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The room was quiet apart from the soft drumming of Sofia's purring against Tim's chest while her tail swayed slightly while she slowly woke up feeling stars glimmer behind her eyes while she heard Tim's heartbeat against her ear and his hand tweaking her clit lightly yet teasingly "Wakey wakey sleepy kitty..." Tim whispered slowly sinking a finger deep into her warm folds rubbing his thumb against the bottom of her clit electing a soft moan from her lips as her eyes opened and looked up to Tim's face slowly rocking her hips along with his slow shallow thrusts knowing she'd be wanting more if he kept teasing her.

After all, she did have a large sexual appetite for a midnight anthro Panther.

"Hmm Morning to you too Tim, ah careful..." Sofia sighed reaching down gently pushing his hand away from her dripping slit feeling the embers of lust burn brighter while she watched Tim lifted his Pantha coated fingers and sucked them clean in front of her knowing she'd like that.

Looking down to Sofia Tim could see her biting her lip while he climbed on top of her stroking his thumb over her cheek while Sofia's legs instinctively wrapped themselves around her human lover's waist. Reaching behind her Sofia gripped the headboard just as she felt Tim line up with her dripping cunt teasing her just enough to hear her whimper and whine till he slowly spread her lips wide with his cock sighing with pleasure as she slowly began to feel slightly stretched out along with him being snugly wrapped in her warmth. "Hmm fuck Sofia you're just so beautiful..." Tim groaned pulling out till only his tip sat inside her before he thrust his length back into her while leaning down to nip and nibble on her neck while Sofia moaned underneath him loving it when he woke her up like this.

Tim growled softly in Sofia's ear claiming his dominance while he sped up the thrusts slightly subtly raising Sofia's waist so when he thrust into her pussy feeling his balls slap against her backdoor increasing in Sofia's pleasure since she loved anal too. “Please don't stop,” Sofia moaned, eyes shut tight and toes curled while she felt her breasts wobble with each thrust, but the Tim was growing relentless, wanting to please his Pantha. He lifted Sofia's hips a bit further so he could get a better reach, and adjusting the position meant he could reach even deeper within Sofia, something the Pantha hadn’t thought possible and sent stars behind her eyes as Tim wrapped his lips around one of her nipples and reached down rubbing and pinching her clit as he slammed his hips into her harder hearing her moan and beg for more.

“Keep begging,” the Human panted almost at his end and slammed hard and fast into Sofia who cried out with every single thrust feeling her orgasm imminent as her walls clamped around Tim's cock milking him for every drop while he kept thrusting and ploughing his woman through her orgasm and into another, Sofie couldn't help herself and grabbed Tims hair getting a bit rough and pulled his lips up to hers while she tightened her legs around her hips knowing he was about to cum too "cum inside me Tim..." She moaned while kissing him deeply surrendering her tongue to him just as he slammed into her pressing against her cervix and pumped all of what he had into her possibly filling her womb too.

Tim was slightly sweaty and so was Sofia but they didn't care while she kept a hold of her human loving the warm fullness of having his cock inside her along with his cum swimming inside her fully swear humans and anthros cant reproduce, well as far as she knew anyway, so she loved it when she felt Tim pump all of his cum inside of her in the mornings or when she's in heat.

Slowly coming down from the high of their morning fuck Tim rolled them onto their side untangling himself from his Pantha's limbs just realising he had scratch marks on his shoulder that was seeping slightly but they just proved that he could provide his Pantha's sexual needs and more. "Hmm Feeling better sweetie?" He asked slowly pulling his soft prick out from her spunk coated lips noting that some of their juices slowly lacked out from her pussy "I think we ought to shower off before we go sexy..." He sighed resting his hand on her hip while his other hand played with her nipples teasingly knowing she was still needy by the stiffness of her nipples.

"That'd be great Tim..." She sighed just as Tim climbed out of bed with his juice covered cock dangling just in her view licking her lips seductively while she too climbed out of bed and followed him to the shower grinning while she overtook him just enough for him to playfully swat her ass seeing more of his cum dribble down her thigh just as she brushed her tail up his leg stroking his balls swiping some of their love juices off too "Oh sweetie I'd suggest you trim your stubble before we head out." Sofie smirked while she opened up the bathroom and stepped into the shower soon to be joined by Tim too.

Soon after another quick make-out session Tim and Sofia emerged from the bathroom clean and fresh, Sofia headed over to their bedroom to get herself dressed while Tim still wrapped in a towel went over to the kitchen and put the kettle on needing a nice dark brew for the morning.

While Tim was making the coffee Sofie was prepping her own thing, something she knew Tim would enjoy in the long run and a one time only thing. Humming to herself Sophie admired her sleek dark fur in the mirror loving her slender frame and wide hips and she could understand why Tim loves her body, Hell if she had a duplicate she'd fuck her brains out every day too, at the sound of the coffee pot brewing from in the kitchen Sofia grabbed herself some panties and some snug denim shorts that flaunted her lean feline legs while she grabbed one of Tim's large shirts and threw that on loving his scent and how his shirts hugged her fair bust.

Grabbing her bag she dropped the disposable BMS comm into her bag hiding her mischievous grin while heading into the kitchen "Come on sexy, don't want to be late to work do you?" She called out making sure to put her own Internet type comm's on seeing a few messages pop up in her Hub "Oh by the way I've got your Body Modifier Schematic Comm in my bag so come on lazy." She called out taking his mug from his hand and finishing the dark bitter brew.


When they finally got to their Mod Shop Tim walked into the BMS control room sticking in the BMS comm Sofia gave him thinking all is well, unaware Sofia had tampered with a few things on there, making sure everything was safe and good to go Tim plugged in the BMS and walked into the Modification Chamber. Sofia grinned from the front desk which had the same look like a tattoo parlour from the 20th century which was almost three hundred years ago but was now for biometric tattoos instead of the regular tattoos. Knowing what laid ahead of the day Sophia flipped the 'Open' sign over and locked the front door so her fun wouldn't be interrupted.

The body modification chamber had the same look like a teardrop so it saved space and looked streamline. Donning on the facemask Tim stripped down to his boxers and climbed into the chamber slowly sinking below the gel's surface and closed his eyes as the machine hummed to life, just as Sophia stood by the control panel watching the process begin.

Small golden lines danced between the chambers walls and Tim's skin moulding it to the given schematics; At first, it was just starting to map out the small changes like the removal of body hair and replacing the growth rate away from his body hair to the hair upon his head making his messy brown hair slowly grow longer till it hun midway down his back. Next, it began to alter Tim's genes changing his Y chromosome into the required X to which made the rest of the change easier as the body accepted the change with ease.

Soon Tim's height had shrunk a handful of inches so he didn't tower over Sofia, his legs had slimmed and curved along with his ass which had become plumper just like his chest which had gone from the flat stomach and lean muscle to a smooth belly and a perfect C cups. Sofia stood at the edge of the chamber biting her lip as she saw Tim's cock shrink and soon vanish until two perfect pussy lips remained with a beautiful little clit just about hidden which Sofia could not wait to play and tease later after Tims initial shock. What Sofia couldn't see due to the face mask was Tim's face becoming rounder and softer along with a slight shift in eye colour too so one was neon blue and the other a vibrant purple.

When the chamber finished changing Tim's body he no longer looked like the broad strong man he used to be, but now a smaller slim beauty that Sofia would love to take over and over again.