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Catch me if you can

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Camila Cabello had been out of the academy for a whole two weeks before she ran into Lauren Jauregui.

She felt so shiny and new, the new kid on the block and her uniform felt too stiff. She hadn’t had time to wear it in, to make it look worn and used. Like she’d spent her days protecting people and not wandering the streets, waiting for something to happen.

The only good thing was her partner, they’d graduated the academy around the same time and been partnered together. Camila almost couldn’t believe someone as sweet as Ally could ever want to be a cop but then she’d met the rest of the 99th Precinct and their Sergeant.

“Does anything actually happen on patrol?” Ally whined as they walked down the street. They’d stopped to get coffee and were trying to ignore the biting of the cold winter air against their fingers.

“Apparently not.” Camila sighed. “The Detective unit upstairs is apparently so good at their job, crime doesn’t fuckin’ happen.”

The two of them laughed and tried to ignore the way their breath came out in cold visible bursts in the air.

Camila was about to radio back to the precinct for any new hits when someone’s shoulder collided with hers, her coffee flying everywhere.

“Holy shit, I am so sorry.” Camila waved it off and shook her hands free of coffee before looking up. She smiled at the concerned face looking back at her, green eyes standing out against pale skin, black hair flipped over her shoulder and a hoodie tugged tight around herself.

“Don’t worry about it.” Camila said with a bright smile, tucking her hands into her pants pockets.

There was a pause, the two of them just smiling at each other before the woman seemed to jolt back to life.

“Sorry, I’ve got somewhere to be.” The woman apologised. “Or else I’d buy you a replacement coffee.” She smiled once more before turning on her heel and jogging away.

“Well she was nice.” Ally smirked at Camila who rolled her eyes.

“Shut up Brooke.”

It wasn’t until later that she’d learn the identity of her mysterious green eyed coffee killer.


They were waiting to cross the road when it happened.

Alarms started blaring from the jewelry store across the street, there was yelling and screaming, arms waving as the security guard failed to catch the small hooded figure darting out the front door.

Camila and Ally glanced at each other before taking pursuit. Camila processed Ally calling dispatch and notifying them of their chase.

“NYPD freeze!” Camila yelled as they careened around the corner, the figure still some way in front of them. She felt the pavement thudding under her feet, her boots finally losing their squeaky clean look as she splashed through slushy puddles.

The three of them skidded around into an alleyway and Camila’s eyes widened at the sight of a chain metal fence halfway down the alley. She watched in frustration as the figure bounded up the fence, kicking the stack of boxes she’d used as a boost over behind her.

The figure landed heavily on the pavement on the other side of the fence as Camila and Ally crashed into the chainlink. The person checked the duffel bag on their shoulder, a pistol loosely tucked into the front of their jeans.

Camila slammed her palm against the fence as Ally turned around to try and cut the person off at the other end of the alley.

“Sorry sweetheart, but today just ain’t your day.” The figure chuckled, pulling their hood down and leaving Camila dumbstruck.

The same green eyes looked back at her.

“You.” She mumbled, blinking at her, her fingers clutching at the fence.

“Lauren. Lauren Jauregui.” The woman said with a quick bow.

“As in the Jauregui crime family?” Camila said with wide eyes. Lauren shrugged, adjusting the bag’s straps as a car came swerving down the alley behind her.

“I’m gonna get you.” Camila said lowly. Lauren laughed as she wandered over to the car, the back door already opened for her.

“Please babe, don’t go above your paygrade.” Lauren said with a salute, ducking into the car and slamming the door shut behind her.

Camila drew her pistol and aimed it at the driver. The driver rolled her eyes and started reversing out the alley.

“Ally!” Camila yelled as she saw her partner entering the alleyway as the car picked up speed. Camila let out a sigh when Ally dove out of the way and the car went skidding out into traffic, causing chaos before peeling away from them.

Ally made her way down to Camila and holstered her pistol.

“You find out who they were?” Ally asked, still slightly out of breath.

“Lauren fucking Jauregui.” Camila growled, shoving her pistol back into it’s holster and grabbing her radio.


“Hey newbie, heard you had a run in with Jauregui earlier.”

Camila looked up from the table and saw her friend Hayley grinning down at her.

“His daughter.” Camila said glumly.

“Ooh, which one?” Hayley pulled up a chair and leaned on the table with an eyebrow wiggle. “The hot one or the really hot one?”

“I’m hoping the hot one but… Lauren?” Camila sighed. Hayley cackled and smacked her hand on the table with a snort.

“Nope. Super hot Jauregui; pansexual criminal mastermind… supposedly.”


“Rumour has it daddy’s grooming her to be boss one day.” Hayley said, sipping on Camila’s coffee and glancing at the vending machine thoughtfully.

“Well today she was robbing a jewelry store in broad daylight.” Camila groaned. “And I couldn’t catch her.”

“Hey, don’t beat yourself up about it, Jauregui is a major crimes unit case. His daughter is currently a robbery case but the way she’s going, don’t be surprised if upstairs suddenly catch her as a homicide case.” Hayley said with a click of her tongue.

“You really think she could kill someone?” Camila said, scratching at the peeling paint on the table.

“The Jauregui’s are a mean bunch Mila, they don’t have a line not to cross.” Hayley said before someone called her name and she scurried over to them.

Camila looked down at the closed file on the table in front of her, it almost seemed to whisper to her to open it. She hadn’t even noticed her Sergeant slide it in front of her.

Taking a deep breath, Camila flipped it open and saw the grizzled face of Mike Jauregui grimacing back at her, a thick stack of paper within the folder.

She flipped through it, her shift had ended half a hour ago, Ally having left for a warm shower and a hot date.

She barely even registered the night crew coming in, her jacket thrown on the table, the Jauregui folder open and a slowly filling pad of paper as Camila took notes.

Lauren Jareugui had had the gall to spill her coffee, look her in the eye and act like she wasn’t about to commit armed robbery.

Camila pulled on her tie and undid her top button. Her hand was almost cramping as she flipped onto her third page of notes, almost towards the end of the Jauregui file.

She turned the final page over and frowned, not a single thing other than a few mentions of Lauren Jauregui.

“Sarge?” Camila called out before looking up and noticing the lack of familiar faces.

“Santiago went home hours ago Officer.” Someone said with a smile. Camila blinked at her watch and her eyes grew wide.

Holy fuck, it was late and she had to be up early in the morning.

“Oh shit.” Camila mumbled, scrambling to close the file and organise her notes.

“I can deal with this if you want?” The guy said with a smile. Camila let out a deep sigh and smiled gratefully.

“That would be awesome.” Camila said with a quiet chuckle.

“I’m Charlie by the way.” He said as he shuffled the file into a more respectable order.

“Camila. Cabello.” Camila replied as she slipped her arms into her jacket. Charlie grinned and glanced at the small bi flag on her car keys, she’d dropped them on the table as she was fumbling for her phone.

“You know, there’s a LGBTQ+ group for the NYPD.” Charlie mentioned quietly. Camila paused and grabbed her keys.

“I shall… look into it.” Camila said with a grin. Charlie nodded, clutching the file to his chest.

“My friend Kehlani is Vice Chair, so I’ll get her to send you the usual crap for it.” He said brightly. Camila nodded, making sure she’d got everything before smiling at Charlie.

“Thanks for the help, I.. will probably see you around. I tend to stay late.” Camila laughed. He nodded and waved before heading off to the file room.

Camila’s drive home was filled with vague thoughts of green eyes and black hoodies.

She wanted to know why there was so little information on Lauren Jauregui.

It might’ve been a petty reason behind her motives but she wanted to nail Jauregui for whatever crimes she’d gotten away with in the past. She wanted to lock her up and throw away the key.

That smug smirk through the chain link fence was going to haunt her until she’d succeeded.


“That new cop almost had your ass.” Dinah laughed as Lauren kicked her feet up on the coffee table.

“God no she didn’t.” Lauren scoffed, sipping on beer as Normani worked at the kitchen table.

“Please, girl almost had you by the belt.” Normani murmured, inspecting diamonds studiously.

“Just… don’t tell my dad.” Lauren huffed.

“Do we look like snitches?” Dinah said with narrowed eyes.

Lauren didn’t dignify that with a response, instead turning on the TV and scrolling through the channels.

“So is it true?” Normani asked, leaning back in her chair to look at Lauren.

“Is what true?”

“You’re Jauregui’s favourite to take over after him? We all kinda assumed it’d be your brother.”

“Chris? Dude doesn’t have any business sense. Sure he’s good at smooth talk and getting what he needs but he lacks vision.” Lauren huffed.

“Oh we know that.” Dinah laughed. “Just ‘cause, you know, he’s a guy.”

Lauren cackled and downed her beer, letting it clatter onto the floor and she leaned back on the sofa, her hands tucking behind her head and a smirk gracing her face.

“New York ain’t ready for my ass and they’re gonna damn well know it.”