YOU USELESS IDIOT?” The scars around his eyes pulled taught and he glared at you, scarlet eyes filled with terror, disdain, and judgment.

Whimpering, you shrunk back and held your arms close to yourself. Angrily sighing, he readjusted his posture to be a bit calmer, making sure your eyes were on him, he slowly reached out and grabbed a cardboard cutout of Endeavor for what would have been the launch for his new fighting game, a small gasp escaped your lips as it crumbled instantly and fell to the floor like it never existed. “It’s called decay.” Your E/C eyes shot back to his blazing carmine irises. “We can’t hold hands Omega.”

Almost whimpering at the idea of never holding the Alpha’s hand he reached out and roughly grabbed your wrist with four fingers, bringing you under his arm. “We will have to walk back like this. I need you near me so I can dust any of those things if they try to get you.” Confidently guiding you towards the broken fourth-floor staircase doors, he casually grabbed two more games off the shelf, Overcooked and Overcooked 2, and shoved them into his pocket before you could see.

Guardedly you cradled into his side as you walked past the now-demolished isles that were covered in blood and torn rotten flesh. He didn’t seem to mind as the odd straggling carcass stalked towards him. Simply holding out his hand and casually touching the rot, the unnaturally wide smile of his seemed to be back as well. A hand grabbed your ankle and before you could even gasp, the heel of his red sneaker had smashed straight through the skull of the ghoul, splattering grey matter on your ballet flats. Your face contorted with horror and you felt a shiver rip through your body. Pulling you in closer by his shoulder he cackled. “Aren’t you lucky I’m here darling? Are you going to thank me for being your big strong hero?” It was something about the way he had said that… something unnerving that struck you in your gut.

“Thank you…” You mumbled out softly, gripping tighter onto his jacket watching him disintegrate a few more of the creatures on your descent down the final flight of stairs. Scanning around the main floor you saw that he was right, there were dozens… Inside the building and out on the street. Where in the world had they all come from? Before you released the purr and the enthralling scent there had been none in the area. Mirio’s smell really had been keeping you alive all of this time…




“Y/N!!!!!” Y/N GO WITH NEJIRE-CHAN!!!!!!!!” You were cradled in the lavenderette’s grasp as she discharged her energy to fly you away from your balcony, the Beta holding you tightly as you desperately tried to get to the large blonde blocking your front door. The pair of Alpha’s were holding them off just long enough for their Beta hero partner to whisk you away, unlike the other unlucky Omega’s in your building as you heard their screams, seeing many try to jump from windows only to be pulled back by empty dull faces with wide dead eyes and pale, grey and cold grabbing hands.

You looked below you to the ground; it must have been hundreds of people… no… not people anymore clawing past each other to enter the building, to reach the blood and flesh of the sweet-smelling Omegas. The other Omega buildings faring no better in the area, you watched as many of them burned, the dead unbothered by the fire, still pouring into the crumbling skyscrapers to reach the enticing scents.

The second Nejire landed you on Mirio’s balcony she stripped your clothing from your body and threw them to the wind, sending waves of energy to push them further away. She pulled you into the shower and scrubbed you down ruthlessly and quickly with his shampoo and body wash, dousing you in Mirio’s cologne and dressing you in his clothing.

“Y/N, listen to me ok? You CANNOT for any reason make a nest ok? Don’t whine or cry or chirp at all. Just sit in Mirio’s closet in his clothing and WAIT for us, ok honey? We will be back right away but we need you to stay safe. Mirio will literally kill me if anything happens to you, so you have to listen ok? Y/N? Y/N do you hear me?”

You cuddled into Mirio’s varsity jacket closer, nodding. She opened up a back panel in his closet to reveal an enormous supply of food and water.

“You won’t need all of this, but if you get hungry or thirsty before we come back you can use this ok? Don’t leave this closet until we come back. Only the closet and the bathroom ok hun, you gotta let me know that you understand right now ok?”

You nod again as she smiled, checking the front locks again she moved Mirio’s enormous and heavy mahogany desk from his office to the front door. Making her way to the balcony she turned to softly yell to you one last time. “WE WILL BE HOME SOON!”

A week. You had spent an entire week only moving from the closet to the bathroom. You had been smart enough to keep filling the bathtub while the water was working so you had a way to flush the toilet and bathe a bit, unaware that the green building had its own water source. Always remembering to douse yourself in more cologne and sleep in the closet.

Two weeks. You had given up hope. The Television stations no longer worked and neither did the streaming services or internet, leaving the tablet Mirio owned useless with no games on it. You found yourself crawling into Mirio’s bed every night, leaving the balcony door unlocked just in case, sleeping with the nightlight on.

Three weeks. You had found an odd box in his dresser drawers titled “Important”, it contained a picture of you two back in UA days, back where you met. He always wanted you to work on his hero gear; you had even designed and sewed his suit that was made of his own hair so he didn’t need to be naked all the time. A picture you had sketched of the first design of his suit and a pressed flower you had given him. A favorite yellow scrunchie of yours that you thought you had lost long ago, along with four of your favorite movies, all of which were cheesy romcoms that you had brought over to watch with Mirio and had apparently forgotten here. With the Television on the lowest volume possible, you popped in The Princess Bride and snuggled into his pillows, crying quietly in hopes the sweet man would come home soon.

Eight weeks. Eight weeks of the same bullshit. He was dead. He wasn’t coming back. They lied. HE LIED. Watching the same four movies over and over and over had become mind-numbing. Cabin Fever. Feeling like a lunatic! Glancing across the street you wondered if it was safe to try going outside, there was an electronics store RIGHT THERE, corpses rot really fast, right?





Some of the dead were less than interested in the pair of you as you passed them, seemingly only sparing a passing sniff and glance before slowly shuffling towards you. Others were just as feral as the ones you had first seen two months ago, rushing you while screaming their feral guttural cries. The blunette didn’t seem to discriminate though, as soon as any of them were close they were dust, it was like watching a child splashing in the fresh puddles in spring, absolute haphazardness. Even after reaching the front door, his gait was still relaxed and his arm around you was slack.

“Why aren’t they ALL rushing us like they did earlier? Most of them are coming after us so slowly…” You very softly whispered to him tugging at his ripped T-shirt again, he didn't seem to mind the soft tone of your voice, instead preferring to speak at a regular volume.

He kept walking, but ruffled your hair with a few of his fingers. “Because Omega, you don’t smell so delicious anymore. When I first smelled you I felt like I was going to lose my mind and go feral. So intoxicating and enthralling and invigorating, I couldn’t help myself, it felt like I was drunk.” His speech was getting quicker and he was breathing raspily. “I imagine that’s how these corpses react too. But now you smell like me. Dangerous. Have you ever seen a weasel attack a wolf?” His eyes were wide and amused as he looked down at you, shaking your head no he chuckled darkly and shook your shoulder. “That’s because the weasel doesn’t stand a chance, even though they both. hunt. bunnies.”

Stopping in front of Mirio’s building you let go of the man’s jacket and headed to go to the door before more of the dead could accumulate. “Well… thank you again for saving me, if I could have my bag back I’ll be out of your hai….” Four fingers were on your throat faster than you could finish your sentence. 

“Where do you think you are going darling?” He sounded almost pained. Dragging you back under his jacket he ripped the key away from your hands and dusted it in front of your face. “I thought I told you Omega. You are MINE now. You are coming HOME with ME.” His hand trailing up from your neck to your face as he gripped it tightly pinky up, not even stopping to look back as he dusted another undead creature beside you. “Tell me, where we are going Omega.” He was snarling, fangs lengthening and glinting in the falling sunlight, eyes squinted into predatory slits, he started to scratch his neck in frustration, breaking the fragile skin and already formed scabs in the area.

“H..home…” You squeak out meekly, the fur of his collar tickling your ear. He was so close, so impossibly close you could feel his hot breath fanning your face. Knees quaking as his grip tightened again, leaving small crescent marks on your cheeks from his overgrown nails.

“Who. Who are you going home with Omega.” It wasn’t a question. It was a threat.

His pinky threatening to touch your cheek. The groans of the dead were slowly growing louder around you. “Y…you Alpha…” You choked out and he smiled, his chapped lips twitching in excitement.

“Tomura Shigaraki.” His hand was gone from your face, arm back around your shoulder pulling you in impossibly closer as he started to walk again. “You will learn that my word is law Omega. Now what is my pretty little girl’s name?”

“Y/N L/N….” Struggling to keep up with his long lengthy strides underneath his arm. The chill of the evening setting in yet you are unsure if that is the cause of the shiver you feel down in your bones.

“Y/N hmmm? Y/N Shigaraki has a ring to it. I can’t wait until we get home player two…”

Chapter Text

The last of the sun’s rays fell and the blue gloomy hues of the night had started to settle on your solemn and tense frame, your soft fingers had managed to weave around his toned waist, the other hand resting on his prominent hip bone underneath his thin and torn t-shirt. His arm still draped around you, four fingers aggressively holding you in place under his jacket.

Shivering again he pulled you impossibly closer, your feet shuffling and almost tripping over his own. He pointed towards what you assume would be your final destination in the distance. “Not too far now Omega, just a few more hundred meters.”

As you looked up to follow where his finger had pointed the smell hit you before you could focus. It was a thick, strange, and ungodly concoction of deep musk. Reaching up you tangled your fingers into your hair near your temple, your head feeling foggy as you picked up the dense pheromones. You grabbed your throat and started to cough and wheeze, the sudden invasion of so many overwhelming potent scents caused your knees to buckle and your nose to twitch and scrunch up in disgust. ‘How many Alpha’s lived here!?!?!’ Your Omega brain panicked, she could smell at least four virile unmated Alphas and two betas.

The Alpha beside you simply scoffed and tossed you over his free shoulder like a bag of rice, leading you closer, at a much faster pace, to the massive skyscraper with his long-legged strides now unimpeded by your small slow body. his free dry and calloused hand reached into his jacket pocket to obtain a fob key that quickly unlocked the door with a satisfying “beep”. He threw the door open haphazardly and strolled into the lobby of the beautiful building, not sparing a single glance around he quickly set you down in front of the elevator. As you settled flat onto your feet and steadied your legs you took a moment to familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

It was dark in the lobby and it had taken a few moments for your E/C eyes to adjust to the low light, many of the corners were still too encased by the darkness of the evening to properly see. What you could see, however, was the beautiful and seamless white marble coating the floors, littered about were old floral French style lounge chairs and sofas and a few granite and mahogany tables. Enormous walls were covered in large traditionally painted renaissance artwork that easily cost more than your car. A chandelier twinkling with the very last of the fading light, at least twice your height made of crystal and gold, hung from the ceiling over what you assumed used to be a water feature, now simply a drained pool with a marble and gold fountain in the center. It felt like you were in a movie you remembered. Would you be met with talking furniture? Be gifted a library? Dance the night away in a yellow ball gown? For a moment you had forgotten where you were….

“You will get used to the scents soon enough.” The raspy voice of your bluenette savior?… or maybe captor? Broke you from the magical spell, the last petal falling as you snapped you back into the reality of your prison. The unexpected ding of the elevator causing you to jump a bit. He grabbed you by the arm, with four fingers only again, and pulled you inside like a rag doll, practically slamming the button for floor twenty with his free thumb.

The familiar hum of the elevator came to life and you grinned at the comforting mechanical noise. “You live on the twentieth floor?” Your voice came out more confident and happy, the small taste of technology giving you some reassurance. You attempted to turn towards him but his sturdy grip on your right arm kept you stuck in place.

He grumbled something under his breath while readjusting the large gym bag on his shoulder. You placed your left hand over his own, his neck snapping to look down at your inquisitive and excited face, his brows furrowed in frustration and concentration. He seemed to grind his teeth together and finally snapped at you, “NO. I AM THE LEADER YOU DUMB LITTLE LAMB. I LIVE ON THE TOP.” His grip tightened, small trails of blood running down your arm and his wrist from his long and unkempt nails easily tearing through the fabric of Mirio’s sweater and into the delicate and soft skin of your upper arm. You let out a small whine and chirp and tried to lean away from him, his piercing ruby glare remaining present. The elevator doors opened up a second later to a large, traditional-looking cigar lounge, the walls covered in wood and bookshelves packed with leatherbound novels. All eyes seemed to be plastered on you as the pair of you exited the elevator rather quickly.

You took a long look at your surroundings; your Omega took in a polite and inquisitive whiff. A grand and elaborately hand-decorated mahogany bar with what seemed to be endless top-shelf liquor behind it, that sat to the side of a king-sized wood fireplace, was being tended by some sort of mist looking man in a very dapper suit who didn’t seem to have a smell whatsoever. At the bartop itself sat a blonde Beta girl in a schoolgirl uniform and matching twin buns, sipping on what looked to be a glass of tomato juice, who smelled of sandalwood and amber. The man beside the blonde had a half grey, half black mask covering his entire head and large muscles that filled out his white tank top well, smelling of a strangely soft yet oddly strong-smelling combination of sweet and sour. A tall Alpha in a long leather coat swirling what you assumed to be scotch in his hand, with deep burn scars covering most of his face sat in a large sophisticated armchair in the corner, his boots dirtying the glossy coffee table, smelled like smoke and oak flavored whiskey. A very muscular lizard looking Alpha with soft-looking purple-pink hair sat on an elegant leather sofa with a game controller in his hands, his musk smelling mostly of knife oil and the rainforest. Sitting near a bookshelf in a smart-looking wing chair was another Beta, face covered by a well-fitted balaclava, his soft and gentle scent smelled like fresh dryer sheets and clean laundry.

The room was as quiet as death for a moment before you heard the elevator doors close behind you. Shigaraki forced you forward and let go of your arm as you stumbled into the elegant lounge. Your Omega took over and she meekly looked up through the hair now hanging in your face, nearly letting out another chirp, you hadn’t been around this many Alpha’s since before the collapse, and had never been around so many Alpha’s with such strong unrestrained scents before. Alpha’s in the old world had been far more reserved and careful with their powerful musks, preferring to take suppressants or wear covering scents to make others more comfortable around them.

“AN OMEGA!!!!!!!!!” A body collided with yours, forcing you to the ground with a large thud, her surprisingly strong arms wrapped around you and brought you back up into a seated position on her lap. Pushing your H/C H/L behind your ears she inhaled at your scent glands deeply. “Past all that hand man smell you smell sooooo good Omega! Like, Y/S, it's crazy ADDICTING! Do you wanna be friends?! I REALLY want to have another girl around here! You don’t smell like you have a mate! Where did Shiggy find you? I thought most Omegas were mated or dead! How did you stay alive!?! Where were you hiding? We haven’t smelled any Omegas in FOREVER!” Her bright golden eyes were wild and manic and in a flash second among the never-ending line of questions she had pulled a small dagger seemingly out of thin air and held it against your carotid artery near your jaw, the pressure just light enough not to break the delicate skin of your neck.

Another wild chirp escaped your lips and in an instant, you fell through the girl’s lap and the floor and into the waiting arms of the mist man behind the bar. He held you very delicately before placing you down gently beside him further away from the drooling blonde. You had been wrong about his scent though, he did smell like something…. under that black mist he seemed to smell like fresh Ozone, with a hint of fresh leaves in the spring, like pure oxygen and water. “Ms.Toga please refrain from scaring Shigaraki’s guest.” His surprisingly deep voice threw you off for a moment, what a curious Alpha...

“Watch her for me Kurogiri, and get introductions done while I put all this shit upstairs. And you-” he snarled and pointed at the blonde who you now knew as Toga, “-don’t touch what’s mine again if you know what’s best for you.” He forcefully pressed the elevator door UP button with the heel of his wrist and the door immediately popped open, as he climbed in and selected his floor his possessive, testing eyes never left yours, fixed on yours until the final sliver of the door closed.

The mist-like man, Kurogiri, offered his haze like hand out to you in a chivalrous way. “Let’s get you into a more comfortable seat miss and after retrieving some refreshments we can introduce ourselves properly.” Taking his hand, he led you around the bar and to a plush velvet love seat with a soft faux fur blanket and a few satin throw pillows. You shifted and moved everything around sitting under the pillows and blanket, only your chest and up being uncovered; slowly you became more relaxed and regained eye contact with Kurogiri. “Comfortable?” He asked as he extended an arm towards the bar. “May I offer you a refreshment?”

“Um….. I wouldn’t mind a glass of róse wine with ice if it’s available please?” He nodded and made his way back behind the counter swiftly. A wave of comfort overtook you as you patiently watched Kurogiri taking a large wine glass and coating the rim in a pale F/C sugar, pouring a half glass of róse, he dropped in a few drops of grenadine and stirred a few ice cubes into the sweet wine before bringing it to you on a platter. You took a testing sip of the beverage and released a soft sweet purr into the air, causing the room to relax instantly. “It’s so sweet and cold, thank you!”

“Now,” Kurogiri started as he took a seat next to the lizard Alpha, his posture immaculate. “Would you mind starting us off with your name? Maybe a bit about yourself?” His wispy eyes seemed soft and kind, like how you assume a doting father's gaze would be.

“Y/N, I like my career and reading, and I like games and books, nice to meet you.” You paused for the next person to speak, however, everyone’s eyes were still stuck on you, waiting for you to tell them what they wanted to know. “um…. I’ve been surviving in my Alpha friend’s apartment until now… he hasn’t really been back in a few months… so I got, oh gosh this is kinda embarrassing, I caught a case of cabin fever and I left to go get some games and… Mr.Shigaraki saved me. He didn’t let me go back to my friend's apartment... and told me my home is here now so… I hope to get to know you all well.”

“Thank you Miss Y/N,” Kurogiri stood and bowed deeply towards you. “My name is Kurogiri. I am the caretaker and transporter for the League of V…”

“PARANORMAL LIBERATION FRONT!” The lizard Alpha snapped out. “You were gone for a while and we changed the name!”

“Transporter for the Paranormal Liberation Front, my apologies miss Y/N. If you have any needs here while you live with us please let me know immediately. Mr. Spinner, would you like to introduce yourself next?” The hazy gentleman turned towards his companion and motioned gently with what you assumed was an open palm before returning to his seated position.

The Reptile Alpha known as Spinner tossed his controller to the other side of the couch, his hand going up to his neck rubbing at the scaled skin. “I’m Spinner, I joined because of Stain but stayed for… different reasons I guess… IM A GECKO! Not a lizard before you ask! I like video games. I’m the only one who can drive here… I guess I like combat sports and blades.” You smiled sweetly towards spinner and waved, his cheeks and ears turned crimson and he purposefully reached over to grab his controller to stare blankly at the screen again.

“ME ME ME ME ME!” Toga was bouncing on the balls of her feet with her arms stretched above her head. “I’M TOGA! I liked Stainy because of all the blood he drew! I also like blood! But I really love Alpha and Omega blood! It feels like two different drugs! I love being in love and falling in love too. And I love cute things too! Like you!!!!!!” She smiled and you wondered to yourself if she was really a Beta, her enormous canine teeth looked like fangs. She seemed nice underneath the surface honestly, like somehow you felt she would be fun to get to know if she stopped herself from stabbing you.

“I WANT TO GO AFTER MY WIFE.” “NO I FUCKING DON’T.” You were startled at the sudden yelling and accidentally spilled a bit of your drink onto Mirio’s jacket, a small and inaudible whine leaving your lips as you licked your thumb and tried to remove the small stain. “My name is Jin it’s nice to meet yah!” “GO GET FUCKED BITCH” “I’m a really passionate guy so be patient with me!” “IM THE SMARTEST HERE OUT OF THESE ASSHOLES” “I’m really not…” “I DON’T WANT AN OMEGA AROUND” “I hope we can be friends!” Watching the back and forth in stunned silence you finally relaxed and giggled softly, seeming similar to the others so far he appeared to be dangerous, a little quirky but loyal.

“I believe I would be next then.” Your attention drifted to the Beta man with the balaclava stood up and bowed deeply, he tipped his top hat with his left hand that also held a cane. His right mechanical arm held his twin tail white tie jacket closed. “My alias is Mr. Compress, but my full name is Atsuhiro Sako, please feel free to call me whatever you wish. If you like magic tricks I have plenty. I also enjoy deception, escapology, and illusion. If you ever feel like some witty banter, I’m the gentleman to call.” He pulled a single, long stem, dethroned red rose from his hat and offered it to you with yet another bow.

As soon as you reached out to take the lovely flower from the dapper man, the rose was lit aflame with bright blue fire, scorching the cherry hardwood floors. In what seemed to be seconds the man with the scotch in the corner had smacked his heavy boots down onto the floor, marched casually over to your comfortable love seat and sat on the unoccupied side, he grabbed your right wrist in his hand, causing you to drop the nearly full glass of wine to the floor, shattering the crystal wear, before roughly shoving the sweater material up your arm to bunch at your shoulder. “Did you seriously think you could get away with not telling any of us that you had been scratched by a corpse?” You attempted to struggle out of his grip while he held you in place with little to no effort; dark angry scents of burning liquor filled the room giving you tunnel vision. “You KNOW you turn if they scratch or bite you!” He leaned close to your face, fangs bared and hackles up.

“T…. tho… this…..” You were whining wildly, releasing your own noxious pheromones, more tears streaming down your face. As he loomed over your terrified body, the staples on his face grew taut with his deep growl. “MR.SHIGARAKI!” You squeaked out finally. “In the elevator…. his grip was a bit tight… his nails dug into me.” Your sweet, scared, wet E/C hues stared up into his turquoise irises; he seemed to soften as you shook and trembled underneath him.

“Then say something sooner Angel.” He chuckled and lifted you from your makeshift nest into his lap. Slowly he started to deeply purr to soothe you as he licked at your wound. “The name is Dabi, the rest is on a need to know basis Doll.” He cocked his eyebrow as you struggled to get away and continued lapping his tongue in long languid strokes over your arm. The hair on the base of your neck stood straight as you continued to attempt to force yourself from his Herculean grip. Something felt off. Something felt wrong about this. “Shhhhhh Baby a little thing like you needs an Alpha, doesn’t she? A big strong Alpha huh? A cute little mouse like you can’t wander into an alley full of cats and expect to get away right?” The majority of the room shifted uncomfortably, watching the tall scarred Alpha attempting to scent the uninterested Omega, his rough flesh and staples rubbing roughly against your neck.

“Mr. Dabi… please let me….” Just as his cheek touched against your scent glands for the second time, the door to the elevator dinged.

Chapter Text

You had seen feral Alphas on T.V. before. Mainly in the Korean dramas you and your Omega friends liked to watch, or once the news did a live coverage on two Alpha’s fighting on the roof of a building over a cheating Omega husband, you remembered it being bloody… and the broadcast ending early due to one of them being thrown off of the roof of the very, very tall apartment complex. The shaky camera footage from a nationwide news station helicopter trying their best to capture what could be described as pure carnage. With both Alphas hackles up, claws out and fangs elongated, blood covering their arms and faces haunted you for weeks, you remembered how Mirio let you stay over at his apartment for nearly a month after that, letting you have his bed while he took the less than comfortable sofa for an Alpha of his size. The overwhelming raw strength of even the weakest of Alphas had been well hidden in modern society, as you hid behind the bar you couldn’t help but remember the words your sweet, kind father spoke to you when he told you about how your mother had saved him in high school from a group of drunken Alpha’s walking home after his heat hit him too early. “There is nothing on earth more terrifying than an Alpha gone feral over an Omega Y/N.”

You screamed and covered your head and neck as best as possible from the shattering glass now falling around you. The other’s had left quickly, Toga had attempted to take you with her, nearly losing her life as her leader warned her again, loudly, that no one was allowed to lay their hands on you. Dabi slowly stood up beside you, Shigaraki had thrown the lithe ravenette into the mirrored bar back with all his strength, liquor showered your body and you were praying to every deity that you knew of that he wouldn’t take that opportunity to activate the fire that you assumed his quirk. He grabbed you by the back of Mirio’s sweater and tossed you away from the liquor and glass violently, landing you with a hard thud against the porous brick wall beside the fireplace, scraping your face enough to draw blood. A pair of red eyes followed your form and a deep, deafening snarl bellowed from Shigaraki’s chest as he launched himself towards Dabi once again. “DON’T TOUCH HER YOU DISGUSTING BURN WARD.” Dabi leapt in the opposite direction of where he had thrown you, just barely out of Shigaraki’s touch; he grabbed both of Shigaraki’s forearms and dug his claws deeply into his wrists, blood pouring down onto the cherry hardwood floors.

The pupils in Tomura’s eyes grew impossibly large as he lurched his head forward and right arm back, pulling Dabi closer. His enormous canines digging into the other man’s arm, a sick crunching noise hit your ears and you wretched. Neither man seemed to care about their wounds, throwing each other against walls and now ruined furniture; charred books littered the floor along with copious amounts of blood that stung your noise with its intense iron smell. Shigaraki swung his open hand towards his comrade, ripping a gaping, four clawed gash into Dabi’s torso, tearing his shirt away, staples dropping to the floor one by one, each with a heart-stopping ‘tink’ sound. “YOU FUCKING CRUSTY PISS RAT” The cry erupted from the scarred man as he tried his best to hold his marred skin to his flesh had your tears falling faster. They were actually going to kill each other…If you didn’t do something they would die, and it would be your fault. The oncoming panic attack had your mind reeling, how in the world could you stop two bloodthirsty, out of control Alpha’s about to rip the other in half?

You felt the heat of flames as Dabi sent a ball of ripping hot blue flames directly at his savage leader, catching his arm and lighting his jacket on fire, Shigaraki pulled away and ripped off his coat, throwing it to the ground, he was littered with disgusting-looking blisters and open pitted wounds exposing the fleshy meat of his arm from his shoulder to his wrist. The men stood mere meters away from each other, drenched in blood, torn open and burned, waiting for the other to make the next move.

Y/S flooded the entire twentieth floor. Cerulean and Ruby eyes shooting in your direction as you quietly purred through your tears, it was strained and undeniably forced, your shaking fists against your chest as you hiccupped through your restrained sobs. “Please stop.” Your large E/C orbs desperately pleading. “Please… please…” You could hear the anxious throbbing of your heart in your ears. The air stagnant as you waited and waited, each second feeling like an hour, for any sort of reaction from the feral Alphas.

“He scented you. I already scented you.” Tomura hissed through clenched teeth,his guard still up, his posture hunched with his shoulders rolled forward, hands still out and ready to fight.

“No bonding mark, no ownership hand-job.” The comment came out pained and labored. Dabi had one arm extended and lit with the bright azure flame; leaning back against the wall he was struggling to hold his own skin together with his free hand, blood pouring down the front of his leather pants and pooling around his feet.

“Do you submit ashtray? Won't last much longer with you looking like a torn open blood bag.” Their eyes found each other again and Dabi released a sigh from his bloodied lips. His canines and claws retreating back, lowering his hackles he sunk to his knees on the floor. Your loud sobs returned, musky smelling air seeped into your lungs as you released the breath you didn’t realize you were holding. You watched as Tomura visibly tensed, stewing in his own mind as he chewed on his lower lip.“KUROGIRI.” As soon as he shouted, the kind mist man stepped out from an inky black portal, the familiar suit and wispy eyes of the Alpha seemingly not phased at all by the deathmatch that had just taken place.

“Yes Shigaraki?” He gave a light bow before regaining his perfect posture.

“Patch him up enough that he won’t die and can still fight then put the quirk cuffs on him and bring him to me in the basement in a few hours.” He looked oddly calm, his posture still slouched, but behind his loose long locks of dirty blue hair, his eyes looked dangerously dark. Kurogiri nodded and a portal appeared below Dabi’s body, slowly pulling him down and to a place where, you assumed, had medical supplies.

“Wha… what’s in the basement?” You meekly squeaked out from your position on the ruined floor, his hands twitching at the sound of your voice.

He slowly turned his head towards you, scarred lips pulled back into that manic smile again. “I won.” The bloody man sauntered towards you and pulled you up roughly by the collar of Mirio’s liquor-soaked sweater, exposing your neck to him. “Aren’t you going to thank your heroic Alpha?” Rabid possessive eyes meeting yours as he gazed down at you like you were a meal to be savored.

Blushing you could only nod. “Thank you for saving me again Alpha….” Cooing delightedly at your words he continued to leer at you, his crimson orbs nearly burning holes into the bare expanse of the crook of your neck. “Can you please tell me what’s in the basement?” His gaze lazily met your own again before he smoothed out the collar of the ruined sweater, making sure you were steady on your feet, before taking a deep breath in, satisfaction laden on his face.

“Nothing yet princess.” He took a deep whiff and crinkled his nose. “We are going to get you nice and clean Y/N. I will send one of those idiots to get you some clothes. Then I am going to scent you again. After that, you WILL be coming with me to the basement for punishment.” He softly stroked a few loose pieces of H/C strands behind your ear before picking you up and holding you underneath your thighs with his uninjured arm, his hand balled into a fist. You felt exhausted as the adrenaline left your body, leaning your head against his shoulder you timidly wrapped your arms around his neck, being careful not to touch his festering shoulder.

As the pair of you walked back towards the blood-splattered door of the elevator it opened unexpectedly. “So is he fuckin’ dead?” Spinner sniffed the air and spat on the ground, the putrid stench of the now destroyed cigar lounge was overpowering. “We couldn’t hear yah anymore so we assumed one of you lost your guts.”

“Kurogiri is fixing him up. I want you to take Compress and…” You felt his arm tense up under you and he gently set you back down, shuffling over to the unfazed Gecko before leaning over to whisper something in his ear. ‘Could a lizard lose color?’ you wondered to yourself as you watched Spinner’s face pale, his features falling into a mixture of disgust and disbelief. “Got it? I want what I asked for upstairs in less than an hour and as for the special request I expect everyone to be down to watch.” The green Alpha’s shoulders fell; he swallowed and nodded tentatively before stepping out of the way. Shigaraki returned to your side and picked you up again, strolling back into the elevator, selecting the sixtieth floor with his damaged side, a few pieces of sticky, red skin stuck to the button. A nasty chuckle escaped his lips the second the door closed shut. “Don’t worry angel,” he nuzzled his nose into your sweat covered hairline. “I’ll make sure everyone here knows not to ever, ever touch you again.


The thick scent of ash and leather hit you the second the elevator doors opened; the musk nearly had you drooling. Your reaction somehow went completely unnoticed by the strong Alpha as he carried you to his bathroom through the dark, but elegant apartment; he kicked the door open and the sight of the luxury had your Omega gasp. A giant jet soaker tub on a pedestal sat in the corner next to a rainfall shower with full glass walls, cloudy, neglected due to time and lack of cleaning, made with real stones, the double sinks sat side by side, one side very obviously unused. Across sat a satin lounge loveseat next to a gold leaf makeup vanity settled next to a door that you assumed held a toilet.

“Relax now Omega.” His voice sounded tired as he sat you down on the comfortable sofa. He stalked across the room, started running the bath, and turned the shower on full hot before turning around to rummage around in the cabinet below the marble sinks. After a few frustrating moments sorting through the large cabinets, he tossed a first aid kit carelessly towards you, landing just short of your feet. “Do you know how to treat wounds?” He held up his burned arm towards you and cocked an eyebrow.

“Only a lil’… but really we should be getting that under cold running water… Also, it would be best if you removed what is left of your shirt” He gave you a side glance before grabbing his ruined shirt with his good hand, the dust falling off of his surprisingly muscular frame quietly. His well built, yet slim body was littered with scars both large and small, the most noticeable being a collection of what looked like round spiderlike healed holes in his chest and abs. Noticing you staring at his body, he scoffed in annoyance and walked over to take a seat next to you, reaching down with his thumb and pointer finger to grab the handle of the white plastic case. You hummed to yourself softly, trying your best to remember what your mother had taught you about emergency first aid, taking the case from his hands and setting it onto your lap you opened it up to grab the disinfectant and burn cream first. “This is going to sting a lot ok?”

“Just do it. This isn’t as bad as the time I was shot nearly a dozen fucking times by that stupid fucking gun bitch.” Motioning to the hole like scars you had been staring at with his good hand, he held his arm closer to you and shook it a bit, almost as if to say ‘get on with it’. You got to work quickly and surprisingly he didn’t complain as you peeled away the dead skin and already popped blister tops, his oozing arm ruining the expensive and soft hand towels you had found beside the sofa on the shelf. As you finished wrapping the gauze from his wrist to his shoulder you admired your handiwork, pleased that you had remembered enough of what your mother had taught you all those years ago as a child. If the chaos of the world ever died down, you would be sure to thank her again next time you visited her grave.

Placing the items back in the box you went to snap it shut before his hand grabbed your wrist, stopping you. “Your turn player two.” He snatched the box out of your hand and grabbed a disinfectant wipe, opening it with his teeth and roughly rubbing it against the scrape you had gotten from colliding with the brick wall. Peeling open a large adhesive bandage he haphazardly slapped it on your cheek and grunted. “There. Done…” The bluenette stood up and ambled over to the grandiose tub, turning off the faucet and unbuckling his belt. The steam of the bathroom must have been clouding your vision; the dusty rose that tinted his ears had to have been an illusion. His body while thin, rippled with taunt muscle. Every divot and line of his scarred body visible. “I’m taking a bath first. I can’t get my arm wet. You can wait, join me, or have the shower. If you don’t scrub all those vile scents off of you well enough Omega I will come in there myself and wash you personally.” Ridding the rest of his clothing quickly you turned to busy yourself with looking for a towel for yourself.

The deviant comment spat angrily from his lips had your face as red as his eyes, you grabbed a random towel off of the shelf and tried your best to discreetly disrobe as he watched you, unblinking, your bright eyes shifting nervously from his naked body in the bath to anywhere else in the enormous room that had begun to feel far too small. “um.. I have to change.” You softly whimpered.

“So change already.” His words hit your ears like a baseball bat, blunt and rude. “You only have a few hours to clean up before the show I have planned Omega. Hurry it up.” He shifted in the bath, the sounds of the splashing water against the tub had you glancing back to him, his arms over the edge, his feet spread and resting on the edge of the porcelain tub, his lips pulled up in frustration.

“Another bathroom….please.” The whisper came out far quieter than you had intended. Your focus was glued to your feet as you desperately forced yourself to look anywhere but his naked frame in the bath.


“Another bathroom, please, or let me leave the room to…”


The word hit you like a smack to the face. What did he mean no…..

“You will shower here Omega, where I can keep an eye on you, keep you safe. I told you, I keep telling you, YOU ARE MINE. Are you slow? Just strip or I’ll do it for you.” The venom in his words dripped off of his tongue and you could feel them hang heavy in the steamy air, the shower’s spray against the rocks simply background noise to the thoughts racing through your mind.

Toilet. The toilet room! ‘BLESS RICH PEOPLE AND THEIR UNESSESARY LUXURIES!’ You thought, simply nodding at him and rushed to the door for the small toilet room. You shut the door behind you and quickly undressed out of Mirio’s ruined clothing, folding it carefully to the floor with a whimper wishing the kind Alpha was here with you, wrapping the towel around yourself you exited the smaller room and cowered in on yourself as you made your way to the shower. You glanced over at the Alpha to see his eyes closed, his head leaning back against the bath pillow attached to the edge of the extravagant fixture. You rushed to the shower, slamming the glass door closed as you silently thanked to yourself that the glass was dirty. Dropping the towel from yourself you scrubbed yourself clean with the soaps available, whining as you felt the last of your friend’s scent leave you, the soap running down your curves, relishing in the heat of the hot shower ridding yourself of the blood caked onto your soft skin and cleaning your H/C locks of the smell of death.

“ARE YOU DONE YET?” His voice rang in your ears, hearing him climb from the tub and dry himself off. His frame nearly visible through the shower.

“A…almost… I will meet you outside?” It wasn’t a statement, it was a question. The period of silence you felt as the hot water beat down onto your frame felt ominous.

“Fine. Two minutes….” His voice darkened as you listened for the bathroom door finally closing.

What was in the basement…..

Chapter Text

Ensuring the bathroom was, in fact, empty, you delicately exited the shower, finding a small pile of clothing by the door. It contained everything you needed, a pair of leggings (that were one size too large but would still be comfortable enough to wear), a comfortable pastel-colored, oversized cashmere sweater, a pair of comfortable flats, and surprisingly a pair of underwear and a bra incredibly close to your actual size. The clothing already reeked of him. Smelling heavily of ash and leather and musk, you could only assume that he had spent his time outside rubbing himself all over all of the soft articles. Slipping into the outfit and drying your hair as best as you could with the fancy towels provided another booming series of knocks fell on the large bathroom door.

“TWO MINUTES IS UP.” Using his Alpha voice he growled, it had your legs shaking. How in the world was his Alpha so powerful…

“I’m.. I’m just getting dressed.” You replied, body quivering from the cold due to the bathroom air. He rumbled and growled lowly again as you quickly finished throwing on the soft clothing, relishing in the comfort of the snuggly and expensive material.

‘Ridiculous’ You thought to yourself. ‘He can’t even give an Omega a few minutes to change after a shower….’ At least you had safety. The screeches and mutated flesh of the undead were the last thing on your mind as you finished drying your H/C hair. Alpha’s seemed to mask Omegas from the dead, so you knew you at least were safe in the building, considering how overwhelming the scent had been even a few hundred meters away. Freshly washed your Omega smell was oozing from your pores, thick and sweet in the air, you hadn’t smelt your own scent in months and you found yourself calmed. You had taken after your father and his soft scent, your mother, unlike regular Alpha's had been incredibly proud to have a sweet Omega daughter. She had been more modern than the average Alpha was, seeing all three secondary sexes as equal parts of a working system. 'If a single gear is missing in a clock, no matter how small it is, it won't work anymore.'

Stepping out of the bathroom you were met with the murderous Alpha in the same bloody clothing he had worn when he had found you. A bloodstained black sweatshirt and poorly fitted torn black sweatpants, though his feet were bare and he was wearing a pair of strange gloves that only covered his pinkies. “It took you long enough Omega” He snarled and grabbed the front of your sweater, pulling you towards him he aggressively rubbed his face against your scent gland “You smell too intoxicating. What I have planned won’t work if you smell too good.” So much for smelling like yourself….

“Will you tell me what is in the basement now?” You asked quietly. Hands by your side as he continuously rubbed himself all over you, his chafed and scarred face felt rough against your own far more sensitive skin. You gasped as he ran his thick tongue against your jawline, leaving a trail of his salvia.

“An empty pool Y/N.” He grinned against your neck, nipping softly at the sensitive spot between your neck and shoulder. His hands drifted slowly from your sweater, running from your ribs and finally resting on your supple hips. “But I promise Omega, when we get down there, there will be much more.” A shiver ran down your spine at the wicked promise.


As you made your way into the elevator you couldn’t smell your own scent at all, you had been completely encompassed by the childish Alpha, four fingers gripping tightly around your waist. He purred softly into your ear as the floor numbers slowly descended. “Don’t worry darling. It’s only a soft punishment.” The sickly sweet tone of his voice had your inner Omega begging to chirp. Nothing good could come of that tone, nothing kind was coming, you were sure of it. It felt like every hair on your body was standing at attention. Goosebumps littered your flesh as you watched the numbers.


















The ding of the elevator had you releasing the breath you didn’t realize you were holding. Shigaraki chuckled softly as the doors slowly opened. All at once, the sharp smell of chlorine and mildew hit you. The lights were off and your eyes took a few moments to adjust as you were led by Shigaraki through the basement. You could hardly see the outline of the room around you, what you could see however was an indent in the floor. The Olympic sized pool obviously hadn’t been used in a while, it was drained and growing some kind of nasty black mold despite the floor smelling heavily of chlorine.

“Kurogiri, lights.” The blunette commanded and the lights immediately flickered on, revealing the members of the league standing before a shirtless Dabi. His wounds had been stitched up however he was strapped to a chair with his eyes covered and a gag in his mouth, quirk canceling cuffs holding his arms behind the chair and a towel sitting on his lap. “Compress, did you get what I asked for?”

Before the gentleman could speak, a man with blonde hair and a straight scar on his forehead spoke up. “Y/N!!!!! I SEE THE CLOTHES I GOT FOR YOU FIT!!!!” “ONLY JUST BARELY, SHE OBVIOUSLY COULD FIT THEM BETTER” “YOU LOOK LOVELY!”

Jumping slightly at the man’s tone you could only guess that it was Jin, “Yes, thank you…. Um… how did you know what sizes to get?” you questioned softly.

“IT’S MY QUIRK!” “I ONLY GUESSED” “I JUST WANTED TO HELP” He seemed to be shaking aggressively as he tugged his hair. Toga, the blonde in the torn and bloody schoolgirl uniform, grabbed his mask out of his back pocket and put it over his head gently, petting his head and cooing at him. He seemed to calm down a small amount before taking the smaller blonde's hands into his own. “Please marry me Toga….”

“SHUT UP!!!” Shigaraki roared out. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! COMPRESS.”

“Yes, sir?” The masked man with the beautiful eyes bowed his head.

“DID YOU FUCKING GET WHAT I ASKED FOR?” He growled out, his Alpha hackles up and his fangs sharp.

“Yes. Would you like me to…”

“NOT FUCKING YET.” He grabbed your arm harshly and brought you towards Dabi, throwing you against him. You fell against the man, the chair tilted and slammed backward, knocking the ravenette Alpha’s head against the tiled floor with a loud thud. Your loud chirp echoed through the enormous room as you collided against the floor on top of Dabi, he didn’t make a noise through the gag and you panicked, quickly pulling the blindfold off and ripping the gag from his mouth.

“Oh my god are you ok? I’m so sorry, are you ok? Dabi are you ok?” The words fell from your mouth quickly as you checked the back of his head; blood coated your hand as you ran your fingers through his hair. You hardly knew the man, but there was no excuse to have him tied up like a prisoner, he hadn't hurt you.

He smiled at you, his staples pulling taunt, his turquoise eyes meeting yours. “I’m ok doll face. May not be for long, but I’m good.” He released a soothing purr to calm you.

A sharp pain shot through you as you were harshly ripped off of the handsome man by your hair. “He is the last person you should be worried about OMEGA.” The words came out of his mouth like venom; spit hitting your face as you stared into his angry ruby eyes. He tossed you to the side and pulled a knife from his pocket. “AND YOU.” He pointed the blade towards his helpless comrade. “YOU WILL FUCKING DIE.” Gathering a large amount of saliva in his mouth he spat onto the man, a virile and potent amount of musk falling off of him while he took his place as dominate Alpha of the pack.

“Try to kill me you disgusting piss rat.” His head lifted from the floor as he met his boss’s harsh gaze with little care.

Shigaraki drove the knife deep into Dabi’s thigh. “Don’t be so confident you pathetic excuse for an Alpha. I have plans for you.” He twisted the knife, wiggling it around with a sickly noise.

“Are they as good as the shit ones you had for the league?” He hissed as Tomura removed the knife from his thigh and drove it in again, higher, clenching his teeth impossibly tight but keeping his eyes glued on to Shigaraki's.

“Yes. They are. Hopefully, you can follow my instructions better than you used to.” Shigaraki laughed haughtily; grabbing the towel off of the scarred man’s lap he placed it over his face. “Toga. The hose. And make sure to turn it on.” The blonde hesitated. “NOW!!!!!!” She shivered and ran to grab the hose next to the pool, quickly retrieving it and running the faucet, the angry Alpha snatching it from her hand. “You are about to find out Dabi, what happens when you touch things that belong to me.” Grabbing Dabi’s neck with his gloved fingers he poured the running water over the towel, the man below him thrashing and desperately trying to escape the stream of water suffocating him. You pulled yourself off of the cold tiles and ran to the Alpha.

“PLEASE NO!!!! PLEASE DON’T KILL HIM PLEASE!!!!!!” You pulled helplessly at his good arm, his form sturdy and unmoving as you cried. “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ALPHA, ALPHA PLEASE!!!!!” Mewls and chirps spilled from your mouth in quick succession. He eased up at the title, the nozzle pointing away from his subordinate’s face, his furious gaze shifting towards you, homicidal bloodlust leaked from his pores. The sickening rumble from his chest had your knees quaking, a bubble of bile rising in your throat.

“Who. Do. You. Belong. To.”

“YOU!!!! PLEASE I BELONG TO YOU PLEASE PLEASE ALPHA!!!!” Your tear-stained face begged him, pleaded, it had been less than a day since you had met him, yet you feared him more than the bloodthirsty monsters outside.

“Alright then angel, we will get to the main show.” His nasty smile returned. Shaking you off with ease he grabbed the towel from Dabi’s face and letting him breathe, still holding him from the neck he picked up the other Alpha with ease, tossing him into the deep and empty pool. The chair broke under Dabi’s weight when he landed harshly, breaking the large tiles underneath him, knocking the air out of his lungs. “Compress” Shigaraki commanded with a disgusting calmness. “Now.”

Spinner came up to you to help you up. “I’m sorry.” The green Alpha spoke as he held you tightly by the shoulders, “He wants you to watch this….” Walking you to the edge of the pool beside the head Alpha, you watched as Compress slowly marched towards the pool, reaching into his jacket pocket to retrieve 5 orbs.

“Are you sure Mr.Shigaraki?” The question came out sadly from his taut lips.

“Do not question me. Do it.” Tomura replied sharply.

Just as Dabi regained his footing, Atsuhiro threw the shiny azure orbs into the pool, releasing five undead that landed with a thud only a few meters away from the restrained Alpha. “NO!!!!!!” You cried out, struggling against Spinner’s tight grip. “NOOOOOOO!!!!! HE CAN’T FIGHT!!!!”

Shigaraki roughly cackled beside you, “That’s the fucking point Omega. He isn’t meant to.”

You could only watch on in horror as the monsters closed in on Dabi, panic setting in, chirps still leaving your mouth as your Omega tried her best to calm everyone down. Dabi cursed as he fell onto his back and looped his legs through his arms so his captured fists were in front of him, picking up a piece of sharp tile from the broken pool bottom. The closest undead lunging forwards towards him with a jaw open snarling, it reached to grab him but Dabi quickly plunged the shard of the tile through its eye and retreated from the remaining four. “THIS IS PRETTY LOW SCARFACE, EVEN FOR YOU!” He shouted to the man above.

“It’s either a death sentence or a lesson Dabi.” The blunette shrugged his shoulders. “I personally don’t care either way as long as you never touch my Omega again.”

A tsk left Dabi’s lips as he grabbed a discarded leg of the chair before driving it into the mouth of another zombie, exiting the back of its head with a pop. The remaining three rotting were larger than he was, and not as decayed as the first two. They seemed faster and were shuffling too close to each other to take out one by one. The groans deafening as they echoed in the empty basement, Dabi backed into the corner of the pool, the monsters closing in quickly. “Fuck….”

As the group watched on in terror, Spinner’s grip loosened slightly, just enough for you to rip out of it, “NO!” You shouted, jumping into the deep pool, landing on your ankle only with a shooting pain ripping up your leg. You grabbed another piece of the chair and tore open the skin on your arm, the scent of Omega blood flooding the room and pooling on the floor. “HERE!!!!! HERE!!!!! OVER HERE!!!!” You screamed and released as many pheromones as you could. Immediately the undead turned to you, the screeches that left their gurgling throats terrified you as they rushed you, trying to move you only tripped due to the pain in your ankle. Waiting for their claws and teeth you could only hold your breath and wait.

“Foolish, useless little shit.” Dust. Dust again. It covered you like a blanket, looking up you saw the pale Alpha before you, a glove removed from one hand and the other extended towards Dabi, pointed. “You will never, ever touch her again. Be grateful that MY Omega was kind enough to save you. AND YOU!” He glared up towards Spinner. “Will be doing supply runs for the next month for your MISTAKE.”

“Got it….” Dabi sighed, slumping to the bottom of the pool, his tired eyes on you, a grateful but sad smile across his face. “Never again….”

Grabbing your arm tightly with four fingers he threw you over his shoulder again, seemingly his preferred method to transport you. “Kurogiri. My room.” Almost immediately after, the mist like man opened a portal in front of you. Shigaraki stalked through and aggressively threw you onto his messy bed.. the musk of his soft blankets and sheets calming your senses.

“Never again Omega. I’m making you mine….”

Chapter Text

Oh man, you weren’t ready. Not at all. You hadn’t shaved in at least a month, you hadn’t been able to brush your teeth today, you were dehydrated, your ankle still hurt a lot, you didn’t have protection, the mood wasn’t really right, you hadn’t eaten yet, and you certainly weren’t wearing the right underwear for this. Oh yah and the big reason, YOU BARELY KNEW THIS INSANE MURDEROUS ALPHA. Only a few months ago you were only just CONSIDERING asking an Alpha that you had known for six entire years to scent something for you! How in the world did the bloodied Alpha in front of you expect you to accept this!?! Gripping the sheets around you and pulling them to cover your still dressed frame you felt your stomach turn. He wasn’t going to ask? Alpha always had to ask! And they have to present a courting gift made by hand! Then the whole courting process happened and you guessed that many couples slept together before bonding but… “Mr.Shigaraki I’m sorry I don’t think I can….”

“Hush.” His clawed and blood crusted hand found its way to the front of your neck, his strange pinkie finger glove covering on one hand. Snaking his other hand with a soft 4 fingered touch over your H/L H/C locks, bringing his elongated claws to run over your cheek. He slowly crawled over you, guiding you by your head and lower back to rest you flat on his enormous king-sized bed in his extravagant master bedroom attached to the lovely master bath, caging you in on either side with his arms. He purred gently and leaned his head down to lick your sensitive scent glands on each side of your neck over and over. His hands traced down your body, over your rib cage and waist, kneading at the soft flesh, pushing your cashmere sweater up to your diaphragm. A bright flush came to your cheeks as his saliva pooled at the crux of your collarbone, tiny mewls escaping your lips. His breath felt like heavy steam, and his breathing was heavily labored before he pulled himself away, straddling your waist he sighed heavily. “Let’s take care of this first….” Quickly making his way off of the bed he leaned down to snatch you over his good arm, holding your face impossibly close to his own scent glands, releasing an overwhelming amount of his own potent scent making your Omega's head cloudy and content.

Sitting you down on the counter he hissed as he knocked your knees apart. “This is the second time today Omega that we need the first aid kit for you…. medicine isn’t really available at your local Lawson Family Mart anymore you know.” He crouched in between your parted legs and opened the cabinet containing the first aid kit again, pulling it out and slamming the door shut. He reached behind you and turned the sink onto a comfortable lukewarm temperature before shuffling over to the shelf above the lounge chair to grab one of the last clean towels available. “Is this going to be an ongoing thing player two?” His question came off jovial, almost like he was telling a bad joke. Wetting the soft towel he started to clear the blood from your forearm, the cut wasn’t nearly as deep as you had originally thought it was, you guessed it only felt like a geyser of blood like from the horror movies because you had never been high on adrenaline before today. His tone turned more serious, “I want a safe Omega. I don’t want an Omega who is going to be constantly throwing herself into dangerous situations. That’s my job… The dangerous situations.” As he applied the bactine spray you closed your eyes and a tear slipped down your cheek at the sting, quickly he licked it up and stared at you softly, his hands gently holding your forearm and wrist. “M’ sorry…”

“No…. I just didn’t want anyone to die, I’m sick of people dying.” Tentatively you matched his softened gaze, his shoulders slumped forward, the deep scars around his deep-set eyes only seemed to further highlight his consuming sanguine irises. Behind his light blue shoulder-length feathered mop of hair, his jaw was sharp and masculine, his neck had the same scars as his eyes, the flaking skin and raw wounds probably had something to do with his quirk or a skin condition. His lips were chapped and breaking in some places, though scarred they were full and defined, his nose was well-set and straight which surprised you honestly. The Alpha has been shot multiple times, and gone through many other injuries in life judging from what you had seen of his torso and arms, but had never broken his nose? Cautiously you brought your small hand to place feather-soft touches on the grooves under his eyes, tracing them carefully, your lips parted gently to speak...

With a loud snarl he slapped your hand away. “YOU LITTLE BITCH.” The chapped lips you were just admiring pulled into a nasty scowl over razed sharp fangs. He swatted everything off of the counter around you and slammed his arms down on either side of you. Bringing your legs to your chest your Omega chirped in distress and you hid your face behind your arms. You could feel the angry panting coming from the man in front of you, the deep growl ripped echoed in the acoustics of the large bathroom, ringing through your ears. The near noxious scent of burning rotted leather and stale dust burned your nose but nothing happened. Slowly you raised your head to meet his gaze. Hurt. Damaged. Rejected. “FINISH IT YOURSELF AND GO SLEEP SOMEWHERE ELSE, HELL GO BACK FUCKING HOME, I WON'T CARE!!! I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR STUPID WORTHLESS FACE ANYMORE!” The marble counter cracked loudly as he slammed his fists down on either side of you again, with a huff he threw himself backward and stalked quickly through the doors.


Slowly sliding off of the counter onto your good ankle you picked up everything he had thrown to the floor, taking extra care with the straight blade razor now lying open, placing everything back in its place before applying polysporin and a fresh bandage to your wound. Leaning on your good leg you couldn't help yourself from running your finger over the now cracked solid marble, you found yourself stopping to ponder. First of all his reaction. He certainly wasn’t conventionally handsome like Mirio had been, not as tall and certainly not as brawny, but if you looked at him closely he WAS handsome. You were sure he probably had some insecurities regarding his…. unique… looking face, maybe someone in the past had done something to hurt him? Granted you wouldn’t call yourself a supermodel either. Sure, you were pretty. A few people had called you above average when you went to the effort, you had a few confessions through the years and a secret admirer once. Is that why he had reacted so badly? And second, if he really didn’t care, he would have killed you. He could easily kill you, he didn’t even have that silly glove thing on that seemed to cancel out his quirk. Not that the strong Alpha would need his quirk to kill you. Maybe though… it would be best to just go back to Mirio’s apartment, granted you don’t know how you would get inside considering the angry Alpha outside the bedroom had dusted the key, and you certainly were not going to climb fifteen floors to check if you had left the balcony unlocked. Not only that you knew that Mirio’s building was nearly a half hour’s walk away, and on your swollen ankle in ballet flats in the middle of the night you were sure to be a sitting duck. Shigaraki would be able to keep you safe….

Testing out the swollen joint you limped your way out of the bathroom and into the darkened bedroom, the soft light shining through from the living room gave away the cranky Alpha's position. Hobbling over, the closer you got to the door you could hear it, the telltale music from a game you loved. DOOM Eternal. Slowly you plodded towards the living room where the run and gun music was blasting from, as you rounded the corner you could see his shoulders twitching in annoyance, he found a safe spot and brought his hand up to his neck, ripping open old wounds and scratching at the scabbed skin. Excoriation….. mentally face palming you limped your way to the other side of the luxurious leather sofa he was sitting on and settled into the corner. You watched on in silence as he continued his run and gun until he was about to pass a little hidden cave….

“You missed the cave….” Your Omega whimpered softly.

“Speak. Up.” He seethed through clenched teeth. Both of his gloves were on his hands now as he handled the controller linked to the console beside the gigantic 51” TV. The surround sound booming out the scores.

“That cave… I think you will like it if you go in there… you are on the Kadingir Sanctum mission, right? You just beat the first Baron of Hell.” You pulled the soft faux fur throw blanket from the side table over your body, and happily watched the screen, a soft smell of Y/S filling the space.

He glared at you from the corner of his eye, watching you tuck yourself in and watch the screen as you made yourself as comfortable as possible. “If it’s a trap and you are trying to watch me die it won’t work…. I’m good at gaming…” His voice held less bite to it than the time before, turning your head to him you smiled and urged him to try it. He doubled back and proceeded into the cave, after defeating the few demons hidden in the depths he finally came face to face with the surprise, stilling as a small giggle left your lips. “…. a Dragonborn downed by an arrow to the knee….” The words fell from his lips in almost disbelief, your laughter grew a bit louder and he could swear it sounded like bells.

“See? I knew you would like it. It’s a cute Easter egg don’t you think? There are a few more too.” Your head fell to the back of the sofa, hair spilling over the edge, face illuminated solely by the red tinge of the level on the large Television as you looked at him with a wide grin. The grin faded and you looked a bit more solemn as your gaze drifted back to the paused screen. “I’m sorry Mr.Shigaraki, I wasn’t trying to offend you at all, I just wanted to touch you.”

“I know what you are thinking though Y/N.” His own eyes followed yours to stare back to the screen as well, letting himself fall backward from his perched position deeper into the couch, spreading his legs. The nearly inaudible Alpha whimper almost went unnoticed.

“Hmmm… What do I think then Mr.Shigaraki?” The silence was palpable, thick, and heavy it felt like you were drowning in the tension between you.

“I was going to be alone. With my Sensei in Tartarus, I could care less about him and his failed attempt at domination. My only goal in life was to destroy the symbol of peace and takedown society as we all knew it…” you quietly listened as the man continued, staring down at his hands he simply looked tired, voice raspy and calm. “Then this happened. We were close too… I had gained an entire army. I was going to outdo the old man, prove that I was stronger, better. When we got the news that entire cities were falling in hours we felt excited, finally, it was happening, society was toppling from its tower, heroes were dying left and right. But what do you do when your dreams are realized? What do you do when everything you’ve wanted simply falls into your lap on coincidence? All the work you did was pointless due to some freak chance? Everything felt dull. Then I smelled YOU yesterday Omega. I’ve never cared about an Omega’s smell before, in fact, most Omega’s smell obnoxious or sickly to me. Hell, it was only chance I came across your, and I found you, and saved you, finding myself become one of those disgusting Heros I had always hated. You clung to me like a baby bird and then you touched my face it only brought me back into reality. It doesn't matter how much I fight for you, or who defeat, if the undead weren’t walking the street you wouldn’t be here. You would be bonded with the Alpha whose smell you were covered in when I took you. Earlier when we were washing up, you looked at my body and you were disappointed. Now that you’ve had a good chance to look at my face you are horrified at the idea of being bonded to me. You don’t want to be mine. I can force you, starve you, keep you in isolation, torture you, lock you up, keep you chained and you will never WANT to be bonded to me. A flawless little Omega….”

He jumped as he felt you climb into his lap, straddling his hips and rub your face against his neck very tenderly, doing your best not to agitate the already wounded skin, your Omega begging you to comfort the sullen Alpha in front of her. “Well, you aren’t wrong. If this…. mess… the world has found itself in hadn’t of happened, we probably would have never met, and I probably would be bonded to Mirio. However you are wrong about what I was thinking, I was thinking that while you aren’t…. conventionally attractive… Mr. Shigaraki, that you are very handsome. I was admiring your scars, and thinking about how I could drown in your piercing carmine eyes. How sharp and strong your features are, and how your lips looked kissable. I was thinking about how strong you are as an Alpha, and how you could easily protect me.” You pressed your chest against his and purred loudly.

The rumbled coo he replied back with vibrated in your chest, he reached his arms around you and held you close. “Tomura. My name is Tomura, Y/N…” He started to pet your hair again and pulled you closer. “If you honestly feel that way… If you let me, I’ll destroy anything that even remotely threatens you.” You felt his nails elongate and press into the soft cashmere sweater. An unmistakable hardness growing against your core, blood rushing to your cheeks as you did your best to hide your face in his shoulder. “Kill anyone. Level cities.” His hands ran down your back, finding purchase under your plush thighs. “I’ll give you all the pups you could ever want and keep them safe as well.” Your hands gripped his shoulders with as much strength as you could muster, carefully avoiding his burn, as you felt your body becoming uncomfortably hot at his words. Your Omega panting and picturing this apartment filled with little red-eyed, blunette pups. Two or three clinging to your leg, living by the ocean, and eating seafood every day as your powerful Alpha protected you and provided for your family... His fangs dragging across the shell of your ear broke you out of your spell as he whispered to you “Agree to be mine Omega.”

“Yes….” It came out as a whimper and it was all he needed. Standing up from the couch he nibbled gently at your bare bonding spot, taking long quick strides to the ornate bedroom. As soon as he was within range he threw you onto it. His dark, possessive, and commanding eyes found yours immediately in the dim light.

“Do you trust me little Omega?” You nodded your head yes aggressively and he ripped the gloves off of his hands. “Lay on your back.” You obediently followed his instructions before watching the hungry Alpha grip his shirt, it scattered off of his well-defined pecs and shoulders, sculpted abs and deep Adonis belt, falling to the floor as ash. His powerful and scarred body crawled onto the bed, placing himself on his knees in between your legs. The reds of his lust blown eyes were almost invisible. Reaching out to you, he trailed his flat hand over your body slowly decaying the clothing in his way. Gazing upon your now nude figure, he sensually drank in every curve and divot exposed to him. His eyes landing on a rather obvious scar of yours. He traced over it with his thumb slowly and carefully, like he was memorizing the shape.

“We all have scars Tomura….” You smiled sweetly and placed your hand over his. The breath that left his lungs came out so world-weary and tired like he was desperate for any kind of acceptance. Crimson eyes met yours, silently ordering you to watch him as he slowly lowered himself down on his forearms between your thighs, inhaling your scent deeply as he licked a long strip up your inner thigh. Nipping roughly and sucking deep purple marks into your pulse points, you mewled, hands gripping the bed sheets tightly. A deep long rumble left his chest as he finally pushed his nose into your heat, dragging his large flat tongue over your leaking slit. Continuously teasing you by leaving open mouth kisses along your supple lips as you moaned and cried out to his small ministrations.

“TOMURA!” Your hands found purchase in his hair, pulling gently as he continued to gently suckle and pull until finally reaching the perky bud, you could feel the rough texture of his lips pull tight into a smile as he whispered something inaudible against you, lightly blowing on the pearl before harshly sucking the small bundle of nerves. A high pitched wail left your lips before you threw your head back onto the pillows, the mixtures of your scents invading your brain, adding to the pleasure Tomura was giving you. Your slick oozed down your thighs and you tried desperately to buck into his face for more. 

“No no Y/N, I’m enjoying my meal.” His uninjured forearm came up against your pelvic bone to trap you down easily, creating the perfect wall for his next ministrations. Taking his other hand he slipped his index finger into you slowly, just up to the knuckle, rocking in and out of your fluttering hole. “So tight little one, too tight. You can’t take me like this, have you ever even taken a knot.” He could only continue to chuckle lowly as he looked up at you, you were gasping for air and begging for more, unable to form a full stable sentence. A moment later he added another long finger inside, scissoring, searching, twisting, flicking, curling waiting to hear the….

“OH GOD PLEASE ALPHA PLEASE!” His sadistic laugh grew heavier, he was unable to stop it from escaping his lips as he proceeded to relentlessly attack the sweet spongy spot inside of you, being careful to avoid nicking you with his claws. The coil inside of your stomach tightened and your squelching walls began the telltale signs of your orgasm. He took his long tongue and started flicking at your clit wildly, adding a third finger and growling to give you more stimulation. “Come for me Omega.” His Alpha voice rumbling in his chest against you was all that was needed to push you off your edge before your back arched off of the bed, a white stary sheet blanketing your vision as you squealed and chirped wildly. Your thighs nearly cramping from how hard you were crushing his head. You couldn't see, but the smug look from the man between your legs would have had you ready for more. 

As he eased you down from your high you finally looked down to study his face, never had you experienced such a mind-blowing orgasm. His face was absolutely covered in your slick, he continued to lick off his own fingers like it was some kind of ambrosia, a sweet treat to savor and treasure. “Y…. you’ve had a lot of practice…” It felt embarrassing, laying bare before him, a thin sheen of sweat covering your body, hair tousled looking completely fucked out and he hadn’t even taken off his shirt yet.

“There are more than enough willing Omega’s who have a thing for criminals. I was never lonely during my ruts if that’s what you are asking.” Your Omega whined at the thought, you probably were just a dime a dozen for him, not that it mattered if you thought about it, he was right that you would have never met if the world hadn't fallen into bits... Noticing your change in demeanor he sat back onto his knees and leaned forward, hands balled into fists, his wet sticky musky lips meeting yours quickly before pulling away. “I didn’t bond any of them. Or knot them. I don’t have pups out there. It was just to ease me through without having to take suppressants. Understand?” You nodded yes and he placed his forehead on yours and rumbled deeply for you, trying his best to be relaxing. You reached up to wrap your arms around his neck with one hand in his shaggy tangled hair. “Now sweet Omega let’s move onto the good par….”

The elevator door dinged and Tomura's angry growl ripped through the apartment before the bedroom door slammed open and Mr.Compress sauntered quickly into the room. He looked out of breath and concerned. “Alpha Raiders. Without Dabi, we need your help.”

Chapter Text

The feral growl that resonated through the room seemed to shake the even the sturdy frosted privacy glass that separated the bedroom from the hallway. Shigaraki threw the blankets over you quickly and climbed off of the bed faster than you could imagine, shielding your body from view as the Beta threw open the door. He clicked his tongue and spat his words towards his subordinate, “Raiders aren’t a problem. They have never been a problem before, I’m sure even Toga can take care of them alone….” His breathing was heavy, even from behind you could see his frame panting in restrained frustration. His back, littered with marks standing tall, shoulders back and arms loosely extended out to his sides to protect your frame from view.

Atsuhiro noticing your state behind Shigaraki turned around and cleared his throat. “Sir, it isn’t just a few of them this time, it’s dozens…and not just Beta scouts…Kurogiri has reported that nearly the entire raider party seems to be Alphas…” The normally calm voice of the sweet gentleman Beta male burned with stress. “It may have something to do with Miss Y/N’s appearance last night. Miss Toga and I hadn’t smelled her distress or approach, however, the rest of the Paranormal Liberation Front did…I can only assume that she possibly attracted other Alphas…”

Your eyes shot towards back towards Tomura’s frame, he stilled and brought his hand up to his neck, scratching at the raw skin. You shifted sideways, attempting to get a glimpse of the expression on his face but he turned away. 

“Define dozens…” He stalked towards his closet, pulling out a pair of his boxer briefs and an old t-shirt that smelled like mothballs and dust for you to wear, tossing them towards you haphazardly before approaching the hallway to speak with the man. Quickly you slipped on the articles of clothing, cautiously listening in on the conversation, ears twitching to focus themselves more accurately. 

“Kurogiri reported at the very least twenty-five to thirty, most of them are Alphas, but there are also around four or five Betas, each seemingly with quirks.” The Beta replied quickly, with Tomura by his side he seemed calmer, you only assumed it was due to the strength that the leader presented, ruling with an iron fist.

“How far away are they?” The Alpha asked, shifting his weight on the balls of his feet, an unease that he had never felt before settled into the pit of his stomach. His Alpha screaming at him in his subconscious. ‘protect.. protect… Protect… PrOTecT….PROTECT PROTECT PROTECT’

“They could be here as quickly as ten minutes if they tried.”

The Alpha shifted again and grumbled and continued to peel at his neck, mumbling to himself before returning to the doorway and directing his attention towards you, his promise weighing heavily through his gaze as you watched him contemplate carefully. “Get Toga up here. Have her take a cup of blood GENTLY from my Omega, have Y/N scent her and then wait in my bed while Y/N hides, and the rest of us will go hunt them down.” He turned towards you, lips pursed and shoulders sturdy. “Y/N, Toga will be up here in a few minutes. She is going to take some blood from you. Not a lot, just enough. After she does, hide in the back of the closet and wait for me. Don’t open the closet for anyone but me. Not even Toga after you close the door. Only me.”

A shiver ran down your spine at the wording, Nejire’s words echoing in your brain.

“But….” Your words fell on deaf ears as he threw on a random black hoodie that had been sitting on a chair in the corner of the room, stalking out of the doors and into the elevator with the submissive Beta. “I don’t want to wait in the closet again….” A whimper escaped your lips. This time would be different right? This time nothing would happen. You were on the sixtieth floor of one of the fanciest apartment buildings in Musutafu, you were safe, being protected by an Alpha, specifically, your insane Alpha (or would have been if yours hadn’t have been interrupted) who had the power to literally turn anything he wanted to dust. Nothing could defeat him… Right? Grabbing the front of the shirt that Shigaraki had left you, you brought it close to your face and inhaled deeply. They would come back for you this time….

Gathering up a few different items you needed for your temporary nest you glanced over at the large ornate clock over the hallway desk, it had been almost fifteen minutes. You contemplated looking for her yourself before the elevator dinged again and you saw the sweet blonde Beta girl strolling casually through the elevator doors, hands held softy in front of her body. “I’m here to take you somewhere safe dear.” She smiled, holding her hand out to you. Her soft golden eyes seemed so calm and kind, her smile docile and gentle. This did NOT feel like the murderous schoolgirl wannabee you had met previously...

“Oh. Um… Mr.Shigaraki said that you were going to take a bit of my blood and that I should stay in his closet after you arrive?” That nagging feeling returned. The same feeling you had when Dabi had scented you in the cigar lounge. It felt like prickles on the back of your neck, like a spider crawling over your face.

“Change of plans, unfortunately. He wants me to take you to the scent proof room in the basement! He thought you would be safer with no smell at all over his own.” She shook her hand again, the calm smile fading into a thin line across her lips. “Let’s go Omega. You can trust me. I just wanna keep you safe” She began to walk towards you quickly, with long predatory strides.



You took a deep inhale of the air around you, while the majority of the scent in the room was ash and old leather and musk, you had expected to smell at least a hint of sandalwood and amber from the bloody blonde, instead, all you could smell was applewood and myrrh. Taking a deep breath inward you quickly tried to plan, pushing down your Omega to use your logical brain.

“TOGA!” You exclaimed loudly, causing the intruder to pause.

“Yes Omega?” The face smiled again, only a few feet away.

“Do you remember that book we read out loud together the other day? The one about the bunny and the bear?” You quickly glanced around the room, hoping that you could find something, anything to fight this intruder with. If he was a Beta, you stood a chance, but with an Alpha, your best bet was to run.

“Of course Omega! Now let’s go! We have to get to the basement, we can’t hold the group back much longer and I want to keep you safe.” The Imposter’s eyes began to betray them, wide with desire, lust blown eyes failing to hide behind a gossamer-thin veil of innocence.

“Right! Sorry Toga, I just need to grab my book just in case we are stuck in the room for more than a few hours!!!” She nodded quickly and ogled you with an unblinking stare. You walked as casually as possible to the master bedroom and into the bathroom, locking the door, you remembered seeing a straight blade razor after Tomura had thrown all of the clutter off of the counter. Where was it… where was it… where had you put it away… you were opening and closing drawers as quickly and quietly as possible, scouring the cabinets for the blade.

“Omega…..” The Alpha sweetly seethed out in a commanding voice, causing your Omega to still. The imposter Toga called out from outside of the door. “We have to go now. There are no books in the bathroom!” Your blood ran cold as the shattering of the heavy wood door caught you off guard. “Time is up Omega!” The imposter seemed to melt and grow at the same time, his frame shaping into a large, hairy, orange-eyed, feral looking Alpha. “Time. Is. Up.” He stalked towards you faster than you could imagine, trying to escape he simply grabbed your injured arm, you chirped and cried out as he ripped you back towards him before a large fist came into your vision and you saw black.


When you woke you found yourself pinned down onto an uncomfortable wooden table, or maybe bed, you weren’t quite sure. There were blankets and a pillow, but no mattress underneath you. Struggling to pull against the chains, the parched feeling in your mouth and the dryness in your eyes let you know that you had been here for more than just a few hours.

“Good Morning Omega!!!!” A brassy baritone-voiced called out to you, the darkness of the room had you doubting that it was actually morning. “Do you have any idea how rare your sweet kind is nowadays? And smelling like Y/S, it’s almost cruel to the remaining Alphas in the world you know!” Minutes went by as you refused to answer. A deep snarl came from your host before a bright fluorescent lamp was turned on directly above you. “Not many Omegas nowadays you know, a much smaller percentage without bonding marks. It leaves more powerful Alphas like me to go hunting and searching you know.” 

As your eyes slowly adjusted, your captor’s face came into view. Bright orange eyes stared at you; a head of pure white hair accompanied his youthful golden complexion. He was handsome, with thick lips, high cheekbones, thick eyebrows, hunter’s eyes, a Roman nose, and flawless skin, you were certain that he had probably been a highly sought after Alpha before the collapse on his looks alone. “Won’t you please talk to me lovely? We spoke earlier, I know you aren’t mute you know. So many of my crew died just so I could get my hands. On. You.” His large hand came down to stroke your face, you flinched away before his gentle and soft touch met your cheek. “If you behave Omega, I will treat you like a princess. You just need to behave for me.”

Your silence was his only answer as he sneered and growled, a moment passed before he lowered his shoulders and collected himself, a sick darkness painting over his face. “Have it your way little one, I consider myself to be a gentleman in these… desperate times you know. However, if you keep refusing me, I am more than willing to make you submit with more… aggressive measures. I could always throw you to the lesser Alpha’s under me as well you know. We have even had to kill a few of our own after they became too feral to listen to reason, plenty of them are teetering right on that edge and I’m sure if I scrubbed this nasty smell off of you and threw you out into the yard naked they would be more than happy to give in to their more primal desires.”

Your Omega finally cracked, whimpering as tears threatened to spill from your eyes. “I’m sorry.”

His ears twitched at the response. “Oh. The little one doesn’t like violence huh? That’s ok, as long as you are a good girl, nothing will happen, I promise.” His large hands came to the chain around one of your arms binding you down and broke it easily. A gasp escaped your lips as you looked around the room frantically for a door, and you found it. You turned your body towards it in instinct before he grabbed your wrist and squeezed. “Steel is a lot harder than bone you know.” 

The survival instincts of ancient Omegas was something you had been forced to learn about in school, how they would cower and submit and stay indoors, and if you could recall properly, they were treated as incubators, cooks, and bed warmers before civilization became a thing. Hell Omegas weren’t even allowed to go to school or vote until one hundred fifty years ago… You remember scoffing as the teacher prattled on about how the building of society and the addition of quirks had reshaped how the secondary sex dynamic worked, and why instincts are less important now, you had asked yourself silently ‘Why in the world would any Omega act that pathetic? Alpha’s aren’t that scary, I would never find myself submitting like that to an Alpha, I want to be seen as an equal rather than a possession!’

You understood now. The past two days being a blur of threats, torture, and near death, all over the way you smelled. A plan is what you needed; you needed to calm the hell down and come up with a plan. You HAD to get the hell out of dodge, away from this pompous Alpha that liked to talk, away from the murderous man child Alpha with the emotional stability of a plastic spoon, away from the rotting undead in this enormous city. What does this Alpha want, what will lower him into a false sense of security so you can gain more freedoms? …. Submission. “I’m sorry Alpha…. my muscles are sore from lying down and my neck hurts a lot, I was just trying to stretch” E/C doe eyes met his intense Orange ones, his pupils dilating at the title.

He seemed to perk up, puffing out his chest eagerly. “Oh of course MY poor sweet Omega!” He purred and took a key from his pocket, unlocking the remaining chains; the earlier act of breaking them was clearly just showboating. As the last chain around your ankle was undone he picked you up into his arms and sat back into the wooden chair he was previously sitting in, a wide smile across his face as he tucked you into him closer. “I’m going to take you to the bathroom Omega, my PRIVATE bathroom! I’m the only one here who has one. You are going to scrub yourself free of this nasty ash smell and change into the clothing I have for you.” Picking you up he carried you out of what you had realized was a heavily reinforced tool and maintenance shed, the sun was high in the sky and burned your retinas for a moment. Looking around you saw a large fenced in yard, a tall and thick concrete fence lined with barbed wire at the top, and an entrance only large enough for a bus to come through was blocked by a heavy and tight steel grate, they even had a larger garden that was placed to the side and being worked on by a few skinny Betas. His strong grip tightened again and he nuzzled your hair. “This is your home sweetie! And we live in that big building over there!” Attention swiveling to where his hand was pointing you realized that you were at a prison, though it looked like one of those cushy ones with private rooms used for high-class white-collar criminals you had seen on some Betflix documentary.

Entering the building you could only watch the other Alpha’s eyes roam over you. Thick virile smells pouring out of the doors of private rooms, still carrying you like a bride you paid extremely close attention to any hiding spots and hallways that could help you escape as he prattled on. “I used to be the warden here you know; my grandfather was the head of the Correctional Bureau of the Ministry of Justice administration in Japan. By the time I was twenty-three I had finished my masters and was offered the job for the position of warden here, they thought I was so amazing that I was even chosen for this prison over the nasty one where all the purse snatchers and drug addicts go! You really should be impressed you know, lucky enough to be rescued by me AND accepted as my Omega, before all this happened I had over one hundred mate candidates!”

You smiled and nodded at the self-absorbed narcissistic Alpha, why in the world was he so proud of his position that was clearly obtained by nepotism. How else could he have finished a Masters in five years and already have a position that took a normal person two decades at least to obtain? Mirio obtained his status through hard work and determination, nothing had been given to him…. Hell even the blunette Alpha seemed to have proven himself to enough people that he had apparently amassed an army to follow him… This Alpha should be embarrassed. “Wow! You really are amazing Alpha!” Petting his chest gently.

He began to preen himself and walk a bit faster, how ridiculous. “Oh that’s right my sweet little Omega, I don’t know your name yet! Mine is Iwane Asato, I’m sure you recognize the name. We are a family full of powerful male Alphas you know. The only woman to give birth to a single Omega was my grandmother, so don’t you worry a hair on that sweet empty head adorable Omega, you will only be given Alpha sons.”

Ugh, even your Omega was disgusted by that sentence… “Y/N L/N, and of course I do, many Omegas used to talk about Japan’s most eligible Alphas! And such good news, I won’t have to worry about our children at all then!” You purred softly as he led you to the end of a long hallway, the full-frame steel door was thick and required a key card rather than a traditional key, the multitude of clicks let you know that it wasn’t a simple lock. The inside of the new room looked like a hotel suite. A single king-sized bed, a room that you assumed was the bathroom, a small kitchen, a living area, and a small private bar next to a dining table. A single large window-lined with more steel bars looked out over the garden; you could see the gate from where you were.

“Home sweet home Y/N-chan.” He set you down gently and sauntered haughtily towards a closet, opening it and pulling out a frilly pink lace nightgown. “I got this for you. I just knew I would be lucky enough to get a sweet submissive Omega so I only picked the clothing that I knew my dream Omega would like!” Tacky. It looked like something a young child’s doll would wear or something you would find out of one of those super old pin-up calendars where Omegas were portrayed as helpless little toys made for the bed and the kitchen, ready to serve the waiting Alpha their daily drink on their knees. Lace bows and frills hung from the low neckline that was held together by ribbons, the skirt reached down to the knees and had more lace frills than you could count, the sleeves were capped and had even MORE bows on them, and the waist was corseted by soft baby pink velvet.

“It is beautiful Alpha, thank you!” More preening and purring, at least he was easy to trick, you had to wonder how much the criminals in his facility were able to get away with simply by stroking his over-inflated ego and boosting his confidence with disingenuous fawning. He marched passed you, an air of self- importance around him before he opened the bathroom door for you, the dress in his outstretched hand towards you.

“I am a perfect gentleman you know, so I will watch this door and protect you while you wash that disgusting scent off and put on your pretty little gift. I have more gifts after you come back out!” Making a big show of flexing his muscles, which you had to admit were actually quite impressive, he stood by the door and his nose shot high into the air. How pathetic…

You took the dress from his hands and closed the paneled bathroom door behind you and locking it, not that you think it would stop him, the door was flimsy compared to the large solid hardwood door he had broken through previously, but at least you had some privacy this time, your mind drifting back to the scarred yet svelte frame stripping and climbing into the ornate bathtub… The bathroom itself was smaller and much to your Omega’s dismay it didn’t have a window to escape from. It did contain a large bathtub that doubled as a shower, and a large sink vanity with a pretty mirror, it certainly wasn’t anything compared to your Alpha’s apartm…. Your thoughts drifted to the high rise that belonged to the aggressive Alpha with childish mood swings again. Well shit…

Turning on the shower, you looked over the different shampoos and soaps available. It looked like the Alpha outside had stocked up on what he assumed an Omega would like… “No tears kid’s strawberry shampoo and conditioner, sensitive skin organic honey smelling baby wash, strawberry and mint shower skin conditioner for babies….” Great, just your luck, it wasn’t common before the collapse but you had heard that some Alphas infantilized their Omegas to a sickening point. Treating them like dumb children or a pet rather than an equal partner or mate. Judging from the misogynistic comments and vile comment about his family producing Alphas you could only assume he was one of those creeps.

You hid Shigaraki’s clothing under the sink behind some cleaning products and spare towels, hoping the Alpha wouldn’t wonder where they had gone. Getting into the shower and pulling the curtain back, you stood under the stream of hot water while planning your escape….


He loomed angrily over the remaining corpses, hate and anger dripping from his pores. A beaten and unconscious Toga in the arms of Spinner before him. “I found her like this behind the reception desk on the main floor…. Looks like she fought back but judging from these bruises and the scratch marks she was up against a pretty large Alpha.”

“What about Y/N.” His odious depraved eyes flickered, his voice hoarse and foul.

“Missing, so is Jin…. The bathroom door in your place was shattered.” Mr. Compress stepped in. “What’s the plan?”

They watched the head Alpha approach a moaning, half-dead Alpha raider. The smile on his face wide and manic as he cackled like a deranged man. “The plan, is to get my Omega back. The way to do that is simple. Wake Dabi…”

Chapter Text

As the remaining members of the PLF, returned to their building, each taking care of the job they were provided before meeting outside the elevator on the ground floor. The increasing tension that hung over the frail leader continued to grow, the elevator ride itself was uncomfortably silent as they made their way to the makeshift medical facility in room 4512, and all things considered, the room was far nicer and definitely more equipped than most of their previous hideouts had been for medical treatment. Entering the apartment loudly Spinner set Toga down on the couch before Kurogiri appeared out of a separate room, a skin stapler in his misty hand, blood coating the front of his dapper suit.

“Ah, I see you have returned. Please refrain from ripping Mr.Dabi’s staples again, the scarred portions of his skin do not like to hold onto the healthy portions o…. Hmm I see we have another situation on our hands. What happened to Miss Toga?” He instantly warped himself to her side, pushing her wispy blonde bangs from her face, a hand to the pulse point on her neck; while her breathing was shallow she was alive. Her wounds would be easily treated with time and bed rest, broken bones and bruises seemed to be the worst of her condition.

“Some asshole from the raid team got inside the building without us knowing. Or at least one of the Alphas did. Toga apparently confronted him in the lobby and he either took her down too fast for her to call for help, or she tried to fight him herself. We don’t know.” The gecko answered first, hands deep in his pockets, side-eyeing Shigaraki who had yet to calm down. “Twice is missing too, we don’t know where he is.”

“WHY THE FUCK IS THE CRUSTY PISS RAT HERE. I COULD SMELL HIS NASTY ASS THE SECOND THE ELEVATOR OPENED.” Dabi’s voice rang out angrily from the other room, in a few seconds he emerged from the other room, covered in gauze and bandages. His clothing seemed to be clean, probably the work of the sweet Mist mom. “GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE HANDJOB; I DON’T NEED YOU RUBBING Y/N IN MY FACE RIGHT NOW.” He was seething with rage and jealousy.

“Miss Y/N isn’t present; I assume she is still waiting in Mr. Shigaraki’s closet for….” He was cut off by the feral and deep growl rumbling through the pale Alpha’s chest, the noise startling the room into silence.

Mr. Compress coughed after a few moments of heavy tension and addressed the room formally, “Miss Y/N isn’t here, it seems she has either run away or has been abducted. Mr. Shigaraki assumes that it is the latter, he apparently has a plan to rescue the sweet Omega but we require Dabi to make it happen, is he fight worthy?”

“He doesn’t need to be fight worthy; Dabi doesn’t need to fight to take his place in my plan…..” Tomura spat, his secondary characteristics still on display, seemingly unable to relax his Alpha. “No, I just need Dabi to create a convenient secondary distraction while the rest of us storm them. Obviously Toga will stay here under Kurogiri’s care. We will be using the two-way radio to communicate with Kurogiri; he will set up an exit warp point as well once we find their camp. The raider we captured is in isolation in the freezer for the time being… he will talk, I will make him talk, and he will lead us to my Omega.”

A nasty and sarcastic chuckle came from the doorway to the surgical room. “Y/N was kidnapped? Fuck handjob you literally just won her from me half a day ago and you’ve already lost her?” The patchwork Alpha leaned against the wall and scoffed heavily while rolling his eyes, “We do need to get her back though…. This shithole could benefit from her calming presence…” The sad look in his turquoise eyes seemed to betray his words before they fell to the floor….


You stepped out of the shower smelling like a god damn strawberry shortcake, your Omega was overly pleased but you shut her down, how dare she be pleased to smell like the Alpha outside wanted. You sighed heavily and took a deep inhale of the air. True to his word, the Alpha had guarded the door properly. He was releasing obnoxious amounts of his Applewood and Myrrh scent to cover any of your own that could seep out into the complex. It was thick and bellicose and it made your nose burn, if not anything else he was a thorough Alpha, despite being so disgusting in his mindset. Shivering at the loss of heat of the shower, you climbed out of the hot downpour of the water, toweling off the majority of the dampness and thought back to the scarred Alpha….. How would he treat you, he didn’t seem to infantilize you, he wasn’t some naïve boy given his entire future on a platter, he was battle-tested and self-sufficient, and he liked games…. Maybe you could play games together with him, maybe Minecraft, maybe you wouldn’t need all those mods…

“Kitty, are you done yet?” Can you get flashbacks after only a day? “I’m just outside with your gifts pretty little Omega.” Somehow the soft call for you was far worse than the angry banging on the door that you remembered.

“Just a moment, I’m drying my hair and getting dressed Alpha.” More purring came from behind the door and you heard him chuckle to himself about how all Omegas take a lot of time to get ready. Pinching your nose you decided that the comment was not your problem right now, picking up the hairdryer you slowly dried your hair, at least this luxury felt nice and you weren’t being rushed too badly. With your plan solidified you knew you were going to have to play nice and pretend to be happy to be his Omega, hopefully, you could ask him to take you ‘shopping’ looting for some nest materials and stuffed animals or something and escape on foot. The plan was to find the closest mud puddle and just cover yourself in it to mask any scents he could use to find you. Then run. Run and hide somewhere decently safe until you could slowly make your way out of the city… or maybe back to…. No. Out of the city, out of Musutafu and into the sticks, if you followed the bullet train tracks you knew, judging from the tracks you remembered you knew you would eventually hit some small town near the ocean where you could defend yourself. A small boat for fishing, the heavy scent of the sea to cover your own scent, and hopefully while escaping the city you could find a good supply of suppressants so you could pretend to be a Beta if you ran into people.

The last of the liquid left your hair and you slipped into the doll gown Asato had forced on you as a gift. Glancing at yourself in the mirror you shuddered. It was certainly a… choice…. You wondered where he had even found such an atrocity against fashion; it wasn’t even cute like the Lolita style that so many girls dressed up in. Exiting the bathroom you were met with the large Alpha taking a deep whiff of your scent in. “Look at you kitty, you look so pretty!” He took you into his arms and immediately started to scent you. Licking your scent glands and rubbing his own glands over your exposed skin and arms. He sniffed the air again, more carefully this time. “Ah, I figured that we would need the next gift!”

Calming your goosebumps you swallowed the nasty feeling lump in your throat. “What is my next gift Alpha?” Instead of answering you, he grabbed your arm, leading you towards the sofa in front of the Television.

He left to go rummage back inside the closet before emerging with a large box. Thrusting it aggressively into your lap he puffed his chest out AGAIN. “You can open it Omega, it’s ok baby girl!”

Tentatively you took the pink box from your lap and carefully undid the puppy themed ribbon, it was a pretty ribbon after all. Opening the box you removed the jewelry bag you found inside. Eyebrows quirked you looked up at him in confusion, jewelry wasn’t exactly a necessity in this day and age, the proud looking Alpha simply waved off your glance and urged you to open the bag. Untying the ribbons of the expensive bag your stomach fell flat and the color fell from your face as you saw what was inside….


The aggressive Alpha stalked towards the walk-in freezer, hackles still up, fangs still bared, eyes splintered into angry thin ruby shards. The offending Alpha raider pinned to a titanium chair that was bound to the floor with reinforced rods, his small frame shivering and blue due to the cold, the same material wrapping around his body with quirk canceling cuffs resting upon his wrists pinned on his back behind the heavy chair.

“Where did you come from?” Shigaraki spat angrily, Dabi and Spinner on either side of him.

“Fuck you, you villainous asshole.” The raider gathered spit in his mouth, shooting the offending substance as far as he could, landing on Shigaraki’s red sneakers. “WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE, WE SCOUTED THIS AREA BEFORE YOU SICK FUCKING FREAKS!! THE LEAGUE ABSOLUTELY HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS SHIT!!!!” Spinner clicked his tongue and crossed his arms mumbling under his breath.

“Dabi.” The command from the lead Alpha was all that was needed before the injured male strolled towards the thief, his hand lit up in an angry blue flame before he pressed his thumb onto the other male’s cheek, burning a deep, disgusting pit into his flesh. The pinned man screamed as a large piece of his meaty face fell onto his shirt, teeth and tongue now visible through the hole. “I’ll ask again… where is my Omega?” The manic smile returned before he grabbed the man’s jacket with all five fingers, Dust falling to the floor. “If you know who we are, you know what we can, and will do to do if you don’t speak.”

“You can kill me, but it’s not half as bad as what he would do to me. Last fucking asshole who defied him was hung out to rot in the yard with his guts out. He keeps fucking Betas as slaves, starves them when they step out of line or speak. I dunno what he is gonna do to that pretty little Omega but she sure as hell is better off with him than with you ACTUAL FUCKING VILLIANS!!!” Dabi pressed his entire heated hand to the Alpha’s chest, a searing fourth-degree burn in the center of his torso. More screaming left the man’s mouth, his limbs shaking and convulsing as best as they could from their restraints before his stubbled chin fell against his collarbone, smoke from his own cooking flesh fanning his face, the breath coming out of his mouth was hot compared to the sub-zero temperatures of the freezer, pale purple eyes glazing over as he came in and out of consciousness.

“Who.” Shigaraki looked like he was losing his patience, fingers nastily moving around, cracking, and threatening to release his angry and bitter scent through the freezer.

Spinner covered his nose and coughed. “Boss we fucking store our food in here; I don’t wanna be eating tofu that tastes like fucking dust!”

The scent faded a small margin before the blunette spoke again. “If you tell me who I will make this quick, if not I have a certain blonde that could come down here and drain you of your blood slowly, she likes taking fingers one knuckle at a time.”

His breath staggered and he whimpered pathetically. “Iwane Asato, that nasty fucking prick is sick. Just fucking kill me already you evil fucks…..” The group exchanged glances, a mild confusion lacing the Alphas of the pack's faces.

“Anyone know who that is?” Dabi casually asked while shifting his weight on his feet, his hand still flickering with the bright cerulean flames, threatening to touch the raider’s body again.

“I know that a few years ago he became a warden at a fairly cushy prison here in Musutafu, when I was underground my colleagues and I would joke about now guileless and inexperienced he was, giving away reduced sentences to those who he liked. I’m not aware if he runs the same prison or if he was fired for incompetence. He wasn’t known for being particularly perverse like this man claims though, everyone knew him as a brat.” Atsuhiro spoke up behind the Alphas, his forefinger tapping his chin as he tried his best to remember more details.

“He is a fucking sick monster, not as sick as you fucking villia…..” He wasn’t able to finish his words before Tomura grabbed his face, nothing left of him but the blood-stained shirt and pants.

“Where is the prison located Compress?”

“Sir we don’t know if he is at the prison or if he still runs the same one.” The gentlemanly Beta reasoned with his leader. “Prison’s also have many rooms and hidden areas so there is a chance that he could escape with her and….”

“WHERE IS HIS FUCKING PRISON? HE MENTIONED A YARD. PRISON’S HAVE YARDS. WHERE IS THIS USELESS PEON’S PRISON?!?!” Stomping angrily towards the Beta he grabbed his throat with 4 fingers, easily lifting the smaller man and slamming him into the cold shelving.

Atsuhiro sighed and raised his hands in defeat. “It is on the southern side of Musutafu, near Sakawa River and Hatsumeri district… we still don’t know their numbers Shigaraki, or their defenses.” The Alpha’s grip lessened, returning the Beta to his feet and watching carefully as he lowered his arms.

“We defeated an entire city of quirk uses before, we can take down a shitty prison.” Stalking through the freezer doors they exited the gourmet kitchen and headed into the elegant restaurant that sat on the first floor before passing through the large and ornate French doors that led to the lobby and elevators. Hearing a smash on the outside of the reinforced bulletproof glass before the door was ripped open and a figure fell through, a small horde chasing him. All four of the men stood ready, arms out and blood lust in the air before the figure slammed the building’s doors behind them forcefully, barricading himself from the undead.


Chapter Text

Embarrassed. Humiliated. Infantilized. You sat directly to the right of HIM at what seemed to be the “head table” it was the only table turned to the side and placed in front of the others in the sterile mess hall of the prison you were in. The only difference was that HE was sitting on a comfortable large plush chair and YOU were sitting on a little pink chair with flowers on it. You were sitting beside him. In that stupid frilly lace dress, with these stupid pink shoes, with stupid kitty-themed pigtails in your hair, and the worst part of it was the STUPID ROSE GOLD SCENT BLOCKING COLLAR HANGING AROUND YOUR NECK. 

The collar itself? Not bad at all, hell even the design on it was pretty, it was thin and the metal was strong and the flowers that were delicately carved into it were lovely, and it would be extremely useful if you escaped. The problem with the stupid collar was the Swarovski crystal-lined tag that read out “IWANE ASATO” in large kanji for everyone to see. The Alpha on the other side of you shot you a pained look and a nod, seemingly to ask if you were ok. She looked like she understood that this wasn’t the proper way to treat an Omega, that you weren’t a pet, you nodded back to her and gave her a sweet but sad smile before a snarl ripped through Asato’s mouth. 

“DON’T LOOK AT MY OMEGA!” He slammed his fist containing a beer bottle down heavily onto the table, foam spilling over the neck as he pulled your stool closer to him and under his arm. The younger female Alpha cowering in submission before returning to her own meal, his large hand came down on your H/C locks before stroking downwards and purring at you. “It’s ok kitty, everything is ok.” This… this was far worse than you had anticipated…


“Do you like your gift Omega? I had it made a few months ago when I decided to finally choose an Omega to settle down with! Then all the dead started walking and most of my suitors were eaten!” His smile never left his lips as the slimy words fell out of his mouth. “But then I smelled you! You smelled so scared you know, a little dusty, but scared, and that makes sense, considering you were being held captive by the League of Villains! I’m sure that the leader was going to claim you soon. His ash smell was ALL over you.” As you processed the information he gave you, he was placing your hair into pigtails with kitty-themed scrunchies. “Aren’t you lucky that you have such a lawful and good Alpha protecting you now? You must be grateful for…..”

Wait what….. You tuned out the Alpha’s clucking as your mind drifted into your memories, Mirio has told you previously about the League… or you guessed according to the Gecko Alpha they had changed their name to the Paranormal Liberation Front. From what Mirio used to tell you in high school they had been BAD, like, invading the school, attacking the hero course training camp, kidnapping a student, launching attacks on cities, killing thousands… creating those… nomu monsters kinda bad…. was that what the army Shigaraki was talking about for? He had meant bringing down society literally…. You hadn’t realized that they were that evil…. you had thought they were revolutionaries, or anarchists, or even those who thought people with strong quirks should rule, not actual worldwide known villains.. and he said that Tomura was the leader… The temperamental bratty Alpha with no impulse control…


The small noise brought you back into reality, hand shooting up to your neck to feel the now locked collar. “I might as well throw away the key right? You will be my Omega by the end of the night anyways.” He chuckled and leaned down on one leg, taking your foot into his hand while he put on your socks and your new shoes for you one by one.

Well Shit…..


Everyone was laughing and drinking around you as you watched the sky turn orange through the large windows on the ceiling. There were plenty of Alphas here, far more than the PLF had, however, most of them were strictly white-collar businessmen, the few that weren’t had been the guards of this facility previously, and for whatever reason were still practicing the socially polite practice of holding back their scents. You could only guess that everyone was more or less equal now under the deranged white-haired Alpha who hadn’t stopped spreading his musk everywhere since the moment he stepped into the room, minus yourself and what you had learned were the Beta slaves that sat in the corner, their portion sizes far more meager than even your own. As you pushed the food around your plate with your chopsticks you had to think of how to ask the Alpha to take you ‘shopping’ with just him so he wouldn’t have an entire pack searching for you when you dipped out, and also before he tried to bond you as he had promised.

The hot breath on your ear alerted you to the Alpha’s worry. “What’s wrong with your food Omega? You need to eat. Can’t bear pups properly without meat on your bones. Eat now.” Reaching around you, he squeezed your hip far tighter than he should have before going back to speaking with the Alpha on his opposite side, it would probably bruise. You had plenty of meat for pups anyways…. what pups need is a calm pregnant Omega, an easy environment, healthy food, tender loving care when they are finally born and a soft safe well-scented nest to cuddle in while they still smell like easy prey and….

THAT’S IT! “Actually Alpha!” His gaze shot back to you and his hold on your hip tightened again. A frown brewing across his face. “I was hoping that you would take me to that pup and nesting store downtown? I want to pick out things for our pups and get started on making a nest right away. Please?” You fluttered your eyes as best as you could and pouted, hands finding his chest and crumpling the shirt in your grasp just a bit, releasing a soft sweet purrrrr that the majority of the Alpha’s in the room struggled to ignore. 

“No.” You cocked your head in a confused manner and before you were able to ask why, his eyebrows furrowed, creating deep and imposing lines in his forehead, lips pulled tight, he tossed you off of him. A loud chirp left your lips as you made contact with the cold cement floor, many of the Alpha’s rising from their seats at the sound. The scent of Rotting wood liquor bitters filled the air, his chair making a nasty scraping noise as he quickly stood up to loom over you, reaching down to grab your arm and bring you up to eye level with him, feet dangling. “Not until we are bonded, and sure as hell not until my scouts report that the area is secured and those villains aren’t around. Don’t ask stupid things. Omegas should be seen and not heard.” He threw you over his shoulder and stormed from the mess hall, nearly running up the stairs as he seemed to be taking two steps at once. You could only watch the hallways disappear while whimpering, you had messed up. It was too soon to ask…. tears threatened to spill from your eyes again as you heard the telltale beep of his room key, as soon as the door opened you were already soaking his shoulder, you didn’t want to be bonded to this man, this psychotic Alpha who treated you like a toy, you wanted YOUR Alpha, you wanted….

He set you down on the bed gentler than you had expected and started to wipe the tears from your eyes, softly cooing at you to calm down. “Shhhhh shhhhhhh Omega, you can’t ever undermine me, or interrupt me like that again. I need to punish you ok? Just a bit. Just so you learn.” He stood up straight and seemed to stretch his shoulders, cracking his knuckles. “Don’t worry, my father taught me how to properly discipline an Omega.”

Vision still clouded with tears you looked up, legs shaking, what in the world was he….


The tears were shaken from your eyes. Your cheek stung… he… he had hit you… he had backhanded you…. you looked up again, wide eyes filled with fear.


The same spot on your cheek. You raised your arms to defend yourself but he held them down with his free hand. “THIS IS PUNISHMENT OMEGA. TAKE YOUR PUNISHMENT AND LEARN YOUR LESSON.”


His hands fell to his sides and you grabbed your cheek, raw… bleeding and bruised and swollen, his hands so large they had even caught your eye socket, you could feel your eye swelling shut. Wiping your blood from his knuckles on his jacket he sighed heavily and looked at you. He bent over slightly, matching your level, then using his Alpha’s voice he spoke calmly and clearly, “That hurt me a lot more than it hurt you. Now, you will only ever speak to me in private, you won’t ever speak to anyone BUT me, and you will only speak when spoken to. If you ever need my attention you will politely tap me and wait until I speak to you. Is this clear?”

Shocked you lowered your hands from your cheek and nodded slowly, unable to take your eyes off of your own knees. ‘Think….’ your Omega wouldn’t let you. ‘Think Y/N Think….’ ‘He hit me…’ ‘not the time Omega we need a plan….’ you wracked your brain as quickly as you could, the sting on your cheek slowly turning into a throbbing that you could hear in your head, a steady thumping that made you nauseous.

“Now sweetie” he purred, caressing the wound. “What did you want to ask me hmmm? Remember though. I’m only asking because you learned your lesson.” His thumb and forefinger crept down your face, finding your chin and pulling you roughly to look at him, he looked so… content…. like how you would look at a pup after they genuinely apologized after a timeout…. or how an owner looks at a dog who shows its belly and cries after it had done something bad… smug and self-congratulatory. Submission… this freak just wants ultimate submission… Your escape wasn’t through your rational brain it was through your Omega…

Your Omega spoke sweetly, reaching over to grab a pillow to comfort herself with, you felt foolish, but it seemed to be working as the shit-eating grin he was sporting spread wider. “I…. I just wanted to be bonded in a nest… like in the romance novels. I wanted to invite you in after I finished so you could bond me… so I could become completely yours. I want to pick out things for our pups together so I can tell them about how well you protected me when we went to go get them. I just want to be proud of you Alpha.”

You flinched as he stood up and smashed his foot down to the floor. His arms caged around you and a sliver of drool slipped onto your collarbone as he heavily panted above you. “That Omega… is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. BEG.” You could hardly see the tawny irises with his pupils being blown so wide. 

Throwing your arms around his thick neck and rubbing your sore cheek against his scent glands you threw your pride away. “Please Alpha please! Please take me to get things for my nest so you can bond me like a gentleman!” Purring and whining like a god damn pup begging for a toy at the store, but if acting like a pup could get you away from this monster, then happy 6th birthday to you. 

“That’s my sweet little Kitty, ok, two hours. You will wear some of my clothing, I will scent you, you won’t let go of me and you will not leave my sight. I will take you there tomorrow during the day so there will be light, we will wake up nice and early to prepare and you will follow all of my rules like a good girl.” Holy shit you did it. You actually did it. Purring and preening the Alpha you thanked him over and over leaving sweet little manipulative kisses up and down his neck. “Are you still hungry little one? We can still go eat if you want?”

You nodded your head, yes, you were going to stuff yourself stupid, who knows the next time you would get food would be. Picking you up the statuesque Alpha carried you back down to the mess hall gently, hearing the gossip and loud chatter through the doors. Just as he did before he pumped out noxious amounts of applewood and myrrh to announce his presence, stalking back through the doors. The room’s amble noise grew quieter as eyes fell to your exceptionally swollen face, a few small gasps coming from the gentler Alpha’s of the group. You couldn’t blame them, you hadn’t been allowed to wash your face or use ice on it but you had been able to tell from the mirror in the hall that you were already turning an angry shade of violet and black, and from the lack of vision in your left eye it had to have been bad. He picked up both of your chairs and instead of sitting you down on the small pink one he sat you down in his lap, barking harshly at the Alpha to his Left. “Get my Omega a new plate. She’s hungry.” Oh, you were hungry all right… hungry for freedom, after tomorrow you hoped you would never, ever meet this Alpha again.

The rest of dinner was uneventful, you stayed quiet, you ate until you nearly felt sick, purred at the nasty Alpha complimenting you for being so good and preparing yourself for his pups, and sat on his lap as he told stories about recent raids to the more prim and proper Alphas in the group. He was aggrandizing and embellishing his stories so much that you could only assume he thought he was some sort of action hero. “I TOOK DOWN 100 OF THEM BY MYSELF!” “I FOUGHT THE LEADER OF THE LEAGUE OF VILLAINS AND WON THIS OMEGA AS A PRIZE!” “I BATTLED WHILE THE BUILDING COLLAPSED AROUND ME!” Liar…. He kidnapped you by being a sneaky little slimeball and defeating Toga… a small Beta girl, while the rest of his team probably died by disintegration. You very gently tapped his chest to ask for permission to speak; he chuckled and leaned his head down to match your gaze. “Good girl Omega…. What do you need?”

“Alpha I am getting very sleepy…. May I please go to bed?” As cute as possible… be as cute and helpless as possible… you faked a very cute small yawn and tried your best to look tired, rubbing the ‘sleep’ from your good eye.

He seemed to contemplate for a moment before puffing out his chest. “What sort of Alpha would I be if I didn’t give my Omega what she needs?” He perked his head up and addressed the other Alphas again.  “Excuse me; I need to go put the little one to bed.” Lifting you back up into his arms he made his way back to his room whispering how good you were being and what a fast little learner you were. You tried your best to tune it out, it was insulting, it was infuriating. He unlocked the door and tucked you into the blankets of the disgusting stink that made up his den, kissing your forehead condescendingly. “I am going to go back to the mess hall sweetie pie, but don’t worry, there is no way in or out of here so you will be safe as a bug in a rug. No movies or books though ok? My good little kitty needs her night night sleep.”

“Thank you Alpha.” You cooed and purred before he shut off the lights and the door shut with a solid *click*. Tomorrow though…. This would all be over tomorrow…. All you had to do was spend one night with this brutish backwards barbarian and then tomorrow you could escape. A large sigh left you as you climbed out of bed and paced to the window. The moon was lovely and full tonight at least, if you did have to travel in the dark tomorrow you would have quite a bit of natural moonlight to guide your way and….

Fire. Squinting your good eye you saw it a roaring and intense bright blue fire in the building down the block from the prison, taking an enormous whiff of the air the apple wood and myrrh hit you quickly, but there was something under that…. Something musky….


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“This is a fuckin’ shitty plan.” His voice was unenthusiastic, but still loud enough to hear over the roar of the engine. His elbow on the side door, holding up his resting head, the turquoise eyes of the sprawled out Alpha wouldn’t leave the large box in his leader’s lap, the surprisingly gentle way the man was holding it with a four-fingered grasp didn’t ease the nerves of the ravenette for a second.

“It is not. It will work. You don’t get to argue.” The Alpha spat back, shoulders hunched in his seat beside Dabi.

“You are literally going to kill her you sandpaper reject. This is less thought out than the plans you had when I first joined….” Huffing he crossed his arms across the wound on his chest and leaned back against the torn leather seat, the emergency stitching on full display with how loose his scoop neck t-shirt was.

“I… uh…. gotta agree with Dabs here Shiggy, what happens if she tries to run from us, or gets cornered, or trampled, or yah know the more obvious way she could die?? This is gonna be chaotic as hell….” The green Alpha met the angry scarlet eyes of his boss in the rearview mirror, doing his best to focus on not hitting anything in his way, be it zombies or potholes.

“This plan is great and we can rescue Y/N!” “We are actually going to die and it will be all your fault.” Twice sat in the back of the Van, the only one who was actually wearing his seat belt, watching the world go by through the window while listening halfheartedly.

“I will be searching for her by scent, I know her scent from memory now and my only goal is to get her back. All I need you low levels to do is distract them or take care of as many NPCs as possible without dying. Think of this like forced power leveling…” Tomura was nearly vibrating in his seat, everything was going to be ok. He was going to get HIS Omega back. “Think of it like Super Mario Brothers Spinner, but instead, it’s Bowser rescuing Princess Peach from Mario.”

As they safely pulled into a secluded alleyway a few blocks away from the prison, Mr. Compress pulled out his radio. “Mr. Kurogiri, we are in place. Please test the warp gate at the location we mapped out.” Sure enough a moment later a gate appeared a few meters behind the van. “Perfect as always. Please be on standby, we will radio in as soon as we need it.”

Climbing out of the old rusted van all five men glanced around, not a single undead to be seen, the only smells in the area being Alpha scents or general city decay.

“They probably cleaned most of the area out during raids, can’t blame em. Well, I guess this will be a nice surprise.” Dabi shrugged as the rest of the family agreed and started walking towards a large building a block away. “When I light that sucker up it’ll be burning hot as hell, it’s a flour factory so it’ll probably explode, work fast.” Lazily he waved his hand before stuffing it back into his pocket, an amused and cocky grin pulling at the staples on his cheeks. Under his breath, he whispered to himself quietly. “This is gonna be fuckin fun….”

“Compress do you have your watch on you?” The bluenette looked over at his well-dressed companion.

“Yes Sir. Ready and waiting.” The man tipped his hat and took the classy looking pocket watch from his jacket, opening it to show that it worked and was still ticking.

“Perfect, then exactly two minutes after Dabi sets fire to that factory is when you come in.” Dripping with anticipation, his Alpha nearly howling at him to get the plan underway, he was so close to his Omega, she was right inside. Excited energy nearly pouring out of him as he took a large whiff of the air…. strange…. Taking in another giant lungful he had expected to smell even a hint of your aroma, when he first smelled your scent it had covered entire blocks. Where were you…. Box still in hand he snarled and started walking towards the complex, the two Alphas and Beta following close behind.

“Something wrong boss?” Twice asked unknowingly, creating multiple clones of Spinner, working quickly and absentmindedly as he walked. “Of course something is wrong, we are going to die.”

Yes… something was wrong. He couldn’t smell you at all…. maybe you were in a scent proof room or maybe this Asato asshole had already bonded you… fuck he couldn’t think about that right now. He would find you and even if he had to carve the bonding mark off of your flesh, you were his. Ignoring his subordinate’s comment they hid just out of view of the gate guards, they seemed to be interested in the new scents in the area for a few moments before their attention was caught by the roaring explosion a few blocks away. Immediately abandoning their posts to check what happened. Shigaraki scoffed at their lack of obedience. Crouching down, he scurried up to the fence like a rat. Slipping the box through the gate and tossing it just hard enough to land with thud out of sight, taking care to quickly move to a new hiding space. Nearly seconds later Alphas and Betas came pouring from out of the prison to see what was happening, leaving the front doors wide open…


Another well-timed explosion of searing blue flames erupted closer to the prison this time, the deranged and rabid smile returning to Shigaraki’s face as he watched the confusion and horror contort onto the faces of their prey. He held his breath as he looked down at his own watch.




His eyes shot back up excitedly, observing almost in slow motion, as nearly one hundred ghouls spilled from seemingly nowhere, his maniacal shrieking cackle attracting the attention of some of the undead but they were unable to get passed the gate. Before the majority of the Alpha’s could even activate their quirks they were overwhelmed, Betas running in a frenzy to try to escape the carnage. He missed this. The chaos. Watching the world fall apart by his own hands. As the monsters poured into the building, following the retreating Living he motioned to his men. Casually walking towards the gate lit up by the blue-toned flames, he decayed the single entrance. “Dabi should be on his way, take the clones and start to clear the dungeon, I’ll go rescue the princess. Compress, you’re with me.”


You watched the blue flames flicker from the large window, heart pounding in your chest, those belonged to Dabi…. they came for you…. HE came for you!!!! the guards outside the gate took off running in the direction of the fire. Not the smartest of ideas, it’s not like they could do anything about it, honestly, you wondered what your Alp…… what Shigaraki’s plan even was. A fire wasn’t going to draw everyone out, it probably wasn’t going to bother that asshole Alpha either, he would just send some of his Alpha underlings to deal with it. Something caught your eye at the gate, a figure shrouded in all black with those red sneakers… Tomura obviously, but what was he doing… was he really just going to decay the gate and storm the place by himself? You watched carefully out of your good eye as he tossed a box into a dim corner of the yard, the bright fire creating a shadow from the wall concealing it from view. His figure slinking back from view, from above you watched as bodies poured out from the front door in a panic, howls of confusion flooded the yard. Mere seconds later zombies were everywhere, the brutality of the massacre happening below was numbing, a lurching feeling hit your stomach as the memories of the first night replayed in your mind. Breath stolen remembering Mirio at your door, watching the dead flood into burning buildings…. it was happening again and this time you were a goner... A goner stuck in a small room. Like a rat in a trap.

“NO!!!!” You cried out and slammed your fists against the window chirping wildly. How the hell was he gonna find you… fuck, you didn’t smell like you…. you were practically locked in an ivory tower and you had no way out of this stupid room. Think think think think think think….. HIS CLOTHES! If you couldn’t smell like you, you could smell like him. Rushing to the bathroom you tore open the cabinets under the sink, ripping the towels and cleaning products out and scattering them over the bathroom floor. Yes…. yes yes yes. Never in your life had you been more excited to smell mothballs and dust. Frantically you became rubbing them all over yourself, your face and neck and arms, anywhere where Asato’s scent was, the harder you rubbed, the more you were dripping in Shigaraki’s musk.

Rushing for the door you tried your best to pry it open, failing and running out of strength quite quickly considering the door was meant to withstand a feral Alpha even during ruts. Maybe you could find something to break the window? Seemingly unlikely as well, a literal sitting duck. Asato had to be coming for you soon as well, you needed a weapon, ripping through the kitchen you found the largest knife you could find, you had taken out that zombie in the staircase a few days ago, you could do this, a monster is a monster regardless of the form. Steadying yourself, Tomura’s clothing still in your arms, knife in hand you waited. You didn’t have to wait long as only a few minutes later the door flung open. The screeching and roaring of the undead sounded from inside the building, riled up from being in such a large hoard and having freshly tasted blood.

“Kitty there is a situation, we aren’t sure how but there was a breach and it isn’t safe here anymore.” Slamming the door behind him and cutting off the majority of the noise he looked absolutely shaken and panicked before turning his body to face you. Red handed, Shigaraki’s scent radiating off of you, clutching the articles of clothing and the kitchen knife pointed in his direction. Your small Omega fangs bared, growling, and snarling as best as you could. The panic fell from his face and was replaced with a predatory and menacing glare. “Oh Omega… what have you done…. “ His body stalked towards you slowly, “As soon as we get somewhere safe little one, your punishment will be very, very severe. Now come here. Drop the knife. I’m going to bond you right fucking now.” His Alpha was out in full force canines long, body hair and hackles up, claws out. He was fucking terrifying, large and powerful and as feral as you had ever seen an Alpha. Every breath coming from his body was hot, his face contorted into a wave of dangerous anger.

“IF YOU TAKE OFF THE COLLAR YOU KNOW THEY WILL SMELL ME. STAY AWAY!” The hand holding the knife started to quiver, you felt like you were a small house cat trying to fight off a hungry panther.

“And when I’m done with you stupid useless little Omega, you will ONLY smell like me.” He appeared in front of you in an instant, grabbing the blade of the knife and twisting it from your grip, throwing it across the room. Tossing you roughly to the floor and pinning you down he grabbed the key from his pocket….


Tomura stalked through the compound, the majority of the dead were too busy eating to even notice as he loudly stomped by, dusting the majority of them at his own convenience with the Beta male right behind him. Continually sniffing the air his frustrations grew, stopping in his tracks before a set of stairs his nose twitched. It was only for a second, but that was HIS smell. His own scent. “Oh Y/N….” The grin on his face only growing. “My Omega is smart…..” Turning on his heels he climbed the stairs, following the small amount of ash scent that remained in the air.

Suddenly it hit them, Atsuhiro forced to cover his nose, a strong and overwhelming amount of Y/S practically billowing and flowing down the stairs like a river, the smell of a terrified Omega. Quickly they made their way up the stairs, closing and barricading the heavy steel doors at the top. Looking down the hallway they saw a dozen or so of the monsters desperately clawing at a large door, your scent growing more bitter and noxious as quickly as it could. A shiver ran through Tomura’s body, eyes blown wide with lust and excitement. How fucking romantic, it’s just like the first time he met you, how in the world could he forget this addictive rush. He was YOUR HERO after all. A loud rumble roared through his chest as he quickly made his way towards the small horde, touching one of them to decay the entire group, as quickly as he made work of the dead, both of his hands touched the giant door. His Omega! She would be so happy to see him! He rescued her again!

The door fell into ash onto the ground.

“TOMURA HELP ME!” Blood was everywhere… your face was swollen and purple…. you were screeching bloody murder at the top of your lungs, voice cracking in desperation, what was left of the sweater he had given you against the feral Alphas face keeping him mere inches from your neck. His claws digging deeply into your upper arms, pooling your sweet-smelling blood around your frame, to try to force you into a bond.

And as scary as the Alpha on top of you was, Tomura was worse. His hand grasped the back of the Alphas shirt with four and flung him off of you into the kitchen. Smashing the upper cabinets as the orange-eyed Alpha fell to the floor. A sob ripping from your throat as compress rushed to your side to check your wounds “ALPHA…… oh god ALPHA…”

The larger Alpha stood up from the kitchen, “YOU NASTY LITTLE BITCH, HOW DID YOU CALL HIM HERE!? When I’m finished here Omega, you will suffer. You will learn your place.” He started to quickly march over to you again only for Shigaraki to stand in his way.

“Compress. His arms.” The Alpha commanded and as soon as the order left his lips, the tall Alphas arms were taken. A chuckle left his lips as he thought about the bird beaked Alpha they had used this fun trick on previously, the arteries severing in a way that kept them closed.

“WHAT THE FUCK….” A punch broke his nose and caused him to stumble backward, falling hard to the cement floor. Air leaving his body as he desperately tried to compose himself, his feral rattled brain too far gone to properly follow.

“Legs above the knees.” Again the Beta followed orders, 4 random orbs scattered around the floor. Walking over casual with an eerily calm demeanor, Tomura picked up Asato by the front of his shirt and dragged him over to the wall closest to you. You had pulled yourself onto your knees, currently dry heaving at the amount of adrenalin coursing through your veins. Compress allowed himself to remove his jacket to place over your shoulders, rubbing up and down your back to soothe your heaving, the kind gesture not lost on you.

“YOU FUCKING VILLAIN!!!!! GIVE ME BACK MY BODY YOU NASTY SICK CRIMINAL!!!!!! SCUM OF THE FUCKING EARTH!!!!! I’LL FUCKING FEED YOU TO THE DOGS!!!!!” The loud Alpha simply received an extremely hard four-fingered slap to the face. The irony seemingly lost on the pathetic man.

Turning his attention back to you, beautiful calm ruby eyes meeting your scared E/C Irises. “Get away from her.” The gentleman backed up and looked away. “Omega…. what did he do to you…” It wasn’t really a question, it was too soft to be one. Your adrenaline slowly leaving your body had you shaking again, hair a complete mess, dress torn, body beaten. Your throat sore from screaming. He crooned softly to you for a moment. “Are you going to tell me not to kill this one too?” Grasping the sleeves of his shirt you leaned in to place your head on his chest. Drowning out the constant roaring of the helpless Alpha leaning on the wall with the calm and collected heartbeat of the Alpha who lived through far worse chaos than this.

“No…” He hummed at your answer before gently removing your quivering hands from his shirt. The knife you had tried to wield lay beside the bathroom door, bloodied from where Asato had grabbed it, standing he moved towards it. Tomura reached into his pockets and placed his gloves on his hands before picking up the blade, inspecting its sharpness by cutting a line on his palm before casually sauntering back over to you. Not the best blade you could have chosen, the long thin carving knife was serrated, far more suited for bread than a body, more painful for the piece of shit they were punishing he guessed. Making his way back to you and leaning down again he took you into his arms, trying his best to match your breathing to his.

“Alright. We can talk about it all later snuggled up close, but first, we have to ‘punish’ this big dumb brute.” Your face shot up to look at his, inspecting his face closer you saw emotions that you hadn’t seen before, relief, jealousy, calmness. “But we have to do this together. Look at what he’s put US through Omega. He put US through hell.” You opened your mouth to protest but he crooned and placed his forehead against yours, a soft and calming dust and leather scent filling the room. “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how.”

The pounding in your chest and shaking hands slowed as you contemplated the situation, however, the longer you thought, your mind only drifted back to how safe you felt with the Alpha in front of you. He kept his promises, ‘kill anyone’ ‘level cities’ ‘destroy anything’, he meant these things, he treated you like an equal, and now all he wanted was to end this nightmare. Together. “Ok….” It came out hoarse and garbled, but you meant the soft reply.

“We are doing this for us.” His chapped lips tickled your forehead as he spoke before standing up, offering you his gloved hand. Taking it and standing at his side before he wrapped an arm around you and placed the knife into your hands.


Shigaraki simply kicked him in the face, the back of his head making a sickening crack against the concrete wall. “So what we are gonna do,-” he calmly continued, “-is get this in his liver or his spleen. Which one do you want?”

Falling to your knees in front of the nearly unconscious Alpha, you held the thin serrated knife in front of you with both hands, Shigaraki balanced on his feet behind you holding one of your wrists still. The question fell softly from your lips. “Which one hurts less?”

Scratching his neck, he pondered for a moment. “Probably the liver, fewer nerve endings but the hepatic vein is there and he will bleed out after a while. If you get the spleen it burns a lot, and there are more organs to get through in the area meaning more nerve endings, again though, the linear artery is there and he will bleed out pretty quickly.” He spoke slowly and calmly, directly into your ear.

“Where is the spleen?” A small noise left his lips like he was restraining a laugh. Carefully he took some of the still-wet blood from your arm and marked an x on the top left portion of his abdomen, through his ribs and right below his pectoral.

“It’s like we were made for each other.” Your Omega couldn’t help but smile at that thought, a blush tinting your face despite the awful atrocity you were about to commit. “Now the fun thing about the ribs is that they aren’t straight, they curve and are on a strange angle, so the knife can’t be up and down like you are holding it, it’s gotta be pointed this way.” As he readjusted the blade in your hand Asato was regaining his senses.

“I’LL TEAR YOUR THROATS OUT WITH MY FUCKING TEETH IF I HAVE TO!!!!!” Lunging his neck forward Shigaraki simply grabbed his throat and slammed him back against the wall.

“Are you ready Y/N?” He crooned again in your ear and moved his free hand from your wrist to help you hold the knife. Nodding, you pressed the tip against the tiny x and started to push. The Alpha above howled and snarled and spat but you kept pushing, Tomura’s rough hand around your smaller ones offering support.

“It’s harder than I thought….” Only about an inch in you felt the intercostals of his ribs dig in around the blade, his convulsing had the knife knocking against the ribs and ripping muscles against the blades jagged edges.

“Don’t worry Omega, once you get through the tough Alpha skin and big muscles the organs are just as slippery as yours, it will feel like butter, I promise.” Blood gushing from the wound as he pushed harder on your hands, guiding you along and helping you with his natural strength you found he was right. You almost fell forward as the long blade cut through his lung and stomach, slicing open the spleen with ease, Tomura’s hands gripped yours in almost a painful way with one hand as he pulled the blade sideways through the remaining flesh and organs of the left side. As blood sprayed and pooled around the crying Alpha he slowly went silent, shock overtaking him as he slumped down weightless.

“Is he dead?” You asked openly, dropping the blade to the floor.

“Nah, he will be in five minutes or so though.” Preening and crooning he held you tightly from behind, “let’s get you home Y/N.”

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Just as the words fell from his chapped lips you both heard the barred door at the end of the hallway burst open. Surprisingly you felt no fear, simply leaning back against your Alpha. He could just dust them. Undead were nothing to him, a minor inconvenience to be handled when he saw fit. On top of that the kind Beta Mr. Compress was still here, you were pretty sure an entire horde could appear right now and you would be absolutely fine. Noticing your calmness in his arms, and the slowed beat of your heart, Tomura poorly stifled his laugh. “Feeling a bit too overconfident don’t you think Y/N?”. You simply shook your head no and leaned into him further, no overconfidence would be thinking you could have escaped by yourself...

The sound of a collection of boots came stalking down the hallway, lazily almost, before knocking on the steel door frame. “Knock knock. Everyone’s dead yah crusty bastard it’s time to go.” Dabi’s voice was shiftless and monotone almost bored sounding if you had to be honest. He was mostly clean as well, a small splatter of blood on his hand was the only indication he had fought.

“DABI!” Wiggling free of the still crouched Shigaraki you found yourself limping to and literally leaping at the tall Alpha with open arms, catching you easily as you hugged him tightly. “I WAS WORRIED YOU WERE DEAD! THEN I SAW THE FLAMES AND I KNEW YOU GUYS HAD COME FOR ME!!” You were nearly spitting in his face with how loud you were yelling, he shot you his classic half-smirk and listened to you prattle for a moment.

Setting you down gently back on your feet he gave you a once-over, speaking as casually as he always did, “Jesus fuck doll-face what happened? I guess I can’t call you that for a while actually, also what the hell are you wearing? And why the hell are you covered in blood?” Before looking casually over the growling man in front of a now cold corpse. “Yah yah ‘don’t touch my Omega you burnt chicken nugget’ I get it, it’s not like that, she’s yours. I don’t wanna be waterboarded again anyways.” His bright turquoise irises drifted passed his leader. “I’m gonna assume THAT was Asato and that he did THIS?” Simply gesturing to all of you.

“Collared me too the sick bastard, though it’s a shame, a scent proof collar would be useful if it didn’t have a tag with his fucking name engraved on it.” You pouted softly, not that it was noticeable with how swollen your face was, and whimpered softly.

“You won’t need it with all of us around you. Shiggy already made it a point to mention that you’ll have at least one of us around you all the time.” The green Alpha was covered in more blood than you were. Biceps bulging with his crossed arms. “You did that with a god damn bread knife Shiggy?” You hugged him too, surprisingly his scales felt soft and nicely textured despite being covering in coagulating blood. Purring into his arm he simply scoffed and cooed back and you. “Glad your safe Omega….”

Excitedly you looked up at him. “WE did. He taught me where the spleen was and helped me push.” Should an Omega preen in public? No. Were you? Absolutely. You could only hear the soft crooning from the proud Alpha as he stood and made his way over to you. Peeling you off the gecko and against his chest, heavily scenting you for the short journey, you couldn't help but giggle as he tickled your neck with his textured skin. “Where is Twice?”

“Some weird fish face fucker ripped his mask, so we had Kurogiri warp him back to Toga to calm down and fix it for him.” Dabi said, shaking the radio in his hand. “Which reminds me, we should go, shit’s burning.” Nodding in agreement the five of you slowly descended the stairs. Corpses were everywhere, not a single one moving a muscle.

“I see power leveling went well.” The words almost sounded amused as you walked hand in four-fingered hand, “Boss level was easy too, it was like tutorial island, but I guess Y/N needed to start somewhere.” He squeezed your hand tighter and a creepy chuckle wheezed from his dry lips.

Spinner whipped his head around and smiled, “Seriously, we could have done this without the mobs, nearly all of the NPC’s had low stats, only a few actual fighters in the mix. No loot either since Dabi burned it all, but at least mission 'Rescue the Princess' was five stars!”

“Pfft three stars at best, look at me! Even if this is tutorial island I’m a noob. Even my armor is shit.” You gestured wildly at the goofy torn dress as the three of you cackled like idiots, throwing around gamer terms and memes. "Seriously, you guys even brought in mobs to face the boss, what are you, the kinda NEET's that spend money on gatshapon games?"

Spinner fake gasped at you and shook his head wildly. "Do you think we are casuals Y/N?"

"Princess if you don't take that back we might just leave you on tutorial island! You couldn't even get through level one without Powerleveling from the guild master!" You felt Shigaraki squeeze your hand gently, refusing to look at you.

"You couldn't leave me behind, I'm a rare NPC don't you know? You need me in your party. I'm a UR draw, Ultimate Rare, the card that never leaves your hand." Sticking your tongue out you tried your best to smile, despite the horrors you had experienced it certainly wasn't boring...

"You aren't an NPC Y/N...." Tomura spoke the words so softly not even Spinner and his fantastic hearing could pick it up.

“Do you know what they are talking about Mr.Dabi?” Atsuhiro quirked his head to the side to look back at the three of you as he walked alongside Dabi through the absolute massacre of the mess hall. Tables broken and shifted, bodies cut into bits or burned beyond recognition.

“No idea, they are in their own little freaky world over there.” The blasé tone had the gentleman simply shrugging to himself as they continued to walk. Making it back to the van Dabi radioed the misty Alpha, and moments later the portal appeared, leading directly into the infirmary only to have an ear-piercing cry be the first thing you heard.

“OMEGA!!!!!!” A bawling blonde ran up to you, hugging you, nearly squeezing the life out of you. “I’M SO SORRY! THERE WAS A MOUSE AND THEN IT TURNED INTO A BIG MAN BEHIND ME AND I TRIED TO FIGHT BUT HE GOT ME AND…. OH MY YOUR FACE!!!!!” Petting down her loose locks of hair you purred and released a soothing scent, she seemed to calm down a little before continuing. “I couldn’t protect you, and I’m very sorry…. I love you a lot. You are like, my best friend.”

Laughing you booped her nose with your own. “It wasn’t your fault. He was sneaky.” Whipping your head around to see the head Alpha speaking to the group mom you raised your voice, “Alpha?” His head snapped to your voice at the title, eyeing you and the psychotic blonde in a tight embrace. “Toga won’t be punished right? She did her best….” you squeezed her tighter to you and smushed the good side of your face against hers.

His lips pulled into what you could only be described as disinterested line. “I think…. everyone has had enough punishment for one day.” A genuine smile graced his face suddenly, looking like he had been smacked in the face with an idea. “I do think, that we need a reward, a big movie night sounds good. After treatment everyone get up to my gaming room.”


After treatment and showering, which you needed Toga’s help for with all your wounds, you found yourself on the couch with the league waiting for Tomura to finish his own shower. Dressed in a spare pair of Himiko’s Disney themed pajamas, soft cotton shorts, and a spaghetti strap tank top. “Oh god seriously it was hilarious. When he was telling the story of how he got me, he said he took down one hundred of you, and he beat Tomura while the entire building was collapsing around him.” Cuddled into Dabi’s side he pet your head and chuckled. “And that outfit! He had a collar with his name on it and everything, kept calling me kitty, told me not to speak unless spoken to, really really infantilizing. but dumb as a stack of bricks. REALLY easy to manipulate, I even had it set up for him to take me out alone ‘to get nesting materials’ so I could escape from him!” A hum of approval came from the room alongside a few light laughs.

“And come back to us right?” Himiko asked on the other side of Dabi, receiving the same big brotherly treatment as you.

“Of course she was coming back!” “Don’t ask silly questions wife!” Twice held his hands high in the air and shook them as he spoke. His mask was stitched up pretty poorly.. you would have to fix that later.

“Honestly? No.” The head pats stopped and you felt Dabi still beside you, his hand falling back to his side. Looking around you could see the hurt your words had caused. Jin’s arms had fallen. Even Atsuhiro seemed disappointed, like…. wow… he was looking at you like a hurt dad would. This wasn’t really the reaction you expected, not hearing the bathroom door close, you continued. “Asato told me who you guys really are… Tomura told me that you weren’t good people but I didn’t suspect that you were the actual League of Villains… “

“Paranormal Liberation Front….” The beefy gecko Alpha mumbled, far quieter than you thought he would, the title trailing off into a whisper at the end.

“Yes… you… well you guys know what you used to do, I don’t think I need to remind you that civilians like me were terrified of you. I didn’t even watch or read the news about you guys because it stressed me out so bad I couldn’t sleep. I was going to take the tag off of the collar, and get out of the city entirely. Follow train tracks until I reached the ocean. Try my best to trick a small town into thinking I was a Beta so I could live as peacefully as possible. To get away from all Alphas, I went from one extreme to another, literally spent two months basically living in a closet to having three Alphas fighting each other over something I can’t control over the span of a few short days, you can’t blame me for that.” The silence in the room was nearly sickening as you paused and smiled, a soft sigh leaving your plush lips. “But then I saw the pretty blue flames from the window, and the first thing I did was panic because I didn’t smell like me, so I desperately tried to cover myself in Tomura’s scent so he could find me. Pure instinct drove me to make sure you guys could get to me, to fight off the large Alpha for as long as possible so he wouldn’t escape with me under the cover of chaos. I’m sure it must have been really funny…. seeing an Omega with her hackles up, tiny fangs and claws bared against an Alpha twice her size… fighting him with all she had, knowing what he could do, what he had done…. god… trying so hard to avoid being forced to bond to someone you don’t love….”

Arms wrapped around you from the back of the couch, dry hands with gloves on holding you in place as you shook. “It wasn’t funny.” The deep rumbled purr that echoed in his chest slightly soothed you. When had you started crying? He let you go before rounding the couch to sit between you and the armrest, dragging you into his lap, your face cuddling deep into the material of the black hoodie, balling up into yourself in his tight hold. “The second I saw you under him, using my shirt to protect yourself, I was very very proud, incredibly angry, but proud. When I came down from that feeling and you were safely behind me I knew he had to be thoroughly punished for hurting you.” Still softly purring he pet down your hair. Looking up at him you could see the content look on his face. The pale blue wavy hair framing his strong jawline, those full lips…. that straight scar on them… without thinking you reached up to cup his face and placed a gentle, chaste kiss on the scar. You kissed him.  You KISSED him .   YOU kissed HIM. His eyes could barely focus with how excited he was, now rumbling and preening and crooning so loudly it was blocking the noises of the gathering storm outside.

“Ahem” Mist mom brought you both back into reality, you had released an obnoxious amount of your scent, it hung heavily in the air mixed with the overpowering ash and leather, not even Dabi’s rich scent count push through. “Shigaraki, should I ask everyone to leave or proceed with ‘movie night’ as planned?”

A strangled hiss came from the Alpha holding you, the internal debate written all over his face. The gentle grasp he felt on his arm was all the confirmation he needed. “Tomorrow then, we will do this tomorrow, everyone leave.”

Everyone stood lazily and a hand found its way back to your head. Dabi ruffled your hair lightly before speaking in a somber, but calming voice “I’m glad you decided to come back with us…” Simply smiling up at him you squinted your good eye, “I’m gonna assume that was meant to be a wink. Night doll, don’t let hand man rough you up too bad.”

As they crowded into the elegant elevator you could hear Toga and Twice talking about what to make for dinner, a loud sigh escaping Kurogiri’s lips before the door closed. “I’m…. I’m guessing you wanna continue where we left off?” You joked, playing with a loose part of his hair.

“No.” He reached over to the side table for the remote, scooting his legs down to the other side of the couch and laying languidly against the headrest, repositioning you to lay comfortably on your side, snugly against the back of the couch with your head resting on his shoulder, his right arm around draped casually around you. Reaching down with his other arm he pulled your leg up over him. “What do you wanna watch?”

“Um…. why don’t you want to…. you know?” Resting your hand on his abs through his sweater you tilted your neck to be able to look at his face. 

“Player two.” His voice was pointed and sharp. “What. Do. You. Want. To. Watch?” He was practically glaring at you. The arm holding the remote out to his side facing the T.V.. Through the harsh look on his face, you could see it. You could probably never get him to say it but you could imagine it easily enough. ‘I don’t want to hurt you’ ‘I don’t want to force you’ ‘I want you to recover’ ‘I want you to want me to’. The smile on your face grew wider and his own softened. “Are you deaf now? Selective hearing?”

“Hmmmm….” Tapping his tight stomach through his clothing you thought hard. Horror comedy. “Zombieland 2?”

“If you wanted to watch a zombie movie we could literally just go outside.” His raspy voice huffed out. “Pick again.”

“Detective Pikachu?” You tried again.

“Not in the mood for it.” Another huff.

“Sonic.” Last try.

“It’s a stupid movie because Sonic could literally run every road in the United States in less time it took for the guy to drive him. A pathetic excuse for a road trip movie. No.” Jeepers creepers…. obviously this wasn’t about your choice in movies…

“We could always just… cuddle and talk?” You proposed, hand now resting on his opposite hip. He seemed to agree with this, tossing the remote to the floor, both hands running up and down your arm absentmindedly.

After a moment basking in the safety of the mood, he finally spoke. “Who was that Alpha?”

Your nose scrunched up even thinking about him, “I think he said he was the warden, but from the sounds of it he got the job on pure nepotism because holy shit was he incompe…”

“NOT THAT ONE.” He snapped, his voice may have been harsh, but his touch remained gentle and comforting. “The one that smelled like the beach and lemons…” Deep carmine eyes met yours, the crevices oh his forehead crinkled softly, in confusion? Maybe in concern?

You broke the delicate pause with a soft whimper that made Shigaraki’s stomach turn into knots. You knew now that he of all people really really wouldn’t like this answer. “Mirio Togata, I think you would know him as his Hero name, Lemillion.”

“A Hero…… I don’t know any Heros by that name….”

You watched as his jaw clenched tightly, he seemed to fester on the new information for a moment before you continued. “Number Nine most popular hero in Japan? Blonde, built like a brick shithouse, red cape, big 1000000 across his chest….” Still nothing…. “Could phase himself through anything?”

“Ah that one. The slippery hero that helped take down the bird brain. I thought he lost his quirk?” Reaching over he brushed a stray strand of hair from your face.

“He did for almost an entire year until we reversed it with Eri-Chan. It was a lot of hard work and she’s such a sweet little girl, I hope Mr.Aizawa and his husband are keeping her safe, granted Mr.Yamada smelled pretty nice for an Omega, but I think he used a collar for work so maybe….” The silence returned again as you stopped your small rant. Oops…

“How did you know him. Why didn’t he bond you?” Confusion laced his words, like he couldn’t process your lack of bond, you smelled so good, and you were so so lovely, brave and smart, and kind… what had been wrong with that Hero?

“I went to UA with him actually, we were in the same grade. I was in the support course though, I made hero suits. Specifically, I was very proud of making his costume, it was made from his own hair so he didn’t need to be naked whenever he fought. And honestly, before I found a box in his room with mementos of him and me through the years titled “important” I didn’t think he liked me that way. We had been friends for six years, though I was working up the courage slowly to ask him to scent my favorite blanket.”

“Did you love him?” Quiet. The question came out so so very quietly. His hands had stopped rubbing your arm for a moment while he waited.

“I think I did. Maybe not in a romantic way yet, I believe that to love someone romantically you need to respect them first, feel safe around them, then grow that love together, but he was my best friend, a bright light in my life to admirer. He was brave and strong and always fighting for others. Not the smartest guy ever, I’m pretty sure the only reason he didn’t flunk out was because Nejire and Tamaki and I helped him study all the time, but he made up for it with determination. Our friend Tamaki used to compare Mirio to the sun a lot. He was right.” You hummed casually into the Alphas shoulder, reliving memories of the past in your sparkling E/C eyes, feeling the beat of his heart, and the heaving of his chest as he breathed.

“Then I’m the moon…..” A sad jealousy tinged his voice. You gave a questioning purr and he brought his own hand to his face, pushing the bangs from his eyes, revealing everything he had hidden. The creases nearly covered his forehead and had taken any eyebrows he had with them, the lack of eyebrows certainly made the Alpha’s deep-set fox-like eyes more intimidating but in a handsome way? Could a lack of eyebrows be handsome? He had a scar on his right eye similar to the one on his lip, smaller burn scars rested on his right temple as well. His neck as well, was littered with small scars and fresh wounds, from what you could only imagine was years of untreated excoriation syndrome that he never properly let heal. Wiggling about you managed to properly get on top of him. Laying down so you were face to face, his hands planted firmly on your hips, white blue hair still pushed out of his face.

“Let me know if I’m crushing you and I’ll get off OK?” You smiled sweetly at him.

“Do you have such little faith in me as an Alpha? Not even Magne could crush me and she weighed a ton.” He scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Who is that?” You asked sweetly before starting your mission, kissing soft sweet kisses up his neck and onto his face, touching the other side with your hand with feather-soft touches, almost to memorize every crinkle. One of his hands shot up to the base of your neck, small gasps leaving his mouth the more kisses you pressed into his dry pale skin.

“She…. she was a member of our pack before she died. Y/N….” A needy purr and a lick to his scratched scent glands was all it took for him to flip the two of you over, he pointed at your face and growled lowly. “Stop. Or I’m going to do something I’ll regret.” You huffed but gave in to the Alpha quickly, simply pulling him down to the best of your abilities and resting his head on your chest, running your fingers through his tangled locks you felt his arms wrap around the small of your back. His hair was greasy, and honestly not very soft, it had split ends and tangles and he really needed a trim, that would be cute wouldn’t it, sitting down on the roof, the wind blowing as you trimmed his hair, pups at your feet, one in his lap waiting for their turn. Big red eyes and shaggy white blue hair, maybe one would have H/C locks and curious ruby eyes, maybe one would be a bluenette with sparkling E/C hues, would they take after him and be more independent or maybe you would have a clingy little mommas pup that would tug at your clothes when they wanted to be snuggled and held (not that you knew but he HAD been a clingy little mommas pup) or how cute it would be to watch Tomura scent them every day, one by one in a little line they would giggle as he rubbed his scratchy skin all over….. as you continued to lose yourself in your thoughts the purring returned. You expected him to snap again, but instead, he pulled himself into the crook of your neck and returned your purr with his own crooning, scenting you softly with his eyes closed. “Do you feel safe with me? Do you feel respected here?” It would tickle them huh… his lips tickled your neck in the sweetest way….

“Mhmm.” You let your head fall back against the armrest, still playing with his hair, but giving him more room to scent you. “At first Tomura…. you were terrifying. Like a monster. Like you didn’t care about me as long as you had me. Like I was some kind of toy. The first day I was very very worried that you were feral. I’m glad I was wrong, you just have a pretty nasty and cruel crusty shell to get through.” Giggling at the joke lightly. “I think you are scary in a different way now.”

“Because I can disintegrate you? Kill you on accident?” He asked sleepily, still sluggishly but meticulously working at your neck.

“No….” Placing a delicate kiss on his forehead, you let your lips linger, “Because I’m finding that I am becoming a person who loves the pale light of the moon over sunlight.”

You didn’t have time to elaborate before he pulled himself off of you and onto his knees between your legs. Eyes in fine slits as he looked down upon you, shorts and tank top riding up your body. Limbs splayed out, a sleepy cute look on your flushed face, half-lidded eyes that looked so calm and happy with your hair around your swollen but beautiful face, framing you like a halo. You looked like an angel. An angel he stole. An angel he was corrupting. “Don’t lie to me.”

“I’m not lying.” Your Omega whimpered at the loss of the toned Alpha’s weight on your body. You opened your arms, an invitation for more snuggles, you just wanted the dry crunchy hand man to hold you more.

“You are. You want something, or you are trying to trick me!” Sitting back onto his heels his fists balled up at his sides. 

The nerve, the audacity, the gall, the gumption….

“You!” Sitting up you poked his nose. “You sir do NOT get to tell me how I feel. I will be HONEST with my feelings and you will STOP projecting your issues onto me.” Poking him in the chest multiple times as you thought through your next words carefully. You also suddenly wished cell phones were still a thing. Because the shocked look on his face would have been your wallpaper for months… or probably not, your coworkers wouldn’t have had appreciated the symbol of chaos and evil himself as your lock screen, too much explaining. “If I TELL you I could fall in love with you then I MEAN it!” Your hands shot to your temples, eyes closing in frustration, ugh, not the time for a tension headache. “Now listen….” Before you could open your eyes back up you felt his hands on your wrists, pulling you in for a kiss. Chapped lips meeting your slightly swollen ones, sweetly nipping and pulling the less damaged areas. Hands leaving your wrist to your neck and lower back, pulling you closer and closer to him until your breasts met his body. Your hands shot back into his hair, keeping the bangs away from his forehead. You tilted your head slightly for better access as he licked at your bottom lip, commanding you for entrance, obediently your lips parted and his thick tongue ravished your mouth, exploring and licking your own. Groaning into your mouth Giving a few experimental licks back you accidentally nicked your tongue on his sharp fang and released a small chirp and pulling away, both of you panting from lack of oxygen.

“Minecraft?” He asked jokingly, placing his forehead to yours, a genuinely happy smile across his feral looking face.

“Hardcore survival mode?” You smiled back, the headache was long forgotten.

“That’s my player two….”

Chapter Text

“SKELETON HORSES! I NEED ONE!” You cried out excitedly and shook the shoulder of the Alpha beside you. You sat side by side, knees touching on the sofa, staring up at the enormous TV playing the game in split-screen together. He had removed his soft black hoodie for you to wear over Himiko’s tiny pajamas to prevent you from getting cold. He looked so good like this, so casual, you couldn’t help but stare honestly. His oversized grey sweatpants hung low on his hips, his black Calvin Klein boxer briefs showing off his inviting Adonis belt. Barefoot, legs spread wide, and his defined and toned shirtless body pressed against the back of the couch. His head lazily leaned back, comfortably baring his neck and prominent Adam’s apple, his hair still out of his sharp face with half-lidded calm red eyes, small black eye bags appearing from the lack of sleep, and his hands…. Those rough hands… Those bony strong callused hands held the controller over his lap…. His groin…. Your Omega was drooling, you blamed her for the sinful question running through your mind right now, and this ache in your abdomen…. maybe you were hungry. A small hiss left your lips as you watched the sun come up through the floor to ceiling windows, a flicker of bright light hitting your eyes as the rays bounced off of the windows of another building, as soon as he heard the small noise of discomfort he leaned over to the marble coffee table and pressed a button on a remote, instantly the windows became blackout.

“Yah yah I’ll get you the horse Y/N, need anything else for the base?” It was like he didn’t even need to try to be a good Alpha, what even was a good Alpha? Good instincts? Protection? Being able to provide? Smelling safe? Mirio had been the perfect Alpha, all strong and happy and he felt safe and he was a good provider and he smelled nice and bright. But…. he was terrible at picking up on other’s discomfort, simply pushing through it with optimism and a smile, and he wasn’t very bright. If you didn’t tell him exactly what was wrong he wouldn’t understand, and even then half the time he did things his way anyways. And this Alpha…. oh boy. He’s hyper-intelligent and strong, protective, a good provider with good instincts. He did make you feel safe but his communication skills were lacking and you know, the whole villain thing. Hmmm…. who then… who would be the perfect Alpha? Maybe such a thing didn’t exist as you had previously thought. No. All Might. All Might was probably the perfect Alpha, granted he was Apex so that’s not really a fair comparison and…

“Are you making a list in your head? Spit it out Omega.” Waving his hand in front of your face to snap you out of your endless thoughts, your glassed over E/C eyes regaining their conscious sheen.

“Um, if you find any more red stone pick it up, I need it for the underground farm. I’m also gonna need lots of sand to make glass for our windows, and cobblestone for the XP farm. Then we just need to set down the beds for our spawn point and our first base will be livable for the time being. I’ll also need to get started on a sheep pen to get wool for all the carpets, so lead them with the wheat if you can make it back before dark.” You prattled on as he put the saddle that you had found almost right away in a temple onto one of the skeleton horses. The domestic air around the two of you felt so comfortable, maybe, he thought to himself, he had been going feral before he met you. This softness was unlike anything he knew, you looked so cute sitting there in his sweater with your hair pinned up in one of those awful kitties scrunches you had saved, insisting he’s dust the rest of the outfit your captor had put you in, legs crossed and your knee touching his so casually looking so soft and supple, just begging to be around his waist while he grabs those thighs and… “Oh shoot I just realized we only have one saddle, you can keep that one Alpha, maybe we will run into more skeleton horses later.”

“I told you I would get you the damn horse, so I got you the horse. Just don't name it something like Twilight Sparkle.” His words came out mildly frustrated before the loud grumbling of his stomach gave him a viable, not lewd excuse for his shitty attitude. As soon as he was back at your almost completed starter base and safely indoors he huffed and tossed his controller into your lap. “Sand is in my pockets, you can put it in the oven while I go grab food.” Sighing he got up to go to the kitchen, the ache again deep in your tummy… you would probably feel better with some food in you. After hearing crunching and a kettle boiling for a few short minutes he came back with two cups of ramen, the two of you ate as quickly as possible before placing the empty cups on the coffee table and resuming the game.


Your hackles up. The ding of that elevator may be the source of mild PTSD for you now...

“Who the hell is it this time?” The bluenette hissed, pausing the game, not quite speaking loud enough for the intruder to hear.

“I’m surprised it doesn’t smell like sex in here….” You heard the intruder murmur a little too loudly and the bright red of your cheeks managed to reach your ears, suddenly very aware of the fact that Tomura was shirtless and looking good enough to eat, and you were sitting in his sweater, dripping in his ash and leather musk. Looking over at the pale Alpha he simply sniffed the air and relaxed immediately, following his actions you did the same, ah that’s why he didn’t care, whiskey and smoke. As he loudly rounded the corner Dabi paused at the sight of you both. “Jesus you two really look like a pair of NEETs, Doll you really shouldn’t let him force you into video games, it’s a bad habit.” Hands were deep in the pocket of his skin-tight jeans, work boots not laced up properly casually tapped at the floor. And his signature oversized white scoop neck loosely hung off of his well-built shoulders. Now that you had gotten used to him he really was quite handsome, his aura came off less ‘creepy Alpha who doesn’t know boundaries’ and more ‘sexy mysterious best friend’s older brother’, the cute pet names didn’t help either. That dull ache again… You just ate!!!

“But that’s how we met?” Your tone came out more confused than anything, you were pretty sure you had told him when you first introduced yourself to everyone back in the now ruined cigar lounge that you went out to get games? Looking confused Dabi simply cocked an eyebrow at you. “I went to get games. I needed solar panels and video games and a gaming laptop and a whole whack of cords and stuff. I accidentally let out a purr and my scent because I was happy and then Tomura saved me from a horde of them while I was stuck in a closet.” Gesturing awkwardly to the Alpha sitting beside you, Tomura leaned forward and from the corner of your eye, you could see him give Dabi the middle finger.

“Oof, sorry kitten, I assumed you meant board games.” He shrugged and strolled around the sofa to the armchair he had been in the night before. “Well, I just came for my jacket and to see if handjob there was taking care of you properly. I guess I’ll leave you alone so you can keep being a fucking geek crusty.” Passing by you he ruffled your hair and leaned down to press his cheek against the top of your head, crooning and scenting you lightly. “And you Princess, keep being cute.” He narrowly missed Shigaraki’s clawed hand swiping at his face, cackling and throwing his jacket on while he casually strolled back to the elevator and out of sight.

Tomura grabbed the front of the sweater you were wearing and pulled you into his lap, angrily rubbing his face into your hair, the dull throbbing in your tummy growing heavier. “Woah… Alpha… Tomura…. Alpha stop… ALPHA!” He paused for a moment, your neck twisting awkwardly to look at his cranky face. “You are messing up my bun!”

“It was already messy.” He continued to rub against you, lighter this time.

“It was messy in a cute way, now I have to go fix it!” Crossing your arms you let him continue, knowing that if you denied him he would just get whiny, he was overtired and acting like a pup who didn’t want to share his toy at the playground. His hands rubbed up and down your arms, stopping to draw little shapes when his thumbs met your hands. It felt so good… so warm and sweet. Your Omega drooling at the affection, breathing heavily, and inhaling every time he rubbed particularly hard.

“Do you like that?” He said softly into your ear, working his way down to your scent glands on your neck. An electric-like shiver snaking down your spine, it felt like your entire body was humming in satisfaction.

“Yes, I do.” The loud snarl and tight grip on your upper arms broke you from the incredible bliss, your Omega letting out a small chirp. “Ouch oh my god what is your deal?”

“You like it when he flirts with you? When he scents you? When he calls you pet names? Do you like Dabi? Would you prefer Dabi?” Reaching your arm back and pinching his hip had him yelp at the surprise attack and let you go, giving you enough time to stand up in front of him, hands on your hips. You felt like your mother when she would lecture you as a teenager when you let your feelings spiral out of control.

“He doesn’t do shit like that cause he likes me Tomura, maybe when I first met him, but now he’s doing it to rile you up and get you all pissy and it’s working. He’s teasing you. By the way he acts I almost guarantee he was the eldest of a bunch of pups when he was young.”  Your cheeks were poofed out and your eyebrows were furrowed, looking down at the angry Alpha, arms crossed over his chest but his carmine eyes didn’t leave yours. “No Tomura. I thought we went over this yesterday. But you can’t act jealous anytime any other Alpha looks at me. We aren’t bonded!” Grabbing at your stomach it happened again, nearly whimpering. What was this feeling, you could swear you had felt it before? A nest. You needed a nice cushy nest to be cranky in. Tomura started to sniff the air trying to catch the reason for your change in demeanor, only able to smell himself, he growled lowly. Storming off to the elevator you pressed the down button like it was the reason you were furious. The slap of his bare feet on the expensive flooring made you wish that there were more than four elevators for a building this size. Poor design choice. 0/5 stars. This entire apartment felt stifling.

“WHERE ARE YOU GOING OMEGA!!!!!” not a question. He whipped you around and pinned you against the wall, looming over you, anxiety and fear written all over his scarred face. “YOU CAN’T GO TO HIM!!!!!” He held you close to his chest against the wall. Unblinking ruby irises glued to your face. He had done it, driven you off, yesterday was so nice. TODAY was so nice, why did he have to go and say that? Just…. and he was going to wait for you to be ready, you would never be ready because you deserved better. He knew it, he knew that you knew it. Fuck.

Shaking against the cool marble wall you felt warm. “A..A nest… I’m gonna go in the cleared apartments and… find blankets and pillows and I’m… Tomura you are too warm get off, I just need a nest.” Wait… no, you do remember this feeling. It was the same back when you presented as an Omega and your first heat happened. Right before your father brought you to the doctor to be put on suppressants so you never had to experience what he went through the day he met your mom. Oh shit. Oh fuck, not right now….. well you guessed it would have been better than a few days ago with Asato, and a lot better than alone in Mirio’s apartment with the Alpha’s smell fading away. Your legs felt weak and your thighs felt sticky.

“That’s it right? Then everything is fine, there is a room for nesting here, and there are pillows and blankets and mattresses here. You don’t need to go anywhere else. We can set up your laptop and a few extra consoles in there.” His eyes were darting back and forth across the expanse of the open concept apartment for more soft things. Looking up at him with tears in your eyes you let the weight of your body fall into his arms. “Y/N what are you….” He looked down. OH. You were beautiful. Even with your wounds. Flushed, with messy hair and tears in your lust blown eyes. Your soft hands splayed out on his bare chest, trembling with need. Drool falling from the corners of his mouth he let his Alpha take over for a moment, nearly making a show of how deeply he inhaled the air. Heaven, he was in heaven. A heady, nubile, luscious heaven. Snapping himself out of it he pulled you off of his chest and brought you to the master bedroom. Amazing and lewd thoughts spiraled through your mind as he set you down gently, was he going to eat you out again? Would he just ravish you? Would he punish you for yelling at him? Watching his muscles move had you so, so incredibly thirsty and his girth straining against the grey sweatpants had you so so hungry. Much to your dismay, he walked down the hall and out of sight, your Omega whimpering and purring as tantalizingly and loudly as she could. Only hearing a booming smash before he returned, a bloody hand and more pillows and blankets in his arms than you had ever had before. Luxurious silks and soft microfibre blankets, Egyptian cotton, and the plushest of goose down pillows, even a weighted blanket! He was providing you with these for your nest. This was for you. Your Omega was losing herself to have him scent it all.

Looking at you again he had to calm his shivering frame, splayed out and ready for him, still in his sweater, legs spread to display the completely ruined shorts pulled tight against your begging heat. Forcing himself to turn away from you he shuddered, the way you were looking at him made his Alpha almost impossible to contain, the thin thread of his self-control pulled taunt.

“Stay. Here.”


“Make a nest here. Stay here. I’ll personally go get suppressants for you. I’ll find them. I’ll protect you. I’ll lock the elevators from reaching this floor. I’ll get you everything you need. I’ll…” Slinking off of the bed you pulled both the sweater and tank top from your sweaty body. Dropping them to the floor you pressed your breasts against his back and ran your hands up and down his torso, purring wildly at every scar you came across.

“What I NEED is for my Alpha to knot me.”

Chapter Text

He considered himself a well-composed man. A man who spent the majority of his life under strict and near horrific training. A man who came up with complex plans. A man with enough power to defeat and win over a former enemy army. Calculated some would say, with strong will power and determination. His unblinking wide eyes were boring holes into the seem less marble floor. His Alpha attempting to rip through his body in a way he imagined was much like the chest-burster from Alien. Would this be taking advantage of you? Probably. Should he leave? Yes. He really really needed to leave.

“Alphaaaaaa….” Your delicate but meticulous fingertips traced the lines of his tight abs and firm chest, pushing your sweltering breasts against his back. “Please Alpha…. I need my Alpha…..” His dry skin surprisingly providing a pleasure you didn’t realize you needed over your firm and pebbled nipples. Sticking your wet tongue out and letting your saliva collect in a small pool you licked a thick line up his spine, your thighs rubbing together frantically for any kind of relief. “Alpha don’t leave me alone. Tomura… Alpha…. help me, please? Everything hurts so bad Alphaaaaa.” Purring seductively, whimpering pathetically, mewling in desperation. You would do ANYTHING to make your Alpha stay.

Slowly he turned to face you, beads of ashy sweat dripping down his temples and down his neck, your soft hands clawing at his shoulder blades now. Panting, the hot breath leaving his heaving chest could practically be seen in the air, with his canines extended he spoke very slowly. “Y/N, you are only asking because you are in heat. You didn’t want this. You don’t actually want this. You are MY Omega but…” Your pupils dilated heavily at hearing those last few words. His Omega. HIS. Falling to your knees you shoved your nose against the prominent bulge in his loose sweatpants. Inhaling and kitten licking at him through the thick fabric.

Did you just hear something snap?

Looking up at his face to beg once again you stilled. Oh…. oh you may have fucked up in the best way possible. He was hunched over, hair framing his face, his expression almost seemed blank. His jaw was slack and his pupils were tiny slits, he only had laser focus on you, his lust blown, blood-red eyes nearly seemed to glow against the scared and flushed flesh of his face. He looked hungry. He looked akin to a wolf with a wounded bunny beneath him. You had done something your father had warned you not to ever do, you had pushed an Alpha into an early rut, and not just any Alpha, no, The most powerful Alpha Villian in the country…. Instinctually you’re Omega told you what to do.


And you did, clambering to your feet you took off in a sprint through the apartment, you could feel him right behind you, with this dangerous hands. It felt thrilling, the thought of the things he was going to do to you the second he caught you, you wanted this game to last as long as you could make it. Looking back over your shoulder you saw him briefly, the same psychotic smile, too wide for his actual face. His hands out in front of him in a grabbing motion as his bare feet plodded against the cold flooring, Alpha characteristics on display, and his gloves were off…. Another huge burst of adrenaline surged through your veins as you rounded the corner into the open kitchen, ripping around the island where he had almost caught you. A squeal leaving your lungs had him groaning in return. As fast as possible you let him chase you around the bar and the sofas in the living room, almost slipping on the large carpet you jumped higher than you thought possible out of his grasp. Your brain scrambled and confused, you made a mistake by dashing to the dining room and leaping over the solid oak dining table, quivering against the enormous blacked-out window on the other side. He appeared through the dark archway panting and excited, you had cornered yourself in the only room in this entire giant penthouse with only one exit, slick gushed down your legs at the sight of your Alpha realizing he had won. The guttural and sadistic noises coming from the man had you feeling small and weak.

Laughing smugly he placed his palms down flat on the priceless table, walking through the falling ash and grabbing your throat with both hands, pinkies up. “Oh bunny. My Y/N. my sweet Omega….” He slammed his lips against yours in a sloppy and rough kiss, nipping at your plush soft lips and licking at the bottom for entrance. Eagerly you opened your mouth wide. Instead of the intrusion of his mouth, you felt a hand leave your throat and grab your tongue, pulling it out as far as it would go. Before your questioning glance could reach him he collected his own saliva and spat it directly onto your tongue. “Keep your mouth open, do not swallow that and get on your knees Omega.”

Following your Alpha’s orders as quickly as possible you watched as he pulled his sweats and boxer briefs down his thighs just enough for his meaty cock to spring from its confines, it hung heavy against his thigh, a slight curve upwards. Enormous amounts of precum dripped from the slit of his beautiful uncut cock. A Jacobs ladder sat on the underside of the shaft. “You did this to me Y/N. Can you handle the punishment?” You nodded eagerly. He was so so thick and long, you remembered your Omega friends used to gossip during your sleepovers and talk about how huge Alpha’s were but honestly they didn’t do the idea justice, how in the world would this fit inside you, three of his fingers felt like a lot… this…  you didn’t have time to think anymore before he grabbed the back of your head with his four-fingered grasp and thrust his eager into your spit filled mouth, your hands shooting up to find purchase on his toned thighs, closing your lips around his heavy girth. A deep feral rumble leaving his clenched teeth at your sweet little panicked chirp. Tears running down your face as he rocked his hips in and out of your abused throat, the 8 metal balls massaging the front wall. “Relax your jaw Omega!!!!” Smacking the unwounded side of your face softly as if to offer guidance you relaxed. Swallowing as best as you could around his meaty cock you tried you worked your tongue to lick at the pulsing vein running over the ladder on the underside of his shaft. A puddle forming beneath you, you had completely soaked through Toga’s shorts. As he pushed himself farther down you felt your nose tickle into a tuff of white-blue hair, his weighty balls resting on your chin he humped into your throat groaning every time you swallowed. His face was something else as you met his eyes, you had never seen an Alpha in a rut before in person. He looked terrifying and animalistic, every time the head of his cock slipped past the curve in your esophagus grunted lowly. Your vision was blurring, And it burned.. it burned so badly, tapping his leg halted his actions immediately, pulling his length from deep in your throat you doubled over, coughing and tried to catch your breath. “You did good Omega. But it’s time to eat you up.” He decayed his pants and underwear in a single action, standing above you like a feral god of sex and death.

Leaning down he picked you up with ease and began to stomp aggressively towards the master bedroom. Laying you down in the collection of soft blankets and pillows gently before standing at the edge of the bed. “This is the only time I’ll confirm this Omega… do you want this?” His eyes dark, like he was holding himself back with every fiber of his being.

Getting onto your knees and shimmying towards him you pressed your hands into his chest again and purred, leaning your neck over to expose your empty bonding mark, eyes never leaving his. “Yes Alpha, please bond me.” His Adam’s Apple bobbed as he took your shoulders gently into his grasp, leaning down to place gentle, sweet kisses over your scent glands before he sank his teeth into you cleanly to make the mark as prominent and painless as possible, the sharp tang of iron flooded his mouth and ran down your body. You didn’t chirp or move, the pain was excruciating, burning even, and more than you had expected but it felt so right. So good. Tomura’s teeth released your supple flesh and he diligently ran his tongue over the fresh wound, crooning at you fondly. HIS.

“Your turn Omega.” The blood spilling over his chapped and scarred lips was quickly lapped up by his own tongue, savoring the moment as he swallowed. With urgency he sat beside you on the bed, eyes not leaving the mark. HIS. You chose him back. Gingerly crawling over his thigh and sitting down, body shaking at the stimulation to your core, you ran your fingers through his long wavy locks of hair to expose his empty bond area, pushing against his head gently so you could have more room. His head fell to the side and a deep moan left his lips as you teased him with sweet kitten licks to his scent glands. Wrapping his arms around your waist to bring you closer to him, gliding you on his thigh, he whispered a command in your ear. “Bite hard, I want everyone to be able to see it.” And you did, sinking your tiny Omega fangs into his Alpha’s skin was no easy task, canines barely puncturing it, no wonder your Alpha mother’s bond mark was hardly visible…. “Harder Y/N.” growling at yourself you clenched your jaw as hard as possible, feeling the joint pop, then finally the rush of blood, just as you were about to let up a handheld you back down. “HARDER. I WANT THIS SCAR TO BE THE DARKEST ON MY BODY.” He nearly snarled at you but you understood. He wanted a deep, dark, nasty scar that would stand out against the others on his neck and body. A deep reminder to him every day that you chose him, that you chose this, that he isn’t alone, to prove to himself that he is wanted not as a criminal mastermind but as a man, as an Alpha. You shook your head back and forth to properly tear into him. Ripping muscles and tearing the skin as best as you could. Finally satisfied you released him. Yours. He took your chin between his thumb and forefinger and forced you to meet his wild gaze. “Now you are all mine Omega. No escaping this. We belong together.”

Decaying the puddle of shorts he slipped his finger into your sopping heat easily aggressively attacking the spongey sweet stop he remembered from before you had been taken from him. Never again. Biting down on your shoulder he added another digit, listening to the nonsensical wails of pleasure leaving your sweet lips, curling and stretching you for his pierced Alpha cock. Throwing you back into the mess of blankets and accidentally dusting one in the process he positioned himself in between your shaking legs, sinking three fingers back inside your needy slick with his thumb rubbing hasty circles into your puffy clit. “DO YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN OMEGA? DO YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I JUST SLIPPED MY PINKIE IN!?!” The panic that spread across your tear-stained, mewling face had him harder than ever. “I’VE KILLED SO MANY PEOPLE, I COULD KILL ANYONE I WANT, BUT NEVER YOU. NOT MY OMEGA, NOT MY MATE!”

His fingers went faster and faster against the sopping walls of your pussy, he knew what he was doing and you found yourself pressing your vulva further into his palm because it felt so good. He worked it in and out, slid it up and down your groove, and then back in again. Throwing your head back into the pillow and squeezing your eyes shut, the need to cum so desperately close to the edge before you felt empty. “ALPHA!!!!!!” You whined out, desperate for release. Eyes opening to take in the sight above you, dark, dangerous, commanding, a predator. “Please Alpha…. take me…” With his heavy cock in his hand, he slotted himself between your legs, placing himself on your stomach.

“That’s how deeply I’m going to be inside you Omega.” There was no time to answer your Alpha’s comment before he brought himself back to your waiting core, slowly slipping himself inch by inch, the intense stretch had your Omega chirp again, the heat and girth had her begging to be knotted by this virile Alpha. The balls of his Jacob’s ladder rubbing so deliciously against your walls. As his pelvis hit your clit you couldn’t help but prop yourself onto your elbows to look down. Your thighs over his own, his hands in a four-finger grasp in the meat of your hips. It was in, it hurt a little and you had never felt more full in your entire life, but it felt like you were whole. Eyes drifting from where you were connected and back up to him, shaking with anticipation his eyes were staring directly into your own. Begging for permission to move. “Does it still hurt Y/N? You took the entire thing so well.”

For a villainous killer…. he really did care for you. Shaking your head no you meekly spoke up. “It hurt at first, but it feels nice now, you can move if you want.” Purring at him to soothe his nerves.

Giving a few soft experimental thrusts and listening to you coo softly in tune with his hips was all he needed. He pulled your lower half up off the bed like you weighed nothing, almost instinctively you wrapped your legs around his waist, pistoning in and out, over and over. The squelching of your soaked sex almost drowned out by your cries and Tomura’s animalistic rumbling and grunting. He loved how you looked like this, sweat covering your body, need and lust in your hooded eyes watching him as he fucked you, a still bleeding bonding mark staining the sheets below you, blood dripping down your bouncing tits. He had never mated like this before, no this was new, this wasn’t some little smelly Omega toy his Sensei would give him to get him through his powerful ruts, or some idiotic Beta begging that they could keep him satisfied. This was his MATE. A mate that needed a knot. His knot. slowly losing his senses his thrusting became more powerful and less coordinated. One hand brought forward to thumb at your clit and feel your soft stomach underneath him. Loving the way all of you moved beneath him. As you attempted to wiggle away from the overstimulation he harshly spanked you once… twice… three times “behave Omega! Take what I give you!” He continued rubbing back and forth over it working you up to a razor’s edge before he felt your walls clenching, your shrill scream of his name over and over as you shook violently in his grasp had him seeing red.

His dry hands moved from the fat of your hips to behind your knees, roughly pushing them back towards you as far as they would go into a mating press. A gasp escaping your sore throat before a squeal of pleasure, it felt good. It felt so good. Slamming his cock into your velvety walls, pressing the tip of his cock against your cervix with every thrust, the ladder working new right angles while his pelvis ground itself against your swollen and overstimulated clit. The new angle had you reeling, you could only stare at him and moan and cry like a wanton whore. His head above yours, mouth open and panting, drips of drool fell from his long canines onto your chest and neck, his hair swaying with every thrust into you. “Mine, your mine MINE MINE. TELL ME WHO YOU BELONG TO!?!”

A particularly hard thrust directly into your cervix had you nearly crying, “YOU TOMURA! I BELONG TO YOU ALPHA!”

“I’m gonna breed you, I’m gonna breed you. I’m gonna BREED YOU. I’m gonna keep you safe, I’m gonna fill your womb with pups. Our pups. Over and over and over.” The grunting got louder and louder, neither of you looking away from the other as he continued to grind you further into the squeaking mattress. Listening to the filth spilling from his mouth had your coil tightening again. “Can’t wait to see those tits leaking milk, to see how fat and swollen this belly gets when you…. fuck” his rumbling turned deeper in his Alpha’s chest, slamming you so hard into the bed that the metal frame was cracking the wall behind it. Your pussy clamping down the more he spoke and he leaned forward further. His chest is pressed up against yours, every inch of that hard, lithe body. “Want me to make you a mommy Y/N? You would make such a good little mommy.” You could feel his knot starting to swell, catching on the tight opening of your sex. “BEG ME TO BREED YOU. BEG YOUR ALPHA FOR PUPS. BEG YOUR ALPHA TO KNOT YOU OMEGA.” The wirey tuffs of pale blue hair at the base of his cock ground against your clit just right, sending you barreling over the edge harder than before, milking his cock for everything he had.

“ALPHA PLEASE BREED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The ungodly stretch of his thick heavy knot burned as he popped the entire thing inside you, nearly foaming at the mouth as he snarled and snapped wildly at the air, steaming ropes of gluey seed filled you further than you thought you could be. More and more flooded inside of you until finally, the pulsing stopped.

Releasing your legs he sat back and admired how you looked again. Perfect. “Are you thirsty Omega? Hungry?”

“Yah, both actually, but we are gonna be stuck here for a little while.” Ignoring your statement he leaned down to pick you up, mumbling something about needing to pick up new gloves, gripping him like a fucked out koala he started to amble to the kitchen. He offered you a bottle of water and some fruit gushers. “Also Alpha? I didn’t take you as the piercings kinda guy….” Taking the water and snack he offered to you, you waited for his answer.

“The first time I got drunk with Dabi he showed me his and dared me to get it done… so that night we stole some equipment and well, that’s the story.” Bringing you to the sofa with more snacks on hand he sat down with you on top of him, snuggling into the crook of his now marked neck with your arms around his torso.

“I’m sorry did you just say Dabi pierced your dick?” A giggle left your lips. He pet down your hair with four fingers and grumbled something under his breath. “What?”

“I said he has experience with piercings and I obviously wasn’t gonna let some NPC touch my cock with a needle!” Throwing his hands out to the sides of the couch before huffing like a child again.

You were about to tease him more when speak of the devil, Dabi stepped out from one of Kurogiri’s portals, scratching his neck and stretching awkwardly. “Hey, NEETs stop playing games and come downstairs there is some…..” Cerulean eyes fell on the both of you. “Nice.”

Protectively cradling you into him, Tomura spoke angrily. “If you know what’s good for you burn ward you will turn around and deal with whatever it is yourselves.” Hackles up and growling, his sweet naked Omega in his arms.

“Jeez fine, we were just gonna try to… you know what. Whatever, not my problem.” He turned away from both of you towards the portal. “Oh and Y/N?”


“You’re welcome.”

Chapter Text

The next morning you woke up on the floor in a pile of dust on top of your Alpha. Did he decay the fucking couch when you were asleep? Holy crap your neck was sore, and you had a bad headache too, probably dehydration. Everything hurt honestly, your legs felt like jello. On top of that naked, sticky, and cold on the floor in a weird position was NOT a good way to wake up. Granted the bed was probably not the cleanest right now. A pounding in your head pulled you from your thoughts. Water. You needed water.

Pulling yourself off the floor and stretching you felt your bones cracking and popping, your aching muscles doing their best to release. Wobbling over to the kitchen to pull two glasses from the cabinet and removing the Brita from the fridge filling both, glancing over to your buck naked Alpha laying on his back sprawled out on the floor a few meters away. After Dabi had left he quite literally had fucked you into the next day right there on the couch, or what used to be the couch, effectively taking care of your heat and his own rut. At least you wouldn’t need to worry about that for the next few months, granted, you made a mental note to go pick up a few pregnancy tests, because pups right now would be really hard to deal with right now and he had knotted you multiple times. Sipping on your water you couldn’t help but think about them, they would be so cute. Little beans running about, their teeny tiny feet patting on the floor as your Alpha chased them around for fun, snuggling with you in your nest and reading cute little stories to them with Tomura guarding the door…. Maybe he could come in… Maybe, OK more than maybe… You loudly purred at the thought of him holding you and your sweet little red-eyed pups with their itty bitty gloved hands tight and safe and close….

“Awake Omega?” Two strong arms wrapped around your midsection, one still burned and bandaged from his fight with Dabi three days ago. Humming in response you simply leaned back into his good shoulder, relishing in the warmth and the combination of your scents. It felt surreal,  you really had an Alpha... Tomura Shigaraki, leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front, that was actually who your Alpha was. “I need to go get new gloves today and I like being able to try them on myself to make sure they fit good. Did you need anything?”

“A new couch maybe?” He kissed your bond mark gently, running his hands up and down your sides, pinkies up, as gently as physically possible. Looking down in confusion you noticed why he was being so gentle. BRUISES. SPLOTCHY BROWN BRUISES EVERYWHERE. “Holy shit I didn’t realize I had bruises, I thought I was just sore from sleeping on the floor!”

“Hmm…. ‘m sorry Y/N. Next time I’ll be more gentle, I just couldn’t control myself.” Smiling so wide his lips broke and a sliver of blood appeared.

Quickly you stuck out your tongue and lapped up the offending liquid. His arm shot up to his face to cover the small blush dusting his cheeks at the sweet gesture. You had to giggle at that considering what the two of you had done the day before. “We need to work on your hydration levels, and chapstick. Actually, could I come with you? I want to pick up a lot of pregnancy tests and also pick out some clothing. I literally have none.” Passing him the cool glass of water, you made sure he took a large sip before he set the glass back down.

“Pregnancy tests!?” He practically spat out the product's name. “We don’t need those just wait until you start showing!” His Alpha grumbling lowly.

“I DO need them Tomura. If I am pregnant, and I can take the test in two weeks to know, I need vitamins and I can’t survive off cup ramen and canned food, I would need actually good food for our pup. Would you prefer that I take a plan B instead?” Feral growling came from deep in his chest at your suggestion, and considering the nasty things he had spat at you yesterday you could only assume the Alpha wanted pups, or at least wanted you pregnant. Purring to soothe him slightly you continued. “I also want to start a rooftop garden so we can start eating better, so I need dirt and seeds and fertilizer and soil beds and tools and for some reason, something tells me that you don’t know how to get all of that. I want tomatoes and herbs and potatoes and different gourd verities and cucumbers and zucchini and onions and…. oh! Maybe some small bush fruits but those need a lot of fertilizer and care…. Granted Ash is a good fertilizer but I don’t really want corpse ash in my food….”

He cut you off with a chaste kiss. “You’re ranting again…” Pulling you into his chest thoughtfully he squeezed you close, his nose in your hair enjoying the soft afterglow of the morning. “There already is a garden on the roof, it was here when I took over this shitty building a month or so ago. Pretty sure Kurogiri has been tending to it.” Gulping down the rest of his water and leaving the cup on the counter he finally let you go and started to walk towards the bedroom to get dressed.

“WHAT!?!? Then why in the world have we been living off of CUP RAMEN AND INSTANT MAC AND CHEESE AND ENERGY DRINKS LIKE SOME COLLEGE KIDS!?!?” Quickly placing his water cup into the sink you stomped off after him watching his still naked frame shrug casually.

“It’s how I ate before, it’s how I eat now.” Holy crap. Your Alpha was an absolute MAN CHILD. “But fine. You can come. We can go up there and see what you need before heading out. Come here.” Well, at least you got to outside. Just as he had done before he began to scent you heavily. Your own scent completely covered out by the calming scents of ash and leather and musky dust. After he finished he reached into the closet and pulled out some sweatpants and a sweater, handing them both to you casually.

“Not to judge, but are the only articles of clothing you own sweatpants and sweaters?” You slipped on the musky smelling clothing, rolling up the pants to just below your knee, watching as he slipped on a pair of boxer briefs and a similar outfit to your own. “And colors. You know colors are a thing right? Should we get you some clothes too?”

“I own some really fancy suits and some fur collared coats. Never wear them though. I only used them when I had to address the entirety of the PLF.” Purring at the happy thought of when he rescued you and you felt that soft fur, never had you thought that you would actually bond with an Alpha like this, and certainly not over three or four days. Obviously so much had happened, maybe it was the situation, or because it was the end of the world. He slipped on his red sneakers and looked over to you, wow did you look adorable in his clothing, his eyes raking down your body until he got down to your feet. “You don’t have any shoes..” Seething at you like it was your fault for not having any, because you sure as hell weren’t going to be wearing those pastel pink Mary Janes with the bows that the dead Alpha had given you.

“Top tier investigation skills.” You quipped back. “It’s fine, I’ll just go barefoot and find shoes when we are at the store.”

“I don’t need you stepping on something sharp and chirping and leaking that sweet-smelling blood everywhere and attracting hundreds of those things in an open area, that’s stupid…. I’ll carry you, we will stop by the shoe store first.” Picking you up carefully bridal style, making sure to avoid the larger bruises,  your alpha began stalking towards the elevator quickly.

“Oooo this is nice!” You exclaimed, snuggling into his shoulder tightly.

“What’s nice?” He asked uninterested, pressing the elevator floor button with his foot.

“You carrying me like this! Tomura you’ve only carried me two or three times, once when we first met and I kept tripping and the second time was right after you and Dabi fought, and the third time was in the pool! Each time you threw me over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes!”


Hackles up. Yes. Yes that elevator ding had absolutely given you small PTSD.

Strolling into the elevator and pressing R for what you assumed meant rooftop you relaxed calmly into your Alpha's arms, confident in his ability to easily hold you up. “I carried you nicely yesterday…”

Cutting him off before he could say anything else you snapped, “I was holding onto you like a koala, that wasn’t romantic.”

The doors opened to the fresh air and sky, the jovial tone in his voice was apparent while he spoke. “It felt pretty romantic to me with you hanging off of my big fat kno….”

Ahem” The mist man cleared his throat to the side of you. Clippers in hand cutting cherry tomatoes off of a vine. “Mr. Shigaraki, that doesn’t seem like an appropriate topic to be discussing with Ms.Y/N.” Placing the tomatoes into the basket with his shears he turned to face you both. “May I ask what the pleasure of this visit entails? You’ve never come to the garden before.”

I can say whatever I want to MY Omega Kurogiri.” Tomura hissed like a rat, while cradling your weight in his good arm he brought the neck of the sweater down to his bonding point.  Showing off the deep awful looking bite mark. Then moving to your own and doing the same. “We came up here because Y/N wanted to garden. She sounds like she knows how. We also need a warp to the roof of that big fancy mall Spinner goes to. She needs clothes and shoes and seeds that we don’t have.”

Looking about the garden you were in awe, healthy seedlings were in bundles waiting to be planted, the stem garden portion had strong large leafy vegetables sat next to the heartier root vegetables, their deep planters set perfectly. The marrow section of the garden was already growing beautifully despite the early time of year and the coniferous selection was bursting. The stock vegetables that Kurogiri had been working at was immaculate as well. Whipping your head around to see a smaller herb garden that was thriving. Shaking you from your mental list you spoke up quickly. “Actually this pretty much covers what I was going to get. This is beautifully maintained Mr. Kurogiri, I hope you are proud of it!”

Could mist men blush? Hmmmm the rose shade of fog you saw must have been a mist-ake! “Congratulations to the both of you then, and thank you Ms. Y/N, I find gardening relaxing but if you would like to help I’m more than willing to have the company.” Curtly he opened a portal, and calmly walked over to Shigaraki to hand him a walkie-talkie. “Let me know when you would like to come back and I will bring up the portal promptly.” A snort from your Alpha was the only response you got before being swallowed by the dark haze. You would really have to ask him to be nicer to his mist mom….


The mall was surprisingly empty, only a raider or two who paid you no mind as your Alpha carried you passed them, or an undead that was dust before it could get close. The “fancy mall” That Tomura referred to it as, was, in fact, an extremely upscale and well-known department store. The kind of place that sold $10,000 chandeliers and name brads littered the shelves. Bringing you into a well-known name brand shoe store he set you down gently on one of the many sofas the store had.

“Shoe size?” The statement was blunt. Not a time for questions.

“It’s S/S…” You answered embarrassingly.

A restrained chuckle came from his dry lips, “Cute….” Searching the shelves he quickly found an ugly pair of flats in your size and tossed them at your feet… yeeeeeesh… tossing a pair of $1700 shoes! Slipping them on your feet you looked around for a pair that didn’t make you feel like a 60-year-old mother of the groom. Finally settling on a pair that was cute, easy to run in if you had too, comfortable and in a material that would last, also choosing to find a comfortable pair of F/C slippers to wear at home.

“Clothing next?” You asked him sweetly, returning to his side. He simply nodded. The comfortable silence between the two of you as you walked together felt so nice, his arm around your waist, the matching pace of your feet, sunlight bursting through the beautiful skylights to shower the overgrown greenery of the department store with new life. It honestly felt like a….. “TOMURA! This is our first date! A shopping date!”

“Well then Omega, since I’m such a rich and powerful man I’ll buy you anything you want.” You jokingly pushed him away before entering the enormous clothing department filled with racks of clothing everywhere, Shigaraki taking a moment to sniff the air before grabbing your hips roughly with his well-practiced four-finger grip and all but yeeting you on top of a tall makeup counter display and out of reach. “Can you see any of them?”

You shuddered and nodded, don’t chirp, don’t scream, don’t release scent…. “Three newly turned over by those long red dresses Alpha.” Watching him walk towards the groaning beasts before dusting them with practiced ease.

“Anymore Omega?” Sniffing the air and looking around himself.

Looking around carefully through the entire floor, double-checking for any singles or ones that were hidden, “Just a group, I can’t tell how many, are stuck over there in perfume, there is probably an Omega perfume in the box or something, they look more riled up…” Nodding he headed over and decayed the entire perfume box, the group of corpses included…. a single touch… he may have been joking about the rich part, but you sure had a powerful Alpha. He made his way back to you and with balled up fists he held his arms out, letting you jump down to safety.

“You did a good job Omega. Save the dangerous stuff for me. Now princess, let’s continue our date.” He led you around for what seemed like hours. Picking out all of your favorite clothes, placing each article onto the growing mountain on the wheel stocking cart you had lucky found. Passing by the men’s section a single item caught his eye, a sweater with a wider and lower neckline… You pretended not to notice Tomura quickly pulling it off of the shelf and tossing it into the pile secretly.


A month and a half went by in what you could only describe as domestic bliss. Luckily you weren’t pregnant, much to your Alpha’s dismay, promising you with a venomous hiss on his lips, that your next heat he would give you multiple pups. Tomura was actually showering on a consistent basis, though it was always with you, and letting you style his hair. Hosting dinner parties with fresh vegetables in your dishes with the members of the PLF. Tending to the garden, cooking, and doing laundry with Kurogiri. Sleepovers with face masks, old cheesy magazines, makeovers and movie marathons with Twice and Himiko. Spinner would join you and Shigaraki for gaming every few days. Chess and board games with Mr.Compress while you discussed the book that you two were reading at the time as the only two members of the PLF book club, though you might have recently convinced Twice and Kurogiri to join you! Hell, even Dabi would come up pretty often just to hang out or have a drink.

Another intense round of Mario Kart passed by with the pale crunchy Alpha beside you, shirtless and in a nicer pair of track pants today, his long wavy white blue hair now soft after you started to care for it was pulled back in a loose man bun, bangs out of his face. He set his controller down and scratched at his neck. Used to his antics, you reached out to stop him with an open hand. HE accepted your hand to hold and squirmed in his seat. “What’s up Alpha?” You purred and rubbed your thumb over his knuckles.

He looked around, between the junk food and the soda and the games piled around you in your favorite comfy outfit on the couch. “You know what this needs Player Two?” Placing your own controller down gently you rocked your hips to face him, the sweet and patient inquisitive look you shot him had his Alpha swooning. “Fuckin pizza. I haven’t had pizza for months.”

Smiling with a giggle you tossed your legs over his lap and rested your weight sideways on the back of the newish couch, your shoulder digging into the luxurious leather. “We can just make it you know, I saw a pizza oven in that super fancy restaurant downstairs.” His gloved hands now resting above and below your knee on one leg he huffed aggressively again. You rubbed his shoulder in an attempt to calm him down. “Seriously, calm down, you are pouting like a man child. We can just make one.”

“They will all be rotten by now!!!!” More huffing and puffing from the cranky Alpha.


“This building is geothermal! That’s why everything still works! Electricity and water and heat are all from its own source, not the cities! So the market’s freezers would have stopped Y/N! We can’t have pizza because they will be rotten!” Oh, this was funny, this was a full-on Alpha tantrum. Over pizza. Over the simple fact that he didn’t realize that he could make his own.

“Um….. We can just make it from scratch you know? We have some basil and tomatoes growing in the garden and herbs for the sauce. All we need is olive oil, a little bit of sugar, packaged yeast and flour and powdered milk, salt, citric acid and renin to make mozzarella cheese. All that stuff is dry and non-perishable so we can probably still find it. It’s really easy if you know how.”

“You know how to do all that?” His Alpha perked up like a pup on Christmas. Preening and crooning up a storm.

“Yup! We can make it a cute pizza-making date!” When had you fallen for this terrible Alpha who couldn’t take care of himself…

“Make a grocery list for Spinner babe, my Player Two is so smart.” 

Chapter Text

Surprisingly the kitchen downstairs had most of what you needed minus the renin and citric acid, so Spinner’s shopping list for the day was quite small. They even had cheese in the surprisingly dusty freezer, which honestly you were grateful for, to make mozzarella required you to dip your hands into scalding water to stretch the cheese for a long time and that always, always hurt your hands, even with thick rubber gloves.

With your Alpha following you around the kitchen like a curious puppy you took careful steps to measure the ingredients by weight you put them all into bowls in front of the two you, a side for Tomura and a side for you. “Why did you lay everything out like this?” You loved that he had started to wear his hair out of his face like this, bright eyes and handsome features on display. He even started to wear shirts with a looser neckline to show off his bonding mark, which honestly, you were proud of. You were glad he had forced you to keep going that night because it stuck out against all of his other scars, a heavy and deep bonding mark that rivaled your own. Touching your own, very clean, and precise mark you smiled at him.

“Mise en place”

“Measles glass?”

Your giggle sounded through the kitchen, the Alpha simply tilting his head in confusion. “Mise en places means ‘everything in its place’ in French, it’s a culinary term and….”

“I don’t speak French.” He replied flatly to you.

“Not the point Tomura, it makes cooking easier, now pay attention and follow my instructions.” Honestly, you could use the industrial stand mixers in the kitchen for this, but teaching Tomura how to make dough from scratch by hand felt like a lot more fun. “First we prepare the yeast. Take that small bowl, and whisk the warm water, sugar, and yeast together. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. If the yeast is still good, it will start to froth up.” Following your instructions perfectly the yeast began to froth.

“That looks disgusting. Y/N are you sure you know what you are doing?” He stared down into the small bowl of frothy bubbles and his eyes came back to yours.

“Yep! It’s supposed to look like that. Those little creatures are going to toot out carbon dioxide to make our dough fluffy!” You chose to ignore the disgusted look on his face. Smiling you gestured for him to get ready for the next step, “add half of the flour and mix well to thoroughly incorporate. Add all remaining flour except ½ cup and mix well with your hands.” Before he could interrupt you again you continued. “So you see those dough scrapers there? I made sure you had them since incorporating the dough at first would require all five fingers. Use that to push it into itself slowly until you get a sticky mass and then kneed with your wrist with your thumb up like this.” Demonstrating using the dough scrapers you used four fingers to turn it into something you could work with, then started to knead it without your thumb. “Turn at a 90-degree angle with every knead and make sure to fold it over itself, we do this for tenish minutes and then it’ll form a smooth ball.”

Looking over at your lover you noticed him struggling with the kneading, coming up behind him and peeking around him you took his hands in yours and demonstrated how to properly turn and fold purring sweetly when he got proper hold of the technique. He kept kneading and released what seemed to be a rumbled light growl. “What the heck Tomura don’t growl at me!”

Lips crunched together he turned to face you a pout on his face, forehead furrowed. “THAT WAS A PURR! I WAS PURRING BACK! Dabi said Omegas like it when their Alphas purr back at them!” Grabbing your shoulders with his sticky dough hands he brought your cheek to his neck and scented you. “I was trying to say thank you Y/N!”

“Well, at least I know what your purr sounds like now!” Crooning at the unexpected affection and the unnecessarily aggressive way he scented you. “Like an Omega that has been smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day for 40 years.” Laughing quietly at your little joke you gently shoved your Alpha off and got back to work. “Next we place these in a well oiled large bowl place a moist towel over the top and for the next hour we clean up, choose our ingredients, and…”

“More measles glass right?” His tone almost loving as he started to collect the dishes to load into the dishwasher. “This is a lot of work for pizza…”

“You got it! And yah,” Wiping the smooth metallic surface clean you sighed lightly. “but my dad used to say nothing made him happier than watching people you love eat and enjoy something you made by hand. And the older I got, the more those words stuck with me. So I think you will really enjoy the outcome, that and we will have pizza for our anime binge tonight!”

The next hour passed by quickly, Tomura making your F/T pizza and you making his pepperoni pizza, agreeing that it would be better to make each other's rather than your own. They went into the oven for 10 minutes at 500 degrees and came out looking better than any store-bought pizza on any commercial. Taking the hot pizzas upstairs and plopping down comfortably on the sofa with him.

“Excited to see how you did?” You asked the broody Alpha at your side. Watching him nod at you and pick up a gooey, thick slice of pepperoni pizza with a nice bottom crust. Picking up a slice yourself you waited for him to eat, not wanting to miss his reaction. The second he bit into the slice he rumbled deeply and released a noxious amount of happy smelling scent. A wide smile plastered on his face as he swallowed.

“OMEGA THIS IS GOOD!” You preened and crooned haughtily, he seemed almost shocked at the fact that it was good! “It’s nothing like the ones from the store! TRY MINE!” Ruby eyes snapping back to you to as you took a small bite. Oh, oh he was right. It was warm and fluffy and crunchy and chewy in all the right ways, the cheese and toppings melted in your mouth and there was just enough sauce that it didn’t make the crust soggy, but kept the texture pleasant. Cheeks puffed out in happiness and you stomped your feet on the ground a little. Your smile matched his as you swallowed.

“SO GOOD ALPHA!” And it was, it might have been just because you had been eating nothing but MREs for 2 months and then nothing but cup ramen and canned food, but this was incredible. “YOU DID AMAZING.” Snuggling up into his side as he preened.


You were going to kill that elevator sound if it’s the last thing you did.

Dabi strolled in as casually as he normally did, though surprisingly lacking his normal jacket and boots, his svelte frame in a simple pair of grey sweatpants, scars, and nipple rings on full display. The warmer weather had all of the less gentlemanly Alphas running around the building shirtless like animals, your own being almost as bad about it as Twice was, you were positive that the blonde himbo had burned all of his tops. Sitting down next to you on the sofa, he reached over and grabbed a slice of your pizza. Tomura didn’t even flinch at this, confident in his bond with you and happy with your shared loyalty. “Sup dollface, didn’t tell me you were making pizza.” Gazing up at the television already queued up with an anime ready to binge. “Reeeeally leaning further into this whole NEET couple thing huh?” Quickly looking you up and down in your short shorts and tank top he huffed and held his arms out. “Commere’ Princess you look like a mess.”

You jokingly smacked his bare arm before he started working on your hair. Boney fingers gently bringing it up into a very pretty and neat, but still comfortable bun, setting it with one of the cute anime themed scrunches Shigaraki has given you after one of his outings. You wondered where that trait came from… it reminded you of a big brother doing his little sister’s hair. “Stop fucking around with my Omega’s hair.” Tomura grunted, ok… so maybe the cranky Alpha was a smidge jealous. Dabi finished doing your hair and smirked while he pushed you onto the bare chest of the man you had grown to love.

“Whatever, I’m just bored, gonna hit play handjob?” Bare feet smacking onto the coffee table.

“This is a DATE, staple face. Not a party-“ He pulled you into his lap with ease, snuggled between his legs on the long side of the sectional, “-and I don’t remember inviting you.”

“I’m sorry Alpha.” Rubbing your face into the crook of his neck while you ran your hand over his taught abs. “I may have mentioned casually to everyone that we were having an anime binge night!”


Fuck that fucking sound.

As if it was scripted, Spinner, Himiko, and Twice came nearly bouncing into the room, splaying their snacks out on the table and making themselves comfortable. Himiko pouting cutely as your Alpha only held you closer to him. “I wanted to cuddle Y/N-Chan…..”

“I LOVE THIS ANIME!” “The main character is dumb….” He pulled Toga into his arms and nuzzled her like she was a stuffed animal. The relationship between the confused Alpha and the slightly less than sane Beta always left you wondering what they felt for each other.

“Ah hell yah pizza.” The scaled Alpha reached over Dabi and grabbed a slice of pepperoni, nearly scarfing it down. “Oh yah, Shiggs I forgot to tell ya,” His thoughts shifted quickly, “and Y/N I left your groceries in the kitchen!” Sneakily grabbing a slice of your pizza as well.

“What do you need to tell me Spinner.” Shigaraki grabbed the remote and was about to hit play.

Seemingly ignoring the bluenette he hummed and picked a lost topping off of his chest. “Hmmm this is so fucking good. Y/N did you really make this? This is miles better than the boxed shit… next time could you make…”


“Ah yah sorry. There was some blonde Alpha at the mall asking if I knew who Y/N was, or if I had seen anyone who looked like her. He was showing off a cute photo of her in a schoolgirl outfit. Told me she would probably be wearing men’s clothing and would have an Alpha smell like the beach and lemons. HUGE dude though, massive gains, only knew because he was buck ass naked.” His arms gesturing wildly at the implication of something lewd, Dabi chuckled and smacked the back of Spinner's head with his foot.

“I wanna see Y/N in her cute UA uniform!!!!” Togs pulled at Jin’s arm and pouted. “All bloody and cute in her little uniform. She would look like a doll! Y/N I wish we knew each other before we became adults!”

The silence in the room was thick and sickening, Tomura releasing a terribly disgusting scent of bitter mothballs and rotting leather, his grip on you becoming painful. His stiff body and angry face felt foreign to you now, he had been so gentle, this wasn’t your Alpha…. “And?”

“And I told him I had no idea who she was.” You purred and petted his bonding mark softly, he crooned at you quietly. Tomura seemed to relax a little but was still on edge. “He told me he wasn’t going to stop looking until he found her though, alive or dead… well, undead.” The gecko made a small show of holding up his arms and pretending to groan, eyes rolling back into his skull. Himiko and Twice laughing as he pretending to bite the young woman’s leg who went on to bite twice a little too hard drawing blood, all three proceeding to dogpile on the less than concerned stapled Alpha. You couldn’t really focus on that currently, your Alpha’s fox-like eyes were in thin angry slits, a possessive snarl brewing in his throat as he squeezed you impossibly closer.

“mine.” It was as quiet as a whisper but he repeated it like a mantra, staring off in the distance. “mine mine mine mine mine…..”

“Alpha…” Harder. “Alpha you are squeezing too tight… Alpha it’s OK…. Alpha…. ALPHA!” You chirped out and the room turned to you. The three Alpha’s in the room ready to fight, your own Alpha looking down at your crying face. “I’m sorry…. it’s just… you were hurting me….” You purred loudly to calm the room down and your Alpha relaxed his grip around you.

“Everyone out. And don’t use the FUCKING ELEVATOR anymore it makes Y/N upset. Take the god damn stairs to the level below and then take the fucking elevator.” Following orders everyone grabbed their snacks and a slice of pizza before heading out, Spinner’s eyes meeting your eyes for a moment if almost to apologize, shaking your head, no you smiled, hoping he understood that you didn’t blame him for reporting to his leader properly.

“Hey handman…. Don’t take your insecurities out on your mate. Y/N did nothing wrong here.” Dabi turned and spoke up before leaving the room, his turquoise eyes filled with worry and care.

“I SAID GET OUT!” Shigaraki threw the remote control in Dabi’s direction. Just missing his head as the brotherly Alpha left towards the stairwell, smashing a mirror to the floor and covering the marble in millions of pieces of sharp glass. The final sound was the door to the stairwell closing.

The silence again.

Scenting him gently and leaning back to meet his steely anxious gaze you sighed “Alpha? Tomura it’s ok. I’m yours see?” Taking his rough hand into your own and bringing it to your bonding mark. “I’m here, just listen to my voice. Tell me what you are thinking ok? Tomu, tell me how you feel?”

His scarred lips opened and the strange and garbled purr from earlier came out. “You aren’t leaving?”

“I’m not.” You answered as quickly as possible, the need to reassure your Alpha sitting in your frantically beating chest. “I’m yours, and you are mine. I do miss my friend, and I wish I could talk to him again, but I’m with you forever, you are my mate…. besides, he doesn’t know I’m here anyways.”

Softer than before he took you back into his arms and curled up around you, his anxious mind racing with thoughts of you leaving. “Yah…. we’ll just keep you inside for a little while Omega, just so he can’t find you…”

Chapter Text

Waking up next to your Alpha in the sleeping corner of your nest always felt special. Sometimes his arms would be tangled around you, holding your stomach and chest, his nose in your hair while he draped his leg over you akin to a clingy octopus. Other times you would find yourself in the crook of his shoulder on his chest, your arms tucked in, legs entangled beneath the blankets with a strong hand on your hip and the other gripping your shoulder. Then there were times where he wasn’t feeling very secure (never would you make the mistake of using the word insecure again after his tantrum last night), waking up with his face buried in your chest, your hands in his hair from soothing him from his worries with his arms locked around you.

After learning that the blonde Alpha was roaming the streets looking for you, your date night had all but been ruined, instead of the cute anime and pizza party you had planned, he insisted on scenting you and everything you owned in your nest all night. Not that you minded, he was more than welcome in your nest as your bonded Alpha, maybe not when you have pups.. maybe… Any protests at the scenting itself though were met with one of the most dejected looks his face could manage. You called him insecure and he decayed your favorite pillow, apologizing sarcastically after with a roll of his red eyes when you cried.

This is where you found yourself now, reeking of ash and leather, in the enormous piles of silk and fluffy blankets and the softest pillows (minus the nice F/C velvet one….) on the plush carpeted floor covered by even more pillows. His wavy light blue locks loosely wrapped in your fingers. “Tomura, we should get something to eat hun.” A grumble into your chest and a squeeze of his strong arms around you was the only response. “Tomura seriously. We also need to get that video started.”

Yes. The video. That was the compromise you two had come to. You would record a video for Mirio, thanking him and Tamaki and Nejire for saving you and thank him again for letting you stay in his place with his scent for so long. After agreeing last night he left you alone in your nest to inform Kurogiri of the plan and to make sure everyone was prepared with a camera the next morning to film. You felt bad for him, knowing he would be searching endlessly in a dangerous world with no hopes of finding you or any shambling corpse that looked like you. The best way to reassure Mirio without him starting a fight with your temperamental brat of an Alpha would be to show off your bonding mark, mention that you are very happy with your Alpha (not naming names for obvious reasons) and that he should go back to wherever the hell he had been for 4 months. Easy peasy! Twice would make a clone of you with the video on a fully charged tablet with a charging block just in case to deliver it to him as a goodbye after Dabi and Spinner found out where he was staying, then once Mirio had left, you would be allowed to smell like yourself again and go outside. Nothing could go wrong!

His indignant huff into your chest had you giggle. Over the past month or so snuggle time in the nest had become one of his favorite things, always feeling the need to hold you close to him, you felt so soft in his arms, fit so perfectly, nothing would take you from him. Not the undead, not sickness, not another Alpha, nothing. Both of you standing up from the bed corner and stretching, joints popping and muscles aching from being in the same position all night. “Fine. But it has to be short. And you have to show your bonding mark. Wear that one shirt… the pasta shirt.” He ran his hands through his hair, pushing it out of his face. He offered you his hand and leisurely exited your nest room.

“My spaghetti strap tank top?” You questioned, following him to the bathroom, starting your daily routine, stripping down while he started the roasting hot shower that you always insisted on.

Pulling you in with him you ran your hands up and down his badly scarred arm, the red and marred scarring sticking out heavily against his pale skin. Remembering how he had fought, then nearly tortured and killed his close companion for the minor crime of scenting you. He would probably do far worse to Mirio if the two of you met, you missed the big dumb blonde, but if it meant keeping him safe you were more than willing to keep your distance. He sat down on the luxurious shower bench and you began to lather up his hair with the sweet F/S scented shampoo he had gotten for you, his hair had grown again, you made a mental note to ask for hair cutting scissors next time they went out.

“Yes. That will show him that you are properly marked and being fed well. That I am taking care of you as your Alpha and that you belong to me now. That he isn’t needed.” He wasn’t lying. Tomura was constantly asking you if you were hungry, protecting you properly, keeping you warm and safe at night. Trailing your hands over his shoulder and down his chest you couldn’t help but let your mind wander as you pressed your breasts into his back and leaned your chin on his broad shoulder, looking down, he certainly kept you happy in other ways as well.  “I thought you wanted to hurry Omega?” His raspy voice chucked. 0ops caught red-handed. Finishing washing him as quickly as possible he returned the favor with you. Using the correct hair products in proper order like you taught him for your hair and scrubbing you down as gently as he could with your favorite soap. Taking special care and time around your breasts and hips.

“I don’t think my body can get any cleaner Alpha.” Swatting his hands away before rinsing yourself off one last time.

“Your fault for riling me up in the first place ‘mega” He wrapped his strong arms around you and purred his gargled purr into your bonding mark. “Too much of an angel for me to corrupt…”

Stepping out of the shower and toweling yourself off with the expensive and supple fabric and drying your hair you moved on to brushing your teeth and washing your face. Applying your skincare routine to both you and Tomura’s faces. Planting small kisses around his eyes and on his neck after you finished as his daily reassurances. Picking out your clothing for the day, making sure to put on the floral themed silk spaghetti strap camisole and a more expensive skirt to really drive home the fact that you are doing well. Your rat of an Alpha as usual sporting his track pants, black gloves, and red sneakers. Heading down the elevator hand in gloved hand, you noticed the awful ding noise didn’t seem to bother you unless it wasn’t expected, or maybe it was just due to the powerful Alpha guarding you. A hypothesis you would have to test at a later date.

The pair of you followed the sounds of excitement and wandered into the kitchen to find Kurogiri making super fluffy pancakes while Toga and Spinner struggled to set up the new camera software on his laptop properly. Spinner consistently having to brush her off of his shoulder. “OMEGA!-“ The sweet Beta girl who proclaimed to be your best friend (not that you argued) cried out lovingly to you, “-I told Kurogiri that he should make the fluffy pancakes from the magazine we read so that you look like you are really happy here with us!” Bouncing on the balls of her feet she clumsily knocked over the expensive DSLR camera that was syncing. Spinner catching it with his honed reflexes and sighing.

“I am happy here Himiko.” You nearly ran over to her, her sweet comforting hugs had been a staple for you here. She really was so kind, despite sucking out blood out on a regular basis and enjoying it during your movie nights like a snack she was craving for, always making sure to only take a small amount. She genuinely loved you, and you loved her too. “I promise I am not leaving anytime soon!” You were plopped down into a chair, a massive plate of pancakes shoved into your hands, dripping with your favorite syrup and fresh fruit from the garden, and topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

A man with soft brown eyes and flawless skin approached. His dark and dapper suit neatly pressed. So incredibly handsome he could have been a model from a billboard, his gentle yet manly face and thick but slicked back black hair made him look straight from a shoujo manga. Sniffing the air you finally realized, Mr. Compress, minus his mask, balaclava, and top hat came to stand behind you. He was gorgeous…. a flawless face even, his smile was sweet and fatherly, he may have been around forty but he didn’t look a day over thirty. He laid his cold mechanic hand over your bare shoulder, squeezing in reassurance and smiling kindly at you like he did when you rambled on about the book that you were sharing, perched with the property synced camera in a kitchen chair Spinner spoke immediately. “We thought it would be more believable if he was here. Just to act like he is her Alpha.”

“WHAT?” A pot was tossed across the large professional kitchen, you would have to work on his habit of throwing things in a rage… “THIS WASN’T PART OF MY PLAN!!!” Your Alpha growled behind the large kitchen island. Hackles up and fangs bared. “SHE IS MY OMEGA AND NO ONE ELSES!!!!!”

“Shigaraki.” The gentleman behind you spoke with a softness that his Beta possessed, “We thought it would be more realistic with someone not recognized in the PLF to be beside her to make it more believable. Isn’t this Alpha a hero? I don’t believe a hero would stand for their friend to be bonded to a villain, let alone the symbol of chaos. Nor would it look very safe for her to claim she was bonded without the Alpha in question in sight, it might make him MORE worried.”

Your Alpha paused. He was a genius with plans and schemes being the leader of a group of dangerous villains and had surpassed being a student under the world's most terrifying villain ever after all. His mind reeling with ideas as he scratched at his bonding mark, the stress of another man, especially a Beta underling who followed him, even pretending to be your Alpha clawing at his recently unlocked heart. The entire room was stiff as they watched the Alpha contemplate. “Alpha?” Your sweet tone catching his attention.

“What do you think Y/N?” Grabbing his own wrist in frustration, knowing how much his excoriation made you worry.

“It’s only for three minutes…. and I’m sure Mirio would leave faster if he didn’t see I was bonded to… well… the leader of the League Of Villai…”


“… The Paranormal Liberation Front -“ Still holding the overflowing plate of pancakes you tried to reason with Tomura, “- and Atsuhiro hasn’t been identified as a villain and wears a mask. He also comes off very…” How would you say this without hurting his feelings, “traditionally Alpha despite being a Beta, I’m sure Mirio would feel very secure and reassured seeing a well dressed, soft-looking ‘Alpha’ by my side.” He still didn’t seem very convinced…

“I COULD PRETEND TO BE HER ALPHA!” “Damn hero scum have never seen my face…” The entire room’s gaze shot over to Twice, mask removed and twitching aggressively, before shooting back to their leader with worry.

“Compress is fine. Hurry it up.”

The small group shuffled their way from the kitchen to the dining room of the extravagant building's restaurant towards the luxurious cabriole sofas against the floor to ceiling windows. Sitting closely beside Mr. Compress, he gingerly held your hand on his lap and tried to look as Alpha as possible, the stack of pancakes in front of you on the gold leaf-lined tea table.

“Annnnnd ACTION.” Spinner clapped his hands together and you saw the little red light on the camera beeping.

Fingers intertwined with Mr. Compress’s you smiled lovingly at him before turning back to the camera, a gentle squeeze of your hands and a little shake from him not going unnoticed. “Hello Mirio, my Alpha was out getting me new nesting supplies and heard from a raider that you were in the area and looking for me. When he came back home to me he told me about the strange encounter the other raider had mentioned to him with a loud naked buff blonde looking for me with a photo from my school days.-“ You nuzzled you’re head into Atsuhiro’s shoulder and purred longingly, “First I would like to say thank you, for letting me use your apartment for two whole months as a safe haven before your scent disappeared, and second … if Nejire and Tamaki are still with you as well I would also like to thank them with all my heart. Thank you three for saving me, if you hadn’t I would never have been saved by the love of my life, Akira Ito.” ‘Akira’ gently kissed your forehead, and stroked your very apparent bonding mark methodically. “I am very happy with him and while I cannot meet you because I am with pup,” You slowly brought Mr. Compress’s hand to your belly, looking down and sighing happily, “and any smell other than my Darling’s makes me sick, my Alpha didn’t think it was right to let you wander the streets without knowing his long time friend was ok, he came up with this clever idea to let you know how I was doing without putting me…” You giggled girlishly and pressed his hand into your stomach harder, “or I guess US, in danger. Please don’t worry, let your heart be at ease and leave the city to where you were before, I am safe and comfortable and well provided for with my powerful, gentle Alpha. Maybe we will meet again someday when this is all over. I’m glad to know you are still alive. Goodbye.” Reaching your head to Atsuhiro’s scent glands you rubbed your cheek against his neck. Purring happily and rubbing little circles on his hand against your stomach.

“Aaaaaaand CUT!”

The entire ground floor of the building REEKED of bitter mothballs and burning rotten leather. Instantly Atsuhiro all but leapt off the couch faster than a bullet train, in the opposite direction of Shigaraki. The insanely angry Alpha watching him, the Beta holding his arms up in surrender while the Alpha snarled and growled. Everyone holding their breath exhaled and coughed at the overwhelming cranky musk of their pack leader.

Toga recovered quickly, squealing in delight. “Y/N THAT WAS AMAZING!” Running up to the table in front of you and grabbing a fluffy pancake with her fingers and stuffing it in her vampiric mouth. “IT WAS LIKE A REAL MOVIE!”

“You could have been a really popular actress!!!!!” “I WOULD HAVE DONE BETTER THAN COMPRESS!!!!!”

“That was a surprisingly heartfelt performance Ms.Y/N, however, are you sincerely comfortable lying to your friend like this?” Ah Kurogiri, forever the voice of reason. The two of you had grown close through gardening and your talks about how Tomura had grown and changed over the many years that you hadn’t known him, even going as far to show you his secret LOV photo album with his first villain photos where he looked hilarious.

“No Kurogiri I’m not…. I feel awful about it honestly, but if it gets him out of Musutafu and stops him from looking around for a corpse that looks like me in a city of what used to be millions, I’m willing to lie.” Standing and walking over to place your hands on your Alpha chest, who would not stop glaring at the handsome gentleman magician halfway across the large room, you continued. “Plus, not all of what I said was a lie, I am incredibly thankful for what they did for me to keep me alive long enough to meet Tomura, and I am very happy, and my Alpha is very strong, and I am very safe and well provided for. I think… I think that’s all that matters.”

“I’ll edit it so the action and cut aren’t part of the video but that was pretty believable to me, maybe at some warm tone to really sell the whole ‘cozy’ feeling. The decaying city in the background kinda ruins the whole ‘safe and sound in luxurious comfort vibes’ though. Maybe I can edit out the bodies…” Taking the camera off the tripod he made his way back to the kitchen where he had left his laptop.

Tomura took you into his arms angrily, puffing out his chest and thumping his left foot angrily on the ground a few times in disagreement and disapproval. “Tell me when Dabi finds that stupid blond buffoon. If he comes back empty-handed, figure out how to find him yourselves.” Huffing he stalked towards the elevator with you, kicking the up button so hard it broke, scenting the clean linen and dryer sheets smell off you while he waited for the doors to open…


Which is how you found yourself in the gaming corner of your nesting room. The nest itself was lovely, but this. This was the heart of your nest, every console you could think of on shelves below two 50’ TVs on the wall, with well-organized wires, set up by Kurogiri and Dabi before you had built the monstrosity of your nest. An entire wall of games that Shigaraki insisted you move to the nest, You were fairly certain he liked gaming in your nest more than you did, the living room hadn’t been used since you finished this corner unless it was for the group. You were proud of it too. The gaming nest was sooo was cozy and Tomura had taken you to pick out the most comfortable sofa you could find for compress to come back for later. You had chosen to make what was basically an enormous enclosed bed out of sectionals for the corner, filling it with stuffies and blankets and a large amount of your Alpha’s clothing. Just a month and a half ago he spent an entire weekend with you running back and forth from the living room and nest while he played games, scenting anything you or brought him and letting you work.

But oh no, here you sat, back to his chest, his arms wrapped around you possessively with a controller in his hands playing red dead redemption. He was currently on an extremely violent killing spree.

“Don’t tell me I have to do this shit again Tomura.” You were in no mood to have to placate his jealous feelings and inferiority complex compared to any man who seemed to look at you the wrong way. “Seriously it was part of the plan and I think I did….”

“You did a good job. Too good. But it was acting… I just needed to calm myself down, regain some HP. Remind myself that you were acting like that with him to repel an Alpha hero you were going to court so you could stay with me without anyone coming in harm's way.” Wow, this was something you needed to remember to tell Kurogiri about later over a glass of wine, this was some exquisite tea to share.

“Hmmm, is that why the entire group was hacking on your cranky hand man scent down there huh? From the second Action was yelled you were pumping it out like a scent emitter.” Pushing yourself back into his chest and laughing at the childish display.

“I didn’t yell at him or threaten him and I didn’t make any noises while the video was recording!” He nipped lovingly at the shell of your ear to tease you.

“Ah yes yes, my big strong Alpha did so well, didn’t throw a big fat tantrum.” Humming in response to his relaxing presence, he reloaded to before his killing spree and you gently traced the veins on his forearms, watching them flex deliciously as he pressed each button. The tendons moving and biceps bulging every time he moved. It felt so comforting in the nest that smelled like a perfect combination of the two of you.

A knock at your nest door had your fangs bared. A small growl leaving your lips. “It’s just me Dollface,” He lazily spoke through the door, “can I come in?”

“…. only in the doorway…” You answered calmly, the only Alpha allowed actually inside was already there with you.

The door opened to reveal Dabi, his shirt covered in old blood and his pants muddy, jacket stained and had a bite mark in the leather though not enough to puncture it. “Oh shit this is a fucking nice nest… good job Kitten.” Your Alpha started preening like it was somehow his own personal accomplishment. “Anyways, I found him pretty fast. Just calling her name out loud in that old Omega district and releasing his scent like crazy. Which by the way smells like a fucking Mr.Clean lemon-scented bullshit commercial. Watched him do it until late last night where he left to sleep in a bank vault at 2-chōme 5-banchi that I’m sure is his full-time base. I had to snag they key from a bunch of corpses in the basement without burning down the building to check though. That shit sucked.” It also explained his appearance.

That’s weird… why wouldn’t Mirio just use his apartment? If was well secured.

“Good work. Y/N let’s get you down to see Twice so he can measure you for a clone and have Dabi scent it so it can make it to wherever the hell the bank is. We are sending out the clone tonight.”

Chapter Text

With your Alpha lazily standing beside you, hands in his pockets, you were measured by Twice. You had INSISTED that only your Alpha and the walking cloning machine be in the room or know your measurements. Somehow you felt like Dabi would tease you forever if he knew. After what felt like an hour of twice working his magic he touched you and beside you appeared a perfect clone of yourself, right down to the white sundress and strappy heels you had decided to wear to ‘meet’ Mirio in.

“TADA! EASY AS PIE!” “That was too much work…” Jin stepped away from you and went to get ready to go out in case anything happened to the first clone.

“So do I have to give her an order or….” You started before you could interrupt yourself, maybe your Alpha’s bad habit was rubbing off on you, he moved to hold your hand, gently trying to squeeze away your obvious discomfort.

“No of course you don’t. I’m you.” Twilight zone, nothing had been quite as freaky as having a full-on conversation with yourself. “All of your memories, all of your feelings, everything that was you up till now is now me, and yes, it makes me uncomfortable too.”

“Ah, then I guess I’m a little jealous that you get to meet, our?, friend Mirio again.” Humming softly at the sweet memories as you snuggled into Shigaraki’s shoulder.

“Yeah, it’ll be nice to see him again, even if it’s just for a goodbye. He was always so protective and sweet, I wonder where he has been the last 4 months!” She pondered back at you and tapped her foot, knowing that Mirio had always been intensely clingy.

“Right? I thought he was dead! If it wasn’t for Tomura I would be dead after four months!” The hero you know had to have a good excuse. Maybe he got bonded like you did?

“I know! He better have a good excuse! Maybe he bonded an Omega!” A small silence bloomed between you to before you both broke out in unrestrained laughter, the strange tension from earlier broken.

Shigaraki handed her a small black backpack and you watched your clone eye up your handsome Alpha, taking the backpack she reached out with her free hand and touched his hair and jaw, tracing her fingers over the scars on his lips and down to the bonding mark, a tinge of pink dusting both your cheeks and hers, both for different reasons. Did you really look at him like that? Like some schoolgirl in puppy love about to ask an Alpha to scent something for her. Embarrassing. “It feels a lot different in real life over memories…. it’s so soothing.” She spoke softly.

“We need to get you downstairs for Dabi to scent you. Put on the backpack and come.” Doing as he asked he roughly grabbed your clones hand, leading you both downstairs. Was it possible to be jealous of yourself? Maybe a little, but it seemed like he realized that she had feelings, and was attempting to indulge her a bit considering it was her only day with him. The elevator doors opened to find Twice, Dabi, and Kurogiri, with Jin and Dabi dressed and ready for the outside ruin of the city, sitting on couches, seemingly waiting for your clone.

“So which dollface do I get to scent?” Shigaraki let go of her hand and pushed her gently towards the scarred Alpha, she rolled her eyes at his hands grabbing at the air for her. “Commere’ Princess.” It was… interesting to watch, to say the least, watching him pull ‘your’ body down onto his, forcing ‘you’ to straddle him. Dabi pawing at her waist and thighs greedily dipping his fingers into the soft flesh, licking and nipping her scent glands, his scarred skin tickling her neck and face. His eyes never leaving Tomura’s as he licked at her lower lip and up her jaw, one large hand pinning her smaller hands to the exposed unscarred portion of pecs, the other tight on the back of her neck while he worked. A low snarl left Shigaraki’s lips as he watched Dabi’s hips rut up harshly into your clone, bouncing her body. Both you and her releasing a sweet purr to soothe your Alpha, in response he squeezed your hand lightly. Taking your clone’s chin between his fingers Dabi purred back at her, a far cry from Tomura’s own, it was deep and relaxing and sexual. He flattened his tongue allowing a large amount of his saliva to pool before licking slowly over her sensitive bonding mark, smirking as her body broke out in goosebumps as he clearly whispered something inappropriate to her and bit her earlobe gently. Your clone whimpered softly in response.

You would never, ever admit it to your Alpha but maybe… just maybe… you thought this was a little hot….

Your Alpha must have had enough of the lewd spectacle, pulling you into his chest with enough force to knock the air from your lungs and bring you back to your senses, you could feel his hands twitching on your back protectively. “We are leaving to go upstairs. The second you are finished with the mission I expect you to report to us immediately.” Us? Surprisingly considerate of your Alpha.

Heading towards the elevator you swallowed and tried to calm yourself down, everything was gonna be great, now you could live happily with your Alpha and maybe focus on having a few pups. He did seem really excited at the idea of them. “Y/N?”

“Yes Tomura?” Your face was in his hand before you could turn your head. His lust-filled hooded eyes met yours and he licked his lips.

“I can smell you Omega. Do you need to be reminded who you belong to?” A smirk graced his features. “Why don’t we head upstairs for punishment, I can copy everything that Dabi did, you can tell me who you prefer at the end of it all.” Bringing your body closer to his you could only nod your head yes as quickly as possible.

“Yes please, Alpha.” Maybe pups would come sooner than you thought…


Your fully conscious clone stood outside the bank, patiently waiting to do her job in her pretty little sundress and strappy high heeled shoes, absolutely drenched in Dabi’s smoke and Whisky scent. It was heady and strong and made her a bit nauseous considering it wasn’t her own Alpha’s scent, but it seemed to be keeping any undead uninterested though. Dabi and Twice themselves were hiding in a nearby apartment on the balcony, close enough to hear the conversation and watch the massive blonde’s reaction, but far enough that if they kept their scents at bay that they wouldn’t be found. In her hands, she held a small backpack containing the video on a USB just in case, a tablet with the video preloaded and ready to watch, a cable, and a small solar charger. Nothing would get in the way of showing the great Hero Lemillion this video.

As the sun began to set your clone sighed. Sitting down on the dirty cement steps of the bank, her feet were starting to hurt from just standing there in the pretty heels, she was told she had to wait for Mirio to return and to never to return back home. She missed Shigaraki dearly but understood what she was, she was a scout, an informant. She didn’t even know where her friends Dabi and Jin were hiding, but she was excited to see Mirio again. She thought back to ‘her’ days at U.A., meeting him for the first time when he phased through her work desk, spewing endless compliments at her over her dedication to work and out of the box clever inventions. Always walking everywhere with her and defending her from the unwanted advances from other Alphas he told her about, the grand talks about starting his own agency and her office would be right next to his. Those days were so much fun. Then when he lost his quirk he became even clingier but never less happy and sweet, it had taken almost a year for her and Eri’s adoptive dads to get Eri to a place where Mirio’s quirk was restored. Then he basically lived at her Omega apartment with her, walked to work with her, spent all of his free time with her. Another sigh escaped her lips. Mirio really had been a wonderful friend, why hadn’t he asked to bond her though? An unexpected crunching noise had her hackles up, turning quickly to see the cause.

“Y/N…… Y/N is that you? Did you maybe smell me?” Returning to her feet she smiled at the towering Alpha, who had seemingly found clothing today, his very tight white t-shirt had blood on it, with the sleeves rolled up exposing his muscle, he was even more build than he was months ago. Fitted jeans sat snuggly on him with a bloody sledgehammer on his hip, a matching pair of steel-toed boots seemed to ‘complete the look’. Her body was picked up into a bone-crushing yet loving hug, swinging around wildly as he planted kisses on her forehead. “OH BABY GIRL I’M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU. I HAD TO BUILD OUR NEW HOME AND WHEN I CAME BACK AND OUR APARTMENT WAS IN RUINS I PROMISED I WOULD COME BACK!!!! But that doesn’t matter now though sunflower! You’ll never leave my sight again and…” Inhaling the clone’s scent he paused, putting her down gently. Darkened blue eyes immediately noticing the healed bonding mark, his beachy lemon scent turning stormy and foul. Before she had a chance to speak he leaned down to her level, large hands squeezing at her hips with a bruising force, thumbs drawing circles. “It’s ok sunshine, it’s ok. You probably only did this to stay safe for me right? That’s why you are here now. You knew your Alpha could fix this. Right?” When she didn’t immediately answer he squeezed harder, “RIGHT?!”

Shaking. Clone Y/N was shaking, her knees clamoring in front of the broad Alpha. “Shit…. this doesn’t seem like the same guy Y/N described… Wasn’t he supposed to be an upbeat funny hero for everyone type of guy? This guy just has his screws loose.” Before Twice could loudly reply he brought a single boney finger to his own lips to silence his companion as they listened on.

“I…. I am a clone of Y/N that was made today to deliver you a message… I’m sorry Mirio, I’m not the original.” Her hand dug into the backpack and carefully removed the tablet, holding it out for the blonde to take. Her heart broke at the sight of her Alpha friend’s expression, but Y/N belonged to Shigaraki. Mirio has never made a move on her and life is just funny sometimes, Mirio was always an understanding man when it came to you anyways.

His face dropped and he fell to his knees before her, taking the tablet out of her much smaller hands he pressed play. Watching as you held hands and smiled with another Alpha, cooed and purred into him…..

“Hello Mirio, my Alpha was out getting me new nesting supplies and heard from a raider that you were in the area and looking for me. When he came back home to me he told me about the strange encounter the other raider had mentioned to him with a loud naked buff blonde looking for me with a photo from my school days.

First I would like to say thank you, for letting me use your apartment for two whole months as a safe haven before your scent disappeared, and second … if Nejire and Tamaki are still with you as well I would also like to thank them with all my heart. Thank you three for saving me, if you hadn’t I would never have been saved by the love of my life, Akira Ito. I am very happy with him and while I cannot meet you because I am with pup….”

‘I am with pup,’ an angry deep growl ripped through the Alpha on his knees. Only growing in ferocity as the video continued…

“and any smell other than my Darling’s makes me sick, my Alpha didn’t think it was right to let you wander the streets without knowing his long time friend was ok, he came up with this clever idea to let you know how I was doing without putting me…. or I guess US, in danger. Please don’t worry, let your heart be at ease and leave the city to where you were before, I am safe and comfortable and well provided for with my powerful, gentle Alpha.

Maybe we will meet again someday when this is all over.

I’m glad to know you are still alive. Goodbye.”

‘maybe we will meet again someday when this is all over’… The snarling immediately stopped, he replayed the last part four times before he looked up at your clone with a bright cheery face, the area already soaked in his angry scent had the expression seem wrong.

“So she just wants me to leave? She was mine for six years… I kept her safe for six years… We loved each other for six whole years and now she wants me to leave?” A light sweet chuckle escaped his lips as he snapped the tablet easily in two, tossing it to the side and grabbing her hips tightly again. “Are you an exact clone? Down to her scent and her anatomy and everything?”

“Yes? Mirio… you are kinda scaring me… we are friends right?” Your clone was trying her best not to chirp, something was wrong with her friend. This wasn’t Mirio… Mirio was understanding and open and kind, literal sunshine and happiness… he would never snap at her, and his bright and cheery mood never changed.

Still with the bright smile on his face, he flipped her sundress up and stuck his nose into her clothed heat, inhaling deeply. This time her Omega did chirp, trying to force the Alpha away from her was like trying to move a mountain, releasing a distressed Omega scent she drew the attention of every undead in the area. “She isn’t with child, but someone did touch her… My sweet Y/N would never lie to me on purpose. She loves me. She loves me like I love her. This is just a code. She made a code for me to break. She’s always been so smart… Ash mixed with her scent huh… All that whiskey and smoke is just a distraction. What a sweet girl… My sweet Omega left a message for me. She needs her Hero, HER ALPHA, to rescue her! That’s why the apartment was trashed!!! She was just kidnapped!! They are forcing her to do this! And you….. YOU tried to help them hide her from me!” Shuffling undead slowly came into sight and your clone panicked, this wasn’t going according to plan. Mirio stood to his full height and picked her up by her throat with one hand, squeezing tightly, the color quickly draining from her face. “I don’t need a copy. I came to take MY Omega home.” Tossing her into a small group of undead and watching as she was eaten, blood pouring from her before she melted into goo. As the dead slowly surrounded him the blonde took a whiff of the air, his colossal chest expanding as his Alpha voice echoed through the streets. “I CAN SMELL YOU YOU SICK BASTARDS!”

“Shit… Fuck… Shit, this isn’t going as planned.” Dabi pulled a panicked and shocked Twice into the apartment and out of sight, ripping the walkie talkie from his jacket and pressed the button to speak, “We need to get out of here ASAP, directly to Shigaraki.” Watching the hulking blonde stomping towards the building they were hiding in from the shadows, his mammoth muscles using the sledgehammer to smash through the corpse’s skulls like they were butter. His potent Alpha scent leaking out of every pore, angry, driven, nearly Apex. A portal appeared before them and they hurried in, a roar from the Alpha outside was the last thing they heard as they slipped into the mist.


The portal took them both upstairs, where Dabi wasted no time in slamming open the door to your nest, cracking the wall with the handle with how hard he had slammed it open. You hissed and hid below Tomura, reaching for blankets to cover yourself with, Shigaraki was about to scold him but was stopped by the rare angry intensity on Dabi’s face. “Get dressed perverts we have shit to talk about. Meet me in the sixtieth-floor lounge.” He didn’t even bother to close the door, simply making his way to the elevator, pulling Jin behind him. swearing the entire time under his breath.


The elevator opened on the sixtieth floor to reveal a sleek and modern lounge, it would have been lovely if it wasn’t for the nasty angry burning liquor scent coming from Dabi, who had grabbed an expensive brand of scotch and was drinking straight from the bottle. Jin sat at the end of the bar, head in his hands, mumbling to himself about something.  

“You think it’s acceptable to do that? Barge into MY Omega’s nest? What the hell happened out there??!” Tomura pulled you over to sit beside his tall frame on one of the comfortable bar stools, his arm around your shoulders.

“I really don’t care right now. That Alpha, the one you described as a lemon-flavored Capri Sun? Yah, greeeeat guy, totally reasonable, a fucking hero through and through. What he actually is is a god damn psychopath.” Slamming back another mouthful of the twenty-year branded scotch sloppily and nearly shattering the bottle with how hard it came back in contact with the bar top.

“Dabi tell us what happened.” You tried to reason, you could tell that in the 15 minutes it took you to get dressed he had already drank half the bottle. “Didn’t it go well? Mirio is extremely reasonable and positive. In the six years we were best friends I have literally never seen him mad, upset, and cry a few times yes, battle-ready, but never unreasonable or out of control.”

“Reasonable and positive my fucking ass. He learned you were bonded and a clone and he lost his god damn mind. His personality kept flipping so fast I thought it was just a bigger, dumber Twice. He was screaming that you two had been in love for years and stuffing his fucking face into your pussy to smell if you were actually pregnant or not, guess what babydoll. He knows you aren’t pregnant. Then he decided that you had been kidnapped and tossed the clone into a god damn pack of corpses to eat her!” His brows were furrowed and tight, cerulean irises swirling with confusion looking at you. “Does that sound familiar Princess? Does that sound like your heroic ‘best friend’? Because there is a massive Alpha out there and he seems out of his god damn mind.”

Shigaraki spoke up. “It was just a clone, tell us what else happened?”

“IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT WAS A CLONE. IT WAS AN OMEGA. THAT ISN’T HOW YOU TREAT OMEGAS!!!!!” Throwing the bottle across the room and smashing it on the wall he ran his fingers through his black hair. Looking over at you, your terrified expression painted all over your face as you held onto Tomura standing beside you.

“He’s coming for you princess, and that Alpha is a god damn monster…”

Chapter Text

He stood there like a big golden retriever puppy, in a wild open field of wild grass and cattails next to the ocean, his enormous back looked so safe with his cape billowing in the same warm wind that softly pet at your exposed skin, your sun hat flew off of your H/C locks and you laughed as it landed near him. The air smelled like sunshine and the beach and lemonade, wildflowers in vibrant yellows and vivid blues littered the line between the sand and the grass.

“MIRIO!” You cried out and ran to him as fast as your legs would take you tripping over the loose stones in the ground with your bare feet, why were there so many loose stones? He picked up your sun hat and waved at you, his giant arms were outstretched and his blue eyes twinkled as he called back out to you. You couldn’t hear his sweet voice. His wide toothy grin was speaking. But no sounds reached your ears, not the call of the seabirds or the ocean waves, not the wind fluttering through the overgrown grass, all you could hear was a high pitched noise, like a bug in your ear getting louder and louder. Closer and closer and closer you ran to him, you had so much to tell your friend, about Tomura and the PLF, about your Alpha and your future plans. The smell in the air suddenly turned sour, like gone off meat. Finally reaching your friend he pulled you into a big strong hug, pulling you off of the ground with your arms wrapped around his neck, snuggling you the way he used to and sniffing at your neck. You felt him say something again. “Mirio? I can’t hear what you are saying?” You could tell by the vibrations against your skin that he was speaking louder now, nearly yelling. Gingerly taking his handsome face in your hands you pulled him off of your neck, maybe you could read his lips if….

“I said you are mine.” Mirio’s face was the definition of horror, milky yellow decayed looking eyed stared back at yours. Rancid chunks of flesh falling from his decaying lips, his Herculean Greek nose replaced by a swelling maggot-filled bulb, half of his teeth replaced with pussy sores. You screamed in terror and tried to push him off only for your hands to sink into his moldy clothing that had fused with his skin, one hand falling into a hole in his chest, the soupy and stringy texture of his innards had you retching. The wash of stomach acid hit your esophagus as the tears formed in your eyes. The painting around you melted into the streets of the city, dark and grey clouds hung in the sky and the clap of thunder vibrated in your still-beating heart.

“TOMURA!!!!!!!” You cried out for him and chirped above the storm.

He threw you down to the ground on your hands and knees and you expected to feel the scrape of the pavement, instead, opening your eyes you trembled at the sight below you, you were staring down at Dabi. His lifeless corpse was still, his skull and jaw crushed in, you shrieked and looked around you, all of your friends…. All of them beaten to death and thrown into the street around you, their faces crushed. “I have a present for you Y/N.” Mirio’s voice was garbled, his terrible hunger invoking painful sounding moans. You turned to face him, his sinewy mangled arm holding your lover up on his knees by his icy blue hair.

“Y/N…. run….” His armless body was helpless as he was thrown to you, you caught him with an angry thud and pet the blood-encrusted hair out of his glassy listless eyes, gently laying him down beside Dabi underneath you while the tears fell from your eyes so fast they were blinding you, his sweet name leaving your mouth like a prayer while trying to stop the bleeding only to feel a wet mushy hand at the base of your skull.

“I’m here to save you Y/N, I’m your hero….” Pushing you onto your hands and knees over your Alpha, you heard the telltale sound of a belt buckle being undone. You tried to move, you wanted to take Tomura and run, your tears falling onto his face and neck, many of them gathering in the scar of your bonding mark. “You were mine.” The pulpy feeling of hard decayed flesh pushing itself further and further into you felt gut-churning, the head of his shaft trying to force itself past your cervix.

Tomura’s brow furrowed and his body shook softly, his teeth clenched tightly as he spoke as best as he could manage, slipping in and out of consciousness, “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you….” Tomura’s eyes contorted in strange ways, trying to hold back the tears and the shame of failing as your Alpha. The sickening slap of Mirio’s hips ripped his peeling flesh off of his decomposing meat, pasting the decaying sheets of skin onto your body. “I love you Y/N”.

You felt opened guts fall onto your back as he dug his yellowed nails dig into the fat of your hips, he leaned down to your neck, the cold, coagulated and wet entrails pooling themselves on the sensitive bare skin, his bloated liver slipping down your side onto Dabi’s charred coat with a splat. He began to kiss and nuzzle at the bonding mark you shared with Tomura, his drool dripping from his rotting mouth. “I will make you mine again Omega.” You felt your soft belly swell painfully quick, looking down at your bloody and pregnant tummy you sobbed in denial, the weight of the pup causing you to rub your full stomach against Tomura’s. Mirio opened his mouth wide and bit down on your neck, one arm keeping your shoulders down to properly tear the flesh and marked scent glands from you. The sound of flesh being chewed and swallowed by the groaning monster in your ear wasn’t nearly as bad as the pain in your Alpha’s eyes below you, his face now covered in your blood, a soft trail of tears slipping into his hairline. “Kill me.” You watched the last light leave his beautiful Carmine eyes before he turned.


You shot up in bed screaming, drenched in a cold sweat and shaking violently, throwing yourself off the bed and emptying the very few contents of your stomach into the marble floor. Naked and shaking you found yourself unable to breathe. Your heart was beating out of your chest, the world was blurry, everything felt foggy. You could hear blood passing through your ears. Everything was hot, too hot, you were going to die, this is how you die…..

Tomura’s warm gloved hands grabbed your shoulders and turned you around to face him. He took your hands and placed them on the scars on his face and neck before taking your own face in his hands, lifting it to meet your E/C eyes. He had a look of intense worry set across his face, he was crouched down and cooing at you gently. “Y/N… how do you make instant ramen?”

“I’m going to die….” You were. You were drowning.

“Y/N… baby… I need you to focus…” His voice sounded muffled like he was trying to speak to you underwater.

“You are going to die……” The shaking got worse, the room began to spin. The pressure in your chest was filling your brain and spilling out of your ears.

“Angel.” Your tremors lessened as you softly started to pet over his wrinkles, your heavily slitted eyes and tense face slowly returning to normal. “Tell your moon how you make instant ramen.”

“Y… you take a pot and you… you boil water. Then you take the ramen out…. out of the package and put it in the water……” He purred his nasty purr at you as softly as possible, petting your hair and giving small kisses to your hands when they passed the scars on his mouth. He could feel that your heart rate had already gone down, rocking backward on his feet, he sat down with his back against the side of the bed, tugging you in between his open knees and nuzzling your cheek against his scratchy neck. You grabbed his charred right arm, needing to feel the texture on your fingers.

“What comes next dust bunny?” The pressure in your ears faded away and you started to hear things clearly again.

“Then I drain most of the water, and I add the spices and two soy eggs and some scallions, then I add the hot sauce because I know you like it.” The shaking had stopped, the feeling in your legs returned. The smell of Dust and musky leather filling your nose in the sweetest of ways, bringing you back down to Earth in the still very attached arms of your beloved Tomura.

“Good girl….” He kissed the top of your forehead and purred at you with his Eldrich like purr, rocking you back and forth with him as you finished coming down from the third anxiety attack this week. You had to hand it to your Alpha, once he knew how to deal with a situation, he could handle anything that was thrown at him like a professional. He continued the soft care until you squished his hand three times, your agreed-upon method of showing him you were stable again. “Same dream?”

“Same dream… only this time I got pregnant.” You snuggled closer into his hold, exhausted from lack of sleep.

“You are safe with me. I’ll always keep you safe, no matter what I have to do Y/N.” It had been an entire week since Mirio’s meltdown, after sobering Dabi up and calming down Twice with Toga, you were able to pry the full story from them. The details of exactly how fast he was switching had you up nearly every night, bawling and terrified, unable to sleep for more than a few hours at a time... What had happened to your friend... Tomura got up from his place behind you and picked you up, carrying you into the nest again. It was the same routine, he would wake up to your panic attack, settle you down, clean up, and come to meet you in your safe nest. Snuggling you to sleep while he too suffered from the lack of it. He was always insistent though. "When I first took over the league, I only slept two or three hours a night, and that was without the comfort of an Omega. I am doing my job as your Alpha Y/N."

Though in all honesty, Dabi had seemingly been affected by this the worst, even more so than yourself, you remembered your conversation with the brotherly Alpha vividly.


You had snuck out of Shigaraki’s grasp to grab a small glass of wine for the night to help you sleep, remembering the selection on the sixtieth floor you made your way down only to find Dabi drinking alone again, sprawled out on the sofa watching some reruns of some old zombie movies from before the end of the world. He noticed you right away and lazily pulled himself up off of the couch, taking long strides to the bar to fetch you a glass before returning to his spot on the soft sofa. “Felt like a drink?”

You nodded and sat beside him on the couch, “Yah, I didn’t want to wake Tomu either… he keeps waking up to my nightmares and I wanted him to get some rest.” You watched Dabi pour a bit of the whiskey into your glass before he fiddled with your hair, working his way through a few tangles and putting it up into a comfortable little bun just how you liked. “Can we watch something else though? Please?”

He smirked at you and pulled you into a brotherly embrace before changing the channel to an old Disney movie you loved. “You remind me of my mother Y/N.”

“Hmm? All Alphas say that to Omegas” You chuckled, any sort of sweetness an Alpha got always seemed to relate directly to their Omega parent. Who was that famous Austrian neurologist again?

“No.” He shot back the last of what was in his glass before he continued. “She was weak and kind, and while she didn’t get herself into trouble all the time like you, she was clumsy.” He paused, pouring more for himself and offering you a refresh as well. “But the reason you remind me of her so much I guess has less to do with you, and more to do with my father.”

“Your father was like Tomu?”

“No, you dolt.” He sighed heavily and rested his chin on your head. “I’m sure handjob would actually be a good father. No, my old man was Enji Todoroki….” You gasped quite loudly, you had met the intimidating Apex Alpha at a few parties with Mirio, he never had a woman beside him and you had heard the rumors of the forced breeding with his wife, how she suffered from intense Omega depression and eventually after her youngest graduated high school she passed away from it. “Don’t be too shocked dollface, I guess you didn’t see the resemblance.” He chuckled. “My point is that your crazy clock friend out there is acting like my father used to, if he couldn’t have her, no one could. He got possessive even around his children. The second we were weaned we were no longer allowed in her nest, touching her was met with snarls and harder training as punishment.”

A purr came from deep inside you and tears slid down your cheeks. “Dabi…. I’m sorry…”

He purred back and took another sip of his beverage. “No need for tears now kitten, he’s dead now and my only family is the league. So keep playing safe little sister here, it makes everyone happy...”


Now here you were the very next morning, sitting down on Tomura’s lap in the conference room for the first PLF meeting in three months, you were jokingly made “Queen of the Paranormal Liberation Front” and granted access as a full member. The mood in the room was heavy, Mirio had only gotten worse in his efforts to find you, raiders near and far reporting to him exactly where they had seen 'an Alpha that smells like dust and leather' and 'an Alpha that smells like whiskey and smoke'. You watched as everyone got as comfortable as they could in their chairs before they each told the group what had happened the previous week while Kurogiri took notes, endless psychology textbooks in front of him.

“Sooooo he’s just feral then?” Toga questioned, the Beta not quite understanding the severity of the situation.

“Nah… if he was feral he would have just fucked the clone then and there and gotten it out of his system,” Dabi replied, still on edge. “No, this fucking lemon-flavored warhead was ranting about her like he already owned her.” Putting out his cigarette on his tongue he sneered at the memory. "He mentioned that it was ok that she was bonded, because 'she knew he could do something about that', any Ideas princess?"

"Not really... We don't know anyone who would be able to take away bonding marks, and even if we did, both bonding marks would have to be removed or it would just be cruel to the still bonded mate. Miro... Well... The Mirio I knew wasn't evil enough to resign someone to an Alpha or Omega depression." You shuffled uncomfortably in your mate's lap before he could nip at your bonding mark, his quiet way of reminding you that you were his.

“My theory,-” Kurogiri flipped through a few books, opening large hard spined texts to specific pages with highlighted portions. “-is that he is suffering from Alpha delusions. It isn’t a common condition, and the Alpha in question tends to grow very good at hiding this side of them, it is a severe sub-condition of a larger condition known as a borderline personality disorder. It is a condition with an enormous spectrum of disabilities and symptoms so it took me a week to pinpoint it. The Alpha who suffers from delusions tends to pick a victim around their more formative years; Ms. Y/N claims to have met Mr. Togata at the beginning of high school, so it would only make sense. There is no cure so far, most known cases either ended in the death of the Alpha, the death of the Omega, or with a forced bonding. My suggestion is that we secretly keep watch on this Alpha, and keep Ms. Y/N on the top floor until we are convinced he is gone, no rooftop garden visits anymore either in case her scent wafts, we should also have Shigaraki and Dabi in quarantine as well, seeing as how the Alpha knows he is looking for the dust scent, and knows the trick Alpha scent. My apologies for taking so long to gather the needed information.”

“Why don’t I just kill him?” Tomura snarled out. “Why hide like rats?”

“One Alpha, he may be suffering but he is still my friend… maybe he can get better with time apart, and two, his quirk is permeation, and he has master levels of control over it… you wouldn’t be able to touch him. None of you would, and if he really did kill the clone… He might be willing to kill some of you and I can’t risk that… Please Alpha.” You looked up at him from his lap, and he simply huffed and rolled his eyes at your puppy dog stare.

“Fine Omega….. Meeting adjourned. Kurogiri, send someone to get her some sleeping pills though, ones that don’t cause nightmares, better if they block out dreams entirely.”

Picking you up and cradling you into him he brought you back upstairs, heart heavy with the new information on his mind.

Both of you were silent as he took you back to your shared apartment in his arms, the quiet lasting until he placed you softly in your shared bed and you were both able to relish in each other's presence.

“Can we watch Moana today?” With the onset of the nightmares, he would let you pick a movie of your choice to try to fall asleep to, you both had found that Disney movies helped you fall asleep the fastest.

“Yes yes, princess… put it on the above bed screen and I’ll grab the snacks” Stripping himself down to his boxer briefs he watched you excitedly toss on the T-shirt he had been wearing all day before making a tiny two-person nest in the bed, small sweet happy chirps leaving your lips. As he left the room you listened to his bare feet smack on the floor, tired due to lack of sleep, you heard it.