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I’m not leaving you

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“Oh my god...” Simon felt tears running down his cheeks, “W-what..?” There was blood everywhere, his mentor, Metis Cykes was lying in the robotics lab dead. He looked over and saw Athena covered in blood

“Oh god, no please don’t let her be hurt too..” Simon thought as rushing over to the young girl, “Athena are you hurt, are you ok-!?”

”Somethings wrong with mommy..” Athena said with a distant smile plastered on her face, “So.. I'm taking her apart to fix her!” Athena said with a giggle 

Simon noticed the bloody katana next to Athena, and felt the color draining from his face “No Athena... you would never” Simon said, with fear laced in his voice

Athena looked up at him warily, “It’s okay, everything will be ok Simon!”





Simon gasped and jolted upright, he looked over his shoulder, and was met the the concerned eyes of his boyfriend Nahyuta

”Simon” Nahyuta spoke in his usual angelic voice, “Simon don’t panic please, i think you were simply having a nightmare, it's okay”

Oh, but Simon was Far from ok

He felt his breathing speed up and his vision become cloudy, “Nononono” he Thought to himself “Please god, don’t let him see me like this”

but his prayers were not answered, because soon enough, he couldn’t breathe at all, and he felt himself beginning to hyperventilate 

“Na-Nahyuta c-can’t, I can’t breathe”

Simon was now gasping for air, and felt tears roll down his cheeks, his entire body was trembling, and he was suddenly brought into a tight hug

“Shh, it’s okay Simon just take deep breaths okay?” Nahyuta said, rubbing circles on his partners back

Simon nodded and tried to steady his breathing, but all he could focus on was Metis.
Simon often blamed himself for her death, “If I didn’t ask her to check the recording, she would still be here”
He thought gripping onto Nahyuta tighter

“It’s my fault” Simon said with a choked sob “M-metis she’s gone, it’s my fault”

Nahyuta leaned forward and kissed Simon’s forehead, Nahyuta knew all about his lovers past, with Prison and this “Metis” lady
It took a while for Simon to completely open up to Nahyuta, about his feelings, and his past at the start of their relationship, but they have been nearly dating for a year now. And it wasn’t like he’s never woken up Simon from a Nightmare before, it’s just they usually weren’t this bad.

Nahyuta gently cupped Simon’s face, and gave him a Chaste kiss

“None of what happened was you’re fault Simon” he spoke softly, “Please do not blame yourself for any of this, i hate seeing you this upset”

Nahyuta brushed a part of Simons hair behind his ears

Nahyuta suddenly got out of bed, “I’ll be right back”

“W-wait!” Simon said grabbing ahold of Nahyuta’s wrist, “please don’t leave...” He asked nervously

Nahyuta gave him a reassuring smile, “It’s okay, I’m only going to get you a glass of water” he said with a small chuckle and walked away

Simon nervously Placed their quilt over his shoulders, he hated being like this, so clingy and vulnerable. And he always was afraid one day, Nahyuta would think all of his problems would be too much for the both of them, and leave him.

Nahyuta then walked back with a glass of water, and handed it to Simon

Simons panic attack stopped, but he was still pretty shaken up by it, so he took a sip of the water and placed it on his bedside table.

Nahyuta got back into bed and wrapped his arms around Simon

Simon nervously looked up at him, “I’m sorry...” he said quietly “You shouldn't have to deal with my issues”

Nahyuta started stroking his hair “Hush, Panda you have nothing to apologize for, and if anything is ever troubling you, please don’t hesitate to talk to me about it” Nahyuta said with his beautiful smile “I love you Simon” he said, and turned the light off

Simon smiled back “I love you to Nahyuta” Simon said blushing


And after that, Simon actually fell into a peaceful sleep for a change.