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Runaway Lovers

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Both of them stood in Emily's office, talking about their two missing team members. "They're gone. Both of them. Neither of their apartments show signs of a struggle, and it looks like they got up and left. Nothing appeared to be missing."

"Do you think they left by choice? With no signs of a struggle, they would have had to have been drugged."

She walked in. "They left. I'm pretty sure they left."

"What makes you think that they left?"

"They were dating. It is very unlikely that both of them would've been kidnapped. Two federal agents don't just get taken like that."

"They were dating? How do you know this?"

"About three weeks ago, I saw them making out in the parking lot, so I asked her about it. She said that they were dating. Didn't say how long, but she seemed happy."

"Okay, if they did leave, there would be a reason. Someone either kidnapped them or is the reason they left. We need to find out who this person is."