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The curtains of the canopy bed were closed, and the room was mostly dark save for one lamp on the opposite wall, Machias noted as he sneaked into Jusis' bedroom. The bed curtains never stopped making him smirk and find them a little ridiculous; fancy noble bed indeed. If the fancy noble whose room this was was actually awake was another question, though there was some movement and a sound from the bed, so he figured he had woken him up.

"Albarea," he stated as coolly as possible. "Here," he continued as he slammed a folder onto the nightstand loud enough that if Jusis actually hadn't been awake, he definitely was now. "This is my next target. You have a month to deal with him, else I'm dealing with both him and you."

There was a low chuckle from behind the curtains; not as humorous as it sounded sarcastic, and Machias scowled. "And what's so funny?" He questioned. "I'll have you know I would be much quicker dealing with this myself."

"Yes yes," came the dismissive reply. "It shall be my most crucial priority, starting tomorrow morning." Haughty as ever, Machias thought as he folded his arms and stared at the figure of Jusis behind the curtain. "If that's all?"

"What the hell do you mean 'if that's all'? I am keeping my end of the deal, here, if that's what--" Machias started to rant at him, though at that point Jusis sighed and pulled the curtain out of the way, effectively cutting Machias' angry rant off. For one, he was very much naked, and very much aroused at that, Machias noticed a split second later. "Aidios, Albarea!" He hissed, turning to look away.

Judging from the sounds, Jusis sat up. "Don't recall this being the first time you walk in on me. Or you seeing me like this, either," he pointed out, as unperturbed as ever. "It appears I need to remind you that this is my room where not even my servants bother me at night unless specifically summoned, and therefore, before you come up with any insults on my obscenity, it's fully on you."

"That's not the..." Machias grumbled, trailing off as he felt his face turning red. "Sure isn't the first time, you exhibitionistic hedonist!" He snarled, turning to look at Jusis for all of two seconds then turning his face away again. Unfortunately for him, this definitely wasn't the first time, and as much as he wanted to argue, it was his fault for walking into Jusis' room without a warning.

And unfortunately for him, he also found Jusis attractive, and considering they had gone at it a couple of times now, the sight also had a very mortifying effect on his body. He wanted Jusis, but as if he was about to admit it. Jusis also now just sat on the edge of his bed and stared at him with a hint of a smirk, and Machias wanted to strangle him. Not a bad idea seeing he had been supposed to kill him, but...

"Well?" Jusis asked. "If that's all? I could always attempt to seduce you. Surely isn't the first time, and all," he added mockingly. "Though the response so far tonight seems to have been rather unfavorable, so perhaps it's best you take your leave, my dear Enforcer, and I... return to what I was doing."

Machias narrowed his eyes and turned to stare at him. "Oh, His Grace is throwing me out, now?"

There was the annoying smirk on Jusis' lips again. "Suit yourself," he said as he shifted to lay back down. "Won't be the first time you end up watching." With that, he placed his right hand on his crotch and drew his fingers over his erection. "Should I call your name while doing it? I could, though my fantasy was a little more interesting than just having you take me."

"Why should I care?" Machias muttered. Keeping his calm with that in front of his eyes wasn't exactly working, and he really did need to leave and... Perhaps return to Safe House Four and deal with his issues. Jusis was taunting him, he did realize that much, and he... He had fallen for it before. Maybe he really should've just fucked him to shut him up for two seconds - and by the Goddess, did it not look amazing to watch Jusis slowly stroke himself.

"Hmph. I'll tell you anyway. It was you I envisioned," Jusis admitted. "Though I was imagining you," he continued, giving Machias a sharp look. "Riding this," he added, his eyes glancing down, and he took a better hold of his erection to make a point.

Well, that was quite the implication. It wasn't as if Machias didn't know what he meant after... reading some material, and after having a certain beautiful uppity blond duke on his lap before. It did however mean Jusis was imagining him as the receiving partner, and he sure as hell did not want that anywhere near himself. Probably. No, definitely, he told himself as his eyes scanned every rege of Jusis' hard-on, following as those fingers brushed over it. He had no interest in learning how it worked if one was taking it, and he absolutely did not want that. Definitely and absolutely not, and also his underwear was starting to feel awfully restricting.

Jusis paused and stared at him. "Well, aren't we flustered. So you've considered it?"

"Hell no!" Machias snapped. A lie actually, he had considered. There had been a few scenes like that in Elliot's books and the guidebook he had gotten his hands on. He had played with the thought, although the actual idea of the act had him too nervous. Just because he happened to find his ex-target handsome - no, still his target, he reminded himself, should Jusis fail to keep his end of their agreement. He wasn't about to do it just because he... wanted him.

"Ah. You wouldn't dare," Jusis said, relaxing on the bed, and Machias glared at him. No, he wasn't going to let that get to him. Similar taunts were what had ended with him doing anything in the first place, and just because he wanted him... Machias shook his head and gritted his teeth. It would've been admitting he wanted Jusis just as badly as Jusis wanted him - but damn it all, he wanted that.

He kept glaring at Jusis as he dropped his coat then took off the waistcoat. At least he had Jusis' eyes on him now, and a hint of surprise in that usually glacial gaze as he undid his tie then pulled it off. "Don't get ideas, Lord Albarea," he said in a low voice. "Perhaps I'm merely curious."

"Hmph. Don't force yourself," Jusis said with a hint of a grin.

"You just shut up," Machias barked at him as he unbuttoned his shirt. Jusis definitely was staring, he noticed, and very much unable to look away. Maybe he should've gotten himself some training in seducing someone, Machias bitterly thought, but he had never considered his hits would require enticing his target with implications of sexual favors. Not that he had ever even slept with anyone until... He pushed the thought away as he unzipped his pants and unceremoniously pulled them off, getting rid of his shoes and socks while at it. The underwear made him hesitate for a moment, but it wasn't as if it hid anything at this point considering he was fully hard by now, and off it went.

He stood there with only his opened shirt on for a moment and folded his arms, glaring at Jusis who didn't even bother hiding the fact that he was watching. Embarrassing as hell obviously, but there was need in those ever so calm icy eyes, and a hint of a flush on that usually so calm face as well. It seemed to take Jusis a moment to compose himself before he shifted his position a little and patted his lap. "I sincerely hope you know what you're doing."

"As if you do," Machias muttered as he climbed onto the bed and straddled Jusis, sitting on his thighs. It was one thing to claim he knew what he was doing, but to put it in practice... He took a deep breath, trying to think. Jusis had done this before, and those books said... Right, the lubricant. He didn't exactly have to look for any, since Jusis had an opened bottle next to his pillow. Well, he had been touching himself when Machias had gotten here and having some made things more comfortable.

Jusis took the initiative and picked up the bottle, spreading some of the stuff on his fingers then added it on his erection. He offered the bottle to Machias, who took it, stared at it for a second then just poured some of the contents on his right hand fingers. Rather too much than too little, he remembered from the guide as he leaned forward over Jusis, supporting himself with his left hand.

He stuck his fingers between his buttocks and cautiously spread the lubricant then added more on his fingers. Thoroughly, he decided, though if he was supposed to take something inside... He glanced down at Jusis' hard-on as his own brushed against it right then as he moved. "Ghh..." The feeling set his body burning, and even Jusis twitched under him a little.

"You should relax," Jusis suggested.

"Don't give me orders!" Machias grumbled.

Jusis gave him a blank stare. "That was not an order. Rather, it's a heartfelt recommendation. You do realize that if you don't properly relax when taking me inside, it's not going to feel very comfortable?"

This... had been in that book. "I know that!" Machias muttered, his face turning more flushed if it was possible at this point after how embarrassed he was already feeling. "Y-you just..." He gritted his teeth and forced himself to relax then carefully pressed one finger inside of himself just to test. It felt weird, but at least it worked to a degree, and it also made him want something else. How in the hell he was supposed to take that was another question, but the stupid need was there, and damned if he wasn't going to make the attempt, at least.

A bit more lube, he decided, and he added some then got on his knees and shifted his position a little, taking a hold of Jusis' erection with his right hand and guiding it against his ass. Calm and relaxed; there had been a very good explanation on this in the guidebook he had read, and if he didn't do this correctly, it would hurt. Well, it was going to hurt a little either way, but the actual act wouldn't work out.

Perhaps he took too long forcing himself to relax, because His Grace Duke Albarea smirked "Getting cold feet?" He questioned. "I already told you not to force yourself. If you can't do this, we can just..."

Machias clenched his teeth. "Shut the hell up, Albarea," he murmured. He was better trained than this, he told himself. He could take pain, though what he wanted right now was... He moved his hand a little, feeling how hot Jusis' hard-on felt under his fingers. Just a little bit, he decided, relaxing his lower body the best he could before pressing the tip against his ass then moving himself lower to take it inside.

If trying one finger inside of him had been weird, this was something else. "Aaargh...!" He gasped for breath then forced himself to calm down again. This was just the tip, he reminded himself. If he wanted the rest of it, he really needed to relax more and let himself adjust to it. Right; relax then slowly take more, he told himself as he pressed his body lower. Slowly. It did hurt, he admitted, but it was a different type of pain from getting injured on a mission. This was... He shook his head to keep the focus, lowering himself to sit against Jusis, taking as much inside as he could.

There was something extremely odd in Jusis' expression, he realized as he sat there and stared at him. Something wild and completely unfocused? Machias leaned back a little and leaned his hands against Jusis' thighs to support himself, staying still until his body adjusted to the odd pressure. "You... okay?" He asked, his voice annoyingly soft.

"Quite fine," came the reply. Jusis took a few deep breaths then stared at him with a smile. "I take it that it's your first time having anything in there, but..." He trailed off and relaxed then raised his hands to Machias' thighs. "I never imagined doing this would be so..." He had to pause again. "Well, it is my first time putting it anywhere this tight. The sensation is... something else."

Something else was a pretty good description, Machias admitted as he stayed still for a moment longer then tried moving a little. It still hurt - or did it? He wasn't sure because pulling himself up a little and then pressing back down made him gasp his breath and want more. "Wait," he muttered, struggling to calm his breathing and to not have his voice sound so annoyingly weak. "You mean you've never fucked anyone?"

"And here I thought I told you that already," Jusis replied. "When we... the first time." He ran his fingertips over Machias' thighs then grabbed a better hold. "When I said you were the first one to make it this far, I meant it. It did also mean both ways." Machias stared at him for a bit then rolled his eyes. What did this idiot think he was doing, sleeping with a man who had tried to kill him?

That went both ways as well, though, he regretfully had to admit. This was... quite against his work ethic. He was sleeping with his target, wanting it and enjoying it. It would make things more difficult later if he would have to... He pushed the thought away. So far, Jusis had managed to keep his end of their deal, making it unnecessary to even consider what would come if he failed. He was also a damn assassin and he hated nobles; why the hell was he sleeping with one?

It was also not a good time to be thinking about that, remembering where he was. Jusis shifted a little and pressed himself against him, and Machias failed to keep himself from making quite a pathetic sound then moving against him. Maybe he had managed to adjust to the pressure now, because it felt crazy good and he wanted... Damn it if he knew what he wanted, but he pulled himself up then pressed against Jusis, who was quite happy to meet his movements.

Slow and steady, he told himself, moving a few times in an attempt to find a good pace. It still felt odd, and at the same time he wanted to forget any ideas of slow because the more he pressed himself against Jusis, the more he wanted it. This was not a good time to lose it, he scolded himself. Not with His Grace staring at him with a hint of a flush on his face and looking absolutely delightful. Machias blinked and stared for a moment; yes, he had definitely seen Jusis in the middle of things before, but right now...

Right then Jusis went for a bit of a distraction and moved his right hand, wrapping his fingers around Machias' hard-on, and he gasped, unable to stop the rather pathetic sound that left his lips. He had been so focused on what was inside him that he had forgotten about how damned hard he was. Jusis' touch felt heavenly, and he pressed against the touch which in turn added to the movement inside him. "Aaaagh... Argh..." He moved again, pressing himself down, and Jusis helpfully thrust up in sync, all while stroking him.

The combination made for quite the insane levels of stimulation, Machias thought, blinking a few times and trying to keep his eyes focused. Jusis lying under him looked so delicious, and it seemed as if he had trouble keeping his breathing controlled. Not that Machias didn't have the same problem himself, and he took a deep breath as he moved again.

If Jusis looked like that, he could only wonder what he looked like himself, but this wasn't a good time and damned if he cared. At least he was mostly naked this time around; he had learned the hard way that clothed sex was not a good idea. He still felt hot though, and the shirt clung to his skin, but as he struggled to focus his gaze again, he found Jusis staring at his chest.

"What are you... looking at? Ghh..." He muttered, pausing to take another deep breath, though Jusis' fingers stroking him were doing things to him. It felt different from his own touch, he noted as he pressed against the strokes, again and again, and Jusis' hard-on inside him felt so good that if there had been any pain involved, it sure didn't exist anymore.

Jusis managed a tired smirk. "Ah... Just..." He raised his left hand and ran his fingertips over Machias' abs. "It... occurred to me that I haven't seen you with this little clothing before. A pleasant sight, I would say... gorgeous, even..."

This wasn't one of those things Machias had given much thought to; sure, he kept himself in shape due to it being a requirement for someone in his occupation, but for some reason, hearing Jusis say something like that made him embarrassed. He didn't consider himself particularly attractive; rather, having a generic appearance that didn't draw much attention was better in his line of work. Yet, here was Jusis, saying things like that. "D-don't... joke about something like..." He muttered, forced to gasp for breath again. At least his embarrassment couldn't have been that obvious, considering his face felt flushed otherwise.

"...I'm extremely serious, Regnitz," Jusis said. His voice sounded a little odd; somehow soft and out of strength, but there was something in the way that usually so icy gaze scanned Machias' body that made him feel even more flustered. Not that he had time or focus for it; Jusis' right hand still worked effectively on his erection, and those idle caresses on his stomach, ending with Jusis' left hand trailing down to his thighs, made him shiver.

He closed his eyes for a second and tried to calm himself, except the concept of calm was starting to escape him. Good, so damned good, and there was no way of keeping those weak sounds from leaving his lips. To think he could ever find himself so lost; he almost laughed at the thought but keeping his thoughts together was getting difficult as well.

Jusis' strokes had him on the edge already, and if he had ever wondered why Jusis wanted something inside of himself, here he had the answer. Goddess if he didn't want more, and he pressed himself against Jusis, taking him as deep inside of himself as he just could. At least they were in bed, because he felt as if he was about to collapse any moment now. Was he shaking a little? Maybe, and hell if he cared.

"Gah, aaagh... Jusis..." His voice sounded too soft, and a gasp left his lips every time he pressed himself down against Jusis, making breathing difficult, but he wanted more, needed more, and Jusis meeting his every move was making him lightheaded. His body burned, and he was getting so close. At the same time, he didn't want it to end yet; ending it meant they would go separate ways again and he needed...

He shook his head violently and gasped for air, barely in control of his movements. Jusis muttered something under his breath and pulled him against himself, all while stroking him so skillfully that Machias couldn't take it anymore. "Jusis...!" He could barely hear his own voice calling Jusis' name, and the release overwhelmed him so completely that he had no idea what happened next.

It took him a moment to recover and find that he was still on Jusis' lap, though he composed himself right in time to hear Jusis mumble his name in return as he finished. A strange feeling, that, though he was too out of it to care. "Gah... You..." His voice sounded hoarse and too spent, and he blinked a few times to clear his head then stared at Jusis lying under himself - and found himself captivated once again. Jusis looked quite drained as he lay there, trying to get a hold of himself. His face was flushed, and he looked so absolutely beautiful.

"Well?" Jusis asked, somehow managing to calm his breathing. "What do you think?"

Machias stared at him for a moment then slowly pulled away - and ended up lowering himself into Jusis' arms for a moment because his legs were shaking, and he was certain he couldn't get up just yet. "It was okay I guess," he managed to reply, trying his best to sound at least a little sarcastic. "Okay" was an extremely mild way of putting it; "mind blowing" would've been closer, but hell if he was telling Jusis that.

"Good," Jusis replied, raising his hand to pet Machias' hair. "You... could sleep here for the rest of the night," he then offered, and Machias closed his eyes for a moment.

Unacceptable, he told himself a few seconds later. "N-no, I'm good," he replied, forcing himself up from the bed and to his feet. At least he could stand, he thought as he picked up his clothes and with some difficulty got most of them back on. "The file's there, you know what to do. First thing tomorrow morning or whatever. I'll be going now."

"Hmph. Same as ever," Jusis said as he sat up and drew his hand through his hair. "The offer stands if you change your mind."

Machias shook his head then grinned a bit. "Nah, gotta head back and take a shower. Good night," he said before walking to the door.

That... That hadn't gone as planned at all, and now he truly had admitted to himself he wanted Jusis. The bigger problem was that he found himself considering wanting to stay, and this was where he needed to get out as quickly as possible.

And what Jusis didn't need to know was that his location for taking a shower happened to be a bathroom located in another wing of the house, quite near the room where he was happily hiding these days.