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Reviewing 5 Books I Read in November (+ Mini Q&A)
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Akaashi Keiji
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Starting off the month with five books I…have conflicted feelings for. And you guys said you liked my unfiltered thoughts (which I still can’t figure out where you would have heard that from? I try to be organized in my videos), so I’m also doing a mini Q&A in celebration of nearing the end of the year. DM me on Twitter if you want me to answer a question.



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A man sits in front of the camera, holding a steaming hot mug in front of his face. His hair is swept to the sides, almost blending in with the sports jacket he’s wearing, the logo out of the frame.

The room he’s in is homey: a plant covers the bottom corner of the screen and the back wall is lined with shelves full of books. A single brown jacket rests on the wall-mounted coat rack just barely in the frame. Two small cactus plants sit on a low table next to the wall, two pairs of shoes tucked underneath. The lighting is low, save for a string of LED lights hanging from the wall closer to the camera.

The steam from the mug starts to fog up his glasses. He grimaces as he looks back to his computer.

“Next question from missnightingale,” he murmurs, scrolling through Twitter. “‘Why did you start your channel? By the way, I love your videos!’ Oh. Thank you.”

The livestream manages to catch a radiant smile as he looks up.

“To answer your question, I’ve always loved to read. I work as a manga editor, but I originally wanted to be in the literature department…that is irrelevant. One of my good friends started a Youtube channel a few years ago, and I decided there was no harm in trying.”

Adjusting his glasses, he takes a sip of his drink.

“I apologize, I don’t have a more interesting story to tell you. There was no moment of clarity that made me want to start a channel. I just posted a video about my favorite book one day and decided to keep going. That should probably be remade, now that I think about it.”

When he winces, his nose crinkles in apparent disgust. The chat explodes as he turns back to the monitor.

“Next question from…wait, I think I know who this is. Kuroo-san, get off the livestream.”

Sighing, he checks the chat.

“I’m not sure how many more questions I’ll have time for. I’ll try to wrap this up—”

Behind him, the door swings open, slamming against the low table.

The man’s eyes widen, his head flicking to the door as a figure steps into the frame. A broad-shouldered man stands at the doorway, eyes shining and mouth curled upwards in excitement. His hair is styled upwards, and his steps are long and confident as he makes his way to the camera.

“Akaashi!” The source is still near the front door, but the audio is clear. “You’ll never guess what happened at practice today! I made a bet with—”

“I’m so sorry,” Akaashi says, turning to the stream. “He’s early today.”

The chat picks up upon recognizing the identity of the new arrival.

“Woah, what video are you—”

“I’m doing a livestream, Bokuto-san. The one I told you about earlier.”

“Right, right, the livestream.”

Lowering himself into a crouch, Bokuto smiles at Akaashi, golden eyes fluttering closed in a manner of helpless innocence. The gesture is easy-going and affectionate, the fondness obvious even through the fuzzy quality. Akaashi’s hard glare softens.

“I told you not to come back until seven o’clock. When the livestream would have been over.”

“I forgot! But—” Bokuto glances at the camera “—aren’t I making it better, chat?”

“Don’t encourage them. And this is off-topic. I was supposed to finish answering questions before you got back.”

“Why can’t I answer them with you?”

“Well...I suppose that would be alright. I’m limiting you to three questions.”



adamdraws          did that just happen

★mitch★          HOLY SHIT NO WAY

Cassie H          WHAT IS HAPPENING

TwilightUser102          AM I ALIVE IS THIS REAL

Magnolia          there’s no way

trish una          wait omg isn't that bokuto koutarou from the black jackals


olivia oil          who is bokuto koutarou???

Coffeebeanss          @olivia oil Bokuto’s a pro-volleyball player!! He plays for the MSBY Black Jackals :D

olivia oil          @Coffeebeanss thanks but how do you know this

YvesIsAnAngel          @olivia oil he’s pretty famous!!! he’s a prominent spiker in the monster generation, that’s gotta count for something

teal❤          did he just...let himself into akaashi’s house

azure sandals          he definitely just let himself into akaashi’s house

Lisa N          they know each other?

mayalovecatcher          Apparently so

Minazaku Kim          the real question is how long have they known each other

moon child          @Minazaku Kim ^^

Sydney          given the way they’re talking, probably a while

jam          @Minazaku Kim are you really asking us like we’re gonna know

Minazaku Kim          @jam it’s called rhetorical questions asshole

moonchild87          this is so soft have you ever seen akaashi look that happy

Heide Ran          he’s like...glowing i’m gonna cry

Jess!          lmao i just joined the stream wtf is happening


olivia oil          seriously how are all of you volleyball fans




Sorry about the livestream. I hope the last 20 minutes weren’t too chaotic.

7:11 PM • Oct 21


Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 2m
replying to @akaashikeiji

I wasn’t anticipating all the questions. I'd rather not go into the specifics of my friendship with Bokuto, if that’s okay. And yes, we are friends.


lucyヾ(_ _*) @montgomerystan • 1h
replying to @akaashikeiji



Mindy | check pinned! @soulroserade • 1h
replying to @akaashikeiji

it wasn’t chaotic (well it was but) it was fun! can i ask how you guys know each other?


ceo of glasses @booknooks • 49m
replying to @akaashikeiji

how long have you guys been friends??


dana ✿ watching oofuri s2!! @tothenightwinds • 25m
replying to @akaashikeiji

this will probably get buried in the comments but @akaashikeiji for book 5 on your list, you should read the second book in the series!! a lot of your critique gets called out (like the protagonist really starts standing up for herself!) and imo it was better than book 1

Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 15m

Noted. If I have time, I’ll pick up book 2. Thank you!

dana ✿ watching oofuri s2!! @tothenightwinds • 14m


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monsters, all of ‘em

[A video is attached: the camera starts off shaky but stabilizes on a man with bright orange hair, illuminated by the lamppost next to him. Judging by the lighting, it is late evening. Even through the darkness, a bright grin is visible on his face as he waves, both arms flying frantically in the air.

“Atsumu-san!” the man yells, bouncing in place. “Are you recording!”

It sounds less like a question and more of a competition of which syllable can leave his mouth loud enough.

A low chuckle from behind the camera can be heard.

“Yes, Shouyou-kun, I’m recording,” the voice says. Shouyou walks off the frame, clearly preparing for something.

“Can I please go home now?” another person asks flatly, clearly irritated.

“Yer way too impatient, Omi-kun,” the first voice chides. “Just watch the spectacle, won'tcha?”

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen in practice,” Omi-kun says.

Yet no footsteps are heard.

“I’m ready!” Shouyou screeches off-screen.

The next moment, a blur of orange and black materializes next to the lamppost. Shouyou’s legs are arched behind him, torso pushed out and one arm drawn back behind him like he’s about to spike a ball. He’s cleared over half of the lamppost. As he reaches the apex point of his jump, his body relaxes and he drops his arm as he lands, but the victorious smile and the curious fire in his eyes don’t die away.

The voice behind the camera sounds smug. “Ah, he’s a monster.”

“I don’t see what the point of this was,” Omi-kun adds.

“Omi-Omi, we gotta make the world more scared o’ him! I’ll record yer disgusting spikes soon enough, if ya want.”

“Don’t, Miya.”]

9:24 PM • Oct 26


Sakusa ✔ @sakusakiyoomi • 2h
replying to @thebettermiya

Miya, do not actually try to record my spikes tomorrow.

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 2h

but imagine the intrigue! the tension! the fear in the hearts of other teams if i recorded your spikes!

Sakusa ✔ @sakusakiyoomi • 2h

Your sets were consistently too low during practice today and you want to waste time recording other people tomorrow?

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 2h


hinata! ✔ @ninjashouyou • 2h

it’s okay, atsumu-san!! some of your sets were low today, but i adjusted :D

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 2h

i think i need to lie down


bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 50m
replying to @thebettermiya


Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 47m

today? which you would have known if, i dunno, you were listening during practice instead of staring at your phone like a zombie

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 45m

but i had to head all the way back to my off-season apartment today D: did you know i had an extra copy of that movie you wanted lying around the whole time??

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 44m

geez, bokkun. is this why aka-kun couldn’t make it either?

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 40m


Sakusa ✔ @sakusakiyoomi • 39m

Miya, you’re an idiot.

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 36m

what the hell, omi-kun? i didn’t even do anything this time

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 36m


Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 36m



wes~ @yukitetsus • 46m
replying to @thebettermiya


❇ vani ❇ @vvvanisaurs • 45m

He’s probably a new member of the Black Jackals? Maybe he’ll play in the next match!

wes~ @yukitetsus • 45m

i hope so!! did you see how much he cleared?!

nona @yunaboke • 43m

the angle makes it look like he jumped to about half the lamppost. that’s…really cool

sarah ♥ @starrysarah • 42m


vel @yvisnelsa • 40m

that is the real question,,


carla ⭑ cw: atla & bsd @sukisgf • 45m
replying to @thebettermiya

new member hmmmmm??

alyssa misses lucy @calicokirby • 43m

i wonder what else he has besides the jump

Ian @joonsun • 42m

well you’d need speed to reach that high wouldn’t you? probably pretty fast idk

rinna ❥ check pinned! @mintpeppers • 40m

I don’t even know if that’s factually correct but we’ll just have to see.


valerie @primrosesaki • 44m
replying to @thebettermiya

I’m so excited for the next match omg

gina ❀ bokuto brainrot @hirugamistarred • 42m

i bet the adlers have no idea what’s coming haha

misa ⭑⭒ @tsumisumi • 41m

it’s possible the adlers don’t actually know, his info isn’t on the black jackals page yet! i think atsumu spoiled his reveal or something LMAO

ann @sunchildann • 39m

that’s a very atsumu thing to do


☀ sunny ☀ @bloomingblve • 40m
replying to @thebettermiya

who’s aka-kun?

moon @moonchiild • 39m

i’ve looked all over his twitter page and ‘aka-kun’ has never been mentioned before. new friend?

dia @kaorusgf • 37m

I wonder if this ‘aka-kun’ person hangs out with the black jackals regularly

kasey ♡ crying over dna vol 22 @dnalockdown • 36m

wouldn’t we have heard about this aka-kun person sooner though?

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nightingale @missnightingale • 40m
replying to @thebettermiya

hold on, who could aka-kun be??

yosano deserved better @yosanosakikos • 39m

all we know is that this person is associated with Bokuto

kris⁷ @chocoyours • 38m

kuroo tetsurou?? he and bokuto are pretty close, bokuto shows up on a lot of his videos. i just don’t know where you can get “aka-kun” from anywhere in his name

ヾ(_ _。)Jess @henlomitzi • 37m

omg i didn’t even think about people outside of volleyball

remwatching kny @pearldreams • 36m

if we’re talking about people outside of volleyball, isn’t bokuto friends with akaashi keiji? the “aka-kun” would match up then

miria 彡 @kuvroos • 35m


emma ✧ zine hell @mimanogo • 34m

wait a minute who is akaashi keiji and how do we know they’re friends

miria 彡 @kuvroos • 34m

bokuto was in akaashi’s stream around two days ago

Yves ♔ @hqkoutarou • 34m

bokuto what

dia @monochromesky • 33m

Bokuto what

kiara || follow limit! @umemiiiyas • 33m

bokuto what

disaster bi @solorights • 32m

Oh yeah, he did! He kinda just walked into Akaashi’s apartment and joined the last 20 minutes of the livestream. It was super chill

| tess | @applespis • 32m


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Hirakata City, Osaka

[A video is attached: a young man with curly dark hair and two distinct moles on the right side of his face is sitting on the floor of the gym. He seems to be stretching, one leg laid out in front of him. The person recording approaches, either oblivious or uncaring to the way the man’s scowl deepens.

“Omi-kun!” The person recording sounds cheerful.

Omi-kun looks like he wants to murder him. “Miya, put the camera away or—”

“Sakusa-san, I wanna see it too,” another person mutters reverently, entering the frame. It is the ‘Shouyou-kun’ from the last video. He wipes his face, chest heaving from, presumably, exertion during practice. “I try to do it, but then my wrist gets all—”

Shouyou cuts himself off as he bends his wrist back, gnashing his teeth with the effort. Both Sakusa and Miya have fallen silent as he stands there, straining his hand for a whole five seconds.

“Okay, that’s enough, Shouyou-kun,” Miya says. The camera turns back to Sakusa. “I couldn’t record yer spikes, so I gotta get somethin’.”

“Please just stretch,” Sakusa replies.

He acquiesces, anyway.

Sakusa’s entire hand touches his forearm. Shouyou, still in the frame, openly gapes. His own hand is still pushed back; he appears to have forgotten.

“Atsumu-san,” Shouyou says, staring at a fixed point behind the camera, “can you do it too?”

“Uh,” Atsumu mutters, “I dunno about that one, I’m just holding the camera, haha—Omi-kun?”

Sakusa has pushed himself off the gym floor and is walking towards the camera at a brisk pace. The camera shuffles backward as Sakusa gets closer before a shout rings through the air and the video turns into a blur.

When the camera refocuses, a man with blond hair swept to the side takes up the center of the frame. He looks oddly flustered.

“Well, Miya?” Sakusa says, his voice much closer to the camera. “Your turn.”

“This ain’t a show,” Atsumu mutters, looking away from the camera.

A faint huff can be heard. “That’s different from what you had been saying earlier. What changed?”

“Oh!” Shouyou shouts, his voice somewhere behind the camera. “Atsumu-san, is it because I caught you trying that stretch yesterday—”

Shouyou-kun,” Atsumu says urgently. Shouyou stops talking.

He drags his gaze to a point above the camera (presumably Sakusa), his eyes narrowed in calculated thoughtfulness before he spins on his heels and dramatically points to the left of the screen. Sighing, Sakusa lets it drop and indulges him, turning the camera.

Bokuto is leaning against the wall, a bright look visible on his face despite the distance. Next to him, Akaashi is drowning in a dark brown jacket and his head is tilted in Bokuto’s direction. They’re seemingly deep in conversation, and Bokuto’s arms are swinging in what can only be described as an attempt to mimic a receive.

“Bokkun, Aka-kun,” Atsumu calls, striding over. The camera wordlessly follows. “Since ya missed the last hangout, ya gotta do somethin’ ta make up for it. And sheesh, Aka-kun, how’re ya breathin’ in that?”

“Hello, Sakusa-san,” Akaashi says politely.

Bokuto’s head shoots up. “Oh, what d’you want me to do, Tsum-Tsum!”

Atsumu grins. “Do Omi-kun’s freaky wrist thing.”

“‘Freaky wrist thing’,” Sakusa repeats.

“Is that all?” Akaashi asks. His voice is dry, but the wry smile building on his lips gives him away entirely. “Knowing you, I figured you would have asked for something more…irritating.”

Atsumu crosses his arms. “D’ya have no faith in me, Aka-kun?”

“I suppose you could say that,” Akaashi says. There is no inflection in his voice.

Atsumu hisses “shaddup” under his breath, and the camera abruptly edges him out of the frame, leaving Bokuto and Akaashi in the center. They oblige as well, bending their wrists back. Neither go as far as Sakusa’s wrist. No one is particularly surprised or offended.

Except Bokuto. “Argh, I really thought I had it this time!”

“I’m sure you’ll get it next time, Bokuto-san.”

“Hey—wait, am I still in the frame?”]

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miyatsu ✔ omi-kun’s wrist bendy thing: a documentary

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Meian_Shuugo Please actually spend our cool-down time stretching, Atsumu

November 5



hinata-shouyou ✔ omi-san’s flexibility is so cool i wanna get it down!!!
4h 2,022 likes Reply

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sunshinehinata @hinata-shouyou you can do it i believe in you!!!
1h Reply

bokutokoutarou ✔ I’LL GET IT NEXT TIME TOO I WILL
4h 2,007 likes Reply

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miyatsu@bokutokoutarou christ bokkun is your default setting 120%
4h 1,723 likes Reply

bokutokoutarou@miyatsu probably tsum-tsum!!!
4h 1,741 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@miyatsu Why did you bother asking? We practice with him everyday.
4h 1,844 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi okay but how was i supposed to know he brought 120% online too
4h 1,701 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@miyatsu This is Bokuto Koutarou we’re talking about. His tweets could probably be heard from space if he tried hard enough.
4h 1,722 likes Reply

bokutokoutarou@sakusa.kiyoomi that sounds cool!! should i try it??
4h 1,789 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi look at what you’ve gone and done
4h 1,702 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi ✔ Is “wrist bendy thing” the best you could come up with, Miya.
4h 1,998 likes Reply

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miyatsu @sakusa.kiyoomi what would you call it then, omi-kun
4h 1,811 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@miyatsu Why would I name the flexibility of my wrists.
4h 1,810 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi so you give up
4h 1,798 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@miyatsu If you’re calling my unwillingness to give my flexibility a ridiculous nickname “giving up”, then I am.
4h 1,819 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi why is it that even when i win, i feel like i lose
4h 1,807 likes Reply

miyasamu @miyatsu because you suck.
4h 929 likes Reply

miyatsu@miyasamu who invited you into this conversation dipshit
4h 1,773 likes Reply

Meian_Shuugo@miyatsu Miya Atsumu
4h 1,911 likes Reply

miyatsu@miyasamu *who invited you into this conversation
4h 1,723 likes Reply

miyasamu @miyatsu lame. you’re just scared to admit the truth.
4h 1,545 likes Reply

miyatsu@miyasamu SHUT YOUR MOUTH
4h 1,627 likes Reply

inunaki-shion ✔ i wish i had that wrist flexibility! (also obligatory “please focus when cooling down” comment so meian-san doesn’t yell at me)
3h 1,633 likes Reply

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Meian_Shuugo@inunaki-shion Did you think it would be that easy, Inunaki
3h 1,629 likes Reply

inunaki-shion@Meian_Shuugo it’s right there in the comment meian-san please don’t hurt me
3h 1,630 likes Reply

elizabethhh i feel like if i tried the wrist bendy thing, my hand would snap off
3h 49 likes Reply

svkusa I tried this and my wrist has never been so sore in my entire life
3h 21 likes Reply

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isa-mars @svkusa probably bc you don’t move at all you damn nerd
1h 17 likes Reply

svkusa @isa-mars SHUT UP ISA
1h 5 likes Reply

rikkasein my sister started crying when she watched this video what do
3h 51 likes Reply

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tracyhime @rikkasein why did I feel that in my soul
2h 3 likes Reply

mayseoul guy next to bokuto is kinda cute tho
3h 18 likes Reply

miyazawa-suns he’s rocking that jacket where can i get it
2h 5 likes Reply

wanda-sho i know the guy who got 10 seconds of screen time is cute and all but sakusa’s hands are still haunting me
2h 20 likes Reply

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gemiina @wanda-sho bro just don’t let it bother you
1h 10 likes Reply

wanda-sho @gemiina EASY FOR YOU TO SAY
40m 2 likes Reply

yettapsn I wish I could just casually show up to a practice and observe
2h 2 likes Reply who is “aka-kun”?
2h 7 likes Reply

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makfritz why does that sound familiar
2h 1 like Reply

silkysun aka-kun as in the aka-kun from atsumu’s tweet???
2h 4 likes Reply @silkysun what tweet?
2h 1 like Reply

silkysun look at this comment thread…
2h 32 likes Reply @silkysun oh my god?
2h 12 likes Reply

peppersmalls @silkysun oh my god. so akaashi keiji is aka-kun confirmed
2h 10 likes Reply

chailattes @silkysun Wait are you serious?
2h 1 like Reply

silkysun @chailattes hell yeah my guy look at the tweet
1h 6 likes Reply

leilajane @silksun twt users kuvroos and solorights doing the lord’s work.
1h 5 likes Reply




Who is Akaashi Keiji and how is he related to the Black Jackals; a thread

2:49PM • Nov 7


Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— Akaashi is a youtuber! A booktuber to be specific. His youtube account: (also I don’t even have the time to read books anymore but he’s genuinely So Funny please subscribe) [1/15]

Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— Bokuto crashed his livestream on October 21. Judging by their reactions, they’ve known each other for a while [2/15]

[A ten second clip is attached: Akaashi is in the frame. The door behind him swings open, revealing a disheveled Bokuto. He doesn’t bother closing the door as he walks towards the camera. Akaashi turns around, exasperation clear on his face.]

Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— Whoops, video link to the above! [3/15]

Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— Atsumu accidentally mentioned Akaashi when asking Bokuto why he didn’t show up to a Black Jackals hangout. Here’s Atsumu’s tweet:… [4/15]

Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— He mentions a previously-unknown “aka-kun”. Now listen to around 0:49 of the instagram video he posted two days ago:… [5/15]

Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— Akaashi Keiji is in the frame when Atsumu says “aka-kun”. Therefore Akaashi is the “aka-kun” in question. That brings up two implications: [6/15]

Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— 1. Akaashi and Bokuto have been friends for a while. THE LIVESTREAM first of all, I would freak out about someone storming into my house unless they’re a close friend and/or have been doing it for a while. So they see each other enough for this not to be an issue. [7/15]

Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— 2. Akaashi regularly goes with Bokuto to hang out with the Black Jackals. Atsumu’s “is this why aka-kun couldn’t make it either?” implies that Akaashi is a regular visitor to these hang outs. It also implies that Akaashi goes with Bokuto. [8/15]

Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— This is backed up by the fact that no one is surprised that Akaashi is essentially crashing their practice, and Sakusa isn’t surprised at all by Atsumu mentioning Akaashi:… [9/15]

Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— So we can conclude that Akaashi is Bokuto’s friend, knows the rest of the Black Jackals, and hangs out with them regularly. Now I address the other question: why are we just now learning about this connection? [10/15]

Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— It is common knowledge that Bokuto is a Very Open and Enthusiastic Person (we don’t need sources for this) but Akaashi seems to be more reserved about his life. He revealed some things in the first Q&A livestream he held: [11/15]

Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— To sum it up, he talked about his current job (manga editor). It’s also known that he’s friends with Kuroo Tetsurou, who Bokuto is also friends with. [12/15]

Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— Given all this, we can presume that Akaashi asked Bokuto and the rest of the Black Jackals to keep his connection with them a secret for the sake of preserving anonymity. [13/15]

Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— As for any specifics or other reasons? Honestly, it’s not our business. Akaashi has specifically stated he wouldn’t like to go into specifics… [14/15]

Sana @secretsanaise • 1h

— And I’d like to respect his wishes. That’s all we know so far. [15/15]


cara | not spoiler free!! @kageserves • 1h
replying to @secretsanaise

sana!! thank you so much i’ve been so curious

Sana @secretsanaise • 57m

No problem Cara! I saw a lot of people asking so I decided to look into it.


Jin @captainjin • 59m
replying to @secretsanaise

you really typed this out like an essay bless up


nat @kanamorights • 57m
replying to @secretsanaise

i’m actually kinda glad he’s showing up more. it seems to me like he’s being less conscious about his friendship with bokuto

aimy ☁ @winwinlockdown • 50m

or maybe he just gave up after bokuto crashed his livestream lol

nat @kanamorights • 48m

also a viable option ;-;


levi @levilefties • 56m
replying to @secretsanaise

imma link this every time someone asks about akaashi now ty

Sana @secretsanaise • 55m

Go ahead! I made this thread with that in mind :)

levi @levilefties • 55m

you’re an angel and i would lay down my life for you




game in 5 days!! come and support the @MSBYBlackJackals because we’re gonna win!!! :D

5:32 PM • Nov 12


Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 1h
replying to @owlkoutarou

haha ya gotta do the dare after this bokkun

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 58m


Sakusa ✔ @sakusakiyoomi • 55m

You’re both still talking about this?

isa @isadoratenda • 40m


tana [mp100] @suneaters • 38m


mayoi lockdown @kenjismonthly •37m


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Hoshiumi Kourai! ✔ @officialhoshiumi • 58m
replying to @owlkoutarou

Bold words Bokuto Koutarou, but unfortunately you are very wrong!

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 58m


hinata! ✔ @ninjashouyou • 57m

we’re gonna win!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoshiumi Kourai! ✔ @officialhoshiumi • 56m

Hinata Shouyou! I have already beaten you in almost every way and now I will beat you in Kamei Arena!! We will win!

Ushijima Wakatoshi ✔ @UshijimaWakatoshi • 55m

We’ve been winning straight sets the entire tournament. I don’t see why that has to change now.

Sakusa ✔ @sakusakiyoomi • 55m

We’re changing that next game.

Ushijima Wakatoshi ✔ @UshijimaWakatoshi • 54m

If you say so.

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 52m


hinata! ✔ @ninjashouyou • 50m

ushijima-san! hoshiumi-san! hello!! we’re gonna win though!!!

kageyama @settersoul • 49m

no you wont

hinata! ✔ @ninjashouyou • 48m

kageyama!! you learned how to use twitter?

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 47m

judging by tobio-kun’s grammar, i don’t think he has

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 47m


Hoshiumi Kourai! ✔ @officialhoshiumi • 46m

Hinata Shouyou! We will meet again and I will beat you!

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 44m

too many damn exclamation marks in this conversation

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Kuroo ✔ @ktetsurou • 40m
replying to @owlkoutarou

Haha good luck Bo!

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 39m


Meian ✔ @shuugo_meian • 39m

Language, Bokuto

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 38m



Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 20m
replying to @owlkoutarou

Good luck, Bokuto-san.

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 19m

do my eyes deceive me? did aka-kun really just comment on one of bokkun’s tweets?

Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 19m

Atsumu-san, I don’t believe I was addressing you in my comment.

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 18m

oh my god you sound just like omi-kun i can’t deal with two of you

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 18m


bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 17m


Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 17m

I did.

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 17m


Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 16m

It is. I figured an occasion as important as the upcoming game was enough to break my self-imposed silence. Besides, the internet already knows we are acquainted, so this isn’t groundbreaking.

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 15m


Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 13m

…Is that so? I’ll be sure to comment more frequently in the future, then.

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One-karubi Hirakata

[An image is attached: a few members of the MSBY Black Jackals team are sitting in a restaurant booth. The background is made up of mahogany walls and closed shutters; the image is dimly lit, a lone light fixture visible. The camera is at an awkward angle, tilted slightly to the left.

Atsumu is at the far left of the photo, the wide smile on his face apparent despite barely being in frame. His eyes are curved and his arm is extended, presumably holding the camera. His elbow is right in Sakusa’s face.

Sakusa himself, crowded in the bottom left corner of the photo, is glaring fiercely at Atsumu.

To Atsumu’s other side, Hinata grins at the camera, two fingers raised in a peace sign. Next to him, Bokuto’s beaming. The piece of meat in chopsticks he’s holding looks dangerously close to falling out as he leans over the table.

Wedged in the corner next to Bokuto is Akaashi, who can only be identified by the square-shaped glasses on his face. His hand is wrapped around Bokuto’s left wrist, likely trying to save his food.

On the other side, Inunaki’s arms are thrown around Oliver and Adriah, and his eyes look glazed. At the corner of the bench, Oliver’s left arm is around Inunaki’s shoulders and his right hand firmly rests on what looks like a jug of beer.

Adriah isn’t facing the camera, his mouth open in Inunaki’s direction—though the side of his mouth visible to the camera is curled upwards. His left hand is reaching for a nearby cup filled with clear liquid.

Next to him, shoved to the bottom right corner, is Meian, whose hands are folded in front of him. His expression is placid as he faces the camera, though the smile on his face is clear.

Tagged: sakusa.kiyoomi, hinata-shouyou, bokutokoutarou, akaashikeiji, oliver.barnes, inunaki-shion, adriah_tomas, Meian_Shuugo]

Liked by sakusa.kiyoomi and 11,981 others

miyatsu ✔ the soon-to-be champions

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oliver.barnes We should make this a pre-match tradition!

November 16



adriah_tomas ✔ Why didn’t you use a photo of me LOOKING AT THE CAMERA?
1h 574 likes Reply

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miyatsu@adriah_tomas none of em were good enough quality
1h 527 likes Reply

adriah_tomas@miyatsu At least five of them were good!
1h 554 likes Reply

Meian_Shuugo@adriah_tomas I think you look alright, Adriah
1h 545 likes Reply

adriah_tomas @Meian_Shuugo Thanks cap!
1h 532 likes Reply

inunaki-shion@adriah_tomas meian-san’s just saying that because he’s the captain
1h 541 likes Reply

Meian_Shuugo@inunaki-shion Inunaki
1h 550 likes Reply

inunaki-shion@adriah_tomas I’M SORRY I’M JUST KIDDING YOU LOOK GREAT
1h 543 likes Reply

hinata-shouyou@adriah_tomas you look fine adriah-san!!!!
1h 560 likes Reply

adriah_tomas@hinata-shouyou Hinata let it be known that you deserve the world.
1h 567 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi ✔ Remind me to never sit next to you again.
1h 596 likes Reply

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miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi the heck brought this on?
1h 585 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@miyatsu Multiple reasons:
1. Your jokes become worse when you’re drunk.
2. You’re clingier when you’re drunk.
3. You shoved your elbow in my face when you took that photo.
4. You’re somehow even more unpleasant when you’re drunk.
1h 593 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi i am great company you just don’t know how to have fun
1h 551 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@miyatsu An elbow in my face is not my definition of fun.
1h 568 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi oh c’mon that happened for like ONE SECOND
1h 559 likes Reply

officialhoshiumi Soon-to-be-champions? I think not!
59m 544 likes Reply

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miyatsu@officialhoshiumi i didn’t tag you why are you here
58m 556 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi @miyatsu I’m not pleased that he’s here either, but your account isn’t private.
58m 560 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi are you...siding with me, omi-kun?
57m 559 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@miyatsu No. I’m pointing out the obvious.
56m 549 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi sounds like you’re siding with me. i knew this day would come hehe
56m 547 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@miyatsu I’m blocking you.
55m 550 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi YEAH RIGHT you woulda done it eons ago if you meant it
54m 553 likes Reply

officialhoshiumi @miyatsu I did not need to witness this flirting but no matter!! You will lose tomorrow!
53m 567 likes Reply

miyatsu@officialhoshiumi the hell are ya talking about
53m 539 likes Reply

hinata-shouyou@miyatsu atsumu-san, language!!!
52m 546 likes Reply

miyatsu@hinata-shouyou sorry shouyou-kun
52m 540 likes Reply

miyatsu@officialhoshiumi the *heck are ya talking about
52m 541 likes Reply

inunaki-shion@miyatsu miya-san…
51m 555 likes Reply

officialhoshiumi @miyatsu The flirting I have just witnessed between you and Sakusa! On my comment no less!!
51m 564 likes Reply

miyatsu@officialhoshiumi omi-kun and i aren’t flirting
49m 523 likes Reply

inunaki-shion@miyatsu miya-san……….
49m 547 likes Reply

adriah_tomas@miyatsu Atsumu.
49m 546 likes Reply

adriah_tomas@miyatsu The only time sakusa goes online is when you post.
48m 556 likes Reply

inunaki-shion@miyatsu he only comments on your posts
48m 556 likes Reply

miyatsu@adriah_tomas @inunaki-shion pshh no way
47m 539 likes Reply

bokutokoutarou@miyatsu he’s never commented on any of my posts!!!
47m 548 likes Reply

hinata-shouyou@miyatsu same!! he only likes my posts :D
46m 546 likes Reply

oliver.barnes@miyatsu It’s true, Atsumu. He only comments on your posts. You’re generally the topic of all his comments, too.
46m 552 likes Reply

Meian_Shuugo@miyatsu I would prefer not to speculate on the relationships of my teammates, but everyone else has a point
45m 551 likes Reply

miyatsu@Meian_Shuugo oh my god
45m 548 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi omi-kun do you see this
45m 550 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi ...omi-kun??
40m 555 likes Reply

officialhoshiumi @miyatsu I think he actually blocked you this time, Miya Atsumu!
39m 560 likes Reply

miyatsu@officialhoshiumi i’m blocking you.
39m 543 likes Reply

hinata-shouyou ✔ we will win!!! and @officialhoshiumi you have an instagram hoshiumi-san??
57m 568 likes Reply

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officialhoshiumi @hinata-shouyou As of yesterday, yes!! Sachirou helped me set it up!
56m 521 likes Reply

miyatsu@hinata-shouyou does tobio-kun have an instagram?
56m 544 likes Reply

hinata-shouyou@miyatsu nope!! just asked him!
53m 549 likes Reply

miyatsu@hinata-shouyou of course he doesn’t
53m 550 likes Reply

real_ushiwaka The victors will be decided on the court, not in a post.
55m 534 likes Reply

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miyatsu@real_ushiwaka i get kourai-kun, but why are you not verified
35m 524 likes Reply

real_ushiwaka @miyatsu Hoshiumi helped me make this account an hour ago.
34m 519 likes Reply

miyatsu@real_ushiwaka sure does explain the name
34m 518 likes Reply

icedsteas good luck!!! you guys got this!
54m 4 likes Reply

keroppis GOOD LUCK OMG
52m 5 likes Reply

emilia.gloria the matchup i’ve been waiting for
51m 4 likes Reply

itzydraws AHHH rooting for you guys!!!!!!
49m 2 likes Reply

minamina I put ¥500 on you guys winning, please pull through
49m 13 likes Reply

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jessamine.jpeg @minamina i did the same thing with my sister aaa
48m 8 likes Reply

msbyisms @minamina weak i put up ¥2000 on them winning
46m 7 likes Reply

reina_vasiliev @msbyisms imagine having ¥2000
43m 10 likes Reply

calypsosuns @reina_vasiliev me on every level
40m 3 likes Reply

reina_vasiliev @calypsosuns i’m glad i found a kindred soul
39m 1 like Reply

taurusleaves not to be that person, but is that akaashi in the corner next to bokuto?
46m 14 likes Reply

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gensukes @taurusleaves it is! he’s tagged too!
44m 5 likes Reply

mochimika @taurusleaves omg
43m 3 likes Reply

eveningshin-ae @taurusleaves oh to be an honorary black jackals member
41m 11 likes Reply

pachinkopachi meian looks like he wants to leave lol
44m 21 likes Reply

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sunsetobio @pachinkopachi he radiates such chill energy i’d want to be his friend
42m 5 likes Reply

bentosols @pachinkopachi poor meian omg
42m 4 likes Reply

_bluerose HAHA they’re so chaotic
43m 34 likes Reply

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sunishibis @_bluerose imagine what happened right after this was taken lmao
34m 11 likes Reply

sumeshilife @_bluerose atsumu has about three seconds to live
33m 9 likes Reply

adriahcult @_bluerose oliver holding the beer is a mood
31m 8 likes Reply

softkusa this is content i didn’t know i needed
41m 29 likes Reply

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quinnlyn @softkusa same my guy
38m 2 likes Reply

romanticable who’s the guy next to bokuto?
39m 24 likes Reply

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pis.apples @romanticable akaashi! he’s a booktuber. it’s only been made public that he’s friends with bokuto earlier this month!
37m 15 likes Reply

kodzukais @romanticable…
36m 19 likes Reply

sunriseshouyou @romanticable he’s been showing up in a lot of black jackals posts recently
34m 7 likes Reply

pikapolaroid sakusa okay...
36m 44 likes Reply

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shuu.exe @pikapolaroid doesn’t look like it
23m 3 likes Reply

mangomarie @pikapolaroid he’s barely in the photo too lol
22m 2 likes Reply

kuroo.jpeg @mangomarie all that hassle for nothing ;;
20m 5 likes Reply

junejunes @pikapolaroid he yelled at atsumu in the comments
19m 7 likes Reply

berrykoutarou rip adriah’s chance at a good photo
34m 8 likes Reply

— View previous replies (5)

bree.kims @berrykoutarou at least he still looks good tho
21m 3 likes Reply

alikaisons @berrykoutarou he was CHEATED
19m 5 likes Reply

haichuus @alikaisons you right you right
18m 1 like Reply

icechusuperior legend has it bokuto’s smile could power cities
32m 25 likes Reply

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14m 4 likes Reply

adriahbb @icechusuperior say it louder
12m 1 like Reply

kiyoko.mukai @icechusuperior he looks so happy :(
9m 1 like Reply

inunakkis i can’t stop staring at bokuto’s food i’m gonna cry
28m 30 likes Reply

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velvetyama @inunakkis I KNOW like it’s gonna fall and i’m STRESSED
28m 20 likes Reply

qtkoutarou @inunakkis top ten pics taken before disaster
27m 24 likes Reply

velvetyama @inunakkis wait whose hand is that on bokuto’s wrist
26m 25 likes Reply

washiotapes @velvetyama what hand
26m 14 likes Reply

washiotapes @velvetyama OH
25m 21 likes Reply

mintydays @velvetyama i think it’s akaashi’s?
25m 30 likes Reply

soba.sweetheart @mintydays WHAT THAT’S SO SWEET
23m 3 likes Reply

usagi.san @mintydays awww this cute
22m 1 like Reply

aika.sorn @mintydays yeah given the angle of the shot this can only be akaashi
20m 3 likes Reply

shou_you @aika.sorn “given the angle of the shot” when did you start trying to sound smart lol
19m 4 likes Reply

aika.sorn @shou_you SHUT UP KISA
19m 1 like Reply

suna.szn local ray of sunshine hinata blessing all of us yet again
26m 5 likes Reply

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kingscurry @suna.szn his smile!!
24m 3 likes Reply

ushiushi @suna.szn 10/10 content i appreciate this
21m 2 likes Reply

realninjahours @suna.szn fun fact hinata’s presence automatically makes a picture 20x better
19m 1 like Reply the entire team really joined together to call out sakusa and atsumu omg
24m 35 likes Reply

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sakusa.mp4 when even ur own team speculates
23m 14 likes Reply

koutarouclub if they’re actually together…
23m 2 likes Reply

omi_nation sakusa already comes after him online i think he’d just straight up kill him
21m 25 likes Reply

kiyoomisms actually has sakusa commented on anyone else’s posts
19m 26 likes Reply

maple-sama @kiyoomisms uhh
19m 5 likes Reply

suzumekarin @kiyoomisms oh my god
17m 4 likes Reply

https.meian @kiyoomisms even if he has, the fact that their own teammates can’t remember speaks for itself tbh
17m 19 likes Reply

kou.tarous @https.meian HOLY SHIT YOU’RE RIGHT
16m 4 likes Reply

sakulattes @https.meian woah…
16m 3 likes Reply

tsumix okay but did sakusa actually block him
14m 24 likes Reply

sayuri_fujiwara @tsumix probably lol
14m 10 likes Reply

louivre @tsumix i would have liked to see his response to the team’s accusations tho
12m 2 likes Reply

adriahtttomas imagine practice tomorrow
10m 7 likes Reply

tobiokags @adriahtttomas yikes
10m 6 likes Reply




post-game victory pic with my most favorite person!! (@thebettermiya i did your dare!!!)

[An image is attached: Bokuto and Akaashi are in the center of the frame, grinning right at the camera. They are in the Kamei Arena gym, bright lights and shiny floors in the background. Bokuto, who is still wearing his jersey and has visible lines of sweat on his forehead, has just come out of a match. Akaashi is wearing the same large, brown jacket from Atsumu’s prior video and a white shirt tucked into black pants underneath. Their arms are slung around each other and their faces are side by side, almost pressed together. The image quality is slightly blurry, but the elation in their smiles speaks for itself.

Tagged: @akaashikeiji]

7:11 PM • Nov 6


Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 1h
replying to @owlkoutarou

Congratulations, Bokuto-san. I knew the team could pull it off.

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 1h


Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 1h

Yes? This isn’t the first time I’ve commented on a post.

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 1h


Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 1h

Oh. I’m glad.

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 1h


Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 1h


Kuroo ✔ @kurootetsurou • 1h

Oh, what’s this?

Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 1h

Get out, Kuroo-san.

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 1h

no no let him stay aka-kun

Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 1h

You can leave too, Atsumu-san.

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 1h

wait aka-kun, why are you commenting now though? i thought you didn’t want to be in the public spotlight so much?

Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 1h

While there is nothing discreet about being tagged in this post, I’ve put aside my past reservations if it’ll make Bokuto-san happy.

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 1h


hinata! ✔ @ninjashouyou • 1h

akaashi-san that’s so sweet!!!

Inunaki ✔ @inunakishions • 1h

the other honorary member finally joins us on social media!

Meian ✔ @MeianShuugo • 1h

I get what you mean, but Akaashi’s been in a few other posts before this one

Inunaki ✔ @inunakishions • 1h

yeah but it’s official now, cap!

Meian ✔ @MeianShuugo • 1h

That’s fair

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 1h

wait @inunakishions who’s the first honorary member?

Inunaki ✔ @inunakishions • 1h

...your brother, miya-san?

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 1h


Samu @miyasamu • 1h


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Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 1h
replying to @owlkoutarou

wow i didn’t know aka-kun could smile like that

Sakusa ✔ @sakusakiyoomi • 1h

Likely because Akaashi-san was talking to you, Miya.

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 1h

straight for the throat as always, omi-kun

hinata! ✔ @ninjashouyou • 1h

akaashi-san always smiles like that whenever bokuto-san’s around, atsumu-san!!

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 1h

thank you shouyou-kun but that’s horrifyingly sweet, please stop there

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Kuroo ✔ @ktetsurou • 1h
replying to @owlkoutarou

“my most favorite person” Bo, seriously, who are you fooling

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 1h

what do you mean :D

Kodzuken ✔ @applepi • 1h

he means we all know, koutarou

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 1h

huh?????? what do you mean kenma???

Akaashi @akaashikeiji • 1h

Don’t worry about it, Bokuto-san.

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Hoshiumi Kourai! ✔ @officialhoshiumi • 1h
replying to @owlkoutarou

The photo is cute! However, we will not lose next time! Enjoy victory for today, Bokuto Koutarou!!

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 1h

you can just say the photo’s cute and stop there yanno

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 1h

bold words for someone we crushed!!!!!!

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 1h

i wouldn’t say it was a shut-out bokkun

Sakusa ✔ @sakusakiyoomi • 1h

They could have won the last set if we weren’t careful.

Tsumu ✔ @thebettermiya • 1h

where did you even come from, omi-kun?

bokuto!! ✔ @owlkoutarou • 1h



Erika (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ @beamculture • 59m
replying to @owlkoutarou

is this the guy who’s been showing up in all of atsumu’s posts?

sabrina ☾ @taromilktea • 58m

apparently so?

★ helen ☆ @soulmategfs • 57m

most likely! he’s cute ngl

fay @blossomsdance • 55m

they both look so happy...i’m so :’)

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may! @bokutolovemail • 54m
replying to @owlkoutarou

bokuto’s happiness >>>

fey @suntarou • 52m

i don’t even know who akaashi is but the fact that bokuto is this happy is 10/10

opal @blackkjackals • 51m

i would lay down my life for both of them


gina ! semi-ai @httpskuroo • 50m
replying to @owlkoutarou

the way atsumu didn’t know osamu was an honorary member i’m in tears

nora loves meian @meiiians • 47m

king behavior

tiff - ceo of cheesecake @inunakiss • 46m


nora loves meian @meiiians • 46m



yan mi @_yannabuns_ • 47m
replying to @owlkoutarou

hold on did applepi comment??

wendy ♡ @softchuus • 45m

bokuto and kenma are friends, you didn’t know?

yan mi @_yannabuns_ • 45m


wendy ♡ @softchuus • 43m

they’ve shown up together in some of kuroo’s vlogs.

yan mi @_yannabuns_ • 43m


wendy ♡ @softchuus • 42m

a lot of kuroo’s japan vlogs and he was there for kenma’s 20th birthday.

yan mi @_yannabuns_ • 39m

oh my god i need to catch up


s a f @stardustsumu • 39m
replying to @owlkoutarou

“my favorite person” I’M FUCKING CRYING

missy : @kiyoooom • 38m

that is so soft wtf

✧ kira ✧ @kirakiraaa • 35m

if anyone called me their favorite person i would combust on the spot

penelope is crying over v.league @adriahh_ • 34m

right??? like the wording is so…….delicate

edith !! @yamyams • 32m

we out here suffering

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sisi. @mochabot • 28m
replying to @owlkoutarou

hell yeah ¥500 is mine

ava ✰ @msbyisms • 27m

my sister’s crying bc she lost ¥2000 haha

「 eileen 」 @muffinie • 26m

shut up i hate it here

ava ✰ @msbyisms • 26m

you’re just salty bc your team lost lmao how does it feel

「 eileen 」 @muffinie • 26m

you’re an asshole

ava ✰ @msbyisms • 25m

guess you should’ve supported the superior team

「 eileen 」 @muffinie • 25m

look at kageyama tobio’s serves and tell me you didn’t think they could kill a man

ava ✰ @msbyisms • 22m


「 eileen 」 @muffinie • 20m


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Exploring Tokyo Midtown (ft. The Love of My Life + Bokuto and Akaashi) | Japan Vlogs #9
1,168,739 views • Nov 24, 2018

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Kuroo Tetsurou
724k subscribers

You think with what happened the last time I went to a mall with Bokuto, I would have learned my lesson. I am proud to say that I absolutely have not, and I’m taking Bokuto to another mall because he’s my best bro, and best bros don’t miss out on going to Tokyo Midtown for the first time.

The new person joining us today is Akaashi! He’s cool, even if he sides with Kenma over us when it comes to raiding the sports store. They’ll agree with us someday.

Also, Kenma keeps telling me to change the title. I will not :)

The rest of the series! →…



➤ Email:


The Love of My Life ⇢
Bokuto ⇢
Akaashi ⇢

Category People & Blogs




A man in an oversized sweatshirt is leaning against a railing, eyes glued to his phone as his thumbs, nearly covered by the sleeves, dash across the screen. His knees are tucked in, both feet resting on a bench. His hair is tucked into a bun, blond-tipped strands fluttering in the breeze. Behind him, a beige tiled floor and a metal canopy covering the top of the frame are discernable.

Close to the camera, someone clears their throat. The man doesn’t move. The person clears their throat again.

“Kenma!” the person yells.

Kenma puts his phone away. “Oh. You were recording, Kuro?”

“Have been for the past few minutes, kitten.”

“Eh, sorry.” Kenma doesn’t look very sorry. “You can edit it out.”

“Nah. The audience can spend a couple more minutes looking at your beautiful face.”

“You’re so embarrassing,” Kenma mutters, looking away.

The camera does a 180 degree turn, settling on a man with disheveled hair grinning at the camera. He’s wearing a light blue leather jacket and a white graphic t-shirt. From the angle, his lower body can be seen: one leg is propped up on the bench and the other is dangling off the edge, toes reaching the floor. A belt and dark ripped jeans are barely in the shot.

“Hello, everyone,” Kuro says. “Welcome back to part nine of my Japan Vlogs series! I can’t believe we’ve already come this far. Almost brings a tear to my eye.”

“The last time you updated this series was half a year ago,” Kenma cuts in from off-screen.

Kuro waves a hand. “Schematics. Anyways, I’m Kuroo Tetsurou, the love of my life over here is—hey, cut it out, it’s true—Kozume Kenma, otherwise known as Kodzuken or Applepi—let go of my arm, I’m right—and today, we’re joined by two special guests.”

Kuroo glances around. After five uncomfortable seconds go by, he frowns.

“Okay,” he turns to the camera, “maybe they’re lost.”

Kenma shrugs. “This is Koutarou we’re talking about, they probably got side-tracked.”

“You think we should have sent them directions?”

“It wouldn’t have made much of a difference, Kuro.”

“If you insist, sweetheart.”

A shout cuts through whatever Kenma was going to say next.

“Oh! I haven’t been here yet, we gotta go here!”

“Well, there’s Bo,” Kuroo mutters as the camera pans to his left.

Two people are in the distance. One is crouching next to a sign, making erratic movements as their head constantly flicks to their companion, who stands nearby, nodding every so often in response. All that can be seen of them is the spiked up hair of the crouching figure and a lump likely indicating a jacket on the other.

“Bo, Akaashi! Get over here!” Kuroo calls, and the one who had been crouching straightens almost immediately.

“Kuroo!” the figure calls, taking off at a fast pace. The person next to them shakes their head again and matches them stride for stride.

As they approach, the camera focuses on them. The one who had been crouching is wearing sports shorts and a tank top underneath a loose jacket, and his companion is wearing a brown jacket and jeans, a dark turtleneck just peeking out.

The one with the spiked up hairdo talks first. “Hey, hey, hey! We got kinda lost on the way here, so ‘Kaashi and I took a bit of a detour and, bro, there’s so many cool places here, we gotta go everywhere—”

“Bo, that’s nice, but let me introduce you guys,” Kuroo says.

Bo blinks. “This better be, like, the coolest intro ever.”

Kuroo snorts. “More than you deserve, bird brain.”

“Kuro, Keiji’s here too,” Kenma intercepts, glancing up.

“I don’t mind,” Keiji says, one hand tugging on his sleeve. “It is your youtube video, after all.”

“Nah, I’ll get a move on.” Kuroo waves his free hand. “We shouldn’t stay here longer than we have to.”

Kuroo turns back to the camera, tilting the camera to get the two in the shot.

“Hello, everyone!” The corners of his eyes crinkle as he smiles. “As you can tell from the title of the video, I’m in Tokyo Midtown! And before I get questions about it, yes, I live in Tokyo, and yes, this is my first time being here. I’m a busy man, okay?”

“Right,” Kenma mutters, rolling his eyes.

“Hey, now, don’t be like that,” Kuroo says, looking over his shoulder. After a few seconds, a quiet smile breaks over Kenma’s face, and he reaches over to shove Kuroo’s back.

“Finish your intro.”

“Alright, alright.” With that, Kuroo turns back to the camera. “Anyway! I decided to come here with a couple of friends today. All of our schedules are cleared up, so maybe it was meant to be.”

“You’re still as melodramatic as ever, Kuroo-san,” Keiji interrupts, arms crossed.

“Akaashi, my melodrama is welcome on this channel,” Kuroo says.

“No, it isn’t,” Kenma chimes in.

Kuroo sighs, the action clearly overdramatised. “I’m not even safe on my own channel.”

“Finish your intro and maybe you’ll be forgiven,” Kenma says, raising an eyebrow.

“Got it, sweetheart,” Kuroo coos before turning to the camera once more. “Back to what I was—Bo, stop laughing, it wasn’t that funny—saying before I got rudely interrupted—Akaashi, don’t look at me like that—the two special guests are Bokuto Koutarou and Akaashi Keiji!”

Bokuto and Akaashi wave at the screen as their respective names get mentioned. Bokuto gives the camera a wide grin, evidently comfortable. Akaashi glances at him, a small smile on his lips before he turns to the camera and does the same.

“If any of you keep up with pro-volleyball, Bo’s name gets mentioned a lot. He’s in the Black Jackals. You know, the team that recently won against the undefeated Schweiden Addlers? They’re sort of good, I guess.”

Bokuto laughs, raising a thumb to his chest.

“Hell yeah I am! I was in the starting lineup and everything! I did, like, a couple of really cool cut shots and stuff, but it’s no big deal, they’re kind of my speciality—”

“Bokuto-san, you’re bragging.” Akaashi lays a hand on his shoulder. “I will admit that he was quite impressive at the game, however.”

“High praise.”

“Only the truth, Kuroo-san,” Akaashi counters.

“Anyways, introduce Akaashi already!” Bokuto interrupts. “He’s, like, the best youtuber ever. No offense, Kuroo.”

Kuroo gasps. “Slander on my own channel, huh?”

“You should expect this by now,” Kenma says, a dry edge in his voice.

“You know what? I won’t dignify that with a response,” Kuroo rebuts eventually.


“Anyways, Akaashi’s a booktuber! I don’t know most of the books he talks about, but he’s pretty entertaining, so go check him out! You can find both of them in the description. Now, with that out of the way, Bo—Bo? Where’d he go?”

Akaashi blinks. “What do you mean, Bokuto-san’s right—”

He cuts himself off. Kenma looks up from his phone. Only three figures are in the frame.

Akaashi is the first to move. The calmness in his movements implies he’s done this before. “I’ll check the sports store. Kuroo-san, Kozume-san, meet me in the food court.”

“Uh, okay,” Kuroo mutters as he and Kenma move to get up.

“So we found Bo,” Kuroo says from behind the camera. “He’s fine, as you guys can see.”

Ahead, Bokuto and Akaashi—who are quite a bit taller than average—can be seen despite the crowd, their heads peeking out over other shoppers. Not much can be made out besides the drink in Akaashi’s hand, what appears to be taiyaki in Bokuto’s, and the arm around Akaashi’s shoulder that goes unaddressed.

“I worry more for the people around them that I do for those two,” Kenma adds.

Bokuto’s boisterous laugh can be heard clearly.

Kenma sighs.

Standing next to a railing, Akaashi holds something high above his head. It seems to be the taiyaki from earlier. Bokuto appears to be crowding him trying to reach for it, standing closer than strictly necessary as he reaches for his food. Only his back is visible, covering Akaashi’s face and most of his own movements. There is little distance between them.

People passing by glance at them every so often. Neither of them notice.

“After we found him, we stopped for snacks. They’re being as ridiculous as ever, though.”

“It’s not unexpected,” Kenma says. “This is Keiji and Koutarou we’re talking about.”

“Right as always, sweetheart.”

“You’ll never let go of that pet name, will you?”

“Would you prefer something else? Honey? Baby? My one and—”

“This conversation is over.”

“‘Kaashi, what do you think of this?”

Bokuto holds up a shirt in front of a mirror, staring at his reflection with an unusual amount of concentration. The angle is from behind, a concerning number of shirts piled up next to his jacket. Akaashi sits next to the mountain of clothes, his expression never wavering from bored-yet-enduring, though his eyes never once stray from Bokuto’s form.

“Too many stripes, Bo,” Kuroo calls out.

“Kuroo, my man, my main bro, there is no such thing as ‘too many stripes’,” Bokuto says, throwing the shirt to the side regardless. Akaashi catches it mindlessly.

“There is such a thing as ‘too many stripes’, Bokuto-san,” Akaashi cuts in, “though I don’t think the shirt you just tossed aside fits the criteria.”

“Why am I not surprised,” Kuroo mutters dryly as Bokuto lights up.

The next shirt is dark green. It is evident that Akaashi holds mixed opinions, wringing his hands as he gets up and stands next to Bokuto.

“It won’t work with these shorts,” he begins. Bokuto never lets him finish, moving the shirt to cover him instead.

“Y’know, I think if you paired these with formal pants, you’d look great. What’s the word? Dashing?”

Kuroo coughs, fighting back a laugh. “Handsome?”

“That, too.” Bokuto’s eyes are shining with triumphant glee. At the gesture, Akaashi immediately relaxes his stance and holds the shirt up himself.

“I appreciate the compliment, but I didn’t bring enough money for clothes.”

Bokuto’s grin flashes in the mirror. “It’s a good thing I brought my card, huh?”

“Bokuto-san, no—”

“You’re, like, the best person ever,” Bokuto says seriously, letting go of the shirt altogether. “I gotta do something to give back! It’s a law of the universe or something.”

“A law of—” Akaashi raises his hand to his mouth as quiet laughter fills the room. Bokuto’s lips are parted slightly as he stares at him, a warm tinge to his cheeks as a shy smile stretches across his mouth. His eyes have gone soft with obvious affection.

“And that’s my cue to leave,” Kuroo mutters as the camera spins away.

The movement doesn’t stop until he passes by the sweatshirt section. When he does, the camera stays frozen for a good ten seconds before a hand reaches out towards the nearest sweatshirt. Fingers pinch the closest sleeve, and Kuroo lets out a quiet gasp.

“These are so soft,” he says reverently. “Kenma would love these.”

People fill the shot, crossing through the entrance of the store. Akaashi and Kenma are in the corner, glancing at their phones. Notably, Kenma is wearing a different sweatshirt, a fluffy light brown texture visible from what little of the screen he makes up.

“I’d say that Tokyo Midtown—”

Akaashi glances up. “Before you start your outro, where is Bokuto-san?”

“Again?” Kenma asks blandly. “On the same day.”

“Should I check the sports store again?” Kuroo’s voice is tinged with weariness.

“I’ll call.” A gentle smile is on Akaashi’s lips. “Is it really a trip to the mall if Bokuto-san doesn’t get lost?”

“You have a point,” Kuroo concedes, “but I need to edit all this, you know.”

Akaashi’s voice is firm when he says, “You were the one who invited him,” as he walks off to the side.

Kuroo lets out a huff. “Smartass.”

“Like you can talk,” Kenma interjects.


“You can’t argue with me on that.”

“...Well, yes, but I can still be offended.”

The corners of Kenma’s mouth curve upwards, sly and subtle. The camera shakes a little. “It’s your channel, you can say however you want.”

“Why do I get the feeling that you’re mocking me?”

Kenma hums. “I wonder.”

Kuroo laughs, shrill chirps piercing the air. Kenma’s smile grows wider.

“We’ve found Bo,” Kuroo informs the camera as Bokuto walks on-screen, a pretzel in hand. “Again.”

“C’mon, guys, I didn’t wander that far. ‘Kaashi called me and everything!”

“I called you because we lost sight of you,” Akaashi says, looking exasperated as he steps into the frame himself. “That doesn’t take away from the point.”

Bokuto, in the middle of bringing the pretzel to his mouth, freezes. “Oh?” He nudges the pretzel towards Akaashi. “You want some?”

Akaashi stares at him for a moment.

“What type of pretzel.”

It’s not a question.

“Cheddar, but I asked for extra sour cream.”

Without another word, Akaashi leans forward and takes a bite, one hand on Bokuto’s arm presumably to anchor himself.

“Wow,” Kuroo says dryly. “Shameless today, aren’t they?”

Kenma snorts. “Don’t act like they don’t do this every time we hang out, Kuro.”



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MSBY Black Jackals

We’re opening up a 2 hour Q&A on our way to Nippon Gaishi Hall for an away game against @EJPRaijin! Use the hashtag #BlackJackalsAsk if you want the team to answer any questions!

9:02 AM • Dec 2


Grace @minniesoz • 2h
replying to @MSBYBlackJackals

#BlackJackalsAsk do you think you guys are gonna win lol

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

uh yeah????

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

of course! what’s the point of going if we won’t bring our a-game!!

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

uh yeah? obviously

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

To be less egotistical, we will bring nothing but our best efforts to this game, so please support us

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

wow meian-san sounds so cool!!!

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

Thank you, Hinata


Masami~ @honeylattes • 2h
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#BlackJackalsAsk who’s the most powerful member?

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

As a middle blocker, this is complicated. It depends on how you define “powerful”, but if you mean pure power stats, then Bokuto-kun

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

everyone’s a scary hitter! you don’t pay attention to who’s hitting the ball during serve-receive practice, you just know it’s flying at your face.

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

no can do, too many monsters to choose from


Madin @bbqpork • 2h
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#BlackJackalsAsk what was the worst first impression someone left on the team?

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

What a fast response…

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

what did i even do??

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

The first day you walked in and saw me in the line-up, you loudly asked me if I was here to stay, dared me to shake your hand in front of the whole team, and kept poking my shoulder the entire day. That isn’t even taking into account the fact that you constantly brought up high school for no discernable reason.

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

i am a changed man from that day

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

I’ll believe it when I see it, Atsumu.

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

wait what OMI KUN??

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

omi-san, did you just call atsumu-san by his given name???

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

Oh wow.

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

Unfortunate mistype.

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

Never thought I’d agree with Atsumu, but he has a point

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h

meian-san was that necessary

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 2h


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Bokuto, stop live-tweeting this mess

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ria⁷ @esoteria • 1h
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#BlackJackalsAsk atsumu, who’s the best person to set to?

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

like i said, too many monsters to choose from


ida check pinned @keiapologist • 1h
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#BlackJackalsAsk inunaki, what’s the hardest serve you’ve ever had to receive

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

from my own team or in general? because sakusa-san’s and miya-san’s serves are ugly to try to save during serve-receive practice, but from opposing teams...ushijima-san’s serves are also terrible. unpredictable serves are the worst


fleur ❀ @lovinghinatahours • 1h
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#BlackJackalsAsk meian, what’s the hardest part of being a captain?

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

Getting everyone to stop swearing online

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

why aren’t we allowed to swear, anyway? we’re all adults

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

We’re supposed to maintain a family-friendly persona online

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

And how’s that working out?

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

Scroll through Atsumu’s twitter account for one second

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

ya got me there


Stacy @currytobiokuns • 1h
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#BlackJackalsAsk hinata, how did it feel to win your debut game?

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

great!! winning against such a good team was exhilarating!!!

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

you did great, shouyou-kun

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

atsumu-san, bokuto-san, thank you!!!


Irene @komorights • 1h
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#BlackJackalsAsk sakusa, what got you into volleyball to begin with

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

Initially, Motoya invited me to volleyball practice one day, and I didn’t have any other hobbies so I picked it up. Both Motoya and I picked up on the spin I could give the ball, so I started working on it. Now we’re here.

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

motoya-kun got you into volleyball?

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

hmm, what else

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

you said ‘initially’, omi-kun. what else?

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

I wasn’t that enthusiastic when I started out, but I wasn’t satisfied with leaving something when I could still see areas I could improve upon. Why are you asking?

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

there’s somethin’ else


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

You’re being obstinate about this.

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

and you're trying to deflect

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

everyone’s touched the ball at some point but i’ve seen you on the court. you look satisfied when you pull off a nice kill. you gotta have another reason for playing still

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

Fine, just this once.

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

On the court, I’m surrounded by high-level players and unbelievable pressure. I'm in an environment where I can’t afford to be conscious of anything but the ball, and it’s incredibly freeing.

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

yeah actually. it’s kinda interesting to know more about you

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

This is the most civil they’ve ever been.

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

shhh you’ll ruin it


maeve; cw: given @lovbatteries • 1h
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#BlackJackalsAsk what are out-of-practice hangouts like?

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h


MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

I usually regret them the next morning, but they’re fun in the moment!

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

it’s fun seeing everyone else loosen up!

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

I’m unable to make it to most hangouts, but it’s always great to see my teammates.

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

the first time i ever went to one, atsumu-san challenged bokuto-san to a drinking contest, and bokuto-san beat him really badly!! it was cool to watch :D

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It’s what you deserve.

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don’t think you’re escaping what happened earlier omi-kun

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

At least I don’t have to tell them not to swear. The venue choices don’t hurt either

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

so you do admit i find good places

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

I never said anything to the contrary

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

Aside from being screwed over in Atsumu’s post, they’re pretty fun. I like seeing my teammates off the court!


♪ Laurie ♪ @bunnylaurie • 1h
replying to @MSBYBlackJackals

#BlackJackalsAsk bokuto, what’s your relationship to akaashi keiji?

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I apologize, but a teammate’s personal life will not be discussed on this account


eri // zines! @foxtrotstep • 1h
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#BlackJackalsAsk atsumu, when did you decide to come up with your new serve? and how did you get it down?

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

i saw orlov’s serve and wanted to do it myself. it’s so cool, obviously i gotta get it down too. it messed up my form real bad at first. i was ‘bout ready to lose my mind when i finally got it down

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

oh i remember this!!! atsumu-san stayed late in the gym a lot, then one day, he did his new serve like it was nothing and almost hit wan-san in the face. wan-san got really mad at him

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

i would have appreciated a warning, miya-san

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

you gotta admit it was cool though

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

your serves are ugly to receive, i’ll give you that


Hoshiumi Korai! ✔ @officialhoshiumi • 1h
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#BlackJackalsAsk How does it feel to know you’ll lose a rematch against the Schweiden Adlers??

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

we won’t lose!!!!!!

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

for christ’s sake get off our account

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

hoshiumi-san, hello!!

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

no need to greet him, shouyou-kun

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

I thought we were only taking legitimate questions.

MSBY Black Jackals ✔ @MSBYBlackJackals • 1h

We are




[An image is attached: Akaashi’s looking over his shoulder, his expression completely at ease. Behind him, the walls of an alleyway can be seen, a nearby streetlight exposing wet brick. One hand is holding what seems to be milk tea, the straw inches away from his lips. A plastic bag dangles from his other hand, the contents unknown. Though Akaashi’s face is barely illuminated, a faint redness is visible on his cheeks and his eyes seem to shine in the dark. His clothes are difficult to make out, though the outlines of his usual coat nearly brush against his shoes. The city lights twinkle beyond his silhouette, outlining him in an ethereal glow.

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bokutokoutarou ✔ konbini runs are fun!!! let’s do this again, akaashi :D

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ktetsurou Seems like this was more than a simple konbini run to me

December 11



akaashikeiji This was fun, Bokuto-san. We should do this again.
58m 544 likes Reply

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bokutokoutarou@akaashikeiji yeah!!! buy taiyaki for me next time!! you owe me for paying for your drink in the cafe
57m 525 likes Reply

akaashikeiji @bokutokoutarou You told me that it was on the house.
57m 523 likes Reply

bokutokoutarou@akaashikeiji oh!! right never mind
57m 522 likes Reply

akaashikeiji @bokutokoutarou I’ll still pay for you.
56m 530 likes Reply

bokutokoutarou@akaashikeiji really???
56m 528 likes Reply

akaashikeiji @bokutokoutarou Yes. Though I won’t pay for your drinks.
55m 529 likes Reply

bokutokoutarou@akaashikeiji mean, akaashi!!
55m 531 likes Reply

bokutokoutarou@akaashikeiji but i’m really glad i got to see you
53m 541 likes Reply

akaashikeiji @bokutokoutarou …I am too.
51m 542 likes Reply

miyatsu ✔ so this is where you guys were? shame, you missed me convincing sakusa to try my favorite drink
55m 494 likes Reply

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akaashikeiji @miyatsu That sounds implausible.
54m 477 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@akaashikeiji Unfortunately, it did happen.
54m 486 likes Reply

inunaki-shion@miyatsu @sakusa.kiyoomi wait what?
53m 478 likes Reply

miyatsu@inunakishion @akaashikeiji it happened ya jerks, i even sanitized the can and everything
53m 479 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi c’mon admit it was good
52m 474 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@miyatsu ...Yes, it was good.
51m 476 likes Reply

inunaki-shion@sakusa.kiyoomi am i seeing things?
51m 470 likes Reply

hinata-shouyou@inunaki-shion @akaashikeiji it seems surreal, but it did happen akaashi-san, inunaki-san!! meian-san and i recorded the whole thing!
50m 472 likes Reply

akaashikeiji @hinatashouyou …Interesting.
50m 468 likes Reply

Meian_Shuugo@inunaki-shion @akaashikeiji I was present and I can still hardly believe it
49m 473 likes Reply

inunaki-shion@Meian_Shuugo post the video meian-san!
48m 489 likes Reply

Meian_Shuugo@inunaki-shion No
48m 450 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@inunaki-shion No.
48m 451 likes Reply

miyatsu@inunaki-shion maybe later
47m 492 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@miyatsu Don’t post it.
47m 471 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi omi-kun, i get that you’re like a cactus but we need proof or no one will believe us
45m 488 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@miyatsu A cactus? Really, Atsumu?
44m 493 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi ya know, ‘cause you’re all prickly
43m 431 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi @miyatsu
39m 467 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi you don’t gotta be this cold all the time, omi-omi
39m 465 likes Reply

adriah_tomas @sakusa.kiyoomi Sorry for getting involved, but Atsumu?
37m 487 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@adriah_tomas The internet wouldn’t let me rest after I slipped up the first time.
36m 483 likes Reply

miyatsu@adriah_tomas omi-kun’s finally admitting that he likes me
35m 488 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@miyatsu That’s not it.
35m 473 likes Reply

miyatsu@sakusa.kiyoomi you can admit your undying love for me, it’s okay
35m 470 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@miyatsu I will find a way to spike the ball into your face.
34m 480 likes Reply

inunaki-shion@sakusa.kiyoomi @miyatsu young love sure is different these days
32m 491 likes Reply

sakusa.kiyoomi@inunaki-shion Inunaki.
32m 459 likes Reply

inunaki-shion@sakusa.kiyoomi haha wow look at the time, what a shame that i have to get going
31m 477 likes Reply

inunaki-shion ✔ get me some melon pan next time!
52m 367 likes Reply

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bokutokoutarou@inunaki-shion OH that reminds me!!! i have something for you at practice tomorrow!!!
46m 366 likes Reply

inunaki-shion@bokutokoutarou I LOVE YOU
45m 363 likes Reply

nicorin this is such a soft? picture?? hello???
46m 13 likes Reply

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tsuki_shimas @nicorin god i wish that were me
45m 12 likes Reply

nagisakuns @tsuki_shimas bokuto or akaashi?
44m 4 likes Reply

tsuki_shimas @nagisakuns idk man both?? i don't even know what i want, i just want the vibe of this image
43m 8 likes Reply

ninimilktea @tsuki_shimas i…me too
40m 5 likes Reply

minimooshroom @tsuki_shimas same
38m 1 like Reply

hanaicedtea oh to be wandering around alleyways with someone precious to you
41m 11 likes Reply

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rainwaterkaori @hanaicedtea sounds like a dream
39m 4 likes Reply

lavendersweet @hanaicedtea beautiful put
36m 1 like Reply

fumicookies akaashi’s smile >>>
38m 20 likes Reply

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royalsapphire @fumicookies akaashi >>>
36m 20 likes Reply

eleanor.draws @fumicookies i like how we’re all quickly becoming akaashi stans
35m 17 likes Reply

marigumi @fumicookies look me in the eyes and tell me he doesn’t deserve it
34m 7 likes Reply

fumicookies @marigumi Now that I cannot do
33m 4 likes Reply

nerisuu @fumicookies we’re seeing him through bokuto’s eyes in this post, of course we’re falling for him
30m 19 likes Reply

median_ @nerisuu …my guy
28m 5 likes Reply

geminirising @nerisuu wait whoa.
27m 4 likes Reply

chibilunette @nerisuu you did not have to come for me like that
26m 3 likes Reply

alyapop this post kicked me in the face and told me i was single
34m 8 likes Reply

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bleurai @alyapop yeah basically
32m 2 likes Reply

star.mii @alyapop did you have to say it tho
31m 2 likes Reply

alyapop @star.mii it had to be said
29m 1 like Reply

aura.tia so…are they together?
26m 3 likes Reply

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kikihato @aura.tia it’s honestly not our business.
23m 1 like Reply

lisbeth.exe @aura.tia whether they are or aren’t dating, they clearly care deeply about each other and that’s all we need to know tbh
21m 4 likes Reply

shortea akaashi’s so pretty wtf
21m 10 likes Reply

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shuugoszn @shortea right?
19m 1 like Reply

mvp.hayato @shortea it's unfair to the rest of us mortals
18m 2 likes Reply

indigorose @shortea petition to make actual angel akaashi a thing
16m 5 likes Reply

pandatea @indigorose we don’t need a petition, he’s already an angel
14m 4 likes Reply

sorendayys this is so gentle
17m 13 likes Reply

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berrysunday @sorendayys no one touch me
16m 9 likes Reply

squiltmilk @sorendayys bokuto and akaashi talk in the comments too i am so soft
14m 11 likes Reply

lattelucy @sorendayys i want a bond like theirs lol
12m 7 likes Reply

luvliv @sorendayys you can feel how much they care about each other
9m 8 likes Reply

tsuchan @sorendayys ugh i WILL burst into tears don’t test me
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Tue, Dec 11, 11:43 PM


whenever the season ends, i should stay over again!!!

it’s been too long since we just got to hang out, yknow??

since im out of town a lot its hard to see u

You’re always welcome, Bokuto-san.

I meant what I said. It was nice to see you.

u can call me koutarou you know

ive known u for like ever

Seven years.

But I digress.

I’m just used to calling you Bokuto-san. Would you like me to change that?

nahh if ur comfy with it its fine~

but the options open!

anyways it’s kinda weird keiji

im doing great!! but its like i do even better if i know ur there

not like watching me but just

there i guess

theres a word for that

what is it? do you know??

I...have a guess. But it’s not something I should say over text.



Is it passable if I call you tomorrow?

ur giving in quick :D

Only because I know you’ll talk my ear off about it if I don’t address it soon.

You’re persistent.

im just curious >:O

I never said it was a bad thing.


did it bother you

when people thought we were together

because like

it didnt bother me




That caught me off-guard. Why are you asking out of the blue?

i asked u about it earlier and you avoided the question!!

it was super sneaky

i almost didnt notice

but im the best!!! so i caught on to ur deception later on

you did that thing where u wouldnt look into my eyes and you messed with ur hands

im onto you~

Bokuto-san…I really shouldn’t tell you over text.

when will u then???

you can trust me!!

im like the best didnt you know

i can totally keep secrets

like the time kuroo told me not to tell anyone he accidentally took a cat home during the training camp our first year!!!

You just told me.

okay but ur KEIJI

ur also the best

we can share being the best together

so u get to know all the secrets!!


keiji hear me out

i have a theory


itll blow ur mind

I’m listening.

how do you feel

about me, i mean

thats a weird question huh? but i need to know!! its for the theory i swear

…Your theory is already heading in an odd direction.

keiji please

Okay. You already know that you’re my best friend.

I am…fond of you.

ooh fond is a good word

im fond of u too!!

I’m glad to hear it.


That felt strange. I’ll stick to Bokuto-san.


geh fine


heres my theory




Are you alright?

i...forgot the theory

it was in my head and then bam!! it was gone

im sad

I’m sure it’ll come back to you in time.

u said that about my lost taiyaki in the mall

and i never found it!!!

Taiyaki and your mind are two very different things.

but still


i dunno

u dont have to tell me why

but are you okay with it??

being associated with me like that???

There’s no one else I would rather have that association with.


be careful!!!! if i didnt know better that would have sounded like a confession!!


u know im not super careful with my words

so as ur elder im passing on my advice to u

I...appreciate it...

im glad i could help :D

anyways!!!! whenever i remember ill tell u

I appreciate your consideration.

But it is getting quite late.

Shouldn’t you be heading to sleep soon?

oh!! ur right!!!

as usual keiji!!!

i gotta go to sleep earlier i think were having extra practice bc we have a game soon

I’m glad you found the time to come to Tokyo.

Good luck, Bokuto-san.

You’ll do well.

heck yeah i will!!!!

good night keiji

dream of like

whats that food u like again

Nanohana no Karashiae.

yeah that!!


i remember u telling me about ur deadline earlier

just dream of that and you’ll be fine for tomorrow!!!!


even if u dont dream about it you’ll be okay

Thank you.

I’m fairly confident I can finish tomorrow, but it feels nice to hear it from you.


i’ll say it more often then!!!

oh its midnight

happy new day!!

Happy new day.

Please go to sleep.

okay okayyy

goodnight keiji

sleep well!! :D

Goodnight, Koutarou.

Dream of good things.