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Witness Protection And Social Media

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Fastest Man Online@2fast2type✔️
Here we are, the introductory video to the thread: [LINK]

The link led to a short video on Youtube, where Flash, Daredevil, and a black-haired kid all stood around the kitchen. Daredevil was sitting on the counter, the young adult/kid was sipping out of a mug.

FLASH: Hey everyone! Flash here. So, instead of making another thread to re-explain, Timmy here asked me why I just didn't make a video, so, here I am. Today, I'm with Daredevil, who I'm starting to suspect only hangs around me to get the latest news, and one of Batman's sons, Timothy.

Daredevil just shrugged as Tim flinched.

TIM: Just Tim.

FLASH: But before we explain. Tim. You're practically the only one of B's kids who we've actually seen around, so you're getting the brunt of the questions. Did you know?

TIM: Know what?

FLASH: About your dad. Being the bat.

Tim just gave a half-hearted shrug, hiding his smirk with his coffee cup.

TIM: Soon enough, we'll tell you who knew and who didn't. On Twitter.

FLASH: Well, can you at least tell us who out of your siblings, if any, is Robin? Everyone's pretty much already figured out Richard is Nightwing.

TIM: Dick.

Barry faltered, looking confused and mildly offended.

TIM: No, he prefers to be called Dick. I wasn't calling you one. Because Dick's short for Richard. Just, I was correcting you.

Flash, understanding, let out a small laugh as he realized what the other meant.

TIM: But I can't tell you that. And hey, why "out of my siblings" anyway? I'm short enough to be Robin.

FLASH: Oh I'm sorry for assuming the kid who has a steady job has time to go out and be a vigilante.

TIM: I'll give you that point, but I have fridays and weekends off. I could be Robin on those three days, you don't know.

FLASH: I'm pretty sure we've seen Robin outside of weekends. Stop trying to convince me you're him, it's obvious you're not.

They were both grinning good-naturedly, Tim starting to gesture wildly as he continued his futile quest to prove that he could be Robin. No-one would buy it.

TIM: Hey, have you seen the bags under my eyes? No, because they're covered up with foundation right now, but if you saw them, you could totally believe I do enough hero work not to be able to sleep properly.

Barry Allen was trying to keep a straight face, and failing.

FLASH: You're trying to convince me because of your eyebags?

TIM: Bitch, don't mock the 'bags, they're Gucci.

At that, both of them broke down laughing, Daredevil eventually kicking Tim lightly to get them back on track.

TIM: Right, right. Barry, go ahead, this is your post.

FLASH: Right. Got it. We're making a video... One video... An important one...

DAREDEVIL: Headcount.

FLASH: RIGHT! Okay, so this is the thread. Tim here, is going to be the moderator. Everyone who currently lives in the house, or is going to be visiting often due to hero business. Basically, if someone comments on it before it's locked, and they don't live in Wayne Manor, go to the school, or moving in because of the Reveal, he's going to delete the comment.

Tim flinched again.

TIM: Of course, due to some... complications, while everyone will be considered a residant of the house, most of them won't be able to move in immediately, so some of use get to share rooms... Yay...

FLASH: Yeah, currently Iris, Wally, Bart, and I are all sharing a room, for example, just because most rooms aren't immediately up to code. Wayne Manor is basically turning into Hero Villa at this point. A few neighboring estates have been bought, and basically we're going to move the houses on them closer and link them all together until we have enough rooms for us all individually, even if we don't use them all. Then the surrounding area will be converted. Basically, the backyard of Wayne Manor is a forest, and it's going to stay that way, but the neighboring building, they didn't care much for protecting the environment, so that entire area is landscaped. Because the natural habitats of animals there have already been effed over, that will end up being something like a training area, or a place to build things.

TIM: Damian's in the process of trying to convince Bruce to let him turn one of the areas into a zoo.

Flash looked momentarily confused.

TIM: Damian's Bruce's youngest kid. He likes animals. That's a commonly known thing in Gotham, so it was a joke for Gothamites. Learn the culture already so you understand my jokes.

FLASH: I don't see how that's a joke, but okay?

He shook his head, before moving on.

FLASH: So everyone below is in the business, some way or the other. They have to state their alias, whether or not they got revealed, and their civillian name if they did.

TIM: I will state though, not everyone below will live at the house. Some will only go to Gotham U, to take advantage of the modified schedule they'll be allowed. Some will stay at their own place, even if their identity has been revealed, but they'll be allowed on the list anyway. After the thread is locked, people will still be able to add to it, but I will have to allow each submission, and I will only do so if it's someone who should have been on the list, and simply couldn't get on in time. After I've approved a post on it, that user will be able to comment anything on the thread without being approved, so people will get sidetracked and have conversations. It will be open for a few weeks, so please, if any of you care the slightest bit about me, don't comment on it, please, for everything everyone holds dear, I'm tired, I don't need more work. Most people have already been whitelisted if I'm certain they should be on the thread, so... Last topic before we leave.

FLASH: Next Topic? Wait, I thought that was the topic?

DAREDEVIL: What's happening with the rogues.

FLASH: Wait, that's been sorted already?

TIM: Yeah, it's what Bruce and the others been so busy with. I got permission to tell everyone earlier today.

FLASH: Thanks for telling me about this before the video started.

TIM: You're welcome.

FLASH: No, I meant-

Tim made a gesture, and Daredevil reached forward, tugging Flash over to him and covering his mouth while the youngest in the room talked.

TIM: So, a lot of people have been asking about the various rogues, thanks to Captain Cold's actions. This led to a long conversation. Because like, a lot of our rogues, in Gotham especially, are just people with mental health issues. And a lot of people outside Gotham don't know this, but Harley Quinn hasn't been with the Joker in years. She's currently dating Poison Ivy, and the two of them together are basically turning eachother into anti-heroes, instead of villains. So there has been a lot of debate about how to handle those seeking redemption as well. So that leads us to the solution we ended up with. Select villains who are either mentally compromised, or trying to be better, will be joining us in the house.

Flash let out a muffled noise, and went ignored.

TIM: A part of the house has been turned into cells. The easier to predict Arkham inmates are moving in. They will get more freedom than they do in Arkham, depending on their behaviour. Riddler and Harley will get the most, considering the status of their reformation. Every villain will have their file looked over. Properly. I have a feeling there will be plenty of people who were just screwed over by the justice system. I understand people will be... understandably worried about this. There will be necessary security, of course. And this way, if there is a breakout, it is less likely that a civillian gets caught up in the mess. Hopefully one day, Arkham will be known as a place of healing, rather than a place Batman throws his villains, which is what it has become.

Tim's face went dark, eyes clouding over.

TIM: I once knew someone, a little girl. She went through a traumatic experience that led her brain to be unable to express emotions in a way most would consider "normal". She is now a functioning member of society, thanks to Arkham Asylum, but a lot of places refuse to let her get a job, or buy a house, or live normally, because she had to spend a few months there. They assume she was once a mass murderer, just because where she was housed. I want that reputation gone.

He shook his head once, and swallowed.

TIM: It isn't fair on those with mental health issues for people to just assume you're crazy, just because you were brave enough to seek help. A lot of people in asylums are there due to depression. You should not have to be punished for wanting to kill yourself. Your brain is doing enough of that for you as it is. So yeah. Get help if you need it.

DAREDEVIL: I think you went off on a bit of a tangent there.

Daredevil's rough voice had turned small for that one sentence, light, smooth, teasing. The side of his mouth twitched up, and Tim let out a small snort.

TIM: Yeah, got a little sidetracked. I haven't slept recently.

Flash finally got his mouth free from Daredevil's grip, but it was clear to the viewers that Daredevil had let him, now Tim's announcement was over.

FLASH: You done?

Tim nodded, and Daredevil shrugged.

FLASH: Okay, when was the last time you slept, kid?

TIM: One, don't call me kid, two, none of your business, you aren't my dad.

He paused, turning off camera to look at someone entering. Those viewing could see him subtly hide his mug behind his back.

???: I was wondering where you slipped off to!

TIM: Just making a video for the masses. You want in?

???: Yeah, sure!

A tired Dick Grayson entered the frame, shooting the camera a wide smile.

DICK: I was worried you were in here making coffee.

TIM: It's almost midnight, why would I be making coffee?

DICK: I've seen you drink it at worse hours before. Besides, I know you've been cut off.

TIM: What makes you think I'm dumb enough to go against dad's orders? I was just helping out with this one thing, then I'm off to my room.

DICK: Good. So what was the video about?

TIM: We were just finishing up.

FLASH: I just asked Tim when the last time he slept was. He told me it was none of my business.

DICK: He just gets defensive when tired, don't worry.

Tim flinched once more.

DICK: The last time he slept was before the Reveal, hence why he's been cut off from coffee.

Tim flinched twice, covering one of his ears as Flash yelped.

FLASH: Go to bed, that was a few days ago!

Dick looked at Flash in confusion for a moment, before letting out a soft derisive snort of understanding.

DICK: Barry. A few days of being awake without naps is Tim's normal bedtime. He's actually going to sleep early, and we think it's because of being tired from being overworked. Don't freak out, he usually stays up longer. Just... don't question his sleeping habits, okay?

Tim flinched three times during the tirade, but was ignored by all but Daredevil, who suddenly poked Dick's shoulder, making him jump in surprise at being caught offguard.

DAREDEVIL: Everyone has basically put together that you're Nightwing by now, and Nightwing fights mainly with billy clubs. I also fight almost exclusively with them. I'll get Tim to their room and into bed and make sure they get to sleep before they drive themselves into the ground and knock themselves out. Then, I want to see which one of us is better.

Dick perked up, unaware of the almost protective stance the horned man in red took in front of Tim. Barry frowned slightly, however.

DICK: I'll see you down there, and I'll set up the sparring mats!

Dick raced out of frame, and Tim pulled out his mug once more, taking a sip.

FLASH: That's the most I've ever heard you say.

He told Daredevil, contemplative as he took in their position, Daredevil relaxing once more now the eldest Wayne child was gone. Daredevil just gave a grunt in return.

TIM: So yeah, that's all, so I'll see you later.

Daredevil gave a nod and grabbed Tim's cup, walking off while Tim followed with a small whine, sounding like a puppy.

FLASH: So, uhh... I'm alone. So, the video should be ending now? Goodbye?

The video went to black, ending there at a very confused looking Barry Allen.