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Eric had to admit, being told he needed reading glasses nearly bought on a quarter life crisis in the opticians.

He dutifully picked out a thick black framed pair after staring at himself in the mirror for too long. None of them looked good, but he resigned himself to the fact
no-one was really going to see him. 

He then busied himself around London for a couple of hours before they were ready to pick up.

His phone buzzed constantly as he did so. 

Dele. Of course.

are u anywhere near tesco???

bc if so i want sweets like haribo plz xxx

diet stop leaving me on read

Eric shook his head and smiled, replying. ‘Del, I’m in the middle of a clothes shop Ill get you sweets later, be home soon x’

what clothes shop??? u dont clothes shop without me usually..

dont buy anything in XXL or ill be fuming x

Eric snorted with laughter and put his phone away, finally buying a couple of t-shirts.

Not in an extra extra large.

He headed back to the opticians and collected the glasses before heading home.

Diverting only once to Tesco.

“Del?” he called as he headed in the front door, kicking off his shoes.

Clay came bounding up and Eric smiled, leaning down to scratch his head.

“Where is he, hmm? On that bloody Playstation?”

Clay wagged his tail in response and took off. 

Eric followed him through to the living room.

Dele was on the sofa in a strange combination of Eric’s hoodie, shorts, socks and sliders.

He looked up and immediately leant up on the back of the sofa.

“Come on then, show me the clothes!” he grinned.

“They’re extra extra large, you wont like them.” Eric smirked, putting his stuff down. He leant over and kissed Dele softly and the younger boy smiled into it.

“Did you get me-“

“Haribo, yes.” Eric grabbed the Tesco bag and handed it over.

Dele exclaimed with happiness, pulling out the sweets and a bag of popcorn.

He paused suddenly. “Whats that?”

“What?” Eric looked round.

“That bag… Specsavers?” Dele nodded to the bag. “Have you… got GLASSES?”

Eric laughed. “Yeah. Booked it on a whim, eyes have been hurting a bit. They told me I need reading glasses.”

Dele blinked. “What? You’ve got some?! Show me!”

“No Del, they look awful.” Eric groaned.

Dele abandoned his popcorn and sweets then and slid over the back of the sofa, pouting.

“Please? Never seen you in glasses, wanna see.”

“They look shit.” Eric groaned but sighed, grabbing the bag.

“As IF.”

“They dont fit my big head.” Eric pulled out the case.

Dele grinned. “You DONT have a big head, ok? Any time I insult you its just because I like you. Its been four years, haven’t you worked that out?”

Eric rolled his eyes self consciously but opened the glasses case and pulled them out, holding the frames up. “There.”

Dele smirked. “Great but.. you need to put them ON-“


“Come ON.” Dele laughed. “Please? Im not gonna LAUGH! I bet you look great in glasses.”

He caught Eric’s hand then and tilted his head, pouting.

Eric groaned again. “God you’re insufferable with that face. You’ve been using that for four years now mate, time for a new tactic.”

“Why would I change it when it works, pal?” Dele nodded to the glasses. “Come on, just for a second and then I wont mention them EVER again if thats what you want.”

Eric rolled his eyes but grabbed the glasses and put them, glancing in the mirror to the side for a moment before turning back. “There.” he said shortly. “Blind Eric in all his glory.”

Dele didn’t speak then, staring.

“What?” Eric shifted. “There, you’ve had your ten seconds-“

“No, wait!” Dele cut in. He swallowed. “They.. you look good, like… really good.”

Eric laughed. “No I dont-“

“You look very intellectual.” Dele said, eyes still fixed on the older mans. “And… sexy.”

“Oh yeah?” Eric smirked. “Look like a sexy undergrad student do I? Or a teacher?”

“Shut up.” Dele huffed but his flushed slightly. “You look like a model for the range.”

“Thanks Del.” Eric chuckled. He reached out and caressed Dele’s cheek with his thumb. “Always know how to make a man feel better.”

Dele caught his hand.

“Why do you always pull off stuff like this?” he muttered. “S’kinda annoying, Diet.”

Eric turned back to the mirror then for a moment, looking at himself.

“Here’s me thinking you’d be embarrassing me on Instagram for this, instead you’re all red in the face.” he teased.

Dele spluttered, flush depending. “Shut up, no I’m not! Piss off.”

Eric laughed, posing for a moment with a serious expression. “What d’ya reckon Del? Tom Ford model 2020?”

“Big head.” Dele scowled. “Clay, dont look at your Dad, he’s embarrassing himself.”

Clay wagged his tail in answer, looking between Dele and Eric expectantly. 

“Clay, Daddy Dele is mad right now because he thought he was going to get to banter me, turns out he actually fancies me-“ Eric was cut off then as Dele launched

himself in, kissing the older man.

Eric grunted and pulled him in, getting his hands under Dele’s thighs and lifting him up.

“Shut up.” Dele warned. “No teasing.” He wrapped his arms round Eric’s neck, pressing their foreheads together.

Eric laughed. “As if, baby. Come on. Need to test the glasses out, read my book, you should come and cuddle with me.”

Dele grinned and nodded and Eric carried him off, whistling for Clay as they went.

He smiled to himself as he made his way up the stairs.

Life was good.