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A Feather on the Air

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Regina tossed and turned the entire night. She didn’t speak a word, but her near constant huffs and her eventual whines of frustration forced Mal into action. For the longest time, she tried to let her little queen ride itout.There had been many sleepless night before they got together, so she’d most surely have a way of calming her mind, and wouldn’t appreciate interference of any kind. She tried her absolute hardest not to interfere, but after 2 hours of her lover’s huffs and puffs, she could stand it no longer.

Carefully , Mal pushed away the hair that was hiding the nape of Regina’s neck, and rubbed gently there. The woman in her arms shivered and lifted her neck enough to look Mal in the eyes.

“What was that for?” She asked.

“For no reason. I simply wanted to make you feel good little one.  I know how much you appreciate my attention.  Just as I appreciate yours. Will more of my touch help you rest your weary mind?” She asked, letting her hands slide from Regina’s side to her back, carefully caressing up and down in a hypnotizing motion. She kept her touch high enough to be wholesome, so as not to invite any wanton thoughts on either of their sides.

Regina melted a bit more, and closed her eyes at the feeling of Mal’s warm touch. The dragoness pressed into the stiff muscle  of her lower back and she whimpered in pained relief. “I don’t know. I think so. I just…I can’t stop thinking about how surreal this all is. How much of a miracle it is that we’ve found our daughter and brought her home unscathed. She’s alive and well and just a few doors down…and I’m terrified.”


Regina huffed and firmly sat up all the way on Mal’s lap, straddling her. Her gaze was watery, full of fear. “Because I know that this will only end badly. I was so thankful when I got Henry, when I allowed myself to be his mother. I’d never felt such a pure joy in my entire life. But then Emma came and everything changed. Now, I have Lilith as well. She’s a grown woman but she’s still my child and I want her in my life but this town is poison and I can feel a threat on the horizon like I can feel my skin and I’m—-

“—Scared. Understandably so it seems.” Mal raised herself to meet Regina halfway. “It’s ok to be scared. You know this. I am right here with you, just as scared if not more, as you are. We can be scared together. But what is most important we do is cherish our child and give her all she needs. Ok?”

Regina took in a deep breath, though it was shaky and uneven as she forced the tears back. “Ok. Can you…run your fingers through my hair? Like you used to? At least until I fall asleep?”

“Of course my darling.”





The next morning, Regina made breakfast to cope. Forcing herself into the kitchen and throwing herself into the task of preparing food for her family seemed to temporarily calm her nerves.

Lily was the first to come down he stairs. She was still in pajamas, and half asleep but lulled out of the comfort of the new plush bed she’d slept on the night before, by the smell of good food. Regina smiled when she caught sight of her.

“Good morning Lily. I hope you’re a fan of pancakes. It’s a bit of a tradition around here to eat pancakes during special occasions. I can make you something else if you'd like.”

“No no no, pancakes are fine….perfect actually. Do you need any help?” Lily asked. She inched closer, pushing her messy bed ridden curls out of her face. They were very clearly a mixture of Regina’s and Maleficent’s hair and it was adorable. Regina wanted to reach out and touch it, but she held back just barely.

On instinct, she almost said no but she thought better of it. Spending some time with Lily doing something so familiar would be nice.

“Yes. Some help would be wonderful. If you could finish the pancakes I’ll start on the eggs and bacon. Is that ok?”

“Perfect. I can flip a mean pancake.” Lily assured her with a playful wink of her eye, just before she tripped over the leg of one of the kitchen island chair. She recovered quickly, but Regina couldn’t help but giggle little bit.

As clumsy as the girl was, she was true to her word. She did make a mean pancake. In record time breakfast was together. Mal came down next, then Henry. He too was half asleep and groggy beyond belief but Mal was wide awake. At the sight of Lily, her full lips broke into a full and bright smile.

“Good morning my darlings. I see some of us are still waking up.” She reached over and ruffled Henry’s hair. He sent her a grin.

“I’m definitely still waking up but once I get a taste of the great breakfast that’s sitting on this table right now.” He rubbed his hands together in excitement and made sure to be the first to sit at the table. He looked up at his mother. “Thanks Mom. You’re the best.”

“Thank you my little prince. But don’t thank just me. Lily had a very substantial hand in breakfast.” She sent a warm smile Lily’s way as a silent thank you.

Henry blushed the tiniest bit at the reminder of  Lily’s presence. His reaction thus far had been to hide or pull back from being as social as he normally would be which was a surprise. He’d seemed so excited for her presence  in Storybrooke. Maybe he still was, but for the most part his uncertainty held him back from displaying that emotion .

He looked over at Lily and awkwardly waved. She waved back, but didn’t press for any other type of response. As the rest of her little family sat, Regina grabbed the rest of the food and brought it over.

Breakfast was short and sweet.

That morning was a Monday, which meant Henry was back to school despite the….busy weekend he’d had. He had begged and pleaded with his mothers both over the phone and at the table to let him stay home, to allow him to ‘recover from the trauma of the weekend’ but they had refused. They knew well that he had hardly seen the Harpies and that this was just a way to get out of going to school. Normalcy was  important, and interrupting his schedule was only going to create more stress for him in the future.

To everyone’s surprise, Lily offered to walk him to and from school. It had been a conscious attempt on her part at catching Henry alone. In the presence of his mothers and Mal he was so quiet. He only spoke when spoken to when she was around. She had heard him taking animatedly about his school project the night before, when he had believed Lily was in the bathroom, so he wanted to see if his behavior would change when he was alone with her.



They walked down Main Street, Henry walking with his head down. His eyes were shooting from side to side, looking for anyone who would recognize Lily. His shoulders were hunched. No-one outside to the Charming’s inner circle would know anything about Lily. Still, Henry didn’t want to give anyone reason to mistreat Lily.

“So, kiddo what was it like growing up with Regina?” Lily asked. He was the only person qualified enough to give her insight on the life she would have had. He seemed like a good kid. Bright and inquisitive—maybe a little bit judgmental (a side effect of his charming genes) but overall a decent kid. Regina was responsible for his identity, and Lily was curious as to what kind of mother she had been. Regina had been eighteen years out of a murderous rampage when she’d adopted Henry. What kind of mother had she been?

“It was…really nice. She was always there to help, always there to give cuddles and advice. She gives really good advice. She’s uh…lived a long time. She knows alot and she’s really smart. We would go to the beach a lot before the curse broke. And we spent most of our time together outside when the weather was nice. Gardening and building forts and playing with my action figures. Stuff like that.” Henry had a wistful smile on his face as the memories of his life before his discovery of the curse came to view.

Things had been great then. So full of love and light. He had been happy then, and so had his mom. But he had to ruin it. They could have worked something out where Emma could have been found and the curse broken without alienating the only family he had ever known. He hadn’t and the guilt ate at him to this day. “Everything was really nice…”

“That sounds really nice.” Lily said with a smile. “I’m glad things were good then, even if they went bad later…It’s ok to feel guilty ya know?” Henry looked startled as he met Lily’s gaze. In the light of the bright sun they were still deep amber. Much like his mom’s. He could see the resemblance in light of day, and when he wasn’t overwhelmed with seeing the little family that really didn’t need him.

“I can tell. I spent a lot of my life trying to read people’s intentions through their actions. I can tell you hiding in your room and not talking when I’m around is apart of your guilt. You want your mom to have her biological kid without interference because you damaged the relationship with her heart one. I get it. But just know that you don’t have to. I can also tell that your mom—our mom— loves you a lot. No matter what. You don’t have to alienate yourself from me so she can have me with just Mal…You’re my brother too ya know. I wanna get to know ya.” Lily gave him a playful nudge, causes a small laugh from Henry. “If you waaannt we can be like…siblings..sorta. I’ve always wanted one of those.”

“Me too.” Henry smiled.

“It’s settled then.” Lily stopped their progress and turned face-to-face with Henry. She held out her hand to shake his. “We’re siblings. From this moment forward you can tell any of your bullies you have a half dragon half magic big sister who will gladly eat their ass if they mess with you. Got it?” He nodded and shook her hand.

The moment of sibling love was interrupted though, as the pair forgot where they were.

They had stopped on the sidewalk of Main Street right outside of Granny’s. The school was only few feet away, but of course nothing in this town was ever easy.

“Henry? Is that you?” A voice called.

“Oh shit.” Henry whispered. He saw the catastrophe coming from a mile away and in a last ditch effort to save the situation, the boy took Lily’s hand and attempted to drag her down the road. Mal had super hearing, and he hoped for the town’s sake that Lily hadn’t inherited that trait.

No such luck.

A growl grew in her throat and the hand not in Henry’s turned into a white knuckled fist. The veins of her neck were protruding and pulsing with white hot rage, but she held it back at the thumping of Henry’s heart. She’d never heard a heartbeat so clear before, but she knew enough to recognize he was scared.

“Henry.” Snow said with a smile as she and her husband caught up to the pair. “I haven't seen you in so long. How have you been?” Henry squeaked as he was pulled into a tight hug. He gave his grandmother a strained smile.

“I miss you too Grandma, Gramps,” He looked behind Snow to David, “but I have to get to school sooo see ya later.” He attempted to pull Lily away again, but she pulled back. Snow grabbed Lily’s forearm, just above the birthmark. She had seen that birthmark in her nightmares, had screamed herself raw nights before the curse hit thinking about the little girl she’d stolen. The girl with the same star birthmark on the same wrist.

Lily jerked away, ripping her arm from Snow’s grip. Her eyes flash scarlet as she growled. “Don’t touch me.” She followed behind Henry, hoping that Snow has enough sense to leave her be. She saw the recognition in the woman’s eyes. Saw the fear and the guilt swirling before her but they didn’t take back years of loneliness, abuse and neglect. Nothing would.

“Wait. You’re her. Please we’re—” Snow did it again. Grabbed her forearm again, with less of a violent grip this time. Henry could see smoke billowing from Lily’s ears. Her lips curled back into a sneer as she spun to face the woman. His eyes are wide at the dusty red scales growing at the base of Lily’s neck .

“—Nothing but self-righteous, pigheaded shitheads. I don’t care if Henry is your blood, you had the nerve to take me from my mothers and you expect me to just accept your apology.” Henry kept his eyes on the spot on her neck that growing steadily. They were growing in size and spreading. Spikes were forming on the back of her neck—same color as the scales beneath—they  elongating and growing little grey stingers at the ends.


“—DON’T!” Lily yelled and this time she wasn’t pulling any punches. These self righteous bastards were not going to get her forgiveness any time soon.

“No! We have to tell you. It was the only way to save Emma from her darkness. Please.” David pleaded. Snow was crying now but Henry’s eyes were still on the spiky spots filling the back of Lily’s neck beneath her low messy bun.

That wasn’t good.

“You couldn’t trust that your child would turn out ok? Did you doubt Emma so much that you had to take any potential darkness and stick it on me—another innocent child by the way—and then chuck me in the middle fucking nowhere? What the hell makes you think that’s ok? That I’ll forgive you just because you think you’re some paragon of virtue. Fuck you. Fuck you both and stay away from my family.”

Henry took the finality in her voice as an opportunity to leave. He dragged Lily towards the school as fast as he could. Snow could be relentless and if they didn’t get far enough away in  enough time they were screwed. Lily’s hands were trembling, her whole body a live wire of rage. If they didn’t  get out of sight soon they would cause a scene, which also meant Mom and Mal would have more of a reason to hate Snow and Charming.

“Henry wait! We can’t in good conscience let you go with her…You don’t even know her.” Charming called. Henry sighed and rolled his eyes, while Lily’s eyes flashed scarlet once again. She was getting tired of them meddling already. No wonder Regina hated them so much.

“She’s my sister Gramps. I knew her before I knew her. Trust me.” Henry said. He hoped that they would take his word as the truth, as they would have done for each other, but his words didn’t seem to deter them. In fact, they spurred Charming on.

Since the sighting of the Harpies, Charming wore his trusty sword at his hip and this time was no different. His hand went to it, clutched it with intensity. Henry couldn’t be around her. Not with the darkness brewing inside her.

“How about we walk with Henry to school with you Lily.” He said, and her eyes flashed red again. They didn’t trust her. They thought she was the devil’s spawn or something. When in reality they were the ones people should fear. They were the monsters for stealing an innocent child and throwing them away like trash.

Her rage was bubbling to the surface, and Henry could see it. The scales on her neck had spread, covering her upper shoulders and ears. Charming took a step forward, and it was over.

Henry clamped his eyes shut and clapped his hands over his ears at the roar echoed around the now silent street.. Then the ground began to shake and dense black smoke billowed around Lily all at once.






Having the house to themselves, coupled with the fact that Regina had been away for more than 24 hours meant only one thing for the ‘new’ couple. They had known each other for years and years, but still felt as if they were in that coveted honeymoon phase. Every interaction was filled with sparks of heat and desire, both wanton and  100% wholesome and it was distracting.

After Lily and Henry left for the morning, they’d cleaned up the remnants of breakfast and retired to the living room to decompress from all of the events of the past 24 hours. But most of all, the decompression time was meant to help them not overthink the fact that the kids were in the streets of Storybrooke without them.

They were very good at finding distractions, so it did not take long at all for embers of arousal to burst and create a ‘situation’.

They didn’t even make it back up to the bedroom.

It started off slow and gentle, with soft kisses and warm touches above the belt. Regina relished the touches, and melted into them. She didn’t care where they were, what time of day it was. Henry was on his way to school, and as long as Lily didn’t come back right this moment she’d be in this moment for as long as she could. But as it always did, the touches quickly descended into passionate expressions, and neither woman was able to hold back for long.

Regina let out a moan as she slid down at Mal’s cock. It was an easy slide, she was so wet. She pressed lips to Mal’s forehead and let her nose trail along her cheek. The motion the epitome of intimate. Mal purred and gripped the tops of her thighs hard enough to bruise. It felt so good.

“My darling one. I love feeling you. Take me deeper, please.” Her tone was veering so close to a plea that Regina had no choice but to give in.

When every inch of Mal was nestled inside—perfectly pressing against the sweetest of spots—the smaller woman moved with a throaty whimper. She held nothing back as she road her dragon, her hips bucking  and swirling just enough to send sparks flying behind both of their eyelids.

“Gods Mal, you feel so good in me. I love fucking you like this. Ungh.” She gripped onto Mal’s shoulders hard enough to leave ten red lines. The dragon hissed in both pain and pleasure but it only prompted her to fuck Regina harder.

“Yes my love, come on. Fuck me harder. I know you need it.”

Regina sped up, furiously fucking down onto Mal’s cock hard enough to make the couch move. She let out a loud moan as Mal fucked up into her, gripping her waist with one hand, forcing Regina to take all she gave, while the other hand moved to flick at her sensitive clit. It was pure ecstasy.

They were both so close. So fucking close.

Regina’s moans got higher and more breathy the closer she got. She let herself melt even further into Mal as the pleasure began to overwhelm her, and gave a choked moan when Mal sucked at her nipple. Mal growled at the noise, and fucked up harder to force more of those gorgeous sounds out of her.

Just as they both almost reached the precipice, a flash of golden light filled the room.

“Regina—fuck oh no no no I’m so sorry—.”

Regina almost fell off the couch at the sound of Emma’s voice. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Out of all the things to happen right now, this was exactly what she needed not to happen.

Mal quickly covered herself as well, though less frantically than Regina as she naturally didn’t care for the collective upset over nudity. Regina magicked herself a robe as soon as she was able to concentrate then popped her head up over the couch.

“Emma—what the fuck are you doing here?!”

“I—-there’s an emergency on Main Street I came to find you guys I didn’t think—“

“—No you most certainly did not. We’ll be there in few minutes. Leave.” Regina commanded. For the first time since they’d known each other Emma didn’t even try to protest. She ran away as fast as she could and didn’t look back.

When the door slammed  shut, and didn’t open again Regina let herself breathe. The panic that nearly choked her left her body with a  choked sigh. She let her head fall down onto the back of the couch, and tried to loosen up from the sudden tenseness she felt.

As Regina came back to full awareness, she heard it. The muffled laughter coming from Mal. She was still on the couch, with two pillows covering her most private areas. She was shaking with laughter at the ridiculousness of the situation.

Regina couldn’t help but laugh along with her.