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The Dragon and The Snake

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“I believe...” She said. “I believe you are a dragon.”

            Silence reigned as every eye turned to Emma, most looked skeptical; but Belle’s confidence never wavered.  Emma and Belle stared at each other for several beats, then Emma grinned.  When she grinned, her teeth had elongated and were arranged like a shark.  Her eyes flashed neon green, and her fingernails elongated into talons.

            “Well done Belle!”  She laughed.  “1000 points to Ravenclaw.  I also believe that was your last question.  Mr. Locksley what are your questions?”

            “Well, I don’t really know what to ask.” He said. “It seems like all the cool things to ask were already taken.”

            “There are still a few questions you might ask, such as what type of dragon? Why am I teaching two subjects?  How can I do wandless magic?” She said.

            “Umm, how about the first and third of those?” He asked hesitantly.

            “Well, I do not know what type of dragon I am, and neither do many of the other magical professors and experts.  I am closest so the Swedish Short-Snout, but I am much larger and golden instead of silver.  I would be happy to demonstrate for those in Care of Magical Creatures. As for wandless magic, I never had a wand and could always do magic even at birth.”

            “Do you have and family?” He asked.

            “David and Mary raised me, but as for more like me?  Not that I know of.”  She answered sadly.  “I hope I find them one day.”

            “Have you ever eaten anyone?” He asked quietly.

            Once again everyone was quiet eagerly awaiting an answer.

            “Not in that way.” She said with a smirk, several snorts echoed around the room, including a rather undignified one from Regina.

            Robin blushed as he realized what she meant and quickly glanced at Zalena.

            “Your last question, Mr. Locksley?” She asked.

            “Do you have a Hogwarts House?” He asked

            “Sadly, I do not as I never got a letter or wore that ugly foul-mouthed hat.” She announced.

            “Really?” He replied Incredulously.

            “Yep, since that was your last question, I believe we save her majesty and the wicked witch for last.” Emma said, turning to the two Slytherins on the front row.

            Everyone stared in horror at what Emma had just said.  No one called them that to their faces!  Both witches glared at Emma, and if looks could kill the teacher would be dead.

            “Well girls?”  Emma asked, “Who gets to ask the questions?”

            Zelena looked at Regina and they both nodded.

            “My sister and I will split the questions between us.  Regina will get to ask three questions, and I will ask two.” Zelena stated

            “Fair enough.”  Emma waved her hand and formed a small wineglass in her hand.  Everyone watched as she swirled the glass and it filled with a blood red liquid.  “Let us hear your questions.”

            “Why do you dislike our mother?”  Zelena asked.

            “Because she is, and pardon my language, a fucking bitch.” Emma stated simply, not even batting an eye.

            Zelena’s face began to grow red in anger but Regina placed a steadying hand on her elbow.

            “Do you have any weaknesses we should know about?”  Regina asked. “just in case you have allergies or something.  Wouldn’t want anything to happen to that lovely head of yours.”

            Regina was surprised to see a faint blush creep up the cheeks of the blonde.

            “Well I’m always weakened by a beautiful face.”  She winked at Regina, causing a heat to begin to rise on Regina’s neck. “But I really don’t like crowds and the cold.”

            Zalena picked up on Emma’s blush, and asked “Do you find any of your students attractive?”

            “I do.” She replied, blush increasing.

            “Which students do you find attractive?” Regina asked.

            Emma paused and stared intently at Regina. “I won’t answer that, as it could endanger my safety.”

            “How can that endanger your safety?” Zelena asked.

            “Because the people you love can always be used against you.” Emma turns to Regina and Zelena with a sad look in her eyes.  “I’ve been told love is weakness.”

            Regina and Zelena’s faces blanch.  They had had those words drilled into them by their mother. 

            “What is your last question?” Emma asked.

            “Can you use magic in your other forms?” Regina asked quickly.

            Emma tilted her head to the side and stared at Regina for a moment.  “Yes, I can.”

            Emma turned and waved her hand and all the desks slid and formed a large circle with Emma in the center. 

            “Now I believe it is time for an actual lesson!  Everyone choose a partner and we will begin simple dueling exercises.”

            Everyone began pairing off, Zelena with Robin, Ruby with Belle, Killian with a mousy boy named Smee.  Eventually everyone had a partner except Regina.  She would have partnered with Zelena, but Robin quickly stole her sister to flirt with her.  Regina walked up to Emma and said.

            “It seems I do not have a partner.  Would you be so kind and be my partner for this Professor?”

            “It would be my pleasure.” Emma replied with a smirk. She walked so they were fifteen feet from each other.  “Everyone face your partner and we will begin a series of duels.  You will each alternate between using expelliarmus, and protego to attack and defend.  Ready?  Begin!”

            Spells began to fly between the pairs throughout the room, except for Regina and Emma.  Regina was hesitant to begin as Emma did not have a wand, or anything to expel from her hand. Eventually Regina decided to just continue as Emma had not given her any indication that she should use a different spell, so she went ahead and cast the spell.  Purple energy emerged from the tip of her wand and rushed towards the professor.  But Emma did not react to it and the spell passed through her completely.

            Once the purple energy had faded Emma turned towards Regina.  Her eyes were glowing a fluorescent neon green.

            “Delicious, now hit me again.” Emma commanded.

            Regina hesitated for a moment and fired off another expelliarmus, similarly it seemed to roll through Emma, like a duck through water.  The glow in the blonde’s eyes increased again and the blonde slowly exhaled and the glow dimmed.

            “Bravo Regina, now are you ready to defend yourself?” She asked.

            Regina nodded her agreement and cast a protego charm.  She focused on the love of her sister and the air blurred in front of her.  Seeing she was prepared Emma pointed her finger and said expellirmus.  Even without a wand, she still cast the spell perfectly and as intended the protego bounced the spell away.  She did it twice more and nodded signaling they were finished. 

            “Everyone rotate to a new partner.  Make sure it is someone you have not dueled yet.  After a few rounds with another student, Regina noticed that Emma’s eyes did not glow when hit with that student’s magic.  Again, she rotated them, this time Zalena was Emma’s partner and this time her eyes did glow.

            Regina realized that Emma was testing each student, by the end of class the only ones who caused her eyes to glow were Regina, Zelena, Belle, Killian and a Hufflepuff named Kathryn.

            Emma did not mention why her eyes glowed or why only certain people caused it.  She pretended like it didn’t happen and once everyone had a try, she dismissed class early.

            “Those of you in COMC I will see you at the Quidditch Fields.  Wait for me there and please do not be alarmed.  Also don’t bring your wands.” She said as we were all excitedly leaving the room.  “Ruby and Belle please stay for a moment I need to speak to you.”