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“Eat, Signorina—I don’t want you to die starving here.”


Ann stared coldly towards the person at the doorstep. She then averted her eyes from the satanic man across her.

No, she would not fell for the devil’s trap.


The devil—Antonio—sighed; and walked towards they lady with the nun’s clothes who was curling up in the corner of the bed—her bed.

“Signorina, I promise you—there’s nothing wrong with the food. Would you like me to eat it first to make sure of it?”


Ann whispered menacingly under her breath. Antonio perked one eyebrow; he didn’t really catch what she was trying to say.

Mi scusi—what did you say Signorina, I didn’t quite catch it,” he asked politely. Ann glared fumingly.


“I said I will never trust you, you unholy spawn of Satana himself. Now unhand me this instant!” she roared; furiously.

Antonio bowed down; so that his face leveled with hers. He then smirked.


“I’m afraid I can’t grant that wish, Signorina. I have struggled a lot to get you—why would I ever let you go after all of that?” he chuckled.

Ann put on a grimace face; utterly disgusted by what the man just said. As if something just possessed her, she did something so audacious that even she herself couldn’t believe it; she spat on the man's face.


A look of shock appeared on the man with horn's face. He slowly retreated from that daredevil of a woman; still bewildered. He wiped his saliva covered cheek with his hand; then suddenly, a huge strand of the devil’s prehensile hair struck the distressed nun and strangled her neck.

Ann widened her eyes; in fear. Both hands on her neck by reflex—she tried her best to pull the hair away from her. The lava haired devil chuckled deeply in return.


“Now, now Signorina—I gave you my hospitality and this was what you give in return—a spit on my face? Is this what the church teach you there—being impolite towards people who gave you shelter in their house?” he teasingly asked with a sneer on his face.

He let go of Ann’s neck; Ann coughed loudly by the sudden flow of air.


Antonio strolled to the doorway, leaving Ann alone. He, however, stopped right at the doorstep. The devil gazed sternly at the captivated nun.

“I am serious about what I said, White Truffle. Eat—I don’t want you to die yet. Not when I still haven’t got any information regarding the church from you.”


Door opened and closed with a faint click; the nun was truly alone once more.


Ann stared at the door numbly; hand absentmindedly stroke her neck—where those greasy lava-like hair just choked her a couple minutes ago.

Little did she know, tears started to pool and flowed from her amber eyes.


Ann missed her home…



Antonio opened the door to his study harshly; a loud thud came from the poor door. Dragging his feet lazily, he walked towards the sofa and threw himself there.

Ann had been getting into Antonio’s nerves these past few days—sure, she already started eating, but she still unwilling to opened her mouth for him—not even for a random chit chat!

How was he supposed to dig information out of her at this rate?


“Sir?” someone called as they knocked the already opened door. Antonio gave a glance.

It was Keyboard; Antonio’s most loyal henchman.


“Yes Keyboard, come in,” Antonio waved his hand for Keyboard—Victor—to come as he sat himself on the sofa. Victor strolled inside and stood in front of his master.


“Sir, Bone Flute would like to talk to you regarding something—he is waiting outside the doorway as we speak,” the henchman informed. Antonio nodded.

Let him in.”


Victor bowed down and went outside; not long after that Bone Flute came.


“Inferno Sonata, mio amico—how are you?” Bone Flute—Luchino—greeted him with hands up; asking from a hug.

Antonio declined.


“Enough with the silly chit chat, Bone Flute—I know you didn’t come this far just to have a mundane chat with me.”

Luchino chuckled.


“Fufufu—sì, you got me Sonata. The truth is, I have something to ask you—regarding the church and its movement. Tell me, what kind of information did you get from that nun—how much information have you gotten from her?”

Antonio remained quiet.



None? What do you mean ‘none’?” Luchino raised an eyebrow. Antonio sighed; in slight frustration.


“White Truffle kept shutting her mouth. It was impossible enough to have a random civilized conversation with her, let alone digging crucial information out of her.”


Luchino rolled his eyes beneath the skull mask.

“Inferno Sonata, sei scemo o cosa? Are you dumb or what?—she’s a prisoner, so treat her like one. Force her to speak—if you must, torture her till she speak—”


“No!” Antonio shouted. Luchino looked at him in bewilderment.

“Mio amico… don’t tell me you fell for her—you don’t, right?” the lizard-like creature asked in disbelief. Antonio put his hands up defensively.


“N-no—no I don’t—I uh… I umm…” Antonio stuttered. Luchino fold his hands on his chest.

“I knew it,” he sighed.


“Do what you want with your feelings, I don’t care—just remember the consequences.” Luchino walked towards the door.

“…I wish you all the best outcomes, Amico. Not only for you—but for all of us creatures of the unholy night.”


And with that, he left.


Leaving Antonio alone with his thought.



Antonio couldn’t sleep that night. He thought about his conversation with Bone Flute a few hours ago. Closing his eyes, he sighed and thought back.


Had he truly fallen for White Truffle, his enemy?


Antonio chuckled ironically.

Come to think of it,” he thought. “I see her as a wild, feral cat. Vicious, ferocious, fierce…”


“To think that I’ve fallen for her—I don’t even know her real name…” he glanced towards the door.

Nor does she know mine.”


Antonio rubbed his face—and abruptly stopped at his cheek. Absentmindedly, he stroke the place where her spit once covered him.

Antonio smiled gloomily.


“…wildlife creature deserves to be returned back to the wild—and so does she.”

“Screw the plan—we could always postpone it and find someone else to capture. I don’t care about the others—I just want White Truffle to be safe and happy,” he confessed to himself.


Laid himself on his side, Antonio closed his eyes and fell to a dreamless night.

He had one thing in mind first thing in the morning.



Signorina, buongiorno,” Antonio greeted Ann. The nun kept silent.

The devil sighed.


“White Truffle, the reason why I came here is… well…” Antonio sat on Ann’s bed.

“I relinquish on keeping you here as my prisoner any further—you’re free to go if you wish to.”


Ann stared at Antonio in befuddlement. What was he thinking? Letting her—one of the important figure of the church; the crucial key towards the succession over the war between them—free to leave this place and to never come back? Was he out of his mind?

Or maybe this was a trap—


“I know that look—you’d probably thinking it was trap—that I had some tricks behind my sleeves to deceit you. No, my dear Truffle, I’m afraid I had none.” Prehensile hair went to the hem of Ann sleeve; slowly and gently, not wanting to startled her. The devil sighed.

“The truth is my dear… I have truly fallen to you. We may had only met for just a couple of weeks—wasn’t a pleasant one top of that, and yet—” Antonio chuckled; in defeat.


“Yet I truly found myself being mesmerised by you.”

Antonio hugged his knees.


I don’t even know your real name—



Antonio jolted. He turned his back and look straight and the nun.

Mi scusi?”


“It’s Ann—my name, is Ann.”


Antonio blinked in surprise. He then smiled the most sincere smile he ever gave to Ann.

“Ann… what a beautiful name—so befitting for a bella like you.”


“I’m Antonio,” he said as he offered her his hand. “It’s a pleasure to finally talk with you, Ann.”

Ann paused for a while; before accepting Antonio’s offer for a handshake.


To Antonio, Ann was wild cat; feral, ferocious, dangerous…

But even the wildest cat has a home to come back to.


And all that Antonio wish was for Ann to find him as her new home. Hopefully…


-F i n-