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"So when did Vlad and the doc get all cosy?" Kate asked Henry, sipping real (overworld) tea for the first time since coming back down to New Praxis with Garris.

"Cosy?" Henry thought for a moment. "Oh, yeah, Nikola said something about knowing that kiss wasn't a kiss goodbye or something. I dunno? It was a while back, anyways."

"Kiss goodbye?" she asked, incredulous. "Magnus actually kissed him?"

Henry nodded. "Yeah… Then she blew herself up so I don't know what she was thinking."

Kate drank more tea, taking her time to enjoy her brew. "So… they're like the new Brangelina?"

"Really?" he asked. "They're all smoochy and you're name smashing them?"

"Come on Hank, all the best power couples have smush names. Oh!" Her face lit up. "What about Magla?" Henry shook his head, crunching his face in distaste. "Or what about Niklen?"

"That's about as bad as Bennifer." Henry stopped for a minute. "What about Teslen?"

Kate's eyes went wide. "That's it. That's their name now."

"That's whose name now, kiddies?" Tesla asked, breezing into Henry's lab like he owned it.

"You and Magnus," Kate replied, grinning.

Tesla stopped for a second then nodded. "Better that than Tesnus."