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Shinning Darkness, Muted Light

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I bite on the white-red flesh. The skin is soft and it feels like it has many little hairs on it. The juice is sweet and cool. I feel it running on my cheeks and down my throat. After the first two bites, I eat slower, enjoying the fruit.
The dark-gold woman is standing in front of me with a curious look. I remember humans looked more like her and less like me, so it must be how I look. I don’t think second-skin’s presence helps either. It makes me look scary. I don't want to be scary, I want to be nice. 
I was nice to the woman and she gave me a fruit just now!




Sivir didn’t know what to think anymore. Only an hour ago, Kai’Sa had gone berserk, almost levelling the ruins. And now she was peaceful as a butterfly. With fleshy wings that shoot missiles. But peaceful.
Sivir sighed and sat down, using the lower part of her bag to keep the sand’s heat away from her.


Kai’Sa just looked at her at first, not realizing that she was calling her name. Then she perked up.

“Me!” She answered, excited to talk.

“You. What are you?” Sivir asked.

Kai’Sa looked down, thinking and sucking on the now naked peach seed.



What am I? Human? Void-creature?
No. Second-skin is a Void-creature. I’m human.

I go to answer, then think again.

Is she asking what I am? Or what we are? She sees us together, not apart. So she doesn’t know that we are two. I’ll tell her.
I point at my head.

“Human,” then, I grab some of second-skin from my arm in my fingers. “Void...creature.”

I lift my arm to my head and touch both my arm and head.

“We are two. One human. One Void-creature.”



A Voidling in control of a human? That was a first for Sivir although it didn’t surprise her too much. She knew of the Darkin weapons and this seemed like a similar situation. In Kai’Sa’s case, she appeared to be more in control of her parasite than the Darkin hosts.
Sivir relaxed a bit more.

“How did you end up with the... Void-creature?”

Kai’Sa didn’t answer immediately, as she had discovered a piece of fruit flesh she had missed. She then licked her lips and answered.

“I fell in the Void long ago when I was very small. Second-skin was dying near. It tried to eat me and we fought. I won.” Kai’Sa frowned, trying to remember the words she was looking for. “I helped it move and it helped me hunt for food. We shared our prey,” she finished with a smile, proud of herself for speaking so much.

A genuine smile. Sivir couldn’t remember the last time someone gave her a genuine smile.



The dark-gold woman with the sweet fruits is looking over my shoulder and staying silent. I don’t like silence. Silence means two things. One is that you lost your prey. The other is that you are the prey.

“Who are you?” I ask to make noise, but also because I’m curious.

“Hmm? Oh. I’m Sivir,” she looks back at me. I like that. I want to keep talking.

“Sivir... Sivir...” I like how my lips go forward and then back as I say it. And how my tongue has to move up and back at the end. “Nice name. Sivir… Sivir...”

I keep murmuring her name for a bit, using the nice sound to fill the silence. Then I notice her face.
Her cheeks have gained a warmer colour and she is making small movements as if she is not sitting right.




Sivir would really love a cold shower.
The gentle, almost tender way Kai’Sa said her name had made her all flustered. She hated that. The last time she had let anyone get close she was left with a literal dagger in her back. No way she was going to let herself fall into this pit again. She clenched her jaw and focused her gaze at the sand around her feet.

Missing the change in Kai’Sa’s expression.



Sivir looks… mad? First, she looked happy? Then confused, then mad? I don’t know…
I look at her more closely.

Dark boots that reach her knees. A gold-black cloth hangs from her waist and falls freely at the front and back, leaving only her upper legs exposed to the sun. A thin white shirt follows the lines of her well defined body. Black cloth covers her chest and shoulders, down to her elbows. She is using her arms to lean backwards, her palms submerged in the sand.
Bright green eyes and hair dark as night. Thick black eyebrows point at a long nose that looks straight forward. Big dry lips I want-

Wait, what is this?!

My heart beats faster, my breaths grow shorter and faster as if I’m fighting. My face is warming up..?

What is going on?

I turn to Sivir to ask and look away quickly again. Is she doing this? How? Why?