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"Hello Sakurai,you have the file of the criminals?" "Yes..right here." ",what a group you have." "Not sure if that's good or bad."





Mario Jump-man Mario,age 36,made back in 1981 in Donkey Kong an arcade game. He was convicted of cannibalism by eating a toad thinking it was a mushroom


Donkey Kong,age 39,made back in 1981 debuting with Mario but taken by Rare and was given back by Nintendo. He was convicted of animal violence and was ratted out by Diddy Kong


Kirby Dreamland,age 9,made back in 1992 in Kirby's Dream land selling over 5 million copies. He was convicted of stealing food from multiple houses and killing 2 men


Fox McCloud,age 27,made back in 1993 in Star Fox. He was convicted of plane theft on multiple accounts


Pikachu,age 7-13,made back or debuted in 1996 in Red and Blue. He was convicted of killing multiple other  Pokemon in a fight


Ness,age 13,made back in 1989 in Earthbound. He was convicted of traveling and refusing an officers request saying he was,'Saving the world'


Link,age 17,made back in 1986 in Legend of Zelda. He was convicted of destroying property and harming near by animals


Samus,age 37,made back in 1986 in Metroid. She was convicted of multiple cases of insanity outbreaks and attacking anyone nearby


Captain Falcon,age 36,made back in 1990 in F-Zero. He was convicted of crashing a plane while intoxicated killing the passengers


Marth,age 14,made back in 1990 in Fire Emblem:Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light. He was convicted of illegally owning a sword


Pit,age 13,made back in 1986 in Kid Icarus. He was convicted of trying to refuse a cops request that he got in the car,he fought back and injured the cop


Solid Snake,age 42,made back in 1987 in Metal Gear. He was convicted of war crimes during his last day saw


Sonic Hedgehog,age 16,made back in 1991 in Sonic the Hedgehog. He was convicted of speeding


Captain Olimar,age unknown,made back in 2001 in Pikmin. He was convicted of killing all his pikmin saything he was 'hungry'


Villager,age unknown,made back in 2001 in Animal Crossing. He was convicted of murder on..several accounts


Mega Man,age 21,made back in 1987 in Mega Man. He was convicted on killing his creator for unknown reasons (Dangerous Keep locked up)


Will Fit  Trainer,age unknown,shown in 2007 in Wii Fit. She was convicted of selling illegal energy drinks and Wii balance broads


Little Mac,age 17,made back in 1984 in Punch Out. He was convicted of killing a boxer who beat him


Mii Fighters,ages 12-34,Miis made back in 2006 for the Nintendo Wii. They were all seen leaving a bank with millions of dollars


Pac-Man,age 40,made back in 1980 in Pac Man. He was convicted of pedophilia on Kirby one year before he went to jail


Ryu,age 51,made back in 1987 in Street Fighter. He was convicted of gang activity ratted out by his wife


Dog,age 5(37 in dog years),made back in 1984 in Duck Hunt. He was convicted of hunting without a  license


Cloud Strife,age 24,made back in 1997 in Final Fantasy 7. He was found trying to jump from a building so he was taken here to be under surveillance by request of his girlfriend who wish to stay anonymous  (Keep in room,don't bring sharp objects near )


Bayonetta,age 500+,made back in 2009 in Bayonetta(the game). She was convicted of being an accomplice in a robbery,she won't give any information on the event


Inkling,age 14,made in 2015 in Splatoon. She came into a police station saying she was seeing demons or monsters of sort so she was put in the prison to be handled by the specialist  (Keep in room,don't let out)


Ridley,age unknown,made back in 1986 in Metroid. He was convicted of several accounts of crimes that cannot be brought out  (Extremely dangerous,do not let out the cage )


Princess Daisy,age 29,made back in 1986 in Super Mario Land. She was convicted of murder of her boyfriend saying 'he loved his brother more then me'


Mewto,age unknown,made an appearance in 1996 in Red and Blue. She was found in a cave and taken for study purposes.  (Extremely dangerous,don't let out. It's painful putting it back in)







"Wow. What a set!" "Yes..we'll be adding another soon." "Oh really? May I see?"







Isabelle Shizue,age 20,made in 2012 in Animal Crossing New Leaf. She was convicted of murder of her brother,clams she was framed

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A scared pooch sat in her seat in handcuffs shacking as they approached a building,the air was cold and all it did was make her want to cry. The driver was silent as they drove,the shih tzu dog was being sent here for a crime she didn't commit,even though she wasn't there at the scene. Someone was able to frame her and now she was being sent here


The bus stopped at the building that had bars over the windows leaving no way to open and get air,a guard stood out at every door and they all seemed very stern

Isabelle was walked off the bus and into the building,there awaited one person who seemed very very listless,"Hello,Welcome to SSM. Your new home." They said in a creepy way. The dog was pushed along to follow where they were going



"Here is where you'll work."



"Here is where you'll eat."



"Here is where you'll be taken if you get hurt."



"And here is your room. Please stay in here til the cell doors open. Then head to the cafeteria."


Isabelle walked into the cell as it shut behind her


The room itself was pretty good,for prison standers. There was two desk separate from each other,there was a toilet but the most noticeable was the bunk bed and the brunette on it. She was very chill and seemed to not noticed her,Isabelle walked towards the bed and sat on the bottom bunk

It was very comfortable,the blanket was fluffy but was matted up and it got stuck in her claws,the pillows were just the same and the cotton felt old. The bed was sturdy for metal standers and the spacing was nice too,but Isabelle's main concern was the space from the wall which caused some issues in her sleeping pattern


The dog got up from the bed wishing she was home with her comfy bed and with her twin Digby,the thought of her friends wishing she was dead because of the death made her cry softly

"Hey pup..what's wrong?" The brunette asked looking up from the ceiling,Isabelle wiped the tears from her eyes,"I did nothing to be here..I..I would never hurt my brother.." She said feeling tears well up,the human stretched her arms before jumping down,"Listen pup,nobody just goes here for no reason. Either your a nut job or you were framed. That's the only reason why you ended up here." She said walking up to the dog

"But I did get framed! My fur was find at the scene but that doesn't mean I'm the killer!" "I was convicted for murder too..I ratted myself out after a suicide attempt." The brunette said,she noticed the belle in her hair and flicked it hearing a jingle,"Cute~" She said flicking it again,Isabelle backed up a bit,"It's Daisy. What's your name pup?" "Isabelle.." The dog said,Daisy smiled petting her head,"Your gonna fit it well kid."








The metal bar was hit against snapping the two out of their mind space,"Time to shower!" The guard yelled. Isabelle and Daisy stood up and walked out the cage,"So..we take showers..together?" The dog asked,"Yep. Even with those nut jobs. But there's one for male and female so don't worry about a gut getting a..peaky peak." Daisy said in a joking way,Isabelle rolled her eyes giving a small laugh

The dog walked into the room seeing the separate curtains where each girl walked in wearing towels over their bodies,"Just go in one and take a quick shower,take your time pup." Daisy said walking past her. Isabelle went in one and took off her orange suit






As she washed her fur,she was thinking about how she lost her twin,the murder was unexpected but somehow it happened,it was scary none the less. She wish she could have saved her twin...her only family..













Daisy and Isabelle made their way back to their rooms giving the dog a good look at the place,it was nice,it could be a cruise ship but instead was just a nightmare prison






The night took over and the lights were shut off

Isabelle wanted to be home


Daisy was fast asleep


Isabelle was up and hungry,she got up and looked out the bared up window,the cold air hit her face

Something in her made her want to cry for some reason


This sort of weather was the best with her brother

















Two puppies laid in a card bored box sleeping and huddled together,the yellow one was very cold but the brown one is making sure she was comfy and warm

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"Issy? You up?"


Isabelle opened her eyes to the horrid place she awoke in,she was about to freak out but then realized how she got her


"Breakfast is starting soon,then outside to do some field work." Daisy said in her face,The dog got up causing the human to back off,"How long was I asleep?" "About 9 hours..I dunno,we don't have a clock." Isabelle got up from the bed feeling like she just slept on bricks

Daisy giggled a bit and walked up to the bars

"Yo Topaz! Open it up girl!" A officer with sandy brown hair walked over really annoyed,"I don't know how many times I must say this,It's officer Topaz!" "Yeah yeah, whatever toots. Just open up so I can get out of here." Isabelle walked up and cought the eyes of the officer,"The new fish in the pond." "Nah. She's my girlfriend! I'll toughen her up!" Isabelle blushed a bit,"Ha! You'd just kill her." "Ey,your not wrong toots."

"I could just let you starve in here. Officer!" "Fine Fine,Officer Topaz." The officer opened the door letting the two inside out,"Thanks toots!" Daisy said grabbing Isabelle's hand and running off,"I will end you!"




The two girls walked into the cafeteria to be greeted with a fowl smell,"Ew! What is-" "Animals." Isabelle looked at her confused,"Oh not you. Your good. I mean those fowl creatures that don't even take showers because they have,'fur.'" Daisy said pointing towards a money who was eating. The two walked into a line where they were behind a small Italian guy

Daisy tapped Isabelle's shoulder,"Watch this pup." The brunette tapped the man's shoulder causing him to turn,"Hey Mario! It's Daisy!" He didn't respond,"Oh come on! I know I like..killed your brother. He just visited you more. I think it was fair." "It..wasn't fair!" Mario yelled looking back at her and stopping the line

"He was the only one I had left! Peach left me! My daughter hates me! Toad's dead! Yoshi went missing! Wario and Waluigi are married and in some sort of condo! Bowers is in therapy! So I have nobody! NOBODY! Thanks to you!" Daisy spaced out before laughing,"I forgot about them! Are they happy?" "YOU..RUINED..EVERYTHING..Don't talk to me." Mario said turning back around and walking


Isabelle froze up hearing the aggression,"Don't worry,he isn't going to do anything." Daisy said moving along with the line





The dog got her food and was really surprised on how it looked. Three mini pancakes,syrup,oatmeal,an apple,and a small carton of milk topped off with a spork. She was pretty happy. Daisy pulled her to a table where a blue hedgehog,a girl with blonde hair,and a very well built man


"Hey what up! It's your girl Daisy with my girlfriend Issy!" The three looked up from their plates seeing the dog,"Huh..New fish in the pond." The hedgehog said," name is..Isabelle.." The dog said trying to not sound intimidated,"Sonic. Fastest thing alive." He said smiling,"I'm..Samus.." she said looking down and messing with the oatmeal,"I'm Ryu,best fighter! But that got me here so..what are you going to do.."

"Issy here was framed. She isn't supposed to be here,so lay off her will ya." Daisy said sitting down and petting the seat she wanted Isabelle to sit in,the dog sat down trying not to make eye contact,"Oh really? For what?" Sonic asked taking a sip of his milk,"Murder.." "Yikes! Who got killed?" "My twin brother..They found my fur and..suspected it was me..but it wasn't! I would never hurt my brother!" Isabelle almost went into tears before the brunette grabbed her into a loving hug,"It's ok Issy..It's alright."

Samus chuckled a bit,"Then your gonna die here little doggy." Isabelle looked up wiping tears from her eyes,"Here's some hints. Eat the food,even on 'No Meat Monday'. Next,exercise everyday from here on out! Then,get yourself a gang you'll need one in this nightmare of a place. Maybe even some officer help will do you good. But DON'T cry. Crying is weak. Understood?" Isabelle nodded still not understanding


"How about instead of the boring rookie talk. We talk about how we got here?" "Sounds good blue! Go ahead!" The hedgehog cleared his throat




"I was running down the streets,I was a little late for my buddies flying practice. As I ran,I got spotted by police and I had them on my tail. I outran police before so it wasn't anything new but strangely they were able to stop me. I was thrown in the car and sent to some sort of place instead of the station. Then they made me drink this substance that took away my speed! Now I'm no longer fast."


Isabelle clapped appreciative,"Thanks! Your very sweet!" "Yo yo yo! I want to go next!"


"Every night,I would go out on the town. Smashing mailboxes and attacking random people with money. While at home,my wife was cooking dinner and caring for our baby all alone. He wasn't even born yet. One night,I went once again. But I was soon surrounded by police who took me to some sort of place where they took away my powers and my ability to break stuff. Now..I'm a nobody."


Isabelle pat him on the shoulder,"Don't worry..I'm sure your wife was doing it to save your son's future." "Yeah..but that landed me here." "Alright. My go."


"I was walking down the street just thinking of what to get at a coffee shop nearby. When someone bumped into me. Normally I would just keep walking but instead I lunged at them and..strangled them til they passed out. Somebody called the cops but I went to tackle them down too and..sorta..I think killed them. The police came and took me first to an asylum but then here. Since I don't have my suit,I have nothing to get rid of."


Isabelle clapped,"Heh..thanks pup. Your sweet." Samus said patting her head,"My time to shine baby!"


"Ever since Mario got locked up,Luigi has been baking cakes and treats to give to him when he visited. Sometimes I would come because he was my boyfriend,seeing him light up as Mario came out and how they would smile and laugh just made me think he was happier with him. I didn't like it. One day,Luigi was in the kitchen making another cake for his brother..but I had enough. I took the shotgun off the self and fired it into his head. I was blacked out during that,but I could tell he wasn't moving. Someone called the police,I'm sure it was Toadette since she was living there for a bit. The police took me here and the rest is history."


Isabelle clapped,"Aw! My girlfriend is so supportive!" Daisy hugged her tightly,"Now..tell us how you ended up here." Ryu said,"Yeah! Tell us!" Sonic demanded,the dog sighed and began



"I came home from my job one day and the police was there. I was I walked up and asked what happened. They pointed their guns at me and told me to get to the floor. I did and they dragged me to the car. On the way to the station,they told me that by brother was dead and found my fur on the ground. They also said they had multiple witnesses saying I did it. Now I'm here. Suffering from a crime I didn't commit.."


Everyone clapped making the small dog blush a bit,"My girl has a good heart! She deserves to live out there!"







"Alright ladies! I want to see you work! I wanna see sweat and tears! I wanna see you cry! Now drop and give me twenty maggots!" A woman with blonde hair and tan skin yelled causing everyone to get down and do push-ups. Isabelle was having trouble since she doesn't do well on her arms,"And what's going on over here?!" The woman asked,she placed her foot on the dog's back placing a lot of pressure,"Get going maggot!"

The dog started to grunt as she tried to get up but the force was too bad,"Alright! Everyone give me 40 laps!" She yelled getting her foot off the dog and stepping back. Everyone ran to the track and ran

"Link don't go slow! Pick up the pace! DK I see you over there don't think your being sly! No rides Pikachu! No jumping Mario! SONIC! No cheating!" "I can't even run fast you hag.." Sonic whispered under his breath,"Kirby! Go faster!" The puffball was out of air and was about to faint,"RUN RUN RUN!" He kept going wishing he was home and eating a strawberry shortcake

Wii Fit was actually enjoying this mainly cause she liked to run,"Alright Fit! Keep up the work!" "Thank you Officer Kyoshi!" She said with joy hardly even breaking a sweat. Daisy rolled her eyes,"I..Hate..Running!" Little Mac yelled,"KEEP RUNNING!"


Once the laps were done everyone was now on the bench press. For people with muscles like Little Mac,Ryu,DK,Falcon and Snake this was easy. But for the rest wasn't so. Kyoshi was walking around looking at everyone to see who was following behind,"I want 100 benches! Got that floppies?!" "Rude!" Mario yelled,"If you speak one more time you will lose your toilet paper privileges!"

Isabelle couldn't even make the first one,Daisy was doing just as bad,but the ones with muscles did this like a breeze

"YES! I love your big muscles! I love it! I love it!" She yelled walking around them the most. Daisy looked at Isabelle,"She has a weird fetish with muscles." Kyoshi walked over to her and added two more waits,"Talk about people behind their backs is bad Daisy! Now get going!" The princess groaned trying to get this over the bar



Everyone was now roaming the prison freely with the officers watching over them. Some were in the library,some were at the tables testing their strength,some were back in their cell so they could rest,and some were just enjoying the day as it happened. Isabelle was one of those people to just sit and enjoy the day while Daisy took a nap in their cell since that workout really tired her

The dog looked into the ceiling and sighed,"Hey fish! You wanna see something cool?" Isabelle looked over to see an officer who looked stern and yet..calming,he was tall and had some sort of beard,"Um..I guess." The man walked forward and Isabelle followed


"I don't show this to many. But you caught my eye,we don't get fake criminals often and all of us here knows you did nothing wrong." Isabelle looked at him confused,"Then why am I here?" "Because the public won't let you. They want whatever they want to be true so they can be happy about them selves." The dog sighed and continued to follow



They stopped at a line of rooms,"Take a look around. I can't be around here." He said before walking off



The dog saw that each room had unbreakable glass that kept it from being destroyed,she looked into the first one to see a blue robot reading something. He looked calm so why was he here?

Isabelle looked into the next one and saw a man who looked shoveled and sad,he looked up and caught her eyes. She quickly turned back before seeing anything else. But she could hear screaming of a young girl in one room

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In a white room,that had glass to see out of

A girl sat on her bed looking around at the area looking for any dark spots,she was strapped to her bed to keep her from moving


The door opened to show a doctor with a platypus beside him,he moved a cart inside and beside the bed


"How are you today,Inkling?" He asked taking a syringe and injecting a blue serum,the orange inkling looked at it and started to panic,"NO NO NO! Please no!!" She screamed trying to break free

The platypus held her arm down and waited for the doctor to inject it,he walked up and put the needle into her bloodline,"NO! Please don't!" The serum was injected into her body causing her to relax

"See? How hard was that?" He asked grabbing a scanner,"What are you going to do?" "We'll see in her brain and see the effects of the drug. This might help Rosa try to help her with the problem." "Oh..very smart Dr."






"I'm..back here." Inkling looked around the dark room trying to find a way out,"I don't want to be here anymore..I learned what I did was wrong. But you keep  torturing me.." She said walking forward



"I understand I killed him in defense of myself..but I didn't know he would..haunt me..If only I turned myself in the moment I did it! I wouldn't be in the hell!" She screamed



"Please..if you can hear me..please..leave me alone.."
















"Huh..strange." "What is it Dr?" "There's something in her brain. Maybe we should try to remove it." "Isn't that dangerous?" "Yeah,it is. But if we want to help her,then it's needed."





Inkling shot awake with a needle in her vain again,"You did great. Extra meat scraps for dinner." She looked down looking like she wanted to cry. The door shut the two and the cart leaving





"I'm still a my mind..." She said lying back in her bed looking at the ceiling

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"Wakey Wakey!" The fox sat up from his bed hearing the loud sound,waiting there was his roommate DK looking at him with a smile,"Why did you wake me up? I just need a nap." "Because I need someone to talk to." Fox groaned and turned around on the bed and looked at the wall

The gorilla looked at the other furry fellow and sighed,"James McCloud would be very disappointed." Fox held his ears and hissed at the mention of his father 



Dinner came by and the fox was given a hamburger,fries,and flavored water. He sat at a table with Mario,Kirby,and Pit

He didn't talk to them,he just ate his burger looking down with a sad look,"Wow. You've been a weak soul." Fox didn't look up,he just kept eating,"He's pathetic. That's why. Whats a fox that can't fight back?" He sighed and walked away to a table alone



The fox was now in the library reading a book he found interesting,"What are you reading?" Mario asked walking up to the fox,he didn't respond. The human snatched it and looked at the page he was reading,"Boring!" He said throwing it away. Fox looked at him annoyed,"What? Not going to growl at me like the animal you are?" He asked. He stood up and walked away





The fox sat outside looking into the sky breathing,he held out his arm that had many bite marks. To hold in his urges,he would bite his skin every chance he gotten so he'd wouldn't hurt anyone


He sunk his teeth into his skin causing a metal taste to go onto his tongue

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"Don't miss a spot!" Kyoshi yelled as the inmates cleaned the cafeteria

Isabelle was mopping up a stain that seemed like it didn't come off,the dog looked at the blonde woman as she paced the area looking down everyone

Daisy walked over laughing

"After this,wanna hang with the gang?" She asked,Isabelle looked at her,"I was going to take a nap after..this day has been very tiring.." "You get used to it. But don't forget to get ready for your job." The ex princess walked away





The dog walked up the steps that lead to her cell,by the railing was Topaz leaning against it

She walked by her trying not to get her attention

"Laundry." Topaz said before leaving,Isabelle looked over confused


The dog walked into her cell feeling really tired,a yawn escaped along with a few flutter of eyes. She laid on the bottom bunk finally closing her eyes











"Isabelle! Get down from there!" A yellow pooch walked along a house's roof singing while her brother tried to get to her,"Isabelle!" She laughed as she turned the corner. But she slipped and almost hit the pavement,but if it wasn't for her brother she would have been dead

"What did I tell you?!" He yelled,"What if you got hurt? What if you'd died?!" She started to cry,"I'm sorry! I just wanted to have fun!" Her brother hugged back," careful next time..I can't lose you too."











Isabelle opened her eyes and saw how the sun was almost down,she overslept,quickly she jumped up and ran out

Topaz was standing outside looking stern

"Over sleeping will get you killed here." She said,"Sorry.." "You have laundry. It's on floor 34,room 62. I'll take you." The officer walked forward and Isabelle followed













The dog was led to a room that smelled very fresh,like clean clothes

In the room were a lot of orange outfits,washing machines and dryers. 5 tables,multiple baskets that were empty or full of clothes and there were 4 people there doing work

"Here's the new fish. Teach her what to do." Topaz said walking away


"Wait..Mayor?!" One of the inmates looked over and smiled

"Isabelle!" The two ran towards each other and hugged


"Why are you here?!" He asked very confused,"I..was framed! Why are you here?!" Villager scratched his neck," I'm stuck here forever. But you shouldn't be here!" He yelled,"This place is scary! I hate it!"


"Hey! Love birds,less talking and more working!" A circle with black eyes yelled"Ignore him. He's the down kill here." Villager said walking her over to a machine


"Just put dirty clothes in here,wait till it dings and then put it in the dryer then fold them! Easy." He said walking back over to his load over to the right


Isabelle noticed a pile of clothes and put them into the washer,"This is too easy." She said smiling,"Keep saying that and it will." A fox said with his sleeves roll up,Isabelle noticed the marks

"Did..the inmates-" Fox looked at his arm,"Oh no. I did that." He said taking the wet clothes out and into the dryer,"Why?"


He sighed,"Simple. If you lash out once,you get a muzzle over your face. You should try this it works for me." Fox said watching the dryer work,"But..that's not healthy.."

"When you worked with a team that has a rabbit. You need to do it or you'd be found eating him alive. Instincts kicking in and what not." He said sitting on a table that has his name engraved in it


"He has a point pooch. Don't control those fangs and you'd be dead." A woman with black hair said looking at her nails that didn't look really good,"Really wish I had a file.." She said groaning after


"Um..why do we work?" Isabelle asked still wondering why,"To make money. So we can call family and friends." Villager said folding the clothes


Isabelle thought of anyone to call,but none came to mind,who would even answer her number after all this? This was all dumb and she didn't want to do this









"And that's why I'm not allowed to go near Mario." Villager said as everyone waited for the clothes to dry,"Does anything interesting ever happen?" Isabelle asked bored,"You either tell stories,watch the clothes spin or space out. This is boring as hell,those people get fun jobs." Baynoetta said sitting up. The dog sighed taking her clothes out the dryer and onto the table

She started to fold and noticed this was even more boring then waiting for clothes to dry





The people in the laundry room looked over and saw another 5 people run out a room carrying baskets of food,one of those people being Daisy,they seemed to be having some sort of race and they were laughing

"Damn..I want to do something like that." Fox said putting the final shirt in the basket,Villager had an idea,"After this. Let's find out who can get these to the transport faster!"










And they were off


Baynoetta was in first,Fox was catching up to her and Isabelle just got in front of Villager. They kept rushing down with the baskets all the way to the transport where Mario was waiting


"20 baskets of fresh clothes! Enjoy!" Isabelle yelled being the first there with the others following behind,Mario nodded as the dropped it off on a conveyor belt,"I appolgize for their behavior,their annoying." Pac said dropping his clothes off





"Now THAT was fun!" Villager yelled,"We're doing that everyday!" Baynoetta said







Everyone was now back in their rooms





Isabelle grabbed a towel that was being handed out from the basket that was traveling around,she smiled happily seeing this day as both scary and interesting

"Well toots,you seem happy." Daisy said entering the cell,"Today was amazing! I love today!" "It's not. Trust me. Just don't go near the touch ones. You'd be deader then dead then." Daisy jumped on the top bunk stretching

"Your not going to take a shower?" "Nope. I'm on bad terms with someone there,so I can't be bothered going near them." Isabelle nodded and walked down the hall










The dog rubbed the soap into her hair as the warm water hit her fur,nothing went through her head. Only sound came out in the end.

Chapter Text

The man walked his way to the phones holding a bunch of quarters,he sat down and placed one in


He typed a number that would reach the ones he loved

All he hoped is that they picked up




"Hello?" on the other side was a young girl's voice who sounded like she was happy


Mario was about to talk but heard laughter of his ex-wife and another man,he looked down at his hand and sighed


He hung up not having the strength to ruin their happiness






"Yo Mario! What got you down?" Sonic asked going up to the man cleaning the tables,he looked at his friend for years

"I..I wish I could have stopped myself from killing that toad..that way I could hear my daughter's voice without feeling this guilt.." Sonic pat his back

"Don't feel bad pal,I'm sure she still has love for you. Your her dad!"


"But the last time I talked to her face to face was 5 months ago,and I can't be bothered hearing her scream again.."

" Rosalina we're talking about right? That sweet little girl who never yells,she calls me uncle blue,and loves the stars. THAT Rosalina who just turned 6 just today?"

Mario nodded

"I didn't know she could show that much hatred. I mean,that sweet girl-"

"She still has hatred..for me..which is something I don't want to have to deal with going to sleep every night.."

"How about this,I call her and wish her happy from you."

"No thanks. I'll just wait another month..hopefully she'll hate me less."







Mario laid down in his hard top bunk,he just stared at the ceiling wishing he would just call his daughter and tell her that he loves her


"Hey Mario,can we hang out?" Link asked looking at his cellmate

"No thanks..not today,I'm really tired."

"Ok. I'll go hang with Fox."


The man slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep


















"Rosalina!" Mario yelled seeing his daughter through the glass

She was sitting while her mom stood beside her


"Listen I'll be out in..a few years,7 at the least. But after I get out,I promise I'll be the best dad ever!"


Rosalina grabbed the phone

"No..I..I can't believe that. You killed someone.."

"I..I know! Listen,daddy was very buzzed so he couldn't tell what was what-"

"That's no excuse to kill someone!"


"NO! I hope you rot in here!"


The girl ran off


Peach looked at Mario and shook her head before following her daughter