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S-pet-acular Surprise

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Panting around the ball gag currently stretching his mouth wide open, Kaminari could feel the drool collecting at either side of his mouth. Whining, it took every ounce of self control not to wipe it away. Bakugou had promised a thorough punishment if his hands came up off the ground for any reason that was not in character, and pets didn’t wipe away their own drool. Still, he would have taken the chance if he didn’t know for a fact Bakugou was not referring to the fun kind of punishment, the one that ended with his ass bright red and his cum staining whatever piece of furniture he was being spanked over. No, this would be an immediate halt to their game and he would never get to find out what kind of surprise had been planned for today.

“You always make such a mess of yourself,” Bakugou’s voice came from above him. Jerking his head up, he felt a flush work its way down his whole body at the way Bakugou’s eyes raked over him. The gaze took in everything, from the drool leaking out his mouth to the pre-cum that had been smeared across his stomach.

That being said, Bakugou turned back around in his chair, attention once again on his homework. There was something so lewd about being totally naked, kneeling before someone else. Particularly when the other person was fully dressed and not even paying attention. Sneaking a glance at the clock, Kaminari was dismayed to realize that only ten minutes had passed with him on his knees.

It felt like an eternity. He’d been hard since the minute he walked through the door and it had only gotten worse from there. Immediately after coming in he’d been stripped and thrown onto the bed while Bakugou slowly and methodically fingered him open, despite the fact he’d been fucked mere hours earlier and it was not necessary. Right before he came, a cock ring was slipped on, the first surprise of the night, followed by his collar and the ball gag.

Thus the longest ten minutes of his life passed, on his knees in front of Bakugou who appeared unaffected by the whole thing. Whining again, louder this time, Kaminari leaned forward to bump his head into the leg before him. The dorms had emptied out that morning, everyone heading home for the holidays, so he didn’t need to worry about being quiet. He was only staying a few extra days until his mother got back from a business trip. Bakugou had waited until everyone else left before announcing he’d also be staying, to capitalize on the chance to fuck him as loudly as he wanted. As if Kaminari was going to believe he wasn’t just worried about him getting lonely.  

“Fuck you really are desperate aren’t you?” Bakugou scoffed. Kaminari was at the perfect height to see the bulge in his trousers though, a sure sign that he loved every second of this. Glancing at his phone, Bakugou snatched it up from the desk. Rolling his eyes at whatever he was reading, he started typing away. A spike of agitation shot through him at being ignored and before he could think better of it he reached out and pinched Bakugou’s thigh.

In retaliation Bakugou’s free hand shot out, getting a death grip on his hair as his head was yanked back. Scalp smarting, he should probably feel something other than the deep burn of arousal that settled in his gut.

“I could put out my leg and you’d probably rut against it wouldn’t you? That’s how much of a slut you are?” Bakugou taunted him, swiveling in his chair as if he was going to test out the theory. Trying to shake his head in denial, Kaminari could barely admit to himself that it was true. The derisive laugh that got told him Bakugou didn’t believe it either.

Expecting more teasing, excitement started to build when Bakugou kicked his chair away, letting go of Kaminari’s hair as he stood with a stretch. Whole body wriggling in anticipation, Kaminari yelped from behind his gag, pawing energetically at the leg in front of him. 

“Fucking calm down you dumbass, I’ll take you for your walk.” Which wasn’t the action he had been aiming for but Kaminari wasn’t about to complain. Once the lead went on he’d be led around the room a few times and then Bakugou would finally fuck him. Surely he could wait just that little bit longer.

Practically vibrating with pent up energy, Kaminari held himself as still as possible as Bakugou retrieved his leash from under the bed. As it clicked onto the ring on the collar with a loud snap, Kaminari surged forward, forcing Bakugou to take a step to keep his bearings. That earned him a swift smack on the ass with the end of the leash.

“Bad! If you don’t walk nice you’re going in your kennel,” Bakugou threatened, landing another smack for good measure. Cowed, Kaminari crawled back a few steps until he was at Bakugou’s heels. Being good was so difficult when he was this aroused. Still, the threat of being kenneled broke through his arousal just enough to bring a little sense. Obviously there was no actual kennel in the dorms, but when he was especially bad Bakugou would occasionally put him under his desk, leaving him there to think about why he was being punished.

Bakugou set off at a leisurely pace, making a circuit of the room. Careful to stay just behind his heel, Kaminari was rewarded with a hand reaching down to ruffle his hair. Humming in contentment, he didn’t get long to enjoy the sensation before the hand retreated and they were walking again.

Busy daydreaming about hands running down the length of his body, it took Kaminari a second to realize that he was being led through the open bedroom door. He’d agreed to the door being left open, safe in the knowledge that no one was in the building and the door could easily be slammed shut in case of an emergency. But the hall was free game. What if someone had forgotten something and came back to get it? What if they saw?

Freezing in place, Bakugou also came to a stop when he felt the tension now present in the leash. Mind racing, he was unable to stop the faint trembles that started up in his limbs. They’d talked about having sex somewhere they could potentially be caught. Hell they’d talked about a lot of things. But this. Could he really do it? Fingers sank into his hair, a calming and welcome presence. 

Collecting his scrambled thoughts together he finally looked up at Bakugou, who was standing patiently, face carefully blank as he waited. Cataloging what he was feeling, he realized that once he pushed past the fear, all that was left was excitement. He wanted this. He wanted it with Bakugou. Moaning behind his gag, he spun in a circle, nodding his head enthusiastically. Laughing under his breath, no hint of the earlier derision, Bakugou ruffled his hair. 

“Are you sure? We can stop and talk it over,” Bakugou offered gruffly, rubbing the back of his neck. Shaking his head, Kaminari shuffled forwards a few inches, glancing back eagerly, waiting until Bakugou followed.  “Okay, okay. Let’s go. This isn’t your only surprise.”

That was unexpected. Trying to ask, the only thing that came out was a garbled mess of sounds. Instead of responding, Bakugou continued to lead him down the hall, right onto the elevator and on to the common area. Panting, Kaminari shifted his knees further apart. Every slight brush of his thigh against his cock sent a shock through his already strung out system. If the cock ring wasn’t securely in place he would have came in the elevator. As it was, now he had to worry about dripping onto the carpet. 

“Yo Bakugou, that’s a good looking boy you have,” Kirishima’s voice came from the left. Kaminari’s heart ground to a halt, blood freezing in his veins. 

“Pretty isn’t he,” Bakugou replied, seeming nonplussed by the fact that he was there. A hand landed on the base of Kaminari’s neck, running a soothing line down the length of his spine. Heart kicking into high gear, Kaminari glanced to the side to find Kirishima looking at him with awe written over every line of his face. “You can pet him if you want.” 

“Are you sure he doesn’t bite?” Kirishima joked, nervousness an undercurrent in his voice. Visibly swallowing, he took a step towards them before stopping. 

“Go say hello,” Bakugou urged, nudging his knee against Kaminari’s side. They’d talked about this before too, plenty of times. The possibility of adding a third person to their games. Kirishima, being someone they’d both slept with before, open minded and fun, had seemed like the obvious choice. The fact they both happened to have niggling, persistent feelings for him was a lucky coincidence. Still, talking about it and actually doing it were wildly different things. Everyone stood, feet rooted to the floor as they waited for Kaminari to move. It wasn’t a question of whether or not he wanted this. He did. With everything that he was. He’d never done anything like this when he was with Kirishima though. The embarrassment and anxiety were a hard hurdle to overcome. 

Squatting slowly, Kirishima locked eyes with him, gaze unwavering as he smiled. Soft, gentle, reassuring. Everything that was Kirishima. With that, any trepidation that he was feeling melted away. Wiggling his body in a facilitation of a tail wag, Kaminari gathered his courage around him and surged forward, throwing his whole body weight against Kirishima, bringing him crashing to the carpet. 

“He’s not very well behaved,” Kirishima laughed, getting onto his knees to run his hands over Kaminari’s exposed body, which is to say, all of it. Venturing fingers followed the curve of his chest, seeking out his nipple to twist it in the way that always drove him crazy. Keening, he lurched forward, or would have if a hand hadn’t clamped down on his shoulder to keep him in place. 

“He does require a firm hand,” Bakugou said, clicking his tongue. 

“I would be tempted to give this a good spanking.” At the last word a hard smack landed on Kaminari’s ass, pulling a muffled yell from him. “But I also really want to fuck him.” Babbling, he desperately tried to get out words. To beg for Kirishima to fuck him, to please fill him up, to please let him cum. The thought of being put through a spanking right now was agony. 

“No reason you can’t do both,” Bakugou shrugged, coming to stand in front of Kaminari. With quick, practiced moves he unhooked the ball gag, easing it out of his mouth. Bakugou was always careful not to leave it in for extended periods of time. Stretching his jaw, shifting it from side to side, Kaminari relished the ache that it left behind. 

“Good point! You don’t mind if I fuck him first then?” Kirishima asked, already shifting so that he was kneeling behind him. Craning his head to watch, Kaminari just caught a glimpse of Kirishima tugging his shorts down before Bakugou’s fingers sunk into his hair, demanding his attention again. 

“Go for it. He’s already loose. And I used a shit ton of lube on him,” Bakugou said. They were so casual in discussing him, as if he wasn’t even there. As if he were a toy to be shared. Back arched, he leaned backwards, desperately seeking friction. Laughter came from behind him but Kaminari couldn’t find it in himself to be mad as Kirishima started to push into him. 

“Fuck,” the word slipping out, cracking in the middle, throat dry. Coughing involuntarily, he tried to focus on the feeling of being stretched open to distract himself but it was impossible to ignore the itching in his throat now that he’d noticed it. With an annoyed huff, Bakugou released his hold, disappearing from his vision as hands clamped down on his waist, preventing him from jostling around too much. 

“Take a drink.” A glass of water appeared in front of him and just past it, Bakugou, his brow furrowed in worry . “Slowly.” Doing as he was told, he took a few small mouthfuls, swishing them around before swallowing, immediately feeling better. 


“I didn’t know puppies were supposed to talk,” Kirishima said, grip tightening as he slammed forward, bottoming out so unexpectedly a sob slipped past Kaminari’s lips before he could suppress it. 

“Only the desperate ones,” Bakugou jeered, placing the cup to the side before getting back on his feet. The words barely registered. Kirishima set a fast pace, fucking into him with enough force to give away his own desperation. 

“P-please,” he stuttered out, pawing at Bakugou’s thigh, hand wandering higher to fumble with the zipper of his jeans, mouth watering at the thought of tasting him. Being stuffed from both ends, the mere thought of it, was making his brain go on the fritz. A particularly rough thrust from Kirishima had him scrambling to keep his balance, whining high and long. 

“You’re such a fucking slut. I bet you’d take anyone's cock right now, wouldn’t you?” Bakugou asked cupping his face to bring his attention to the hard dick on display right in front of his face. Without needing to be asked, he stretched out, running his tongue from base to tip before taking him into his mouth. Pursing his lips, he slipped down the length, sucking enthusiastically, spit gathering on the edges of his mouth. Moaning, he started going cross eyed from the overstimulation. Every time Kirishima fucked into him, it pushed him further down Bakugou’s cock. 

“Look how much he’s enjoying himself. He doesn’t even care that anyone could come in and find him like this,” Kirishima said, leaning down to drop kisses along Kaminari’s shoulders. Fingers wrapped around his cock and it might as well have been a live wire as electricity twisted its way up Kaminari’s spine, both literally and figuratively. 

Wrenching his head to the side, he let Bakugou’s dick slip out of his mouth as sobs rose up in his chest. Taking heaving breaths, he blinked to try and clear away the tears gathering in the corner of his eyes. 

“Please please it’s too much please let me cum,” babbling incoherently Kaminari didn’t even know if he were forming real words or he just thought he was. Everything was hazy, every single iota of his concentration was focused on his cock. 

“You’ve been so good,” Bakugou’s voice washed over, pitched low and reassuring. The words were like a balm on Kaminari’s shot nerves, calming him enough so he could start to catch his breath. Words passed over the top of his head, quiet enough that he didn’t catch them. 

“The best,” Kirishima agreed, one hand clamping down on the back of Kaminari’s neck as he slowed down. “And good boys deserve to cum, don’t they?” That being said, the cock ring was unclipped, the pressure immediately lifting away. With a choked off yell, Kaminari was spilling all over the floor. Vision going spotty, he was distantly aware of Kirishima following him over the edge before everything faded away.

When he roused back into a state of consciousness, Kaminari found himself on the couch, head being cushioned in Bakugou’s lap and a blanket draped over him. Searching about, he spotted Kirishima perched on the couch arm, leaning in close as he and Bakugou talked quietly. 

“Well well look who’s finally awake,” Kirishima said, noticing the attention focused on him. Sitting up, the blanket slipped off him and Kaminari was surprised to find that he was donning a pair of shorts. 

“As if we were just going to leave you lying around naked,” Bakugou snorted, guessing at the source of his surprise. 

“How long was I asleep?” Kaminari asked, a yawn slipping out as he scooted to the side, draping himself over Bakugou. 

“About an hour.” 

“Long enough I had to finish myself off.” Bakugou and Kirishima spoke up at the same time. 

“You did not! I sucked you off, you liar,” Kirishima protested, shoving at Bakugou, successfully jostling Kaminari in the process. 

As they started to bicker, Kaminari let his mind wander to the picture that must have made, regret filling him that he’d missed out on seeing it. The more the image filled his mind, the more his cock started to stir in interest. 

“Who’s up for round two?” The words popped out his mouth before he could think better of it. Not that he would have. They hadn’t even established if this was a one time only deal with Kirishima. But it was the same day, so it seemed logical that regardless, another round was fair game. The bickering ground to a halt, both men sharing a look before sending matching grins Kaminari’s way. This was going to be fun. 

That, it turned out, was his last coherent thought for the next few days.