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The relationship Seokjin had with Jungkook was still fairly new in his eyes. The couple met due to their respective friends setting them up. Seokjin believed it was unnecessary for his friends to meddle in his love life, and would let the guy down gently.

It wasn’t until Seokjin actually saw Jungkook’s face, and got to talking to him, that he realized he enjoyed Jungkook's presence and wouldn't mind meeting up again.

Four months have passed and Seokjin is still learning all kinds of quirks Jungkook has. A notable one being how frantic Jungkook can get when intiating sex. As if his body was buzzing from horniness.

The first time it happened Seokjin thought nothing of it.

Seokjin was in the middle of setting up the dinner table when he heard the front door open, smiling at his boyfriend gently, as Jungkook approached him with a look of determination.

“You made it for dinn-oh,” Seokjin gasped slightly as Jungkook curled his arms around his tiny waist, and crashed his lips against his own plush lips. There was urgency in the kiss, Seokjin feeling Jungkook's arms tighten as if trying to lift him up. Seokjin being too caught off guard to properly kiss back, which didn't faze Jungkook cause soonly he was pulling back.

“Hi, Hyung,” Jungkook said, eyes wide, bunny smile on display, a clear look of elation on his face. Seokjin smiled back gently taking in the handsome smile on his boyfriend’s face, still slightly dazed from the kiss.

“How was work, baby?” Seokjin says, stroking his crooked finger gently down Jungkook's cheek.

At the mention of work, Jungkook's face brightens, a deep grin taking over his face, as his tight grip moves down from Seokjin’s tiny waist to his rounded hips.

“Amazing,” Jungkook says, eyes on Seokjin’s plush lips.

Seokjin smiles softly, “I’m glad, we should start eat-“ He lets out another loud gasp when he suddenly feels Jungkook lift him up onto his shoulder.

Seokjin huffs, gripping Jungkook’s back as not to fall, which isn’t a problem since Jungkook is holding him securely, one arm on the small of his back, the other gripping his thigh.

He could hear Jungkook’s smirk as they headed to the bedroom, “Kinda want dessert first.”

Seokjin would’ve scoffed at the cheesy line if he didn't get the breath knocked out of him while being carelessly tossed onto the bed. Jungkook landing right on top of him after, arms on either side of his head.

Their faces are close, sharing the same breath, as Jungkook asks, “Any objections?”

Seokjin stares into his eyes as he feels Jungkook’s hard length on his thigh.

Seokjin’s ears are red as he replies, “nope.”

Jungkook smirks, “thank fuck.”

Seokjin feeling Jungkook's hyper enthusiasm from bed the next day.


Seokjin started to become more observant in Jungkook’s random bouts of rough horniness.

The kind of horny where Jungkook only has one thought on his mind, and that was mounting Seokjin as quickly as possible. Rough in his touches, where it would leave just the right shade of an imprint on Seokjin’s body. Seokjin loving the way Jungkook manhandles him, when Jungkook gets like this.

Seokjin starts to become determined in figuring out what gets Jungkook in this specific mood that results in the rougher than normal sex they had.

A notable factor Seokjin has noticed would be the set pattern it occurred. It would most often occur on Saturday nights when Jungkook came over to his place after work.

Seokjin reasoned that Saturday served as their date nights, therefore, a time where they can indulge in each other properly.

So after another week where Jungkook came by frantic and horny, arguing to have dinner after dicking down Seokjin, he devised a plan.

He was lounging around lazily in the living room, when he heard the tell tale sign of the front door opening. He quickly shut his eyes, and pulled the blanket over himself on the coach when he heard Jungkook’s footsteps, pretending to be asleep.

“Hey, Babe, I’m back from work and-oh,” The excited tone in his voice dwindled down when he took note of his sleeping boyfriend’s form on the couch. Jungkook biting his lip gently, and then sighing in resignation.

Jungkook walked towards his sleeping boyfriend as he bent down to kiss his forehead gently.

Seokjin heard the sound of footsteps fading, and then the sudden sound of the shower turning on.

Seokjin got up quietly from the couch, approaching the bathroom in the bedroom.

When he got to the door, he pressed his ear against it and could hear the very clear sounds of grunting.

Seokjin bit down on his lips in order to not make a sound as he realized Jungkook was masterbating in his shower.

He walked back to the living, slowly, taking in the new information.

Jungkook already comes by his apartment horny, meaning, Seokjin thought, that he sought out Seokjin specifically after whatever it was he was doing that worked him up beforehand.

“What could possibly make him horny at work,” Seokjin grumbled, as he headed to the kitchen to start dinner. Jungkook coming out of the shower afterwards to help him.


Seokjin pants lightly as Jungkook collapsed on the bed beside him. Seokjin indulging in the afterglow of an orgasm before grimacing at the stickiness between his thighs.

Seokjin sighed as he turned his head to Jungkook who got up from bed to presumably clean him up.

It was kind of dickish, Seokjin thought, to compare the sex they have, but Seokjin couldn’t help it.

It was a fortunate Sunday where the couple were able to go out for a nice date. A simple movie and dinner, which ultimately lead them back to Seokjin’s bed.

Seokjin defended himself that he wasn’t calling the sex bad...just different. Slower even. The horny Jungkook that would come over from work on Saturdays to solemnly ravish Seokjin in such a needed rush resuting in quick fast paced sex, being completely different from the sweet and lovely Jungkook who’d he spend a nice date with and having slow and gentle sex.

The question of which Jungkook Seokjin prefered crossed his mind, and Seokjin instantly squashing, preferring any and all Jungkooks and meaning it.

Just taking a special note that he doesn’t mind the Jungkook that would throw him over the shoulder like a rag doll.

“What’s with that scowl?” Jungkook says chuckling, wet washcloth in hand.

“What scowl?” Seokjin defends, shaking himself out of his thoughts.

Jungkook smiles as he cleans the mess from Seokjin’s naked body.

“Just looked like you were thinking hard about something.”

Seokjin pouts as Jungkook finishes cleaning him up, throwing the dirty cloth in the direction of the bathroom, and cuddling up to Seokjin.

“It's nothing, just how good you are with me.”

Jungkook grins at that, leaning up to kiss his plush lips.

Seokjin enjoys every side of Jungkook, he just wants to know what gets him so worked up on Saturdays to get that other side of Jungkook.


“I don’t understand why you’re complaining, Hyung,” Jimin scoffs as he takes a french fry from the middle of the table.

Seokjin pouts, whining, “I’m not complaining, I just want to know what gets Jungkook so...rough...for future reference.”

Jimin rolls his eyes as he grabs another fry, “Just enjoy the spontaneous aspect of it, it’s the most fun part.”

“Yes, but if I knew what sets him off, then I can have full control and endless teasing over it.”

Jimin rolls his eyes again, when Namjoon gets to their table, “Hi, Hyung, hi baby,” Namjoon kisses Jimin's cheek gently.

Jimin leans into the kiss as Seokjin huffs, “Why’d you invite the boyfriend? These outings are for our special talks.”

“What talks?” Namjoon asks, eyebrows raised, and arm wrapped around Jimin's side.

“The ‘Sex with our Boyfriends’ talks,” Jimin says smoothly grabbing another fry and feeding Namjoon.

Namjoon blushes, slowly eating the fry shyly asking, “what do you say about me?”

Jimin smiles wickedly as he pats Namjoons cheek, “I’m not going to tell you cause then it wouldn’t be special.”

“Jimin thinks you have a ring fetish,” Seokjin says casually.

“Hyung,” Jimin faces him with a stern look of betrayal on his face while Namjoons blanches.

“I-I-I what?” Namjoon stutters out.

Jimin opens his mouth to speak but Seokjin cuts him off, “Jimin was going to finger himself with the dozens of rings he has as he made you watch on the side tonight to confirm it.”

The redness on Namjoon's face deepens spreading to his neck, he faces Jimin whispering, “You were?”

Jimin huffs crossing his arms, and leaning back into his seat, “Well, not anymore.”

Namjoon turns sourly to Jin muttering a thanks under his breath.

Seokjin shrugs, unfazed, as his pout comes back, “Can we get back to my problem please?”

Jimin sits up again, taking a sip of drink, as he pats his pouting boyfriend's thigh lovenly, “Oh how I wish I had your problem, Hyung.”

Seokjin rolls his eyes this time, as he turns to face Namjoon, “Namjoon, other than your hand kink for Jimins small hands, what other obscure moments get you horny?”

The dying redness comes back full force onto Namjoon, “I am not answering that, Hyung.”

Jimin lifts up his hand as he starts ticking off with his fingers determinedly, “Other than my entire existence, long walks in the park, midnight bike rides, seeing the ring he gave me for my birthday on my finger, but we already knew that, and puzzles. My baby is a softy,” Jimin says fondly, pinching Namjoons cheek.

“How the fuck do puzzles make you horny Joon,” Jin asks with a slight harmless judging tone in his voice.

Namjoon twiddles his fingers as he mumbles embarrassedly, “It’s just...the domestic part of it that gets me.”

Jimin smirks as he feeds another fry to his blushing boyfriend.

Seokjin thinks briefly when he ask, “Is there anything about work that makes you horny?”

Just as Namjoon says, “Absolutely not,” Jimin cuts in saying, “Only when I send him nudes.”

“I get why these are your special talks now,” Namjoon mumbles.

Seokjin huffs, groaning, “None of this has helped me.”

“What do you need help with exactly?”

“Something at work gets Jungkook worked up where all he wants to do is throw me up against a wall and fuck me when he comes home afterwards and I don’t know what that something is,” Seokjin grumbles.

Namjoon shakes his head at the shameless declaration, “Quite a problem.”

Seokjin was about to argue back when Namjoon spoke up again, “What’s Jungkook job?”

“He works at…” Seokjin trails off, as a furrow takes over his face.

Jimin and Namjoon raise an eyebrow.

“So you don't know what your boyfriend's job is?” Jimin asks exasperatedly.

Jin splutters slightly, defending, “Our relationship is still new.”

“That's a first date question, Hyung.”

“He mentioned that he was a professional...something,” Seokjin mutters embarrassed.

Jimin reaches out and pats Seokjin’s hand as he says, “Why don’t you actually find out what he does and then we’ll go from there.”

Seokjin takes Jimin’s hand in his, agreeing.

“What if he’s a professional porn star?”

“Jesus christ, Hyung,” Namjoon shakes his head as Jimin declares, “I always said you’d do great in porn, Hyung.”


Seokjin was working himself up the following Saturday to ask Jungkook about his work in a way where it wouldn’t reveal he was clueless about it the entire time.

He was setting up the takeout he ordered from their favorite place, and mentally preparing to deny the willful horny might that is Jungkook that would walk through the door.

Once everything was settled he heard the door open, Seokjin taking a deep breath.

“Hey, bunny, how,” Seokjin trailed off as he took in the dejected look of his boyfriend. The typical frantic horny nature of Jungkook being replaced with a somber, brooding looking Jungkook.

Seokjin frowned in concern as he approached his boyfriend, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, just...we lost,” Jungkook mumbled as he embraced Seokjin tiredly.

Seokjin furrowed his eyebrows confusedly, as he returned the embrace, “you lost?”

“yeah,” Jungkook mumbled into the crook of Seokjin's neck, “can we cuddle before dinner, Hyung, I kinda need it.”

Seokjin stroked Jungkook’s hair softly, as he guided his boyfriend to lay down on top of him on the couch.

“Of course, baby, of course.”

Seokjin's plan to ask about work being postponed to console his saddened boyfriend quietly.



Jungkook looked from marking multiple hickeys onto his boyfriend's thighs, frantic in his movement, “Yes hyung?”

The red in Seokjin's ears deepen as he asks, “why does work make you horny?”

The blush that blossoms on Jungkooks face amuses Seokjin deeply, as Jungkook lowers his thighs from his shoulders, and sits up in between his spread legs.

“I don’t know? I guess it’s adrenaline rush I get from winning?”

Seokjin frowns when he asks, “What do you win?”

This time Jungkook frowns as he takes Seokjin in, “The game?”

Seokjin's frown deepens as he sits up and holds Jungkook's hands gently, “Jungkookie, baby, honey, bunny, I’m going to be honest and tell you I forgot what your job is.”

The worry that surfaced onto Jungkook from the change in Seokjin's demeanor goes away as he chuckles slightly at his embarrassed Hyung.

“I’m a professional gamer, Hyung.” Jungkook says softly, caressing Seokjin’s crooked fingers.

“Professional gamer?” Seokjin tilts his head.

“Yup,” Jungkook grabs a blanket covering Seokjin’s body as he sits beside him, “I’m still pretty new at it, but I’ve been working myself up in the ranks. You know get my name out there. My name has been spreading a lot recently.”

Seokjin pouts, “So all those times you talked about video were talking about work?”

Jungkook moves a bit of hair from Seokjin's face declaring, “yes.”

“and winning...makes you horny?”

Jungkook blushes, “Well...I guess...I never noticed really. All I know I get happy and want to spend it with you.”

“By fucking me?”

“Ugh, you don't have to be so crass, hyung.”

Seokjin smiles as he moves to straddle Jungkook's lap, “I like it. I really like it. I just never understood what caused the rougher sex we’d have on Saturdays.”

Jungkook curls his fingers around Seokjin's tiny waist, offering, “Well, I would love for you to come by a tournament. Watch me in real time.”

Seokjin pushes Jungkook back onto the bed, swiveling his hips, saying, “I’ll like that.”

Jungkook smiles his bunny smile.


Seokjin claps happily as Jungkook quickly spots him, rushing towards him.

Jungkook picks up his boyfriend as he twirls him in a hug, the well-known adrenaline from winning a game coming full force, as he kisses his boyfriend hungerly.

“Very impressive, Jungkookie,” Seokjin says proudly, arms around his neck, being set on the ground again gently.

Jungkook smirks as he tightens his hold on Seokjin’s tiny waist, “Come on, let's go home so I can ravish you properly.”

The corner of Seokjin’s plump lips quirk, eyes turning suggestive, “Why don’t I just blow you in the bathrooms?”

“That’s kinda gross hyung,” Jungkook says with a crinkle in his eyes.

“Alright a handjob, your boner is really obvious,” Seokjin says teasingly.

Jungkook huffs, smiling, as he takes his hyung’s hand and drags him to the nearest bathroom, “All for you babe.”