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“Kendall! Today’s the day, what’s the number?” Carlos wrapped his arm around Kendall’s shoulders. Today was Kendall’s 17th birthday, and he was finally going to see how long his soulmate had to live. Kendall took a deep breath and looked down at his wrist.

“So? How long is it?” James grinned ear to ear.

“2 months?” Kendall looked at his friends confused.

Carlos and James shared a look, and then turned their attention to Kendall. “I’m sure it‘ll be fine.” James said. Kendall shrugged and smiled.

“Yeah it’s fine. I’m sure I’ll fine whoever she is before we run out of time.” Kendall chewed on his bottom lip. There must be something he can do to make sure his soulmate doesn’t die.

“Well, I’m heading back home. I’ll see you at school tomorrow!” Carlos took James’s hand and tugged him out of Kendall’s house.

It would be a while before his father returned home, and he would be expecting dinner made for him. Kendall wasn’t too bad at cooking either, he learned from his mother before the incident. So Kendall got to work on dinner for his father.


Logan finally places down the last box from the truck. Packing up his entire life to move all the way to Los Angeles wasn’t exactly easy. Or what he wanted at all. Thanks to his father getting a promotion the whole family had to pack up and move across the country. ‘It’ll be good for you’ they said, ‘You’ll make some friends’ they said. Well it’s not exactly easy to transition from homeschool straight to public school.

“Logan, honey! Thanks for bringing in the last of the boxes. Your father will be coming home shortly from work so I would like to get as much unpacked as possible.” His mother smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Logan looked over to his sister, who was currently sat on the only piece of furniture they had from the old apartment, the sofa. “Nice of you to help me Presley.” He sighed and cut open one of the boxes labeled ‘Living Room’.

“Of course, anything for you big brother.” She rolled her eyes and stuck her face back into her phone. Presley was having a hard time with the move. She never had to be homeschooled like Logan did, so she left behind a lot of friends and of course her boyfriend.

Mrs Mitchell walked back into the living room to help her son unpack. “Presley could you please unpack the boxes of kitchen stuff.” Their mom said sweetly.

“Fine. Whatever.” She hopped off the sofa and strolled into the kitchen.

Logan shook his head, “How long do you think she’s going to hold a grudge this time?” He chuckled a little bit and unpacked the boxes.

“Who knows? Could be months from now.” The door opened and in walked Logan’s father. He gave Logan’s mother a kiss and glanced ruffled Logan’s hair. “Where’s my little girl?” He announced.

“Daddy!” Presley ran out of the kitchen and into Mr Mitchell’s arms. Presley was always the favorite child out of the two of them, she was pretty, athletic, and popular. But most importantly, not gay.


“Kendall! Get me and the lady another glass of wine.” His father commanded. Kendall grabbed their glasses and topped them off with wine. He hated when his father brought women home. He got hostile and treated Kendall like garbage.

Kendall gave the glasses to his father and made his way to his bedroom. At least he could get some study time in before school tomorrow. Kendall sat at his desk and pulled out his Pre-Calc homework. He never understood this stuff, he was the worst at math. He glanced down at his left wrist. How would his soulmate die? In 2 months? And who even was his soulmate? She must be pretty dangerous.

The blonde was getting tired, when he looked at the clock it was already 11:30. Deciding that no amount of calculus was worth his time, he went to bed.