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The Last Time It Rained

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The rain felt cool on Tina's back. The ocean crashing behind her relaxed her mind, allowing herself to open up to the boy beneath her. Her eyes were closed, pleasure washing through her as the tide washed the sand.

A heavy exhale escaped her lips as she looked up towards the sky, watching how the rain fell towards her. The dark clouds folded and rolled, but she could see the deep blue sky above the clouds. She lifted her hands towards the sky, feeling the wind breathe through her arms. Tina looked down at the boy beneath her, whose eyes were closed, his mouth folded as he bit his lip. She brushed his cheek and those pretty eyes opened, and Jimmy Jr.'s hazel orbs peered up at her. He reached up and cupped her cheek, his touch making her shiver. He gently pulled her down to him, attaching Tina's sensitive lips to his own. He rolled on top of her, kissing her skin gently. The waves crashed.