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unfinished Magi stuff that I don’t know what to do with

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The king of Sindria and his right-hand man were in his room, talking. “ Civilly ”.


  “I swear, Sin, I will choke you,” Ja’far grumbled. Sinbad smirked, crossing his arms over his chest confidently, a retort on his tongue already.


  “Kinky,” he chuckled slightly as he watched Ja’far spin around, light blush on his cheeks.


  “You-,” Ja’far cut himself and swiftly knocked Sinbad to the wall behind him and wrapped his hand around his throat.


  “Oh,” Sinbad uttered, closing and eye and looking at Ja’far’s hand as best he could. His body was flat against the wall and almost touching Ja’far. 


  “I told you I’d choke you, didn’t I?” Ja’far glared. He was grumpier than usual and it showed well. Sinbad held back the noise crawling up his through as best he could. Then Ja’far tightened his grip.


  “Aoh~,” Sinbad moaned, closing both of his eyes and turning his head up slightly as blush grew thick on his cheeks. He could feel Ja’far freeze beneath him.


  “Did you just… moan?” Ja’far inquired, releasing his grip slightly. He felt very confused at the purple-haired man, who’d fallen silent. Ja’far wanted an answer out of him, so he tightened his grip again.


  “Aoh~!” Sinbad moaned again, louder this time as his head fell further backwards, not quite hitting the wall yet. Ja’far retracted his hand and released Sinbad quickly. The king let his head fall forwards again so he was looking directly at Ja’far.


  “Wha-?” Ja’far blinked, his brain trying to comprehend what had just happened. Sinbad looked at Ja’far with lidded, dilated eyes, bright gold dimmed to a dull bronze with lust.


  “So? Are you going to finish what you started or what?” Sinbad whispered huskily into Ja’far’s ear. The younger shivered as the warm breath ran against his ear. Sinbad moved downwards towards Ja’far’s collarbone and nuzzled into it with his nose.


  “Tell me, Ja’far, are you?” Sinbad repeated in a growl into the crook of Ja’far’s neck. The younger man shivered again under the possessiveness in Sinbad’s voice before nodding quietly. He could feel Sinbad smiling, “Good.”


  Sinbad spun the two around, so that Ja’far was against the wall, pinned underneath the king by strong arms. Sinbad looked down with lidded eyes that quickly gained blush on Ja’far’s cheeks. The king bent down into Ja’far’s left collarbone and licked it slightly, earning a shiver from the other.


  The scent of heavy arousal filled the room. Sinbad bit down softly on Ja’far’s neck, not enough to leave a bruise, but enough to affect Ja’far slightly. He made a small noise, but it wasn’t nearly as loud as what Sinbad had made, and Sinbad wasn’t having that.


  “Like that, huh?” He asked, silently moving Ja’far’s undershirt to be able to get a better reach. Ja’far nodded silently and moved his head slightly so his king could have more room to explore. Sinbad took the hint with a smirk and was quick to roll down the sleeves on Ja’far’s over cloth.


  Ja’far held his hands to Sinbad’s chest, not knowing where else to put them and softly caressed it against the annoying layer of cloth. The taller man seemed to almost purr in contemptment, encouraging Ja’far to continue.


  Sinbad continued working gently on Ja’far’s shirt, unbuttoning it as quickly as he could and hurrying to take it off. When Ja’far was freed of these clothes, Sinbad immediately got to work, already knowing what to do, while Ja’far’s knowledge was equal to zero when it came to this sort of thing.


  “You can take it off, you know,” Sinbad whispered, seeming to sense Ja’far’s slight discomfort. The younger blinked before slowly working the overclothes off of Sinbad’s muscular body. The white material slipped off easily after the knot was untied, the only thing left covering Sinbad’s body were the purple underclothes.


  Sinbad smiled contentedly, happy to be free of the layer of clothing. He moved his hands to Ja’far’s chest and slid them lightly across his abdomen before moving up to his hardened nipples. He softly rubbed them and earned himself a soft, pleasured moan from Ja’far.


  Ja’far swallowed thickly as he concentrated on Sinbad’s hands toying with his nipples carefully. Despite the obvious lust in his system, he could tell Sinbad was holding back for his sake, and not that Ja’far didn’t appreciate it, but Ja’far didn’t want to be held back on.


  “You don’t have to slow yourself, Sin,” He whispered, looking into Sinbad’s slightly surprised eyes with his own lidded lustful ones. “Go on,”


  Sinbad’s surprise turned into a smirk as his eyes locked on Ja’far. “Are you sure? You have little to no experience with this, I’ll hold back if I need too-,”


  “No! Sin, just…” Ja’far paused, suddenly self-conscious, “do as you want, I’ll tell you if I want you to stop,”


  Sinbad blinked for a moment and then nodded. Suddenly, the king's thigh was between Ja’far’s legs, right against his crotch. The younger suddenly realised just how hard he had gotten already as Sinbad rubbed against the bulge.


  “Hey, you’re pretty hard,” Sinbad said nonchalantly, before his voice went husky and deep, “want me to help you with your problem?”


  Ja’far shivered, unable to move as he suppressed sounds in his throat from the friction he was getting. Sinbad’s thigh moved a particular way, causing Ja’far to moan loudly in pleasure and flatten against the wall behind him for support. “I’ll take that as a yes,” Sinbad smiled, removing his thigh.


  The younger male bit back a whine at the loss of friction, not noticing Sinbad moving down towards his crotch. A light tug got his attention and he looked down to see Sinbad on his knees, pulling slightly at the cloth.


  Without a word, Ja’far tugged off the rest of his clothes, letting them fall to the floor. Now, without the loose clothing, the bulge in his underwear had become obvious and Sinbad was looking at it hungrily. He tugged down on the underwear and Ja’far’s erection sprung free.


  Sinbad stared at it for a moment before reaching out with his hands and lightly groping the ballsack. He ever so slowly and teasingly trailed his finger down from the balls to the shaft, not once taking his eyes off it. One he got to the tip, he rubbed his thumb over the slit already dripping with precum.


  “You seem excited~,” Sinbad commented as he wrapped his hand around Ja’far’s dick. He slowly began pumping his hand up and down, still not dropping his gaze from it. Sinbad’s actions managed to get Ja’far harder than he already was, if that was even possible.


  Sinbad’s hand released Ja’far, causing him to look at the other for a reason as to why he stopped. Sinbad’s head edged towards Ja’far’s cock, his mouth open and eyes still trained on it.


  Ja’far gasped as he was met with an unfamiliar but pleasurable sensation that shot sparks of elation up his spine. Sinbad’s mouth was wet, warm and felt like heaven to Ja’far. He released a moan louder than before; and Sinbad was only at the tip!


  Sinbad trailed his tongue along the tip, licking up some precum as a tease. He began to work Ja’far down into his mouth, slowly taking more and more in. He came across what seemed to be a sensitive spot that caused Ja’far to thrust his hips forward roughly, the tip hitting the back of Sinbad’s throat unexpectedly. 


  He gagged slightly and tears sprang into his eyes, but he continued, ignoring Ja’far’s apology and ‘are you okay?’ to work on the job before him. There were two thoughts on Sinbad’s lust clouded mind, but the main one was; ‘Ja’far’s bigger than I expected!’


  Sinbad placed his hands on Ja’far’s inner thighs and rubbed, while taking the rest of Ja’far in his mouth. His eyes screwed shut as he bobbed and Ja’far hit the back of his throat, but he refused to stop. Ja’far’s moans were getting louder and louder, and each pleasured sound sent heat straight to his own groin.


  Ja’far’s head hit the back of the wall as he tried to contain himself. Sinbad noticed this and released Ja’far from his mouth momentarily.


  “Don’t worry about being loud, the walls in my room are soundproof,” he said as Ja’far looked back at him, slight uncertainty in his eyes before he nodded in acceptance. Sinbad quickly pushed Ja’far down his throat, bobbing faster than before. The simulation caused Ja’far to again thrust into Sinbad’s mouth against his will.


  Sinbad moaned, having grown used to the sensation and finding pleasurable. He subconsciously used one arm that had fallen from Ja’far’s thigh to rub his own erection, letting out more moans than before, that went straight to Ja’far’s cock.


  “Ugh~!” Ja’far moaned, “S-Sin! I’m close!” The words just encouraged Sinbad to suck faster, determined to send Ja’far over the edge. “S-Sin! I’m gonna-,”


  Ja’far cut himself off as pure ecstasy filtered into his system, and he came into Sinbad’s mouth. Sinbad swallowed as much as he could missing a small bit which ran down the side of his mouth. He licked it up quickly after removing his mouth, feeling quite proud that he managed to swallow it all.


  Sinbad looked at Ja’far with a slightly questioning look, wondering what to do next. Ja’far looked back at Sinbad and noticed the bulge that was present at his crotch.