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Pairing:マリ美智 (Angst—Medieval!AU)





Your wedding with Count Desaulnier will be held in three months—no refusal allowed.


Aqua orbs languidly gazed the horizon as Mary Antoinette, soon-to-be queen of France, strolled tardily towards the balcony. A frown on her beautiful face as she somberly pondered about her unfortunate fate.

In three months she would be wedded to the Desaulniers’ sole heir; Joseph Desaulnier.


No, she didn’t despise him—on the contrary, she also felt sorry for the count. They were best friends, the three of them—Mary, Joseph, and Joseph’s twin brother Claude—who unfortunately passed away two years ago. Little did the trio knew, the reason between their arranged friendship was to match one of the twins with her; and since Claude wasn’t around anymore, Joseph was the only option.

It would have been easy for both of them if only the two hadn’t have a secret lover each of their own.


Mary-sama?” called a soothing voice from behind. Mary jumped—startled—and looked back at the sudden company she had. She smiled; lovingly yet solemnly.

It was Michiko, her lover.


Michiko,” Mary whispered. She sprinted towards the Geisha; and embraced her. Tears running down her beautiful face as she sobbed her pain away.

“Michiko, I can’t—I can’t do this—I don’t want to…” she wept. Michiko clammed up; gazing down, she reciprocated the soon-to-be queen’s embrace and hugged her back—softly.


Mary tightened up her hug.


“Michiko, I love you—je t’aime...”

“I know, milady, I love you too.”


“I can’t marry him, Michiko—I don’t love him—I love you,” Mary gripped Michiko's kimono tightly—not wanting to let go; she was afraid of what would happen if she let go.

Michiko bit her lips—her heart broke at the view right in front of her; the love of her life—broken—wounded.


“Milady, I’m very sorry—but there is nothing that we could do. The senate already have issued their decree, and no one can argue—not even you.”


Mary looked away from Michiko; looking at the other way—anywhere, just not Michiko. She gazed angrily—imagining that one of the senate was there; if looks could kill, she would be taken to prison for heinous murder.

“Those senate bâtard—making decisions without my permission—decisions regarding me on top of that! May they rot in hell for everything they had done to me—brûle en enfer, salauds!!” she ranted furiously.


Michiko held both of Mary’s arm tightly; shook her lightly.

“Milady, please stop—please refrain on saying those words out loud. We never know if they had secret ears and eyes around,” the Geisha reminded.


Mary took a deep breath; and letting it out in a big huff.

“You’re right, Amour—I should be more careful with my words.”


Michiko let out a small yet sincere smile.

“Good. Now, to cheer you up, shall we make our ways downstairs for an afternoon tea in the garden?” she asked. Mary thought for a while; before finally she nodded.


“I’ll have the maids prepare for our ‘play date’, mon Amour,” Mary proposed as they strolled into the halls side by side; holding hands.

They chit chatted along the hall, not noticing someone who had been following them for a while. Not until he cleared his throat to have both Mary’s and Michiko’s attention.


“Lady Mary—”

“Joseph? Wha—how long have you been following us?” Mary hissed; gritted her teeth defensively. Joseph raised his hand to his chest; telling her that he came in peace.


“Mary please—don’t be so aggressive towards me, you know I had nothing to do with this either.”

Mary squinted her eyes; still fuming.


Michiko cleared her throat—she felt like she needed to be the mediator between them.

“Mary-sama, please—don’t target your anger at the wrong person,” she said softly—while stroking the would-be queen’s back tenderly. Mary’s ragged breath soon calmed down; she breathed in deeply—and breathed out.


“Pardon me Count Desaulnier, but I have no intention on seeing your face for now,” Mary scoffed. The count let out a sigh.

“And yet pardon me my queen, but I need to talk to you regarding something.”


“And what would it be about?” Mary raised an eyebrow. “And for the record—I’m not a queen yet,” she continued in her mind.

Joseph looked around cautiously; carefully searching for anything suspicious. After he thought the situation was clear, he then spoke.


I have a plan that could save us from this unwanted marriage.”



Mary anxiously waited in the balcony. Will this work? She thought; in doubt. She shook her head.

“No—it has to work.” Tomorrow was her wedding day, so it was now or never.


Something knocked her arm.

“Ouch—sacre bleu, what was that?” she hissed. She looked down.


A pebble.

Who threw the pebble at her?


“Psst—Mary,” called someone in a loud whisper. Mary looked outside.

It was Joseph; alongside his grey haired lover—and Michiko.


They did it—they managed to escape their rooms and was now trying to pick her up.


Mary let out a “Wait here, I’m on my way” hand gesture and ran inside her room. There, she rummaged through her closet and found what she was looking for; a makeshift rope made out of several bed sheets.

Mary sprinted back towards the balcony and tied one end of the rope to the handle; and threw the other outside—Joseph caught it.


Joseph nodded; a cue for the soon-to-be ex-queen to climbed down the rope—and she did.

Mary climbed down carefully, yet it appeared that the rope wasn’t strong enough to hold her weight—and so it snapped midway.


Luckily Joseph was there to catch the now shocked lady.


“You alright, my queen?” Joseph asked worriedly.

Mary blinked; gaining her consciousness back. “O-oui—I’m okay, you can let go of me now.”


Joseph let go of Mary and she immediately walked towards Michiko; hugging her once more.

“Oh, Amour—I miss you,” she whispered as she gave a peck on the Geisha’s lips. Michiko smiled.


“Me too…”


Joseph cleared his throat. The two ladies then stopped with their public display of affection. Joseph then went towards the south; to a secret footpath between the tall thick bushes.

Come now, we don’t have much time.”


The three—Mary, Michiko, and Aesop—Joseph’s lover—obediently followed the count; after minutes of walking, they were led to meadow that was right behind the palace.

There were a pair of horses waiting beneath the tree.


“Milady, I hope you still remember how to ride horses,” Joseph slightly teased Mary. Mary rolled her eyes. Joseph then picked one of the horses and gave it to Mary.

“And with this, we shall be free.”


Mary nodded. Hand stroking the horse’s mane gently.

Oui, we shall.”


Joseph helped Aesop to get on his horse and then helped Michiko to get on Mary’s. He then offered to lift Mary too.

Mary accepted his offer.


“So… will we meet again, Count Desaulnier?” Mary asked as Joseph get onto his horse by himself. Joseph thought for a while before he answered.

“Maybe, milady. But not as a count nor a queen.” He smiled sincerely.


Mary smiled back. Holding the bridle tightly, she nodded lightly.

I wish you the best of luck, my dear best friend.”


“And so do I. Farewell, milady,” Joseph bid his farewell and left across the horizon along with his lover.


Mary looked back. Michiko was holding her waist.

“Are you ready, my dear?” she asked.


Michiko nodded.

Ready as I’ll ever be…”


And with that, off they went through the horizon; searching for a new life together.


As long as they were together… what could possibly go wrong?


-F i n-