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summer love that lasts forever

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summer love that lasts forever
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you
You're my end and my beginning

John Legend - All Of Me



yoongi thought the day would be spent on the beach, lazing around in the sand and playing with his five-year-old son in the water. he had taken a few days break from his work to be able to rest and take care of jihoon, had driven all the way from seoul to busan and now, he was biting his nails as his whole chest was getting filled with anxiety.

just an hour ago, yoongi had laid down two large towels on the sand, he had covered his five-year-old son’s body with sun cream before telling him to be careful.
jihoon had been so excited about this trip, he had never seen the sea before, had never walked on sand… smiling and chattering excitedly with yoongi. 

but now, jihoon was gone and yoongi couldn’t see him, couldn’t smell him as a child’s pheromones were much weaker than an adult’s… he was panicking but knew he had to try keeping his calm.

“jihoon!“ yoongi screamed as he walked the length of the beach, scanning the land and the water, hoping that his son had been smart enough not to decide to swim without him. tears were blurring his vision, “jihoon!“ yoongi shouted again. but there was no response, there were no signs of his son anywhere. 
yoongi choked on a sob before he felt a hand on his shoulder. he jumped around, and his senses were soon assaulted by alpha pheromones. there was a tall boy standing in front of him, with a worried look in his eyes. 

“hey, are you okay?“ he asked. 

yoongi’s vision was blurry with tears, he inhaled a sharp breath before shaking his head, “no— no—“ more tears cascaded down his cheeks as he choked the words out.

the alpha’s hands came to rest on his shoulders, “hey, it’s okay, breath…“ he inhaled through his nose and exhaled through his mouth before gesturing for yoongi to do the same, yoongi tried to follow his cue but it still took him a few minutes before he managed to calm himself down enough to see more than just blurry figures..

“you’re okay, what’s the matter? i could hear you screaming…“ 

“i— my son, i can’t find him, i don’t know where he’s gone to, i— if something happened to him, if—“ 
the alpha gently shushed him when he noticed yoongi’s breathing getting labored again. “okay, keep breathing, i’ll help you find him.“

yoongi hastily nodded, he was shaking from head to toes and he was certain that he reeked of anxiety and fear. he couldn’t believe that he had lost his son. his most important person, his little baby. yoongi’s only fear at the moment was of something happening to jihoon.

“let’s tell the safety crew first, okay? they might have seen a child on their own already,“ the alpha wrapped an arm around yoongi’s shoulder and even though the omega usually hated strangers touching him, he let himself melt against the alpha’s side.
they walked together to the safety crew’s cabin. there were two members of the staff guarding there and they immediately stood up as they saw them approach.

“hey, are you two okay?“ one of them asked, it was an alpha woman with a deep voice. yoongi shook his head and tried to talk, his voice was wet with tears, “i— i lost my son, i searched the beach but i couldn’t find him— i don’t know— i— please help me find him,“ he begged. another wave of tears gathered at his waterlines. the woman in front of him immediately took a serious look, “of course, please take a sit here, i’ll notice our team of the matter,“ she said kindly.
yoongi was reluctant to sit, he wanted nothing more than to run the length of the beach once again and search for his son, make sure that jihoon was okay… but the alpha insisted that he should sit down and his voice was full of worry making yoongi feel bad that he had dragged him into this.

yoongi sat down before taking his face in his hands, he exhaled a shaky breath, “what if something happened to him? i’m never going to forgive myself—“

“hey…“ the alpha whispered, “i’m sure he’s okay, don’t blame yourself for this…“ 

“but i should have been looking after him— i let him disappear and now i can’t find him, it’s all my fault.“ 

the alpha brought a hand to his nape. the touch felt surprisingly cold, it was a welcome relief. “i’m sorry i brought you into this…“ yoongi whispered. the alpha frowned, “you didn’t do anything, i was the one who decided to help you… and i’m glad i did.“

yoongi weakly smiled at the other.

“i’m jungkook,“ the alpha suddenly blurted. “yoongi,“ the omega answered.

“well, yoongi, i’m not going to leave until we find your son, is that alright?“ he was so polite and spoke in soft tones. yoongi was a bit in awe. “yeah… thank you so much.“
jungkook gave him a soft smile before standing back up.

“would you have any pictures of your son?“ he asked. 

“yeah—“ yoongi fumbled a bit, reaching into his back pocket before retrieving his phone, he opened his photo gallery and scrolled a bit before clicking on a particular picture and handing over the device to the alpha. jungkook’s eyebrows furrowed as he stared at the picture. he showed the screen of yoongi’s phone to the other members of the safety crew before giving yoongi back his phone. “he looks adorable,“ jungkook said.
“he is…“ yoongi sighed.

“let’s get back to searching,“ jungkook said. yoongi was quick on his feet, “yeah…“ 
“let’s each go in a different direction, okay? that way we have better chance of finding him,“ jungkook suggested. yoongi nodded at that even though he felt a pang of pain in his ribcage at the idea of being separated from the alpha who had helped him until here. unusual. 

“let’s separate!“ the safety crew staff  told to her colleague. she joined yoongi as the other started walking in the opposite direction with jungkook. yoongi was back to biting his nails, anxiety still radiating from his body. 

“jihoon!“ he called, voice straining towards the end. the woman by his side repeated after him. the walk the entire length of the beach and saw no signs of yoongi’s son. yoongi’s eyes were watering again, “do you think— do you think he might have gone in the water?“ he asked, he gulped as he turned to look at the woman.

“i honestly don’t know,“ she said, “but even if he did, the currents aren’t very strong today so we can hope than nothing bad happened.“ 
yoongi shuddered. he wiped at a tear that a slipped down when the woman’s walkie-talkie started making static noise. she immediately reached for the device, “here hyuna.“ a few seconds passed before the static noise came back and then a voice—

“we found the kid.“

yoongi deflated, his whole body sagged and his knees buckled under his weight. it was just in time that the woman caught him before touching the ground. 

“we’ll join you at the cabin.“ then she hung up and helped yoongi up. the omega was crying, relief washing over his body. jihoon was okay, he wasn’t lost— finally, yoongi could breathe again.

he hurried back to the cabin, the safety crew staff hot on his heels.

and then everything came into view. jungkook was sitting down on the bottom stair of the pathway that led to the cabin and he had jihoon in his lap. yoongi’s little boy was giggling at something the alpha said and the omega’s chest warmed up. 

“jihoon!“ he called. the little pup looked up with a smile and as soon as he spotted yoongi he jumped off jungkook’s lap, “papa!“ he said. yoongi ran the last few meters separating them before hoisting jihoon in his arms. the first thing he did was to scent his son. he sighed in relief as the pup’s skin came in contact with his. 

“oh god— i was so scared, i’m so happy you’re here—“ 

the pup giggle, completely oblivious to yoongi’s prior nervousness. “papa, why do you smell bitter?“ 

“i thought i lost you.“

jihoon frowned before giggling again, he buried his nose in the crook of yoongi’s neck, “papa! i found a crab, i followed crab crab but then i lost him…“ he pouted. yoongi wanted to get mad at him, wanted to lesson him about running off without a warning… but he was just so glad to have his pup in his arms that he couldn’t bring himself to get angry. 

he looked up, a bit further, jungkook was smiling at them softly.

slowly, yoongi walked up to him with his pup in his arms, he settled down next to the alpha, close enough but still without touching. yoongi was taken aback by jihoon suddenly jumping off his lap and instead climbing into jungkook’s. 

“kookie, kookie! this is my papa, do you know papa?“ he suddenly chattered. yoongi’s eyes widened, his mouth fell agape and at the same time, jungkook laughed softly at the little pup. “yeah, i met your papa already.“
“isn’t papa pretty?“ jihoon suddenly exclaimed, his eyes were full of stars. both yoongi and jungkook were taken aback by the question, a light pink blush dusted the omega’s cheeks. jungkook cleared his throat and made a point of avoiding yoongi’s gaze, “i— yeah, he’s very pretty…“ he answered slowly. jihoon beamed. 

yoongi spluttered, face burning, “jihoonie—“ the words died down in his throat as his son turned to look at him.  “i like kookie!“ the little boy said. quickly, yoongi noticed that jungkook’s cheeks were painted just as red as his own.

they avoided each other’s eyes. yoongi’s heartbeat was erratic, almost like it would jump out of his chest… 
jihoon gestured wildly and almost tipped over but jungkook quickly wrapped his arms around the boy’s little body. a hard thump against yoongi’s ribcage, the sight of jihoon embraced by a stranger should have made him bitter but instead, yoongi only felt warmth and longing…

“you like kookie?“ yoongi asked, his voice was a bit shaky. jihoon nodded enthusiastically, the omega inhaled a shaky breath before looking up to jungkook, “i think kookie is nice, too. maybe we should invite him for dinner as a thank you for helping us?“ he said, shifting a bit on his sit, fingers fidgeting.

jungkook’s eyes widened, “i—“ he stuttered before he was cut off by jihoon’s loud noises of approval. yoongi was waiting for the alpha to say something, he was nervous and feared rejection. “i— just wanted to help, there is no need for—“ 
feeling a surge of courage bursting through him, yoongi reached for one of jungkook’s hand and smiled at him, “i really want to thank you… you were of great help and i’m very grateful for you.“

the alpha’s cheeks were red but in the end, he nodded in agreement. yoongi had never seen an alpha so shy before. he smiled, “okay, let’s exchange numbers?“ so they exchanged numbers before going their separate ways… yoongi was giddy. jihoon made grabby hands at him, demanding to be carried and the omega obliged.
jihoon rubbed his nose over yoongi’s scent gland for a few seconds before pulling away.

“papa, you smell very sweet.“

— ☼ —

at first, jungkook was a bit distant, he didn’t really touch yoongi much, avoided all kinds of contacts. yoongi first thought it was because his scent wasn’t attractive to the alpha, he was also more cautious around jihoon than he had been at the beach… 
after feeling so dejected and a bit bitter that the evening had gone by with jungkook mostly avoiding his gaze and touch, yoongi had found the courage to ask whether he made the alpha uncomfortable or if jungkook disliked his scent.

“i just— i don’t want to leave a mark on you… i don’t think your alpha would like to smell another on you or his pup…“ jungkook had explained, still looking down.
the alpha had been thoughtful but yoongi still couldn’t help but to pout at him, “i don’t have an alpha… jihoon’s father has never been in the picture.“

“oh…“ jungkook had exhaled. and strangely, the sound had sounded pretty close to relief.

after that it was better, easier. jungkook reached out to take yoongi’s hand in his and interlace their fingers, his free arms holding jihoon up as the three of them walked the length of the beach once again. the sunset was beautiful and lit up the sea with pink and yellowy colors. yoongi smiled.

they talked for a while until the sky got dark and jihoon’s eyelids were getting heavier. jungkook was from busan but was in his last year of college, studying in seoul. 
“we live in seoul, too,“ yoongi said, smiling so bright his gums peeked out, “maybe we can stay in contact?“ he suggested.

“yeah,“ jungkook exhaled, “that would be nice.“

when they parted, there was a seed of fear inside yoongi’s chest. he wondered whether jungkook would really want to keep in touch with them… wondered whether he’d want more… it was difficult to tell but yoongi could see the fondness in the alpha’s eyes as he watched jihoon, maybe there was a tiny chance that jungkook would take the risk to start something with him. alphas usually didn’t like to date omegas with pups that weren’t theirs but it was evident that jungkook wasn’t like all the other alphas yoongi had met in the past.
he would give it a chance.
only time would tell whether what they had could bloom into love.

— ☼ —

five years later


“papa, when is daddy coming home?“ jihoon asked. 

yoongi was in the kitchen preparing dinner for the two of them and making sure to add an additional portion for his husband that he would keep in the fridge to reheat. 

“daddy is working late today,“ yoongi answered. jihoon hummed at that though he looked a bit dejected. his daddy had been coming home late since the past week. yoongi stopped stirring the stew he was preparing and bent down to press a kiss to his son’s forehead. “don’t worry sunshine, daddy should have settled the deal with his client by the end of the week and then he’ll be able to eat dinner with us.“

“okay, i miss him… he’s always at work.“

“i know, i miss him too.“

yoongi finished preparing their dinner, he put his husband’s portion in a container before putting it away in the fridge. he and jihoon ate in front of the tv on the couch, watching a random comedy. 
jihoon’s eyelids quickly started drooping, school was a bit hard and he was always running around during the day… yoongi chuckled before ushering him to start getting ready to sleep. he made sure jihoon brushed his teeth and changed into his pajamas before kissing his forehead and closing his bedroom door.

and then yoongi was alone. with a sigh, he started putting away all the dirty dishes. his back was aching and his feet swollen. he lied down on the couch and kept the tv on low volume as background noise. he fell asleep there and only woke up when the front door opened. he grumbled a bit before footsteps got closer to him, then a tired chuckle.

yoongi reluctantly opened his eyes. jungkook was watching him with a smile. the omega made grabby hands at his mate who bent down willingly, easily scooping yoongi up even with the additional weight he had gained. yoongi wrapped his legs around jungkook’s waist before nuzzling at his neck, licking at the mating mark. 

“why aren’t you in bed already, sweetheart?“ jungkook asked. yoongi sighed, “it’s difficult to sleep without you…“

“i’m sorry, the deal will be wrapped up soon, you won’t have to stay up late anymore…“

“jihoon misses you too…“ yoongi muttered. jungkook sighed, “i’m really sorry. i wish i could be here more.“
the omega shook his head, “it’s okay, i understand and jihoon does too… it can’t be helped.“

“still…“ jungkook released a tired breath, “how is the morning sickness? is it better?“ he asked. yoongi hummed, “yeah, even though i was feeling a bit nauseous this morning, i managed to keep my breakfast down so that’s pretty good.“

“my strong omega…“ jungkook whispered close to yoongi’s ear, “you’re doing so well, carrying our pup… i’m so lucky to have you…“ his hand traveled down to yoongi’s stomach, already swollen but still easily hid behind jungkook’s oversized sweaters. 
“i’m proud of you, yoongi,“ he said. his tone was so loving and yoongi couldn’t help but to purr.

“i love you, kookie, a lot.“ 

the alpha carried him to their bedroom, dropping him on top of the covers before leaning down and pecking his lips.

“i’ll just kiss jihoon goodnight,“ jungkook said before turning around and leaving the room. yoongi smiled. he rolled onto his back and sighed dreamily. he was happy, even amongst the tiredness… even if he missed jungkook when his husband was at work. he was the happiest he had ever been. with his loving mate who loved his child as if he was his own. jungkook took care of them so well… he was perfect. 

when jungkook came back to their room, he quickly undressed and got into the bed behind him, wrapping his arms around yoongi’s waist, resting his hands on the baby bump.
they stayed silent for a moment, just listening to each other’s breaths evening out.

“maybe we could go to busan after i settle the deal…“ jungkook whispered after a few seconds, “we take four days and go back to the beach, wouldn’t that be nice?“

“yeah… i think jihoon would like that a lot,“ yoongi answered. jungkook kissed his nape. everything felt warm.

“good,“ jungkook said.

they fell asleep.