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Catch me if you can

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Lauren groaned at the sunlight suddenly streaming into her room. She cracked an eye open to see her mother standing at her window, hands on her hips and an eyebrow raised. The epitome of disappointment.

"Laur, can you keep your late night exploits to your room please?" She said with a huff.

"What?" Lauren groaned, rolling onto her back and rubbing the heel of her hands into her eyes; a steady pounding forming quickly.

She flinched as something soft landed on her face. She moved her hands and felt a hot blush on her cheeks. She sat up and blinked at the plain black bra sitting in her lap.

“At least your brother keeps it in his room.” Her mum said, folding her arms over her chest. Lauren just frowned down at the bra.

“I… don’t remember bringing anyone home.” Lauren mumbled, closing her eyes as the room spun a little. “I didn’t… that didn’t happen last night. Pretty sure I’d know.” She added with a sigh.

Her mum relaxed and pointed to her bedside table.

“Normani’s going to be here soon, so take some aspirin. Dinah mentioned a meeting with the Seniors today.” Her mum said before leaving Lauren’s bedroom. Lauren flopped back onto the bed and groaned.

She hated meeting with the Jauregui Seniors. The meetings always dragged on and were deadly boring.

Maybe if she tuned out long enough she’d just die of boredom herself.


Camila had had a very different wake up call.

Namely by Detective Diaz banging on her front door. She’d scrambled to find something vaguely smart to put on for her briefing with Charlie and had apologised profusely as they walked to the elevator.

“Major crimes keep you out late last night?” Diaz asked once they’d made it into the elevator.

Camila’s eye twitched.

“Something like that.” She replied slowly, trying to control the flush creeping up her neck towards her cheeks.

The bike ride to Major Crimes was as quiet as usual, a little hard to talk on a motorbike and Diaz was yet to get bluetooth headsets for the helmets.

Camila had waved her goodbye to Diaz who had then taken off for the 99. Camila promptly reached for her wallet in her back pocket and froze.

It wasn’t there. She glanced around the street but there was no one around her. She frowned as she walked into the building, heading up to Charlie’s new office on autopilot; he’d been promoted to Sergeant after the success of the trial and with promotion came an office.

She went over her rushed movements of the morning and frowned. She hadn’t even seen her wallet in her apartment, let alone put it in her pocket.

The usual bustle of the unit broke her thoughts and she grinned at Kehlani as she fell into step with the Lieutenant.

“Your partner called in sick this morning.” Kehlani said with a smirk.

“Yikes. I’ll go see her after my shift.” Camila laughed.

“Heard you dipped out early. In fact, I know you dipped out early.” Kehlani wiggled her eyebrows and Camila forced a smile to her face.

“I just helped walk her home.” Camila waved her off, ignoring the shake of her hand.

“She looked cute.”

“She was very drunk.” Camila shook her head as they came to a stop outside Charlie’s office.

“Uh huh. And if you want anyone else to believe that you ‘just walked her home’, you might want to cover up that hickey.” Kehlani said with a laugh before wandering to her office.


As if it wasn’t bad enough she’d snuck out of the Jauregui’s apartment, now she had a reminder of the really stupid mistake.

The only reason she’d left in the middle of the night was that Taylor had walked out to the kitchen and interrupted them. Luckily the room had been too dark for her to realise who was with her sister.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) they decided that unless they wanted to cause a scandal, it was probably best for Camila to head home.

Camila had just pushed open Charlie’s door when a thought crossed her mind.

“Oh fucking dogshit.” Camila growled, closing her eyes, her knuckles turning white as her grip on the door handle tightened.

“Uh Camila? You okay?” Charlie’s concerned voice made her open her eyes and she smiled tightly.

“Nope. Just realised I left my wallet at home.” She said through gritted teeth. Charlie grimaced before gesturing to the chair in front of his desk.

“I take it you found something on Jauregui if you’re calling this briefing.” Charlie said, looking at Camila expectantly.

“She’s the new leader of the family.”

“Got any proof? There’s been some mixed chatter on who’s in charge at the moment.” Charlie leaned back in his chair and Camila slid a file over to him.

“Pictures and I even have a video of Lauren Jauregui conducting a ‘meeting’ with Austin Mahone.”

“Mahone? That slimeball is doing business now? Jesus.” Charlie muttered as he flipped through the file.

“Sounds like he’s been in the business for a while now. But Lauren’s definitely the one we need to go after if we want to dismantle the Jauregui’s. She’s the last heir at the moment. No way in hell is she gonna let Chris take over if something happens to her.” Camila said with a frown.

“I want you running it, from the 99.” Charlie said after a few minutes of quiet reading. Camila’s eyes widened and her lips parted.


“You know the most about Jauregui, and you’ve got a drive to get her that I don’t think anyone else has. Whatever she did to get under your skin, it’s gonna get her arrested.” Charlie said with an encouraging grin.

Camila smiled weakly and ran a hand through her hair.

“I don’t know the first thing about running point.” Camila said quietly. Charlie leaned forward on the desk.

“I’ll talk to the head of Detectives and see if I can’t get Diaz and Peralta to give you a nudge in the right direction. I’ll hold off on asking for a task force until we’ve got some arrests made and some more intel.”

Camila nodded, her mind whirring too quickly to truly process what was happening; she was being given permission to gather evidence on Jauregui and get paid for it this time.

As long as no one found out what happened last night, she’d be golden.


Lauren could feel her soul trying to leave her body.

She’d been sat at the head of the conference table for the past two hours. The five Jauregui Seniors had been rambling on about traditions and manners and general bullshit, and they showed no sign of slowing down.

Lauren was just glad that the police had released her dad’s old office space yesterday afternoon. The modern office floor was a much better place to conduct business than her father’s private study in the apartment.

There was a knock at the door and everyone turned to look through the glass, Lauren waved Dinah in and she entered with as little grace as possible.

Lauren hid a smile behind her hand as the five old man started twitching at the new muscle of the family, walked up to Lauren and slid a wallet onto the table.

“Chris found it between the sofa cushions, he couldn’t figure out whose it was.” Dinah said with a pointed look at Lauren before leaving the room.

“Continue.” Lauren sighed, smiling at her Uncle who launched into his ramblings once more.

Lauren looked at the wallet; it was simple, worn leather, clearly had been used for years. She flipped it open, periodically glancing up at her Uncle to show she was listening (she wasn’t), and looked at the cards inside.

Clearly Chris hadn’t bothered to look at any of the names of the cards and Lauren internally rolled her eyes.

She felt her stomach roll when she saw the faded name staring back at her.

How in the fuck did Officer Camila Cabello’s wallet get in her sof-


Lauren’s eyes widened as her mind cleared for the first time that day; the flashes of memories suddenly pouring into her brain.

There was whiskey… a lot of it.

There was a positively friendly Camila at the bar.

A cold, short and sobering walk home.

Followed swiftly by a very hot, very sudden, very good bad makeout session on her apartment steps.

Which had led to a very hot, very long, very good bad makeout session on her sofa and suddenly Lauren had the very distinct memory of dragging her hands over smooth skin and lips exploring every inch she could reach. Not to mention the echoes of very soft, quiet groans and moans now bouncing around her ears.

God what she wouldn’t give to make sure Taylor hadn’t interrupted them. It was so wrong but so fucking good. Lauren couldn’t remember the last time someone had made her feel so alive, couldn’t believe how easy it’d been for Camila to make her skin feel like it was burning. It was insane, and stupid and practically the modern Romeo and Juliet.

But dear God did she suddenly understand their stupidity a little better.

Lauren cleared her throat quietly and unbuttoned her shirt’s top button, tugging her tie loose a little.

It was suddenly very warm in the conference room.


“Really Lauser? The cop who got your dad arrested? Of all the girls in the fuckin’ city you sleep with her?” Dinah said with a sigh.

The conference room had long since emptied and Dinah and Normani had come to find her when she hadn’t arrived in the parking lot.

Lauren was still sat at the table, the wallet’s contents now strewn across the table, her head resting against the cool glass, doing a very poor job at soothing her headache.

“I don’t know what I was thinking.” Lauren groaned, sitting up and wincing at the light of the room. She pulled her sunglasses from her jacket pocket and slipped them on with a relieved sigh.

“Why didn’t you fuck Lucy?” Normani shook her head and leaned against the table.

“She was busy.” Lauren shrugged. “I wanted to drink and forget. It was an accident that I picked the bar packed with major crime cops.”

“Should’ve just walked out Laur.”

“It’s the closest bar that stocks my whiskey.” Lauren groaned.

“I mean, it’s no secret you have a thing for her.” Dinah snickered, pulling out the chair nearest Lauren and sitting down, swinging her feet up onto the table.


“Come on, it’s so obvious you think she’s hot.”

“I’m not blind.” Lauren deadpanned.

“Yeah but she caught you Ralph, like slapped-the-cuffs-on-caught.” Dinah pointed out with a smirk.

“She got lucky.” Lauren grumbled, crossing her arms and leaning back in her chair.

“If she gets lucky again, Lucy won’t help you.” Normani said. “And I mean that in all senses.”

“We didn’t sleep together.” Lauren huffed. “We just made out for a while.”

“Jesus Christ Laur.” Normani muttered. “She’s literally the reason your dad’s in prison.”

“Don’t remind me.” Lauren whimpered, rubbing at her forehead with her fingers.

“She’s gonna realise you’ve got her wallet at some point.” Dinah sang quietly. Lauren let out a deep sigh.



The plan was simple.

Cabello was visiting Brooke, her apartment was empty.

All Lauren had to do was climb the fire escape, open the window, put the wallet somewhere obvious and leave.

It’d been going great, the window had been unlocked, the wallet had been placed on the kitchen counter and Lauren was making her way back to the fire escape when something caught her eye.

It was a corkboard.

Filled with notes on her.

“God if she wasn’t a cop this would be so creepy.” Lauren murmured to herself as she peered at the board.

Of course in those precious few minutes of observing her life on a cork board, Lauren missed the muffled sounds of conversation in the hallway and the unmistakable sound of keys jangling.

It wasn’t until there was the sound of the key entering the lock that Lauren tensed up and spun on her heel just as Camila pushed open her door.

They stared at each other for a second before there was a voice from the hall.

“You okay Cabello?” Camila flinched and looked down the hall.

“Fine Diaz, forgot to close my window is all. See you tomorrow.” Camila said quickly before stepping into her apartment and closing the door. “What. The fuck.” She hissed, flicking on the lights.

Lauren winced at the bright light, hangover still persisting.

“Wallet.” Lauren closed her eyes and frowned at herself and her lack of the English Language. “You left your wallet.”

“I could literally arrest you for breaking and entering right now.” Camila said, folding her arms across her chest. Lauren’s eyes flicked down to the handcuffs secured on Camila’s belt and gulped.

She’d be the infamous Lauren Jauregui; busted after being in charge less than a month, over a b&e where she was returning something she didn’t even steal.

“And have me explain, in detail mind you, why I was returning your wallet?” Lauren said calmly, a smile on her face. Camila scowled at her and marched to her kitchen counter, flicking through her wallet suspiciously.

“I had twenty bucks in here.”

“Chris must’ve taken it when he found it this morning.” Lauren shrugged. “Wasn’t any cash when Dinah brought it to me.” Lauren was taking great amusement in the redness flushing Camila’s skin and the deepening scowl.

“How many people have found out about… it?” Camila asked, her words stilted. Lauren could tell she was trying not to yell.

“Well Chris was too hungover to care about whose it was, Dinah and Normani are nosy fucks so they found out. But that’s it.” Lauren shrugged again and scratched at the back of her neck. “Look-”

“No. You look, that can never happen again. Ever.” Camila interrupted, stalking towards Lauren and prodding her shoulder. “It shouldn’t have even happened in the first place.”

“We were drunk.” Lauren argued, rubbing her shoulder softly. “It won’t happen again. Relax.”

Camila peered up at her, scowl still firmly in place.

“I’ve changed my mind, I’m arresting you, just to wipe that smug look off your face.” Camila growled, hand reaching for her handcuffs. Lauren wrapped her fingers around Camila’s wrist and stopped her.

“You’re like a broken record sometimes I swear. I get it. You’re going to arrest me. How about you wait until it won’t ruin both our reputations.” Lauren huffed, staring Camila down.

“Now I can add assault to the list.” Camila said, glancing down at Lauren’s fingers still on her wrist. Lauren rolled her eyes.

“Please, I’m fairly sure you could move your hand if you wanted to.” Lauren shot back with a scowl forming on her face. “Just let me leave and if you’re lucky I’ll tell you where my next meeting is.”

Camila paused and regarded Lauren with more curiosity than anger.

“Fine.” She said quietly, pulling her wrist from Lauren’s grasp easily and stepping back. “Next time I see you doing something even vaguely illegal I’m cuffing your ass.”

“Noted.” Lauren said with a small salute. “See you around Officer, perhaps outside city hall tomorrow afternoon.” Lauren hurried back to the fire escape and glanced back to see Camila staring at her cork board.

She shook her head and made her way down the fire escape.


“Your girlfriend’s leading the hunt against you.” Dinah said when Lauren opened her apartment door.


“Cabello. Boys down at the 76 just called. She’s heading the investigation into you. She knows you’re the boss.” Dinah said, handing Lauren a beer. Lauren scrunched her nose at it but sipped it anyway.

Lauren groaned as her headache returned full force

“Great. Awesome. The one cop who’s got a personal vendetta against me ‘cause of a fucking coffee is hunting me down.”