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Outlast: Pinky Promise

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It was the number 1 rule.

Don't get involved or interfere. Just get pictures, get the story, do not get caught. And most importantly of all, don't be a hero, no matter how horrifying a situation is. No matter how you felt about something happening in front of your very eyes.

No matter how bad you felt for the victims. No matter if you wanted to help someone in trouble.

It didn't matter what was happening.

It didn't matter if these monsters were torturing other lives or destroying them.

Never try and be a hero.

It was something that even her brother tried pounding into her head in the years that they worked together to bring the truth out from high risk and security systems. The companies with the most top secret agendas or highly sophisticated propaganda always had a secret. And they spent years trying to dig through those secrets to expose them.

Especially after his six year employment of this wretched company. He had seen things, heard things and done things that no one would ever believe possible and he escaped barely with his own life.

And now she was involved, going into business with him to expose the truth about Murkoff Psychiatric Systems.

She wasn't even the one that was supposed to go but she had spent weeks, begging her brother to let her be the one to get in, get the scoop and get out before anyone even noticed her there.

Problem was.......

She broke the rules and now she was suffering for it.

She had tried so hard not to do it. She had tried so hard to stifle the itch of helping them. She had become a shaken mess while in hiding as she snapped the pictures and recorded the evidence she had heard and saw in this monstrous place.

But to hear a full grown man, criminally insane or not, break down like a terrified child and beg and scream for help that wouldn't come from anyone in that massive dark room, she couldn't help herself.

She had to try and play hero.

And now, Ashton Peacock was trapped in Mount Massive Asylum, trying to find any means of escape. She was trapped, tortured, assaulted and being chased by not only the guards but the inmates.

How in the hell did it come to this?

Running down dark but bloody halls, the air filled with insane screams and the sounds of flesh being literally ripped from bones. Covered in blood that was her own and not her own, with wounds inside and out.

Her heart pounding in terror as she ran as fast as she could, despite how bad her body ached.

She could only run from the men behind her screaming, "Darling!" and even "Little Pig!"

She just had to try and be the hero, didn't she?