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Shinning Darkness, Muted Light

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Black. Purple. Red. White.

I see black when I let the second-skin cover me. I see purple when I look through it. Red when our prey-attacker dies. White are their remains.

Heavy-sweet is the smell of the Void. Metallic is the smell of blood. Burning-meat is the smell of their remains.

We eat the white. It tastes like ash. Second-skin eats more than I. Sometimes we find high-world fruits on the ground. I eat them. It gets none. Mine. The cool-sweet is mine only.

I’ve been here for a long time. More than I lived in the high-world. I remember… Gold and green. Good-green and bright-gold. Not ash-grey like the fallen fruit colours. I favour one memory above all. Peace-wind on my face. I’ve only felt bad-wind down here. The wind before a claw slashes through me. The wind hitting second-skin as we run away-after-near our prey-attacker. Down here, wind means death.

We sense wind now. In front of us, I see white. This isn’t our kill. Something else is crawling around. Void creatures don’t leave kills in the open.
The wind picks up. It’s… cool? It pushes away the heavy-sweet smell of the void.
Second-skin wants to cover my face. Protect me. No. This is… peace-wind? I feel peace-wind..?
The white flickers. Second-skin is fighting me. It wants me to run away. No, no. This is like my dreams, my memories.
We hear something now.


A me! Like me! I spoke like that before! A person is near!

I have to see them. I carefully walk to them.

“...plan, Sivir. Great plan. Wait ‘till the Void swallows them, then snatch the price. Did you think that your precious price would get swallowed too? No, of course not.”

One voice. It’s soft-angry. Like sand.

I get closer. The white isn’t white-white. It has light-red around it. Fire. I’ve seen it only once here before. It was coming from the mouth of a big Void-creature. Many mes in size. It fed us well for a long time.

I walk closer and closer. I can see the fire clearly now. I see hands like mine. One is holding the fire from a stick. The other is fumbling around.
I see a long, bright-gold stick with a light-green rock on one end near their hand.
I’m close now. The white-red fire is warm. The hands are coming in from a cut in the black-purple veil of the Void.

Is this… the exit? To the high-world? Away from the Void-creatures? My second-skin protests at the thought. It bites me but I’m immune to its poison from long ago. It’s my body and I want to go through the Void-wound.

A new memory pops in my head. A big person giving me something. A light-red fruit. It’s sweet. In return, the person wanted something. Exchange. I think people did that on the high-world.

The gold-green stick has rolled away from the person’s hands. I pick it up. Second-skin protests again, covering my palm and forcing my fingers open. Frustrated I bring my hand to my mouth and bite hard. It refuses to let go. I growl and mimic the Void-creatures, biting harder and shaking my head, ripping through my second-skin for a moment. I feel it trembling throughout my body and giving up control of my hand. Good. I pick up the gold-green stick and give it to the hand.

“Aha! Gotcha!” the person says and pulls away.

Second-skin is fighting me. It grips on my legs, my body, on everything in its attempts to hold me still. We haven't fought this hard in a long time. Not since our first time meeting.

I win. Again.

I grip tight on the stick, hoping the person pulling it will drag me along. And they do.
Passed the black veil, through the bright cuts in the Void's skin.