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Endhawks smut

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Hawks is whining above him, soft breathy sounds leaving his mouth, while he rotates his hips trying to chase that mind tingling pleasure. He’s too small for his own good and the size of Enjis hands curled around his waist sends a jolt of heat through his gut.

How he’s managed to fit his cock into the boy is beyond him, the wet slide of Hawks insides and the way he tightens just right is too good to think of anything else.

Hawks legs are spread so wide to accommodate the width of Enjis waist that there’s a dull ache starting to set in - an ache that’s verging on pleasurable, Enjis just so big.

Enji gives a sharp thrust of his hips and the reaction is instantaneous, the boy practically screams at the jab against his prostate. Tears are starting to collect in the winged hero’s eyes, his face scrunched in pleasure.

“Enji, Enji ha-ah I’m close, I’m close. Please, please Enji!”

How can he deny him anything?

Enji rubs his hands over Hawks thighs before taking a hold of his ass, thick fingers meeting and grasping each cheek in hand and pistons the boy on his cock.

Hawks keels over arms wrapping around and burying his face into Enjis neck, sobbing little whimpers and wet mouthed gasps. He’s endlessly chanting Enji, Enji, mind consumed by the oncoming orgasm. Hawks is pushing his hips back into Enjis hands, giving tiny little movements, doing his best to chase the pleasure before it ends.

His orgasm is so mind blowing that he whites out a little, his limbs feeling liquid like and his head full of fuzz.

Enjis still thrusting into him.

He hiccups on every other thrust wanting Enji to finish soon cause the overstimulation is starting to hurt.

A few quick thrusts and Enjis releasing into him - thick hot heat leaving his insides a mess - his hands gripping marks into his thighs, bruises he knows he’ll feel come morning.

Enji slowly pulls out not wanting to cause Hawks anymore discomfort, his cum trickling out of the boys rosy pink hole skirting down his thighs in rivulets. His cock gives a twitch at the sight.

He carefully lies Hawks down against the pillows before he goes in search of something to clean them up.

Hawks weakly grabs at his wrist, his body sated now and sleep settling in.

“Mm, stay, clean up later. Wanna sleep with you.” The boys all soft smiles and sleepy eyes - and if Enjis heart gives a little lurch at the affection he sees in Hawks eyes, you’ll never know.

“You just did.” Enji climbs onto the bed.

Hawks gives a dramatic gasp, “When did you get a sense of humor?” He scoots over giving Enji enough room to slot in beside him.

“Since I met you, brat.” Hawks giggles, curling himself, wings and all around the bulk of Enjis body. The older man wraps his arm across Hawks waist, mindful of his wings, and pulls the boy into his chest resting his head atop a nest of blond curls.