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Another Day

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It isn't easy to get away from the cameras, not when they're always following a step behind, the producers wanting to shoot every second, to get the best content possible. It isn't easy, but they have a lot of practice.

Seokjin should have known better than to order such a boozy drink for someone with Hoseok's alcohol tolerance, should have predicted he'd ultimately be the one to finish it. He doesn't consider himself a lightweight, but even he is no match for a Long Island Iced Tea after a day spent walking everywhere, sweating in the sun.

So he's tipsy and Hoseok is too, giggly and cute, skin flushed and shiny. Seokjin feels warm all over, from the humidity, from how much he wants to get Hoseok out of his ugly ass sleeveless plaid shirt.

Once the waitress comes to remove their empty glasses and the food and drinks are paid for, Seokjin makes a show of announcing he's heading to the bathroom, gives Hoseok a significant look before he heads to the back of the restaurant. He stands inside the single person bathroom with the door unlocked for almost an entire minute, certain Hoseok didn't get the message, that he'll have to just pee and spend the next few hours ready to crawl out of his skin.

Hoseok shows up half a second before Seokjin is going to lock the door, knocking softly before letting himself in.

"Finally," Seokjin says, crowding Hoseok back against the door as he bolts it, licking the salty skin of Hoseok's neck.

"They're waiting for us," Hoseok says breathlessly and Seokjin groans in annoyance, slides a hand up under Hoseok's shirt to feel the sweat-tacky skin of his side. "We should do this later."

Seokjin pushes his fingers a few inches down the back of Hoseok's shorts. "How?" he asks, raising his head to meet Hoseok's eyes. "We can't kick Namjoon out. Where would he sleep?"

Hoseok's mouth makes that cute little shiot shape in an exaggerated pout. "They'll come looking for us," he says and Seokjin sighs.

"At least kiss me," he says, wrapping his hand around the back of Hoseok's neck.

Thankfully, Hoseok takes pity on him enough to give him that, leaning in and pressing their mouths together. Hoseok tastes like blue curacao and spicy sausage and his lips are salty, a little swollen from the heat. It's different enough from normal to remind Seokjin they're making out in a bathroom in Valetta, their producer and cameramen out on the patio, waiting for them to come back. It's so thrilling Seokjin considers throwing caution to the wind for a wild moment, thinks very seriously about dropping to his knees and sucking Hoseok off right here.

They both moan when Seokjin ends the kiss, Seokjin's mouth and dick throbbing.

"Can we do this later?" Hoseok asks, lips a little kiss bruised and eyes pleading.

"Yes," Seokjin says, even though he has no idea how. "Fuck, yes."


Seokjin has to wait longer than he thinks he will when they leave the restaurant because one of the producers finds out Jungkook's planning to sing in the plaza. Being the good, supportive hyungs they are, Seokjin and Hoseok run across the city to watch, and then wander the long way back to their rented house arm-in-arm with their flustered, tipsy maknae.

Jungkook wants to keep talking (fretting) about how his singing sounded when they get home, so they stay up for a while before they even start getting ready for bed. Once they do, Seokjin simultaneously attempts to look busy so everyone else will use the bathroom first and give Hoseok significant looks so he'll hurry up and go to bed so he can sneak back out of the room he's sharing once Namjoon falls asleep.

By the time everyone's washed up, brushed their teeth, and the house is dark, it's two AM, and Seokjin is standing quietly in a bathroom for the second time tonight, waiting.

At 2:15 he turns the lights out and sits down on the floor. There's a chance Jimin's still awake and wondering what's taking Seokjin so long, but considering how many hours Seokjin's been waiting for this tonight he doesn't really care. Maybe he'll blame the sausage, if Jimin asks.

At 2:20 he texts Hoseok a picture he took from dinner, something innocuous that he could be sending because he's scrolling through his camera roll while lounging in bed. What it means, though, is "where the fuck are you?"

Finally, nine agonizing minutes later, someone knocks softly on the bathroom door.

"I'm in here," he says, in case it's not Hoseok on the other side, but the door pops open and Hoseok lets himself in quietly.

"Sorry," he says. Seokjin can just make out the sheepish expression on his face in the low, ambient light from the living room. "Namjoonie kept asking about the busking and I had to show him the video, then it took him forever to fall asleep."

Seokjin wants to complain, because that's what he'd normally do, but he's tired and he feels like it's been two days since they shared that kiss in the restaurant bathroom rather than a couple of hours. So instead he raises his arms and lets Hoseok pull him standing, then wraps Hoseok up in a long, tight hug.

"You okay, hyung?" Hoseok asks, his hands resting on Seokjin's shoulder blades.

"I'm tired," Seokjin replies, nuzzling the side of Hoseok's neck.

Hoseok moves a hand, pets the hair at the back of Seokjin's head. "We can just go to bed, if you want," he suggests, and Seokjin shakes his head, face still pressed into Hoseok's skin.

"I've been thinking about kissing you again for hours," he whines, and Hoseok laughs softly, still stroking Seokjin's hair.

"Let's kiss then," he says.

Seokjin contemplates turning on the light for a minute, because as soon as he pushes the door closed it will be nearly pitch black in the bathroom, only a sliver of light coming in from around the door. But he can feel a headache coming on, and the idea of messing around under bright, fluorescent light makes his temples throb in warning. So he catches Hoseok's hand before he reaches for the door handle, holds on to him so he won't have to find him again as he shuts the door and locks it.

"Should we–" Hoseok starts, but Seokjin shushes him, squeezes his wrist and pulls him close. He lifts a hand and successfully finds Hoseok's cheek in the darkness, uses that touch to lean in for a kiss. Their lips don't line up right away but it's a problem easily resolved, and Seokjin moans sweetly as Hoseok's mouth opens to let Seokjin in.

Hoseok is a good kisser, sweet and reactive, careful when he needs to be and fierce when he can tell that's what Seokjin wants. He wraps his arms around Seokjin's neck as the kisses get deeper, arches and moans softly when Seokjin's hands begin to wander. Hoseok's Mang pajamas are soft and warm from Hoseok's body heat, and the fabric feels so nice under Seokjin's palms that he just slides them everywhere, down Hoseok's sides and over the almost non-existent curve of Hoseok's ass, back around to pass over Hoseok's belly. Then he curves one hand into the hollow of Hoseok's back, slides the other one down to cup the soft bulge between Hoseok's thighs.

"Oh," Hoseok gasps lightly against Seokjin's lips, swaying into Seokjin's touch. He's only just a little hard, but he grinds his burgeoning erection against Seokjin's palm, mashes his damp lips against the corner of Seokjin's mouth.

"Can I blow you?" Seokjin asks, his voice a breathless, heated whisper, and Hoseok nods, the scarce light shining off Hoseok's eyes in the dark as he pulls back.

"Yes," Hoseok says aloud, breathy, shaky, and Seokjin leans in for one last quick, wet kiss before he lowers himself to his knees on the cool, hard bathroom tile.

Seokjin isn't really drunk anymore but he feels intoxicated, shivery and dizzy as he reaches up to find Hoseok's hips, hooking his fingers in the waistband of Hoseok's pajama pants and tugging them down. He can't see much in the dim lighting but he can smell Hoseok from here, mostly just the soap he used when he showered, but there's the barest hint of his arousal, too.

Seokjin licks his lips and leans in, nuzzles his face gently against Hoseok's crotch, feels how Hoseok's dick is starting to plump up under the attention. Above him Hoseok lets out a long, slow breath, reaches down and threads a gentle hand into Seokjin's hair, encouraging, granting permission. So Seokjin opens his mouth, and takes Hoseok's hardening cock inside.

He doesn't get to do this often, use his mouth to make Hoseok hard this way. Their time alone together is always so limited, usually so frantic and rushed. They're on borrowed time here, too, but Seokjin isn't planning to waste such a wonderful opportunity.

He's careful about how he holds Hoseok's dick in his mouth as he loops his tongue around it, tasting and sucking gently. He braces his hands on Hoseok's pelvis and can feel Hoseok trembling, his fingers curling and uncurling in Seokjin's hair as his cock fills out under Seokjin's tongue.

It doesn't take long before Hoseok is fully hard and Seokjin starts to blow him in earnest, bobbing his head and taking Hoseok deep, letting Hoseok's dick bump the back of his throat. Seokjin's not great at giving head but he really likes doing it, likes the drag of Hoseok's cock over his lips, the way the friction makes his mouth feel tingly and swollen. He even likes how it makes him drool, spit dripping down his chin, rolling along his throat. It's messy and maybe a little dirty, and Seokjin has learned over the last few years that he loves that, way more than he ever imagined he would.

Seokjin loses himself in it, his lips stretched around Hoseok's girth, Hoseok clinging to him, trembling, his breathing quiet but ragged. It's dark in this room, but even if it wasn't there's no way Seokjin would be able to see, not from this position. So he imagines how Hoseok's face must look now, wonders if Hoseok might be biting his lip and closing his eyes or looking down, watching Seokjin's mouth sliding over the length of him.

The image makes Seokjin groan, which in turn shakes a moan out of Hoseok, too loud, probably, but Seokjin loves that he gets to hear it, the sound going right to Seokjin's dick, making it twitch in his pajama pants. He moves one hand from Hoseok's hip so he can press his palm over his groin, grinding against it as he continues to bob his head, his entire body rocking with the motion.

God, this is good. It's so good, and Seokjin likes it so much, feeling Hoseok and hearing him, being close to him. It's impossible and not practical but Seokjin wishes he could just do this forever.

As it is he's so focused and intent he almost misses Hoseok calling for him, saying 'hyung, hyung' in a desperate little chant, tugging at Seokjin's hair in warning. Seokjin hums in reply, eases back just as he feels Hoseok's dick start to pulse, and Hoseok lets go with a restrained, whimpering cry, floods Seokjin's mouth with his release.

Seokjin feels almost disoriented when he sits back on his heels, his chest heaving as he tries to catch his breath. His lips are buzzing, his chin wet with his own saliva, and he reaches up with a shaking hand to wipe it away, the heaviness of reality starting to weigh down on him, reminding him that he's kneeling on a hard bathroom floor, that he should really get up and go to bed before anyone gets suspicious.

But suddenly there are hands cupping his jaw and tipping his head, and then he's being kissed, held. Warm hands move over his body, one reaching down into his pants to take hold of his cock, stroking it slow and steady.

"Is this okay?" Hoseok asks gently, pressing a kiss to the arch of Seokjin's cheekbone.

"Yes," Seokjin pants in reply, catching Hoseok's shoulders to anchor himself as Hoseok fondles him.

"I think there's some lotion maybe?" Hoseok says, and Seokjin snaps out of his haze, fumbling to reach into the pocket of his pajama top to pull out the little packet of lube he stashed in there before he came down to the bathroom.

"Here," he says, flailing around in the dark until he can find Hoseok's free hand, turning it palm up and pressing the packet into his palm.


"Lube," he interrupts breathlessly, then stops to lick his lips. "Please."

Hoseok pulls his hand back out of Seokjin's pants and Seokjin can hear him tearing the packet open. While he's waiting Seokjin shifts up on his hips for a moment so he can push his pants down just enough to get them out of the way, then sits back and listens, wishing he'd just turned the damn light on so he could see what's happening.

"Hoseok," he says after a few more seconds of waiting, and Hoseok sighs.

"I'm sorry, hyung. It's hard to do this in the dark," Hoseok says, but then he feels Hoseok's hand on his thigh. "Oh, you took your pants off."

"Yeah," Seokjin replies. "We should probably– oh," he tries, but doesn't finish his thought, distracted by the warm, slick circle of Hoseok's fingers curling around him.

"Hmm?" Hoseok hums, and Seokjin has to bite back a groan as Hoseok starts jerking him off with intention.

"Hurry," Seokjin answers, and Hoseok takes the hint, speeds the motion of his fist over Seokjin's cock.

Seokjin closes his eyes and imagines again, thinks about the way Hoseok looks when he's focused, intense and handsome, thinks about what this would be like if they could be in a bed instead of the bathroom, if they had the time to get each other naked, to go slow and savor the moment. He imagines laying down, having Hoseok hovering over him, being able to lean up and kiss him, soft and deep and lingering.

"We should go somewhere, when we get home," he says, his words hitching.

"Where?" Hoseok asks in a low, sultry whisper.

"I don't care," Seokjin answers. "As long as it's just, just us."

"Mmm," Hoseok responds, leans in close enough that Seokjin can feel Hoseok's breath on his cheek. His grip on Seokjin's cock tightens. "Go somewhere alone."

"Yes," Seokjin moans, his hips starting to rock a little, meeting Hoseok's strokes.

"We definitely should," Hoseok agrees, his lips finding the side of Seokjin's neck and kissing wetly. "I want to," he murmurs against Seokjin's skin. "But first, right now, you need to come for me."

Seokjin isn't expecting any of it, the sexy tone of Hoseok's voice, the touch of his lips, and he gasps, reaching out blindly to grope for Hoseok's shoulders so he can hang on. "Please," he moans, fucking up into Hoseok's fist.

"Come for me, hyung," Hoseok repeats, this time with his mouth near Seokjin's ear, and Seokjin's entire body shudders with pleasure. He can hear the slick sound of Hoseok's hand moving over him, the panting of their breathing, all of it echoing in the small bathroom. It's hot, so hot, Hoseok's voice and Hoseok's touch, and Seokjin takes a breath, every muscle in his body going tight as his cock jerks in Hoseok's grasp, his orgasm washing over him, carrying him away.

He's left trembling when it subsides, is suddenly very aware of how hard and cold the tile is under his knees. He hears the sink turn on then and realizes Hoseok has moved, that he's alone on the floor, and he shivers at the thought.

"Don't move, hyung," Hoseok says, like he can sense Seokjin's about to get up. A moment later he feels Hoseok's damp hand on his thigh, then a warm, wet cloth presses gently between his legs, Hoseok carefully wiping the lube off his skin. Even as careful as Hoseok's being the sensation is unpleasant on Seokjin's over-sensitive, softening dick, and he can't help the hiss of displeasure that passes his lips.

"Sorry," Hoseok says, withdrawing the cloth. "Are you clean enough to go to bed, do you think? Or still too sticky?"

Reluctantly, Seokjin reaches down to check the state of his skin. It feels a little tacky, but not too bad, considering. "Not too sticky," he answers, then adds, "thank you, Hoseok-ah. You're so good to your hyung."

"You're welcome," Hoseok says, and Seokjin can hear the smile in his voice, pleased by the praise. "Give me your hand? I'll help you up."

Seokjin lifts himself a little first, tugging his pants back on before he looks up, managing to find Hoseok's shape in the darkness. He raises his hand, reaches around in the dark until he can find Hoseok's, holds on as Hoseok pulls him to his feet.

"Okay?" Hoseok asks when Seokjin doesn't immediately let go and Seokjin tugs Hoseok's arm, pulls him closer.

"Yes," Seokjin replies, wrapping both arms around Hoseok in a hug. "I was being serious, before," he says quietly as Hoseok's arms wrap around his waist.

"About going on a trip together?"

Seokjin takes a breath and nods, squeezes Hoseok in his embrace. "Yes."

"Hmm," Hoseok hums in response, tucks his face against the side of Seokjin's neck. "Then we should," he says finally, decisively.

"Okay," Seokjin says, turns his head so he can breathe in the clean scent of Hoseok's hair.

They both know maybe it won't happen, because they aren't really in control of their own time very often, because there will be schedules and comebacks and award shows, because, eventually, maybe soon, Seokjin will have to enlist. But it's almost enough to know Hoseok wants it, too, that this is important to both of them, being close, sharing something deeper.

Seokjin takes one last, deep breath, presses a kiss to Hoseok's temple, then eases back. He can feel that Hoseok is reluctant to let go, and he hopes Hoseok can feel the same from him.

"Should go to bed," Seokjin says, his arms falling back to his sides. He already feels colder.

"Yeah," Hoseok agrees. "We have to be up early tomorrow."


Seokjin can hear Hoseok inhale, has a half a second of warning before Hoseok leans in and presses their lips together, quick and chaste. He has to bite his lip to keep from chasing Hoseok's mouth as he pulls away.

"Night, hyung," Hoseok says, then turns to open the door, slips back out into the living room. He leaves the door ajar, a little more light coming in now, but there's nothing to see anymore anyway, now that Hoseok's gone.

It makes Seokjin's stomach hurt, but only a little. Only because he knows he has real feelings for Hoseok, feelings he can't possibly ever admit, not as long as they're part of the same group. And it's okay, most of the time, but Seokjin knows, someday, it won't be anymore, and he's not looking forward to it.

That day, however, isn't tomorrow. Tomorrow they have a scuba diving trip and Taehyung will be here, the cameras will be back, and Seokjin has people and parked cars alike to ask 'you know BTS?'

Everything else can wait for another day.