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Say You Love Me

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“Please, daddy! I didn’t go outside, I promise!” Chloe cried with fear. She hated going in the closet, especially when she hadn’t even done anything to deserve it. 

“I can’t take that risk, Chloe,” Henry replied as he swung the closet door open. 

Drawings were scrawled over the door and on the inside of the closet from all of the other times Chloe had been shut in the closet. An orange sleeping bag was lay on the floor by the wall where most of the drawings were, and a few toys were beside the bag including a handmade ice cream truck. 

“But the ghost!” Chloe tried to tell her father. 

“Ghosts aren’t real,” Henry said and shut the door, leaving Chloe stuck in the closet. 

With scrunched eyebrows, a pout, and the beginnings of tears gathering in her eyes, Chloe reached blindly for the light switch. When she found it, she flicked it on and the room was immediately bathed in a golden glow. 

With confusion, Chloe looked up only to see a ceiling that wasn’t the closet ceiling. She turned around And found someone in her closet. Though it wasn’t her usual ghost, a scream left her lips and she span back around to begin banging on the door. 

“Daddy!” She screamed in terror. “Daddy! Please! I didn’t go outside, let me out! Daddy!”

”Woah, woah, woah! What’s going on? Who are you? How did you get in here?” She heard the woman questioning her. 

“Daddy!” Chloe cried even harder then sank to the floor.

”Hey, hey, it’s okay,” the woman cooked behind her.

In response, Chloe curled up tightly against the door and allowed her long hair to fall in front of her face like a curtain, obscuring her view.

“It’s okay. I won’t hurt you, I promise,” the woman said gently. “I’m the Doctor. What’s your name?”

At the question, Chloe’s mind went to her training with her father and she gave a response that she hoped would make her father proud. 

“Eleanor Reed,” she mumbled, “I’m seven and a half and I like all sports.”

”Eleanor Reed. That’s a lovely name. And seven and a half? Wow, that’s almost as old as I am,” the woman replied.

Slowly, Chloe turned her head a little so she could see the woman. She had short blonde hair that fell almost to her shoulders and golden skin that was complimented nicely in the honey light. Her eyes were green and spoke passionately of many adventures had.

She looked like what Chloe imagined her mother would look like if she’d ever seen her.

“Your name is the Doctor?” Chloe asked.

”Yep. Chose it myself,” the woman smiled to Chloe’s confusion, “now, how did you get in here?”

”My dad locked me in her because he thought I went outside,” Chloe said miserably.

”What, he locked you in my TARDIS?” The Doctor asked with confusion.

”No, in the closet,” Chloe frowned. 

”But... you’re in my TARDIS?” The Doctor said whilst looking around.

“What?” Chloe looked around what was most definitely her closet. 

“What can you see, Eleanor?” The Doctor asked slowly.

“My closet,” Chloe answered truthfully.

”Huh,” the Doctor sat back on her heels and put her chin in her hands. “Well, it’s nice to meet you, Eleanor. Lovely closet you’ve got here. So, your dad locked you in here because he thought you’d been outside. Are you not allowed outside?”

”No. My dad says we have to stay inside because the bad people will kill us,” Chloe whispered. 

“What bad people?” The Doctor asked.

”I don’t know. I’ve never seen them.”

”Has your dad?”

Chloe nodded. She could remember all the stories her dad had ever told her about the bad people that wanted to kill them. The only nice person he’d ever spoken about was Nancy Reed who she was supposed to live with if things ever got bad.

She couldn’t wait to go live with Nancy and Harper and have a normal life.

“What do they look like?”

Chloe shrugged.

Doctor,” a distorted voice reached Chloe’s ears and she looked up in the direction it had come from.

The Doctor seemed to hear it too as she peered up and looked behind her.

Who are you talking to?”

”What’s that?” Chloe questioned.

Instinctively, she reached out and grabbed the Doctor’s hand, then before she could let go in fear at actually being able to touch the woman, the Doctor tightened her hold on her smaller hand.

”Don’t worry, it’s just my friends,” the Doctor revealed and pointed at the wall, “That’s Graham, Ryan, and Yaz. Say hi, fam.”

”I can’t see them,“ Chloe told her with furrowed brows.

Uh, I can’t see anything,” the distorted voice said. 

“Oh. Well, that’s unfortunate,” the Doctor scrunched her face.

Uh, anyways, so where we going today?

The Doctor let go of Chloe’s hand and stood up to face her friends who Chloe still couldn’t see. 

“Oh, I was thinking the fifty-second century! Or Forty-eight! What do you think, fam?” She questioned.

The words tumbling out of her mouth at the speed of light made no sense to Chloe, but despite only just meeting the woman, she felt a surge of panic at the idea of the Doctor leaving her. She would be left all alone in the closet with the ghost and the ghost would scream and there would be nowhere to run because her father had locked her in the closet.

Quickly, she rose to her feet. 

“Don’t leave me,” she told the Doctor.

”What?” The Doctor turned to face her.

”Don’t leave me,” she said again. 

”But, I was going to take the fam on an adventure,” the Doctor said awkwardly.

”Don’t leave me,” Chloe told the Doctor seriously.

”Eleanor, I can’t-“ the Doctor began.

”Don’t leave me!” Chloe cried forcefully. “Don’t leave me, don’t leave me, don’t leave me, don’t leave me, don’t leave me, don’t leave me!”

”I wont leave you, Chloe!” The Doctor shouted.

Chloe froze, eyes wide and panicked. How did the woman know her name? Who was she?

”How do you know my real name?” She whispered, back pressed against the door to the closet.

”I won’t leave you,” the Doctor said as she knelt in front of Chloe, “I promise.”