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love u for a long time

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when jungkook gets home, taehyung is sitting cross-legged on the couch facing jimin, who has haewon held tight to his chest. she’s concentrating hard, baby-babbling nonsense at taehyung (who they all suspect is her favorite.) jungkook hangs back in the hallway, peeking around the corner, his heart impossibly full.

“you’re right, of course,” taehyung says, making sure to keep his expression very serious.

jimin tries to smother a laugh and earns himself furrowed brows from both his boyfriend and the baby. “sorry,” he murmurs, miming zipping his lips. haewon pats his cheek in forgiveness, which earns her a very enthusiastic, “thank you, pretty girl!” and a smacking kiss to her tiny palm.

“this is important, jimin,” taehyung says gravely, “right, haewonie? yes it is, baby.” he pitches his voice higher, face breaking out into the most brilliant grin as her giggles fill the living room. “yes, my baby. very important things from a very important bean.”

he clears his throat, straightens up, and furrows his brow. jungkook watches in amazement as haewon copies him. she gestures to the tv, which is currently displaying a newer idol group’s performance, and starts babbling again. it’s complete nonsense, just sounds strung together—but her cadence, her speech pattern, it all sounds like she’s actually talking. she’s developing her own little personality, her own gestures and expressions that sometimes seem copy-pasted from jungkook’s face to hers.

occasionally, she’ll even display little mannerisms from taehyung or jimin—an unmistakable pout, puppy-eyes that border on irresistible. the way jimin throws his entire body into a laughing fit. the way taehyung always pauses to think before he says something important.

she loves them so much. jungkook loves them so much.

they were only dating for about three months before haewon made her grand entrance and turned their entire world upside down. jungkook’s known taehyung and jimin since he was born, and they’ve been inseparable for as long as he can remember, but this was—this was a whole new challenge he wasn’t sure they’d be able to overcome. they’d finally managed to puzzle through the feelings they had all been repressing since middle school, at least, and here was jungkook, dropping the bomb that he’d apparently fathered a baby during a one night stand he barely fucking remembered almost a year prior.

telling them was hard. jungkook had expected tears, a sense of betrayal, a disastrous break up that would not only cost him the loves of his life but also his best friends during the scariest time of his entire existence—

but the night had ended with jungkook’s head in taehyung’s lap and jimin curled up to his chest, whispering that they’d be okay, they’d figure it out. together, just like always.

and now—now he’s standing in the hallway of the apartment he shares with the two very best people in his life, smiling dopily as he watches them parent his child and it’s—it’s so much, in all of the most magnificent ways. a year ago, he wouldn’t have dared to hope for this.

but this is his reality. he gets to come home to this every day.

haewon says something that sounds sort of like apple tater and taehyung nods, eyes impossibly wide. “you’re so right, lovebug. that note was super pitchy.”

jimin raises an eyebrow, biting down on a smile. “such a harsh critic.”

“yeah, well,” taehyung says, gently pinching one of haewon’s tiny toes between two massively long fingers, “she’s used to appa and jiminie singing like angels around the apartment, of course she’s got high standards. right, baby? right?”

“j’minie,” haewon repeats dutifully, smacking a baby fist against jimin’s hand over her belly.

“jiminie!” taehyung echoes, sounding delighted as he tickles her little feet. “that’s right—babe, are you really going to cry every time she says your name? it’s been like, two months.”

jimin sniffs. “no,” he says, voice suspiciously thick.

jungkook’s heart soars at the sound of taehyung’s easy laughter. “nerd,” taehyung murmurs fondly, dipping forward to press his lips to jimin’s. jungkook watches for a moment, warmed from the inside out at the sight of haewon giggling between them, chubby fingers grabbing at the strings of taehyung’s hoodie.

he takes a step forward, drops his bag on the carpet, makes a funny face at his daughter. haewon starts to kick wildly against taehyung’s palms, her happy shriek piercing through the room and making jimin jump beneath her. “i’m home,” jungkook announces, even though it’s entirely pointless, because both of his boyfriends are already beaming at him.

jimin takes haewon’s tiny hand in his and makes her wave. “say hi, bub! say hello to appa!”

jungkook squats down in front of the couch, smothering his daughter’s face in kisses. long fingers thread carefully through his hair, petting away at the day’s grime. jungkook tries to duck away, whines, “m’hair’s gross, hyung.”

“don’t care,” taehyung says, “missed you. c’mere.”

jungkook allows himself to be pulled onto the cushions and into a tangled mess of limbs. jimin carefully transfers haewon into jungkook’s arms before attaching himself to jungkook’s side like a baby leach. “there’s ramen on the stove for you,” he mumbles, lips smushed against jungkook’s shoulder, a careful finger tracing down haewon’s chubby cheek. “we ate already because somebody’s home late—”

“you know i have a deadline,” jungkook protests weakly, cradling haewon to his chest. tiny fingers wrap tight in the soft fabric of his t-shirt. “my editor—”

“your editor is namjoon-hyung, who would absolutely give you an extension if you just talked to him.” taehyung pokes at jungkook’s left nostril, laughing as haewon’s head swivels at the sound of his voice. “right, love? tell appa he’s bein’ a big dummy.”

she giggles, and yeah. he’s definitely her favorite.

not that jungkook can blame her.

haewon yawns and jimin coos, rubbing her back lightly. at his gentle touch, the baby practically melts against her dad’s chest, quiet and content. taehyung may be haewon’s favorite, but no one can calm her down like jimin, and honestly, jungkook knows exactly how she feels. there’s just something so soothing about jimin’s presence—his careful words, the softness of his voice, the warmth of his touch. he’s like a baby whisperer, just for all of his babies—taehyung and jungkook included.

“we didn’t want to put her to bed until she got to see you,” jimin whispers, scratching gently down haewon’s back. “it’s not too much past her bedtime, but—is that okay?”

jimin’s eyes are wide, a little nervous, because this is something they’re trying to work through. jungkook trusts the both of them implicitly with his daughter, and the fact that they’ve taken on more than their fair share of parenting duties only further proves to him that he’s made the right call. still, taehyung and jimin are so afraid of overstepping, of making any sort of decision about haewon without asking jungkook first.

it’s a work in progress. they’re a work in progress. one day, jungkook will muster up the courage to sit them down, tell them that as far as he’s concerned they’re haewon’s parents too, if they want to be.

for now, jungkook settles for pursing his lips until jimin gets the hint and kisses him. “definitely okay.”

jimin’s answering smile is so pretty that jungkook can’t help himself—he kisses jimin again, a little deeper this time, eyes falling shut at the familiar warmth of jimin’s mouth. the baby snuffles against his chest, half-asleep, and taehyung leans closer, whispers, “she said it’s my turn.”

“brat,” jimin mumbles, but he pulls away with a fond smile, lets jungkook twist in his hold and melt into a kiss with taehyung. between the two of them, comforted by the weight of his daughter against his chest—he’s never felt safer, or more in love.

this is his life. this is his family. this is his home.