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The Serpents and their Cub

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Hermione awoke slowly the next morning, the first thing she realised being that she felt like someone had hit her repeatedly over the head with something hard and that she had eaten mouthfuls of disgusting tasting sand. After a few moments trying to control the pain in her head, she realised there were two sets of arms around her and legs tangled up with her own. Her lithe body stiffened trying to remember the events of the evening, remembering running from the castle because Narcissa had touched her when she had been reminiscing a dream she had been touched in very different ways by the woman. She remembered the amount of alcohol she had consumed in an effort to not think about the way she had begun feeling about the three completely unattainable sisters, and then one of the said sisters finding her because they had all been worried. The warmth in her chest broadens at the fact she was brought back to the castle and cared for by the three women she had started to develop a deep crush on, and the fact that they were surrounding her in a bed caused a deep flush to erupt on her chest and face. Slowly opening her brown eyes hoping her headache would not get any worse at the light the young woman looks around herself, Narcissa in front of her with arms wrapped around her waist one hand very close to gripping her bum, Bellatrix behind Narcissa with one of Hermione’s hands in her own resting on the blonde’s hips and Andromeda… resting behind her with her own arms around her, one of her hands happily cupping one of the young woman’s firm breasts; all three women still sound asleep.

The young brunette tries to figure out the easiest way to escape their arms, needing to brush her teeth and make herself at least relatively decent feeling self conscious around the three beautiful women. She slowly slips her hand out of Bellatrix’s freezing when she whines out and grips her sister's hip missing her hand but does not wake up. She decides to start with Narcissa’s arms and hands, slowly trying to loosen them, gasping softly when her hand grips the firm muscle of her bum in protest of letting go. Hermione closes her eyes and tries to think but, with one hand on her bum and another on her breast, thinking is for one of the first times in her life not something that is coming easily. She does hear however the beginnings of one of her companions waking, so keeps her eyes closed and rests as though she is still asleep, hearing Bellatrix waking up.

The oldest bed mate slowly wakes, marvelling at the best sleep she has had in a very long time, opening her eyes to her youngest sisters blonde hair she remembers the night before. Sitting up on the large bed and looking over the small form of Cissy she smirks seeing her sisters groping the young sleeping girl, wishing she was able to sleep closer and get her own handful of their pretty little soul mate, but she knew she would. Now however, was time for Bella to have a bit of fun with her sisters. Having no idea that Hermione was infact awake Bellatrix runs her hand up Narcissa’s arm to wake her, chuckling when her hand squeezes the bum in her hand “Wakey wakey Cissa, I’m sure you want to see what is in your hand” the dark witch coos into her sisters ear still smirking as blue eyes flutter open in annoyance, before they slam open seeing Hermione asleep in front of her and her hand grabbing the firm buttocks of the Gryffindor.

The blonde jumps back on the bed as if she had been burned releasing Hermione quickly, the jolt of the bed causing a frown to mar the ‘sleeping’ girls face and their other sister to finally wake up. Much like her younger sister, Andromeda grips what is in her hand as she wakes up, and the whimper that escapes Hermione’s lips at the feeling of her breast being kneaded shocks Bellatrix and Narcissa and causes Andy’s eyes to open in surprise, her hand still on the woman’s breast under her top. Bella smirks “Having fun Andy?” she asks with a salacious wink before pouting slightly “I didn’t get to touch” she continues pouting as her sisters roll their eyes. All heads snap to Hermione when she whines at the sudden loss of warmth her eyes open as she frowns.

The three women soften as they move closer to the frowning young woman “Cold. Head hurts.” She mumbles then curls up still tired, and despite having wanted to escape to use the toilet now that the three sisters have gotten up she feels much worse than she did before. Bellatrix sits next to the Gryffindor and pulls her body close while Narcissa summons a hangover potion with a soft look in her eyes watching her sister with their little mate.

Cissy takes a seat on the other side of Hermione and runs a hand through her hair “Take this little one, it will make you feel better I promise.” She softly hums into her ear handing the potion to the young woman “I assume you have never really drunk?” She smiles as the brunette quickly downs the potion, almost immediately brightening and shakes her head.

“And I never will again if I feel like that after.” She huffs with a pout all three sisters find adorable “Why did you all get up?” The pout on her lips deepens, wondering if they will tell the truth about how they had touched her in their sleep.

Bellatrix smirks “I woke up and Cissy and Andy were definitely enjoying whatever dreams they were having, Cissy had a hold of your bum and Andy had one of those lovely breasts in her hand.” Bella leers at Hermione’s chest still smirking as her sisters screech her name and slap her arms. Hermione once again blushes at the obvious leer and Bella’s words as the older woman defends herself “Am I lying? I see no reason in not telling her the truth, from the noise…” Her words are immediately cut off with a quick wave of the only blonde’s wand, a blush on her own pale cheeks.

“Yes well, enough of that Bella” She huffs trying to control the situation “Hermione we do need to talk to you, but we should all probably dress in actual clothes.” She sniffs at the thought of having a serious conversation in their pyjamas “I think we should clean up and come back in five minutes?” Blue eyes meet brown and Hermione nods with a smile happy to brush her teeth and clean up a bit, slightly worried about what it is they need to talk about, as the four women split apart and head to bathrooms within the common area to change their clothes and wash up as much as they can.

The four women returned after a few minutes, Hermione smiling at the fact the outfits the three women had chosen reflect them very well, Narcissa in elegant baby blue robes, Bellatrix in her trusty black corset and skirts and Andromeda in black trousers and a blouse. Hermione was just in blue jeans and a red jumper. Hermione sat down on one of the couches and the three sisters sat opposite her, causing the youngest woman to gulp “Feels like some sort of interview, or that I'm being told off.” She giggles softly to dissipate the tension that had gathered since they all sat down. The three sisters smile at her and Andromeda sits forward slightly.

She smiles softly as her eyes meet Hermione’s “I suppose I best start from the very beginning… When we were children our father was not around much, and our mother was cruel. We would be beaten or punished for simply not standing up straight, but she would never do it when father was around. See our family has a prophecy, and he was sure that it would be about us. We had heard about it growing up of course, but it wasn't explained to us until we were all older; Cissy was 11, I was 15 and Bella was 19. I cannot remember the exact wording, we will have to find the old book, but it essentially says that three Black sisters will be born, and the family's name shall be restored with their union to a muggleborn. We were the first three sisters born to the black family since the prophecy had been made in the early 18th century.” The three older women watch the younger woman’s reaction hoping she doesn’t leave.

Hermione tilts her head “So it’s obviously the three of you considering you’re the first three. And I’m assuming we are having this conversation because you are telling me about it?” She asks softly nodding when the three women nod themselves at her question. “So essentially, there has been a prophecy for over 200 years that says that we are all fated to be together… ” She rests her head in her hands thinking it makes sense now why she has been feeling the way she has, she is destined to be with the three sisters so it is good that they are supposed to be together because she also likes them. “Well I can see why it is a serious conversation.” Hermione looks at the three women sat in front of her, all three of them looking quite worried that the young woman is going to outright reject them. “Why do you think it is me though? And if you thought this was about you, why would you all get married and stuff?” She asks suddenly self conscious once again with the eyes of the three beautiful women on her and suddenly not sure she believes them.

Narcissa sits up straighter prepared to answer that question “Like Andy said darling, our mother was horrible. She was not a Black and she cared not for the prophecy, she was adamant that her daughters would not be fated to a muggleborn. Bella was adamant she would not get married and aligning with Tom Riddle was one of the ways she attempted to get out of it, Andy was supposed to marry Rodulphus, but when she ran away with Ted Bella was practically sold to the Lestrange’s to stop an all out war between our families.” Narcissa tears up slightly at the memory of Bella screaming at her parents and her being taken away “I was promised to Lucius and we were forced to forget about the prophecy. Andy tried to say it was Ted but that wore off after a while. None of us could forget about it, that's why Bella and I aligned with the Order, so we could make a world we could marry a muggle born without prejudice. We had given up hope for so long, that the war would end, that we would find the one destined to save us. Until you were brought to the manor that it.” Narcissa trails off thinking about when Hermione was brought to Malfoy Manor, the immediate connection she felt to the young witch, knowing Bella had felt the exact same from one look between them.

Hermione frowned at the idea of the mother of the three women treating her children so badly, about how the three women she really liked were treated growing up. “I really hate the idea of your mum” she huffs out angrily not seeing the smiles on the sisters faces “But I am glad that you are all here, and we are able to have this conversation. I am a bit unsure about the thought, because I don’t think the three of you would be destined to be with me… but that is something to think about another time.” She smiles at the three women sat across from her sweetly. “I also feel I need to think about this, because despite how I have started to feel about you all, it is still kind of scary that I am prophesied to be with the three of you. The Black sisters. And I’m also really hungry, so wanna go get breakfast… I just want to make sure you all know that I’m not running away from this, its just a lot to take in especially when I’m starving.” She grins at the three women before they all nod in agreement, and the four of them decide to make their way to the Great Hall for breakfast with everyone else that is helping the finishing touches of fixing the castle.