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The Alphabet of Sentences with Saint Seiya

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The Alphabet of Sentences with Saint Seiya




A is for = « As the Gold Saint of Capricorn, Shura is the victim of all the goat jokes his co-workers are able to find. »


B is for = « But he isn’t alone though. All the Saints occasionally suffer ‘cause of bad jokes about their zodiac signs. Among the best ones : Aioros the Half-Pony, Shrimp & Nemo for Deathmask and Aphrodite … Someone even called Milo Queen Bee ! »


C is for = « Can Saori improve and become a better character ? Impossible. She’s beyond hope. »


D is for = « Dare is your choice Dokho ! You’ll have to find a way to lock Mu in the sheep barns of the Sanctuary. »


E is for = « Evening is the best moment of the day because it is then that the risk of dying when you cross the fourth temple is the lowest. »


F is for = « Fear is the feeling someone is supposed to feel when confronted with a depressive Hades. Depression being the most normal mood of this guy. »


G is for = « Guarding old rocks, training to guard better old rocks, and fighting in a war for said old rocks and pillars seems a bit boring and repetitive. »


H is for = « High Pope is a very tiring job when one must do paperwork most of the day and then, refrain the warlike ardors of twelve Gold Saints full of energy. How Shion survived so many years, and why Saga wanted THAT job (masochist?) are unresolved mysteries. »


I is for = « Inventing bawdy songs and teaching them to the masks of the fourth temple is like signing for a slow death. »


J is for = « Julian Solo had kept some of Poseidon’s bad habits after the possession has ended, like eating raw fish with bones … or talk to seaweed. »


K is for = « Kardia and Degel are without any doubt the previous incarnations of Milo and Camus. Both hot and cold. One sadistic and the other with silent tendancies. Both totally in love. »


L is for = « Look at Kiki. This kid seems innocent and is a wonderful apprentice most of the time. However, he have a dark side which was revealed the day he thinked that riding a rodeo on Aldebaran’s back was THE good things to do of his spare time. »


M is for = « Milo the Stinging stinger with a Needle attack and whose words are spikes when he wants. »


N is for = « Never invite any of the Bronze Saints in your kitchen, it will be a complete disaster if you did so. Hyoga would freeze all the food, Seiya would break some of the kitchen’s equipments, Shun would add sugar to everything, Ikki would roast all the plates, and Shiryu would have fled from there long ago ... »


O is for = « Of all the ways he could have ruined his chances with Athena’s reincarnation, Seiya had to vomit his feta salad on her dress when it was the goddess in control of the body. »


P is for = « Preparing the monthly barbecue is always Ikki’s job, often helped by Deathmask who turns the meat with his crabs claws. »


Q is for = « Qatar was where Shaka’s last mission ended. With a camel chewing his long blond hair, probably because they looked like straw. »


R is for = « Rainbows aren’t just in the sky. Take a look at all these hair colors ! »


S is for = «To sit on Poseidon’s throne was terribly tempting for Kanon but he couldn’t blew up his cover at the time. »


T is for = « Toilets were often destroyed during the various wars touching the Sanctuary. The inhabitants suffered greatly because of that. »


U is for = « Utmost level of stupidity : Seiya. No doubt because of all the walls he takes. »


V is for = « Vents, alarm clocks, and a whole lot of technologies are rare or extinct in the Sanctuary. These guys really die hard. »


W is for = « Whiskey is apparently the only drink acknowledged by Rhadamanthys. »


X is for = « Xena the Warrior … We don’t really know what to say except that the universe she lives in clearly isn’t real. We’re warriors of Athena after all ! Moreover, we don’t know if she had even existed in the first place. »


Y is for = « You can say that twelve golden cans are enough to defend the Sanctuary, no problem. But WHY Saori/Athena is always kidnapped and powerless ? She’s supposed to be a goddess oh ! And why doesn’t she participate a bit in battle ? Does she fears to break a nail, or does she have the syndrom of the princess in distress ? »


Z is for = « Zorro is obviously one of Shura’s role models even if he refuses to admit it. Two spanish speakers, sword skilled, protecting the widow and the orphan ... »