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Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive

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Okay. Diary of Sally Grissom, date being January twentieth, nineteen-forty-four. I think I have a new theory about what's wrong with the timepiece. The theory is that there's nothing wrong with it. 

Yeah, yeah. I know, right? So after the thing with the blackout, I tried another test - and it was really looking like I broke it, somehow. But I don't think that the case. Not that my theory makes me feel any better about it, since it definitely means I'm stuck in Polvo for the foreseeable future. 

Or...actually, no. Nevermind. Note to self, never use the term "Foreseeable future" ever again.

Anyways, I think the timeline can't be altered. At least, not in any meaningful way, which kind of destroys up chaos theory as a thing, but I think the numbers line up on this one. Everything works out in the end, because time flattens itself out again, like shaking out a sheet. 

Actually, [laughs] it's sort of a relief? It means I'm supposed to be here. In every timeline, if there really even are multiple timelines. And I can't fuck it up, even! 

Ahh - but it does mean I'm of exactly is zero use to Donovan. So...I guess I'll have to bring that up. He'll probably have me keep trying for a couple weeks. Look, Director, a couple of oranges are one thing, even if I could get it to work. 

Huh. Wonder what they'll do with me, if the Timepiece project ends? Can't possibly be any worse than the brig on the Eldridge, right?