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I found myself laughing while looking at her.
I never felt such pure joy; I could’ve left my own body, as I did not have any perception of it. I might have.
She was playing with her horse as it kept on jumping in front of her and she almost lost her breath while laughing uncontrollably - everything was enlightened by sunlight, summer was blooming and I never felt more like myself. I suddenly felt the taste of my own true self, never more in touch with what used to be a memory. As happiness grew, I observed every detail around me: the green of the grass, the trees creating our own bubble, the smile on her face – and it grew more, and more, and more, until I felt like running.
And I ran.
When I got close enough, she noticed me, but I did not stop: I could not stop.
I only wanted to reach her,
And it kept on growing
So I ran faster, faster, until she laughed amused at what was about to hit her: I jumped, throwing my arms around her neck, falling on the ground before I could hang on her body with my legs.
Oh, how we laughed…
And it grew so much I could’ve exploded, but it suddenly was all so quiet – I hugged her gently, leaning my head on her chest as she holt me sweetly, like she could easily hurt me.
She smiled; her face relaxed, her eyes closed.
If life ended, I would be ready:
I can say I lived, now.