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Sinbad awoke with a familiar headache. His heat . He’d learnt to read the signs that his body showed when that time came around to haunt him. Everyone he knew thought his secondary gender was Alpha, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The king was an Omega , something that no one would ever have expected.


‘It’s earlier than the others, I wonder why..?’ Sinbad thought to himself. He’d have to quickly organise somewhere to go so he could wait out his heat cycle, though heat suppressants would work until then. He still had some from his last one, but the amount he had wouldn’t last him long and he’d have to work quickly.


The following day, Sinbad tried to organise a time to leave, but the effects on his body from his upcoming heat made it difficult. He refused to take any heat suppressants so they would last for longer, but having yet to be mated with any Alpha, even as a 30 year old man, seemed to speed up the heat process. 


With nothing else to do, Sinbad began to build a nest with his bedsheets because he was bored - plus, the idea of a nest seemed comfortable. He yawned and stretched, looking back at his messy but inviting nest. ‘It can’t be that bad to nest every once in a while, right?’ Sinbad thought. He never really gave in to his Omegan urges to build a nest before, but he sure as hell didn’t regret it.


‘It’s so soffftttttttt~,’ Sinbad thought with a smile as he cuddled into the small and warm space. He almost gave in to the urge to purr in satisfaction, but caught himself. ‘Oh shit. My heat’s creeping up on me already? I thought I’d learnt the signs!’


Sinbad begrudgingly got out of his nest to fetch the heat pills in his drawer. It was dark, but he could easily see the white screw-on lid labeled ‘HS’, standing for heat suppressants. He took them quickly, trying to ignore the uncomfortable feeling of the pills sliding down his throat. 


Satisfied, Sinbad went back to his nest and undressed, as he did every night, heat or not, before climbing back into his nest and pulling a free blanket (that he had managed to convince himself not to use in his nest) over him and snuggled deeper into the soft wall of blankets and pillows. He fell asleep instantly.

Over a series of days, people noticed Sinbad gradually becoming more moody and sensitive. He’d always stick closely to Ja’far, an Alpha who acted like a typical Beta. Sinbad would often excuse himself and go to his room, then come back looking better than before. Still, none of them pieced the pieces together.


Until Ja’far found the empty pill bottle on Sinbad’s desk one day. The ex-assassin wasn’t stupid, he knew that kind of pill bottle. It was a bottle for heat suppressants. Something clicked. How Sinbad had been acting, the unusually messy sheets always looking like a disassembled blanket fort, sticking to Ja’far like glue more and more.


Sinbad was an Omega . And he’d been taking heat suppressants. Those things were dangerous, and especially to an unmated adult! The bottle was completely empty, meaning all of them had been taken.


The door clicked open and rushed steps made their way in. Ja’far turned around and saw Sinbad standing there, slightly flushed and seeming dazed. Surprised golden eyes locked onto black for a while, neither saying a thing.


“Sinbad,” Ja’far addressed, still firmly holding the bottle in his hand. He lifted it in front of Sinbad’s face. “What are these?”


“I-uh-um-,” Sinbad stuttered, knowing he was caught. He sighed. “Heat suppressants?” He answered, looking towards Ja’far with a gilty gleam in his eyes.


“And you have them, why?”


“I-Well, um-,”


“Tell me, Sin.” Ja’far commanded in his Alpha voice. He watched as Sinbad seemed to fight himself to not bow his head at the tone.


“I’m an Omega..?” Sinbad trailed off, not really knowing what to do now that his secret was out.


“Okay, now mind telling me why your pill bottle is empty !?”


“I used half of them during my last heat! I need to get new ones because I’m out!”


“Do you know the risks of these things!? Why don’t you just mate so heats won’t take such a toll on you!?”


“Yes, I know the risks, and you know how I am with the idea of mating! You keep pestering me with it!”


“If you know the risks, why take them!?”


Sinbad fell silent. Why had he gone to heat suppressants, anyway? He couldn’t remember at all. Ja’far sighed. “How long?”




“How long until your heat?”


“Well, I don’t exactly know…?


“What do you mean, you don’t know?


“My cycle has sped up a lot in comparison to my other heats, so I’m not exactly sure when it’s gonna happen…”


“Oh my god, Sin, you fool. You still haven’t mated with any Alpha, correct?”




“And your heat process has been speeding up?”




“Then you need to mate as soon as possible! It’s going to keep speeding up until the point where you’ll be kneeling at a random Alpha’s feet to mate you, and heat suppressants will become deadly!”


“... oh,”


“Yes, ‘oh’. This is a bad situation! You need to find yourself an Alpha as soon as possible. Who else knows?”


“Just you..?”


“How am I the only one to figure this out?”


“Well, you did find an empty bottle of heat suppressants on my desk, so that might help?”


“Oh my god, Sin.”



The next day, Sinbad never left his room. He was releasing Omegan pheromones at a rapid speed and if an Alpha came in they’d immediately know that it was an Omega about to enter heat. So, there he laid, shivering at the uncomfortable warmth in his abdomen, trying to ignore the fact that someone would probably come to find him. He sincerely hoped if it was anyone, it’d be Ja’far. He was strong and kind and-



Fuck. He was in heat. 


This honestly couldn’t get any worse. What was he supposed to do!? Goddamnit, where’s the advisor when you need him? Sinbad involuntarily let out a groan of discomfort as his body was hit with another wave of uncomfortable warmth.


“Sin?” A voice erupted from behind the door. Ja’far . Sinbad felt a rush of relief. He weakly got up, even as his body shook with the heat. He walked over as quickly as he could and opened the door, letting Ja’far quickly slip through the door before closing it again.


“God, Sin, your room smells entirely of Omegan pheromones! How close is your hea- oh my god, Sin, you look terrible!” Ja’far exclaimed when he turned around. Sinbad was leaning against the wall, panting heavily. There was sweat on his forehead and dribbling down his arms and his chest were completely flushed red.


“The heat…” Sinbad whispered, closing his eyes as he tried to not give in to the urge to run up to his alpha and beg to be knotted. His head was fuzzy, and being surrounded by his own heat pheromones as a constant reminder of his current state wasn’t helping. Suddenly, calming alpha pheromones reached his nose.


“Calm down, Sin,” Ja’far said, “you're hyperventilating. That’s not a good thing to do in a heat, you should know this.”


“Right, sorry Alpha,” Sinbad mumbled, unaware of the name that had slipped from his mouth. Ja’far, however, did. He froze, uncomfortable with the knowledge that he was so heavily affected by the addressal of his second gender.


“No need to apologise, Sinbad,” Ja’far replied. Sinbad walked back over to his bed shakily and flopped down, face-first into the pillow.


“Damn heat…” he groaned. He laid on his bed with some of his clothes riding up his calves, giving the Alpha a good look at the smooth skin. Just a little more… Ja’far found himself thinking as he felt an urge to stay and mate Sinbad then and there. Had Sinbad triggered his rut?


Ja’far went to the door, planning to leave, though those plans were quickly eradicated when Sinbad’s rough, needy voice reached his ears. “Alpha~.”


The King’s advisor froze for a moment, before locking the door and turning back around to gaze at his omega. Sinbad had already begun shedding his clothes thanks to the sauna of heat a heat brings to an omega. He was sweating heavily, and his long purple hair was messy and stuck to his head. Sinbad’s face was flushed bright red and his eyes were squeezed shut.


“Alpha~,” he groaned desperately. His heat was taking a heavy toll on his body and mind, his only thought was to be mated by his Alpha.