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"Hello Sakurai,you have the file of the criminals?" "Yes..right here." ",what a group you have." "Not sure if that's good or bad."





Mario Jump-man Mario,age 36,made back in 1981 in Donkey Kong an arcade game. He was convicted of cannibalism by eating a toad thinking it was a mushroom


Donkey Kong,age 39,made back in 1981 debuting with Mario but taken by Rare and was given back by Nintendo. He was convicted of animal violence and was ratted out by Diddy Kong


Kirby Dreamland,age 9,made back in 1992 in Kirby's Dream land selling over 5 million copies. He was convicted of stealing food from multiple houses and killing 2 men


Fox McCloud,age 27,made back in 1993 in Star Fox. He was convicted of plane theft on multiple accounts


Pikachu,age 7-13,made back or debuted in 1996 in Red and Blue. He was convicted of killing multiple other  Pokemon in a fight


Ness,age 13,made back in 1989 in Earthbound. He was convicted of traveling and refusing an officers request saying he was,'Saving the world'


Link,age 17,made back in 1986 in Legend of Zelda. He was convicted of destroying property and harming near by animals


Samus,age 37,made back in 1986 in Metroid. She was convicted of multiple cases of insanity outbreaks and attacking anyone nearby


Captain Falcon,age 36,made back in 1990 in F-Zero. He was convicted of crashing a plane while intoxicated killing the passengers


Marth,age 14,made back in 1990 in Fire Emblem:Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light. He was convicted of illegally owning a sword


Pit,age 13,made back in 1986 in Kid Icarus. He was convicted of trying to refuse a cops request that he got in the car,he fought back and injured the cop


Solid Snake,age 42,made back in 1987 in Metal Gear. He was convicted of war crimes during his last day saw


Sonic Hedgehog,age 16,made back in 1991 in Sonic the Hedgehog. He was convicted of speeding


Captain Olimar,age unknown,made back in 2001 in Pikmin. He was convicted of killing all his pikmin saything he was 'hungry'


Villager,age unknown,made back in 2001 in Animal Crossing. He was convicted of murder on..several accounts


Mega Man,age 21,made back in 1987 in Mega Man. He was convicted on killing his creator for unknown reasons (Dangerous Keep locked up)


Will Fit  Trainer,age unknown,shown in 2007 in Wii Fit. She was convicted of selling illegal energy drinks and Wii balance broads


Little Mac,age 17,made back in 1984 in Punch Out. He was convicted of killing a boxer who beat him


Mii Fighters,ages 12-34,Miis made back in 2006 for the Nintendo Wii. They were all seen leaving a bank with millions of dollars


Pac-Man,age 40,made back in 1980 in Pac Man. He was convicted of pedophilia on Kirby one year before he went to jail


Ryu,age 51,made back in 1987 in Street Fighter. He was convicted of gang activity ratted out by his wife


Dog,age 5(37 in dog years),made back in 1984 in Duck Hunt. He was convicted of hunting without a  license


Cloud Strife,age 24,made back in 1997 in Final Fantasy 7. He was found trying to jump from a building so he was taken here to be under surveillance by request of his girlfriend who wish to stay anonymous  (Keep in room,don't bring sharp objects near )


Bayonetta,age 500+,made back in 2009 in Bayonetta(the game). She was convicted of being an accomplice in a robbery,she won't give any information on the event


Inkling,age 14,made in 2015 in Splatoon. She came into a police station saying she was seeing demons or monsters of sort so she was put in the prison to be handled by the specialist  (Keep in room,don't let out)


Ridley,age unknown,made back in 1986 in Metroid. He was convicted of several accounts of crimes that cannot be brought out  (Extremely dangerous,do not let out the cage )


Princess Daisy,age 29,made back in 1986 in Super Mario Land. She was convicted of murder of her boyfriend saying 'he loved his brother more then me'


Mewto,age unknown,made an appearance in 1996 in Red and Blue. She was found in a cave and taken for study purposes.  (Extremely dangerous,don't let out. It's painful putting it back in)







"Wow. What a set!" "Yes..we'll be adding another soon." "Oh really? May I see?"







Isabelle Shizue,age 20,made in 2012 in Animal Crossing New Leaf. She was convicted of murder of her brother,clams she was framed