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Somehow, waking up in the middle of the night to the feeling that someone was in his bedroom seemed more like a normal thing these days. Jusis wasn't even going to make an attempt to reach for his sword, which would've been somewhere nearby and accessible. There simply was no point in drawing his weapon at who he knew was here.

"Hmph. Come to tell me the latest wrongdoings of the nobles of my province?" Jusis guessed, not bothering to get up. The room was mostly dark, though there was just enough light from a lamp he had on the other side of the room that he could admire Machias standing there, his usual suit on. As handsome as ever, though Jusis smirked as he thought of their last encounter just the other day - in the provincial army's dungeon.

Machias stepped closer and adjusted his glasses. "You know of that one lord who's been regularly in the news recently. Vinsfeld was his name I believe? I'd keep that name in mind if I were you. He's been in contact with a couple of suspicious individuals lately, and I have proof."

As expected. "I take it this is what you were here to tell me the other day when you got arrested for trespassing?" Jusis pondered, pushing the sheets aside and standing up from the bed. He was naked, which got the usual reaction out of the intruder in his quarters - Machias stared at him for a few seconds then turned his eyes away with a hint of embarrassment on his face.

That reaction was the exact reason Jusis had stopped wearing his pajamas in the first place. If a certain handsome intruder was going to be showing up in his bedchambers on what was pretty much a regular basis, he was very much allowed to have ideas. "Hmph. I keep finding you in my quarters at questionable hours," he pointed out. "With how often you show up, you might just as well move here officially."

"D-don't be ridiculous," Machias stammered then composed himself, and Jusis grinned a bit. He quite loved this side of this dangerous assassin. "I'm not exactly in a position to... What are you doing," he questioned as Jusis stepped back and picked up something from the top drawer of his nightstand.

It was a pair of handcuffs. "Keeping you here," Jusis replied, deadpan. "I told you that I would chain you to my bed if you show your face again, did I not?"

The look in Machias' eyes turned to something between irritated and absolutely dangerous, and Jusis had to struggle to not get too aroused from the plain sight. Damn it if he didn't adore the way this man looked at him. "And I remember warning you against such ideas, did I not?" Machias retorted, folding his arms.

Jusis took a step closer and reached out with his free hand. "Then I recommend you escape, my dearest Enforcer. Run away from me before it's too late," he threatened with an imperturbable tone of voice. Machias narrowed his eyes and stared at him - with his gaze wandering down Jusis' body for a second, to his amusement. "And I dare to claim it's starting to be too late," Jusis added, taking hold of Machias' arm and attempting to slip the handcuff on him.

The very next second he wasn't sure what happened. Certainly, he was well aware of how well-trained Machias was, and he had expected resistance, but he reacted too slowly to evade getting his wrists grabbed. Half a second later, his right arm was behind his back with enough force that it hurt, and he gritted his teeth. His hold on the handcuffs loosened, and he didn't know what happened to them.

...Which he learned another couple of seconds later after getting tossed on the bed. He barely had enough time to blink before finding his hands pulled above his head, and Machias forced him on his back then the handcuffs were around his wrists, chaining him to the headboard. "I warned you," Machias muttered with a dangerous tone of voice.

With this man leaning over his naked body in the bed, Jusis wasn't about to even pretend not to be aroused. "Hmph. And I expected you to keep your word. All right, so you have proven to be a man of your word, though that I knew already. What are you going to do now?"

There was a smirk on Machias' face, and the gaze of those sharp green eyes wandered down Jusis' body. "I should just leave you here," he mused. "Would teach you a lesson."

"But you won't," Jusis pointed out. "After all the trouble you've gone through for me, I know you have your honor." There was just a hint of change in that piercing gaze, one that most people wouldn't have noticed. "You could not simply leave me here to be found by my butler in the morning, naked and bound. Or perhaps your plan was to thoroughly humiliate me then leave me here suffering?" Machias made a disapproving sound, and Jusis grinned. "And I also highly doubt you'll simply be making your exit now," he continued, nodding his head a little. "I'm noticing a certain level of discomfort in your crotch region."

Machias cut his commentary off by grabbing a hold of his jaw with his left hand. "You just worry about your own issues," he muttered, leaning closer and giving him one of those glares that made Jusis unable to look away, not that he would've wanted to. "Like this here..." He stuck his right hand down to Jusis' hard-on, drawing his fingers over it. "You have to admit, you're making humiliating you way too easy if you're like this."

"And what type of humiliation did you have in mind?" Jusis inquired, his expression extremely calm for someone who absolutely wanted the man leaning over him right about now. "As I said before. If you were planning on just leaving me here, you would be gone already." Machias gave him a look and moved away for a second to take off his jacket, and Jusis smirked. "Which means you want me," he added.

The jacket was discarded to the side then Machias took off his shoes before returning to the bed. "Bah. I might also just be planning on tormenting you a little," he threatened. "Like this..." Jusis watched him as he leaned closer again, and for a second Machias' face was so very close to his own, and for a fraction of that second, he wished he would've kissed him.

Machias and Jusis by iL_suffered

A fleeting kiss was placed on his chest instead, another on his stomach and then Machias lay down between his legs and gave him a sharp glance before taking the tip of Jusis' erection into his mouth. For someone who had claimed not to have experience with men before sleeping with Jusis, Machias certainly was good at this; a little bit on the rougher side, Jusis admitted as he closed his eyes for a moment then opened them again, determined to not look away.

It was quite the striking sight, and Jusis found himself captivated. Machias glanced up at him again then ran his tongue down the side of Jusis' hard-on, his fingers stroking the base of the shaft. Jusis clenched his teeth and tensed under the touch, unconsciously trying to move his hands, only to get a reminder that he was handcuffed to the headboard.

"Trouble staying controlled, Duke Albarea?" Machias questioned, licking on the underside of the tip, and Jusis simply stared at him. All right, so his body was definitely more eager than he was willing to admit, but it took a little more than this to have him lose self-control.

"Hmph. This is nothing," he replied. "I'm simply waiting for you to lose it like the beast you are and ravage me."

Those green eyes narrowed and there was something in Machias' smirk as he turned to look at him in the face again, though Jusis returned the smirk. As cool as Machias liked to believe he was at all times, some things were easy to read - and what Jusis had suggested was exactly what he wanted to do. "We'll see about that," Machias murmured then leaned down again, sucking on the tip of Jusis' hard-on before going further in, taking most of the length in his mouth.

The sensation was quite something, and Jusis pressed his hips up a little, forced to struggle a little to keep himself from making unnecessary sounds. By heavens, this damned man sure could make him squirm if he wanted to, and it appeared he had every intention of doing so. Jusis took a deep breath and grabbed a hold of the headboard decorations for support. He could and would keep himself calm, but damn it if Machias' lips around his erection weren't close to making him lose it completely.

He could take quite a bit more than this, Jusis told himself, focusing his eyes on watching Machias' movements. Those sharp eyes glanced up at him again, and Machias paused for a moment to adjust his position then that warm mouth and the annoyingly varied pressure were there again, and Jusis gritted his teeth. It was absolutely heavenly, and he pressed himself against the caresses, still convincing himself he could take more but also feeling he had less control of himself than he would’ve preferred.

If he regretted the handcuffs even for a bit, it was right now; he so wished to catch a hold of that short hair, but he could only hold onto the decorations of the headboard, silently cursing the chains. A soft sound escaped his lips before he forced his breathing under control, not that it was very easy. He watched Machias' head move up and down, somehow still taking all of him into his mouth and by the Goddess, it felt great.

He tried to move his legs a little only to have Machias stop what he had been doing and move away from the bed for a moment, which ended up with Jusis missing what exactly he was doing. A welcome breather, perhaps, though he got his answer a moment later, and Machias' mouth returned to where it had been, except he now pulled Jusis' left leg over his shoulder, and a moment later, Jusis felt fingers between his buttocks, covered in something slick.

Oh, so that's what he had gone to pick up, Jusis thought; there was lubricant available in his nightstand drawer after all. He took a deep breath and relaxed, just in time for Machias to press a finger in, teasing a little. Combined with the sucking, it was a little overwhelming, and Jusis wondered if he was going to last much longer - and that was exactly when Machias pulled back again, settling to only slightly licking on the side of Jusis' hard-on.

So this is what he had meant with tormenting; it got a low chuckle out of Jusis, and he looked at Machias with a smile. "And pray tell me," he said, managing to catch his breath a little. "What exactly made you think I'm not into this sort of game?"

Machias blinked then composed himself. "I knew that," he said. Whether he actually did know or not, Jusis wasn't sure of, though he did have the idea a certain someone had watched him take care of himself, perhaps even more than once. He didn't get a chance to comment more on the matter, though, because Machias set back to continue what he had been doing earlier, and between getting quite the amazing blowjob and having Machias' fingers against his ass, Jusis found himself a little too distracted to analyze anything.

The tiny bit of rest had allowed him to calm down at least a bit, though he gasped for breath mere moments later. The damned assassin just had to know all his weak spots, Jusis swore in his mind. It was too good and back to the overwhelming levels in a matter of moments, though Machias seriously got to dream on if he thought he was winning this easily.

Another minute of the torment later Machias pulled away again, only fondling Jusis with his fingertips slightly, pausing to take the lubricant bottle again and adding more of it, and Jusis gritted his teeth and forced himself to stay controlled then watched Machias. Considering how long this had taken so far, Jusis calculated Machias had to be feeling rather uncomfortable since he hadn’t done anything to take care of himself so far. "What was your plan anyway, draw it out until I beg?" Jusis mused, his voice a little less calm than he would've preferred, but it was irrelevant. "Though I have my doubts you'd have the patience for that."

"Now that'd be something," Machias replied, staring at him. "I just have my doubts a certain noble here would ever allow themselves to beg. Though trust me, I've had nobles beg before."

"Hmph. Never doubted that, except I'd wager they were begging for their lives," Jusis said. "And you know me well," he added with a hint of a grin. "I would not give you that pleasure. I will not beg; not for my life, or for anything else." The unimpressed look on Machias face made him feel rather smug, and he continued, just to see what would happen. "Then again, you fail to kill me anyway, and thus it seems you opt to fuck the noble out of me instead."

Something flashed in those green eyes, and a second later there was a gun against Jusis' neck. "Try your luck too much and I might decide otherwise one of these days," Machias hissed, but Jusis stared at him calmly. He knew quite well that Machias was not going to pull the trigger, though he also wasn't about to admit how much Machias pointing that damned pistol at him turned him on at this point.

Before Jusis had the time to ponder what would happen next, Machias pulled out a small blade and with a few precise moves, cut the strings holding up the curtains of the canopy bed. The curtains closed, though not completely which made Jusis wonder if Machias had just done that for the dramatic effect. The blade and the gun vanished somewhere though, and Jusis didn't even manage to blink before Machias was kneeling between his legs. "Fine, have it your way," he muttered with a menacing tone of voice as he unzipped his pants and forced Jusis' legs apart, not that he had to really force anything at that point because Jusis was quite willing to allow it.

Considering there was lube from earlier and Jusis knew what was coming next, he managed to relax his lower body just before Machias pressed himself against him and inside him. Prepared as he was, a slightly surprised sound left his lips and his hold on the headboard slipped. It didn't exactly hurt at this point, though his body was far beyond the point where he would've considered being entered painful.

At least Machias wasn't even trying to pretend he hadn't wanted to do this. The pace of his thrusts was quite fast from the start, and Jusis couldn't exactly complain. Deep and rough, exactly what he had longed for, and he wrapped his legs around Machias' waist and pressed himself against those thrusts the best as he could.

The damned handcuffs still kept his hands in place, and he cursed them mentally again, tugging them a bit then just giving up. There was no way he could free his hands right now, and he was much too proud to start complaining about the discomfort of having his arms stuck there. Machias pressing into him made his body move against the bed, and his wrists hurt a little but damned if he was about to care.

Keeping his breathing under control this far into it wasn't happening, he hated to admit, but as he took a couple of sharp breaths and struggled to keep himself from making sounds, he knew it was a lost cause. At least he wasn't mumbling anything embarrassing like his partner's name. The temptation to give orders existed even in his current state of mind, however. "...Ghh... harder..."

It did get a reaction out of Machias at least. "Not so in control now, hmm?" He muttered though he wasn't one to talk when he had to pause to catch his breath and as he continued, his movements were slower and more deliberate. Rather enjoyable, Jusis thought, even if each thrust brought him closer to the edge. It was so good though, and in the end, Machias was right, but damn it if Jusis was caring at the moment.

Machias grabbed a better hold of his hips and pulled him against himself, not that it was really necessary with Jusis' legs around his waist. The thrusts were deep and precise, and the determination in those green eyes made Jusis want to laugh, except he was in no position to be laughing, considering just breathing was so hard to begin with. "...Heh..." Was all he managed, and even that ended in him gasping for breath.

"...What's so funny?" Machias asked with a low, somewhat soft voice, forced to pause a little again. The next few thrusts that followed made Jusis tense up and try to press himself harder against the movements. Goddess, it was so good that he was going to lose his mind, and he was starting to be beyond caring. He wanted to close his eyes, but it would've meant letting go of the little control he had over himself, and besides, that expression on Machias' face was precious. The look in his eyes was still as intense as ever, but he was starting to look rather spent.

Replying to the question took quite a bit of focus at this point. "Control...? When everything..." Jusis trailed off and gritted his teeth, pausing for another few thrusts that made his body lose whatever little strength he had left. "Has gone... exactly how I wanted it?" It was the truth, in the end, and he had gotten exactly what he had wanted.

Which right now meant more deep thrusts that left him gasping and moaning. Machias kneeling between his legs and gripping on his hips hard as he pressed into him repeatedly all while Jusis' hands were held firm by the handcuffs meant his hard-on had gone ignored for a while now, though he wasn't exactly caring. If this also meant Machias was going to get to remark how he would come from just being fucked, then so be it; right now it meant he could take this just a little longer.

"Oh screw you," Machias muttered, and Jusis so wanted to make the comment about that being exactly what was happening right now, but he was too out of breath to say anything anymore. He was so damn close by now, and his body had certainly had enough by now. He did his best to keep his legs around Machias' waist, but he was slowly realizing he was trembling.

His lack of strength wasn't much of an issue since Machias was holding him pretty firmly, though by now even he was starting to run out of stamina. The thrusts continued though somewhat uneven and just rapid and needy, and Jusis still stared at him, captivated by those green eyes even as his eyesight was starting to turn blurry. He blinked and tried to focus, but Machias thrust deep into him right then, and he tensed up, his body at its limit.

It turned out Machias lost strength as well right about then, and he slumped on top of Jusis, his face against Jusis' neck as he pressed into him a few more times, making quite lovely sounds, not that Jusis' exhausted mind could register it very well. With Machias' weight against his body, and more importantly, rubbing against his neglected erection, he came in seconds.

If he screamed out "Regnitz" as he came, he didn't know. His mind blanked out completely for a moment, and he just lay there, barely getting a hold of himself after a moment only to hear Machias make the sweetest sound as he finished. He stayed on top of him for a moment, and Jusis tried to pull the handcuffs a little, finding to his chagrin that they still held firm. He really wanted to pet Machias' hair right now, but that wasn't happening.

He made a slight sound of disappointment as Machias pulled out after lying there for a moment then moved up a little, and Jusis smirked as he realized he had made a mess of the waistcoat. Well, that had been Machias' own fault for collapsing on top of him. He was about to comment something on the matter when the handcuffs were undone and his hands freed, though he felt a little numb at this point and couldn't conjure the strength to move his arms.

Machias sat down next to him and took a hold of his left hand, studying it a little, and Jusis realized he had red marks on his wrist. Perhaps he had been pulling a little too hard. "Idiot," Machias muttered under his breath then kissed Jusis' wrist.

"Those were meant for you," Jusis said with a hint of a smile. "One day, I will manage to keep you here."

Those green eyes narrowed and looked at him, though if Machias was attempting to look dangerous, he was failing quite hard and only looked tired. "Not with these," he mumbled, discarding the handcuffs next to Jusis’ pillow. He then stood up and drew the bedcovers over Jusis' naked body before glancing down at himself, proceeding to quickly fix his pants and only then appeared to realize the state of his waistcoat, and Jusis grinned. "I warned you, Lord Albarea. I'm not a beast you can tame,” Machias said in a threatening tone. "...Also, go take a shower," he added, sounding embarrassed, which made quite the contrast to the earlier threat.

"Hmph..." Jusis wanted to say something else; he wanted to ask him to stay by his side, but that wasn't a confession he could make right now. He had his pride, and so did this man he wished to keep.

If Machias would just choose to stay with him, he pondered as he watched him step away from the bed, vanishing behind the curtain as he picked up his jacket.

Maybe one day, Jusis thought as he listened to the sound of Machias' footsteps fading away as he left the room.